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I cant live life

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Hello. I am 20 years old and i live with my girlfriend of almost 2 years.i love her yo death and she loves me(i hope). But lately things have been getting tough. Shes a complete slob and granted so am i sometimes but she take it to the next level. That i could work with some what. But she also is very strong willed and stubborn as am i so its really hard to come to agreements sometimes. Right now we dont have a lot of money so we are living a rather mediocre life in which we work a lot and get very little time to ourselves and whenever we do have time its do sometime like play videos games or watch movies(free stuff). Our way of life is really getting to her and she has a hard time looking foward instead of looking where we're at in life right now.
That being said let me bring up another issue with the relationship. The sex. I am about 5 in maybe barely less when fully hard and i dont last long at all. She claims not to care as much but she is a very sexual person and me being the same i sometimes try to do somethings to turn her on or play around. But i just feel like she is so sexually unnatracted to me that she never wants to. It would be cool if she at least acted like she was into it. But i feel like i have turned this into a chore.

The last issue is her mindset. She was very closed in as a child so now i feel like she wants to do literally everything but me on the othe rhand, im fine with chilling most of the time. Sure i can comprimise but she feels like if she doesnt do everything right now then shes going to regret her life. Shes also the type of girl to wheres nothing but a bra and panties put in public and she doesnt care how i feel about it. I explain to her i feel uncomfortable when she wears super reveiling clothes but she just doesnt care. She'll just say that if SHE wants to do it then she should be aloud to.
In the end i just dont know what to do. I want everything to work but from the looks of it, it just wont. Please help me. I dont need to know how i can be better at sex andstuff cuz i already know the comprimise is there. I just want to know if there another way i could go about this.

I cant live life

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It's hard to move on and you can't deal with it right now, it's okay but never push yourself.
This will eat or ruin your life.
Don't let that happen and win over you, It's a life challenge that you should accept and resolve no matter how bad it is.

This will make you strong, you're not the only one who suffer from this condition, just don't forget to reach out, talk to someone, express your feelings, attend some mental health session, or ask for an advice of a psychiatrist.

It's not the end of everything but it's is a new chapter in your life.

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