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Does my bro fren likes me?

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Relationship advice Hi all.I have a cousin brother and I'm his favourite sister.we both are very close.I visited him last year.He showed his friend picture and said he wants us to get married.When he say this he was messaging his friend.He will show his fren pic quite oftently.His fren knows me well.Both of the will always talk about me.His fren had seen me in pics with my bro.after I reach home,my bro send his fren pic and said he is coming in a Tv show.I saw it and he was so cute.The year before I presented my bro a watch.His fren commented on the watch and joked if I bought anything for him.i noe its common to joke between frens.Does his friend likes me??

Does my bro fren likes me?

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Hi Jenny02. I want to start by saying that your thread is really difficult to read and interpret, so I apologize if I don't fully understand your situation. I am assuming that English might not be your first language, or that you haven't quite finished school yet. Here is basically the way I am reading what you wrote:

"Hi Everybody. My brother and I are both very close. I went to see him last year. He showed his friend pictures of us, and said he thinks me and his friend should get married! (Whenever he told me about this, he was in the midst of messaging his friend.) He shares pictures with his friend quite often.

My brother's friend knows me well, and my brother and his friend talk about me pretty frequently. My brother sent him this one picture, after I had gone back home from visiting with him. After my brother sent the picture to his friend, his friend told my brother that he would be going on a TV show. I watched it and he was so cute!

Last year I bought my brother a watch as a gift. His friend commented on the watch, and jokingly asked if I bought anything for him. I know it's common for friends to joke with each other, but could this mean that my brother's friend likes me?"


Well Jenny, nothing in your story leads me to believe that your brother's friend likes you as more than friends.

He might like you, I don't know. But it just sounds like he is trying to be polite and friendly to you.

Is he a lot older than you, or are you around the same age?

If he is kind of close to your age, there is nothing wrong with having a crush on your brother's friend, and trying to get to know him better. You said that he knows you pretty well, but do you know him that well?

I think when you have known someone for a while and have made a good friendship with them, it can be the basis for a happy relationship. But you should see if you can hang out with your brother and his friend more. Maybe one day, your brother's friend will pay a visit just to see you?

Even if things don't ever go anywhere, at least you can remain on friendly terms with him since he is close to your brother and is kind of like an extended family member to you. But don't ever feel like you have to act differently to make this guy like you. Just be yourself, and he should like you for who you are.

I hope this helps! : )

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