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Dealing with embarassing family situation

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Hello new and first time post. I am an older woman (60s) my brother and only sibling (mid 50s) is going thru a divorce and presently staying with me here at my house until he can get his finances straight. hes been drinking a lot on taking off from work. yesterday he came home intoxicated and he went to try to get a shower I suppose to sober up. he fell (I heard it) and he didn't answer me calling out to him so I went in and found him there he was dazed and out of it partly from being drunk and partly from the fall. I had to get him out of the tub and covered him and to bed. he was very embarrassed (so was I) and upset that I saw him naked and when i was helping him out of the tub he made a crude remark about me knowing now how he looks like naked (not using his words but it was a reference to how he keeps his "hair" "there"). I understand he was under the influence and very embarrassed but its not an excuse for what he said to me. i am very angry that he created this situation by being drunk. he might not even remember due to his condition. we have not talked yet today he is avoiding me but I don't know how to handle this right now. am I being too old fashioned and sensitive? I feel his actions and words disrespected me in my house. yes I realize hes embarassed because i did see him naked (i couldnt leave him there i had to help him) but why would he say such a thing? it was inappropriate and disrespectful and quite frankly I do not care that he chooses to remove most of that hair it doesnt matter to me at all. I let him stay here I helped him when he fell and this is the thanks I get? any other women prefereably near my age have any suggestions? any advice is appreciated. ty!

Dealing with embarassing family situation

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I'm only 17 but I hope my opinion might help you!
I believe that you are not too old-fashioned and sensitive, it was kind of awkward and disrespectful.
However, he was drunk and in a very difficult period of his life. I believe it was supposed to be a joke, that turned out to be not so funny.
If I were you, I would try my best to be relaxed around him and to help him go through his divorce. Imagine how you would feel if you were him. Besides, he is your brother and from your text I realised that you are really close to each other. I'm sure he didn't want you to feel like this, that he didn't mean to be rude.
I hope I helped! <3
ps. Sorry if my syntax is terrible I'm not a native english speaker

Dealing with embarassing family situation

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The last thing of concern should be his naked body. He is diverting the REAL issue by shaming you instead of facing that his life is out of control. Alcoholics do this.

Are you ready to do some tough love? Insist he start going to AA and learn how to live without alcohol - one day at a time. Tell him hes at the end of the line

Hopefully he will seek help with this problem. But dont let him drag you into being an "enabler"..

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