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Need suggestions

Hi, Recently I came across a blog: . It was really interesting. Is this law applicable to electric bikes as well? It says that you will be charged for impaired driving. Is it true? Has anyone been in this situation? Share your incident. Would like to know more of this. Thanks in advance

Need suggestions

Not sure where you are located..but in the USA different states have different laws. This might not be the answer your looking for but thought it might be interesting. "under the influence" refers to being under the influence of whatever the state determines from alcohol, drugs, over the counter meds, spices or whatever means that "impairs" normal function or reaction. (which u prob know that) What I thought you would love is... Where i live we have amish..(a group that live like older generations- dont drive cars-dont have electric). There have been a couple of them.. over the course of years that were caught and fined for impaired driving..but driving a horse and buggy. There was an incident where an amish brought a horse into the bar to get his horse a drink (he was drunk of course lol) and the cops got him as he tried to ride away lol. I think it depends on where you live. Didnt happen to me, but seen it happen lol Call him a rebel amish because he left the clan later lol

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