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In desperate need of clarity

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Relationship advice Hi, I need an outside perspective on my situation.
I think I met my soulmate...
Or at least it feels like it.
We think the same things and he is pretty much me, but a boy.
Call it bad timing, I guess.
He is coming out of a 10 year relationship where he was ready to commit and get married, but things didn't work out for him.
We started dating and we had an instant connection. We could text for hours and we are compatible on every level.
He even confessed to me that I was the girl he has been waiting for the last 10 years. But he doesn't want to fall in love with me. He said if he were not in his current mind set, he would have asked me to be his girlfriend already. But he is not ready to commit right now he feels I deserve a better guy than him. That's what made the whole situation even more sad for both of us.
He wants to keep in touch

I just want to hear other people's thoughts and emotions on this. Is he worth waiting for until he sorts his brain? Is he bulshitting me? I just need some clarity

In desperate need of clarity

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I think that you need to move on. Maybe be friends but not the kind of friends that would keep you from meeting someone else. I that that he is either bullshitting you or he is got way to much personal stuff. You are not going to make him happy. He is going to have to make himself happy first. Maybe seeing you move on and be happy with out him will make him get his act together, Good Luck. Take care of you and do what makes you happy. No one will look out for you better than you!

In desperate need of clarity

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"Just coming out of a 10 year relationship . . ."

Give him time. He needs to figure out what he wants/needs in his life. He also needs to figure out what happened in this relationship, and his role in it. Hopefully, he is getting some counseling.

Step back and just be a friend. You don't want to be the first-time "rebound" woman in his life.

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