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To keep trying or leave him to it?

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on Mar 27 2017 at 02:20
Member since: 27 March 2017
Relationship advice Hey me and my boyfriend was together for 3 years,

And he was off work for 3 months and we spent so much time together we got under each others feet , and starting arguing he started drinking alot 'through boredom 'and he was very down from being out of work and having no money, so i called for some time out as it was getting too much i said i just needed time apart, so he went back with his parents we did talk inbetween this time, so when 2 weeks have past I realized that it was time to talk as i wanted to work it out with him,and he agreed we would take it slow and he just stayed here 2 nights a week, so all is fine we make up on the minday on the Thursday he starts saying out of the blue i really hurt him and he felt suicidal when we was apart because he thought i didnt love him, so he tells me he cant do this cant forgive me , the next day on friday i go out with my friend he asks me to go back and see him after the pub at his friends i go we make up go home everything is fine spend weekend together and he was here all the way till Wednesday night , then the texts come he cant do this hes sorry to much as happened . Im seriously confused, then friday day hes texting me hes sorry he loves me so much can he come round later so I agree he apologizes we go out have fun getting on fine it's perfect untill untill wait for it i wake up Saturday morning at about 10am hes not in bed with me i walk into the front room expecting him to be watching tv but hes gone left me without a word so i ring him wont answer finally he texts me ' hes sorry it just doesn't feel right i cant do this things have changed n that he thought he wanted me back but he doesnt now its earlie hours monday and hes still at the same point and i cant take much more of these games because then if i ask one moment hes saying he dont know if wants me back the next min its a definite no so what should i do i just do not know Iv apologized so much told him how much i love him and he dont seem to care so should i just leave him and not contact him but its so hard when i love and miss himso much or do we think this shit as sailed and i should move on as its starting to really make me ill ???

To keep trying or leave him to it?

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on Mar 28 2017 at 02:42
Member since: 28 March 2017
Well it doesn't seem like you were very supportive when he was off work. My bf was off work for a number of years and I was working part-time, we were both in school and I was pretty much paying all our bills until he found work. But I supported him, helped him write CVs, helped him look for jobs, until he found something. Did you try to do this when he was off work, or did you just leave it to him as his problem?

It seems like your bf is in a very confused state right now. I think you should both take some space apart to think about what both of you want. Take a good week of not talking to each other and just think. Then, agree to meet back a week later and talk things through. Communication is very important in a relationship.

Also, if your boyfriend was in fact suicidal, he may not be in the right frame of mind to deal with what's going on right now. From what you've said your bf may even be depressed. I would suggest he seek counselling to help him overcome this.

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