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Should i?
Social Anxiety - Anyone else experiencing it?
Suspicious on my wife, Now I am shocked
Trouble with a girl whose a friend that I really like
A beta male in a sexless married because I need to be alpha in sex
Relationship with a recovering addict
Confusing love triangle
One-sided relationship, how can I progress further with this situation
I am falling apart and my relationship of 4 years. Need advice.
Addicted to Instagram
I don’t known what career to pick
Dont know what to do about falling in love with my boss
Marrying because I’m running out of time
Trauma/past relationship is getting in the way of my new future
What should I do?
Losing feelings for a good guy
Dealing with bullying behaviour
Does it have a future
Struggling to buy a house with or without my fiancé
Do I leave based on a "weird" feelin/doubts about me and my partner?
Friends not friends
I feel like my life is falling apart
New friend is trauma dumping
Help plz relationship advice needed
Feel like a friend and tenant and not like a wife... so stressed
Perfectionism and relationship problems
Do I tell
I'm extremely lonely
Is my boyfriend trustworthy enough for me to take another chance?
How can I make it up to my coworkers and boss?
Harum-scarum polyamory
Relationship advice
What does it mean when...
Urgent work advice needed
Separated partner now caring for elderly widowed mother
Issues reconnecting with my father
Should I believe my boyfriend or is he just possessive?
Accused of hiding things, having emotional affairs
From knowing each other for years to ghosting
Am I being the bad friend?
Am I in a narcissistic relationship??
Buying a car was a mistake
I am 36 and never had a relationship
Struggling with life
I am confused with this girl
Feeling unattracted to my girlfriend after only a month
No touching
Anyone in here with strong spiritual abilities? who can feel illness?
Some questions
Would a woman be interested
Work anxiety
I like this girl and don’t know what to do
Paying dating websites
Job or me
I'm in debt and too sick to work like a normal person. What do I do?
Losing battle with ejaculation
I messed up in my relationship due to my anxious attachment style
Ex has stopped me from contacting my child for 1 year
Should I date my brother's roommate/best friend?
11 y/o daughter feels uncomfy around my mom's bf
Complicated situationship
I’m completely directionless. Depressed. Feel outcast.
Dumped because of my job
Enmeshed with mom -- thoughts or advice?
Advice on handing notice in
Toxic relationship
How can I forgive and forget?
Does he seem ok with seeing me casually?
Cancer, Kids, Divorce, Job trouble
I didnt mean to fall in love im so happy but in dire need of advice
I didn't mean to fall in love
Bad Luck
Jack of all, master of none
In my head or reality
Any thoughts?
Is it cheating?
Am I jinxed?
I don't know how to get rid of these symptoms
Fiance obsessed with an old friends only fans..
I am a remarried mother of six children (2 biological and 4 adopted.)
Love? Inlove? What is it?
How to deal with wife’s infidelity, which she denies!
My Girlfriend spending more time with her male friend then with me.
Feelings toward committed co-workers
It feels like I will never be the main character
Does she care?
My life
What's my next move? Sorry long post
What should I do?
Controliing or not?
Does she want me back?
I need marriage help
Feeling like I’m being forced to choose between friendships
Why do guys do this
Get it done or not
Breakup help needed. I regret ending it
Crush on childhood friend
Need advice on a family matter. Long read but please help!
Confused on What to Do, First Time Crush
What should I do
What should I do
Don't know if I made the right decision
Help needed badly
Break ups and moving on
Breaking through the ice
How do I tell my boyfriend I’m Hypersexual?
In Love with my Best Friend
I’m not priority for my boyfriend right now.
Is my boyfriend is serious with me ?
10 years since leaving primary school and want to put a celebrate vide
Work Issues
Need an advice about my girlfriend
My dad is scaring me and i don't know what to do
Am I wrong for feeling hurt?
Help, I need advice
Am I in the Wrong, or Is My Daughter Expecting Too Much?
Unsure what to do
My sister is ruining her life and hurting people in the process
I need advice
Should I say something
I have become directionless
Accused of Being Lazy.
So unhappy
I miss the old me
Partner lies and won't accept insta request
The impact of social media on relationships
How do I take steps to save a relationship after hard times?
Should I quit my life and become a hermit?
Should I give up on my partner or see if he changes
Boyfriend may have been messing with my birth control, no period
Why did he say this
Suspicious of husband
I hate that I'm harboring jealousy towards my closest friends
Someone I feel has there foot in the door with my GF. What do I do?
It frustrates me that most other women probably meet men in public
How do I stay comfortable with death?
Should I work abroad whilst family is in crisis?
My husband is depressed and I don’t know what to do
What is love
I hate my family and my life. Any advice to reconcile a broken life?
I have some kind of mental illness
Mental struggles
My career future
I’ve lost feelings.
Is my boyfriend bad news?
Will I ever be good enough?
City I hate but opportunity I love, go or stay?
Doggy dilemma
I'm being called a cheater (highschool)
Should I stay or should I go?
How can I live without eyes?
Why people I left behind haunt me
Confronting (one of) the people who contributed to childhood trauma
Social media issue
Want to do what others are doing
Hate myself
How do I tell my parents?
Seeking advice about social interaction and romances
It frustrates me that everyone I know has seems to have to someone?
I think my marriage is over.
Bisexual boyfriend sexual addiction due to trauma?
France to the US - long distance problems
Is he messing with me?
Bizarre crush
Paranoia that my wife is cheating...
The worst mother
Falling out of love
Is it hopeless?
Work advice
Advice on sex anxiety?
Am i (33m) just an emotional support blanket for my girlfriend (44f)
No pleasure
Relationship advice
How do I help my dad?
I can’t break up with him, any advice would be nice
Need well-intentioned advice regarding my daughter and her fiance
Sad and Hopeless . What should I do about my husband
Tinder date says she pregnant I think I’m being scammed
Does she really like me or life we built
Should I stay or go?
Gut feeling
Do I have the right to feel upset?
Need a bit of advice
Please help me !
My best friend is telling everyone my secret… Help!!!!
Ruminating is getting too much
Re-establishing contact?
Confused sexual identity
Not sure how I feel anymore
My ex broke up with me and I think its entirely my fault
School grade advice/discussion
If he hits you once
Searching strict teacher
The 5 year secret
Is my friendship over?
Should I go for it?
It frustrates me that men never ask me out on dates?
I'm not enough (AROACE)
Unrequited love
Feeling suffocated
Am being prevented from contacting my fiancé
Is my neighbour being unreasonable?
Struggling to be more dominant
My dad is an abusive person to people and animals and I want him gone
What should I do?
I think I have mentally checked out
Whose the victim?
Should I try and protect my friend?
Problem with mom, sorry long
Ignored and in pain
Is he even interested in me?
I feel like no one likes me
Help Is he going crazy or something else
New boyfriend not respecting boundaries
He took me for granted now wants another chance
Lonely and starved for attention... is it even worth it anymore?
Old flame dilemma
No friends
Growing closer to married man at work - confused
Sister without the hood
Getting married and know his family won't be happy
Really confused by his mixed signals
I need advice. Should I take my sister to court to get custody of my n
Need Advice
I've broke with my gf and still can't believe it's really happens
Breaking up with fiance over thoughts changing of having kids
I'm contemplating getting a divorce, should I go through with it
Will things ever be the same again? Am I just overthinking things?
I'm a live-in nanny for my toxic aunt, I don't want to leave the kids
Carrying heavy burden
A dirty little secret
Is it right for principal to scold tracher on this?
Advice please
How do I tell my friend that I don't like our mutual friend anymore?
Am I a jerk for telling my brother he ruined my life?
I accidently hit a kid with marker pen. What to do now?
Should I confess this to my boyfriend?
What is he waiting for
Hi? 19F met a 31M and i think i like him...a lot? help?
I am fed up
Complicated relationship with friend after 2 years of fighting
Should i tell my feelings to my crush ?
Has my friend lied to me about the death of her sister?
Why does it sometimes smell in my youth club's corridor?
Is my boyfriend moving too fast with me?
Seperated but confused
Dealing with a sexist friend
To train or not to train?
I need a women's advice
I’m losing my grandmother and I’m the only one who cares
Newly married no sex life
Should i be worried?
Am I been taken advantage of from my friend? Is this even a friend?
Feeling depressed lately
My friends don't want to hang out
Freelancing or employment - what's better for high school?
Distance in rather relationship
I want to do an activity like vlogging but
Did I read too much into it?
My past
I am afraid that I am starting to hate my own family
Why can’t I move on?
Relationship advice
Is this offensive, or someone having a bad day
I (m37 has been heartbroken for 6 months on a path of self destruction
Looking to date but unable to edjeculate
Should I remove my name from title deeds after 25 years and 3 chidren
Should I get another cat?
Toxic Parents : Should I move away/out?
I went through his phone
Toxic Parents : Should I move away/out?
Was I in the wrong ?
Friend says I play the victim, I am a smartass, blocks me on facebook
First time, I ever wished I had just gone to work
Is this a friendship or something else
Involuntary orgasms not letting me sleep
Dream about a dentist
Fallen out with my mum & now everyone thinks I’m the AH. Am I?
My fiancée left me
Confused about gifting my ex crush
I'm I being unfair?
Insecure about my height as a male
Should I stay with him?
Refusing work bonus
I accidentally hit a child, what do I do?
How to resolve unbalanced relationship responsibilities
My dad needs help
Need Advice
Feeling stuck, wanting to move out
Difficulty with adult friendships
Can somebody please talk to me
Will I be wrong?
Sister in law trouble
My mom is very angry about a family holiday, please help
Problems with MEN - Result of teenage Trauma
To stay or to let go of my marriage
Estate Distribution Out of Balance/Short End of the Stick
Feel like I was treated really badly, but still beating myself up
Got together after 3 years and now having issues
Mother in law
Tired of being torn
Am I toxic?
I saw feedback on my boyfriend's Ebay Account from Sex Shops
Friendship fall out
New relationship - olde anxiety and depression
Hopelessness & no clear way out
My life problems that are a hindrance
Why would he tell me this?
The chat room trap
Supporting my wife through depression
I am in an unrequited love
Game gone wrong
Partners been very ill - sex life gone
First post
Am I in the wrong here? Should I apologise?
I desperately need to choose between a life in the EU vs Bali
My girlfriend suffers from suicidal depression
My husband is cheating. . .again
Alone for life
Hello I got a qurstion
My S.O. almost killed our newborn in 2020
Why is this happening?
Am I a bad person?
Like a father!
Is a 6 years age gap between two lovers this significant?
I need help for my disabled mom
Relationship advice
Life/relationship advice
Trials and tribulations
Am I being unreasonable with my partner regarding money?
Am I reading into much or do I have a leg to stand on
I’m head over heels in love with a gaslighter and i’m so confused
Who do I call to help me with money-based family matters?
When do women get held accountable for continued lies?
Need advice on a friend breakup
In a dilema
It’s becoming hard to talk with my friend
Rough patch in relationship, and not knowing what to do
Hot flushes in possible pregnancy
My friends are ending their marriage and I am stuck in the middle
Another failed family gathering
Virgin at 27
I’m ace/aro and this guy keeps flirting with me(anxiety)
No sexual relationship for a LONG time...not by choice
5 relationship tips
Friend of two years is showing red flags
Falsely accused of cheating & now falsely accused of being in a porn
My brother is in a toxic relationship for over 5 years now
What should I do about a troublesome close friend?
Im lost in life! I don't know what to do
Long distance advice?
How to tell your partner his parents stink?
Work is making me depressed and I don't know where to go
Help. I went out with her even though I don't like her...
Doubting my A-level subject choices?!?? Now hating chemistry
Struggling to trust my boyfriend - am I the problem?
I like a girl with a flirty personality
Job advice !! please help !!
Where to find matchmaking sites without pictures
Unhappy in my relationship or just with my life?
How much longer should I stay?
How to heal emotionally from trauma?
Trying not to be the asshole about their pain
Is my friend obsessive?
Starting over
I told my friend's BF that she cheated
School crush
Toxic parents
I don't know what to do about her...
Unsure whether to go to prom
Abusive relationship I guess
Tired of flaky friend
Partner now seems unable to be monogamous
Need advice
Contacted an ex online after 13 years, need advice
Is it okay to be called a c**t by your boyfriend?
Boyfriend disliked my kids so I dumped him
20 yo and still never dated : is something wrong with me?
Wife cheated but won't admit it or show remorse
Will mistake shoplifting ruin my life
Dating, and realizing I may be asexual
Made a mistake that I am struggling to fix
Help! My childhood crush just dumped me!
My boyfriend won’t introduce me to friends or family
Taking young children to ex’s funeral
Scared to tell partner about STI
Feeling stuck and sad
I fell for my husband seduction, so I shouldn't blame him right? TMI
Do I tell my fwb’s wife with a newborn her husband is cheating?
Broken hearted and backstabbed by best friend
I destroyed our friendship
Co worker sexual attraction
Relationship problems
Problem with family and boyfriend - I need advice
Am I being strung along or is he getting comfortable?
New job not the right fit, should I move on?
Was I just a rebound?
Taking a backseat to adult children
Ex from a month is messing with my head
Seek advice regarding how to tell someone something
Anyone else get annoyed with declarations of faith conquers all
Am I wasting my time with this man?
Husband or Lover or myself?
What’s the meaning of this?
IVF round 2 - struggling with my feelings
What do I do?
I got too close to my really good friend and he’s gone strange now
CEO Behavior
Started dating after 5 years again - still too insecure?
Got dumped. After no contact for 3 months got in contact again
Longtime crush, 3rd time friend
Confused by ex boyfriend
I’m annoyed at myself
BIL situation
I'm stuck in friendzone! Help!
Is it my fault my sister abandoned me?
It frustrates me that I want a boyfriend but I probably can't get one?
My parents are understandably upset and I could use some advice
I can't talk to her
Moving on - bullying
Xmas dilemma: Husband vs Family
My boyfriend and I started sexting and I have some safety concerns?
Frustrated with my life
4 year relationship ended by her and I'm still struggling
Frustrated with myself
Should I try get in touch with her if I feel alone and miss her?
I've been thinking about divorce
3 years and I'm not over it
Is my girlfriend trying to control me?
Would like some advice on what to do next!! THX
My boyfriend gets mad when I touch him at night
I think my bf is putting me above his kid
Can't let go of the past, should i seek therapy?
Should I be FWB with this girl?
Is age really that important?
Just a joke??
Challenging relationship with my mum
Dating and my child
Recently reverted to Islam and I'm worried about my relationship
Ex GF help and what do you think I should do?
My girlfriend lie to me or don't be honest
Workplace dating
My girlfriend and her tattoos
First time taking iniciative
It frustrates me that no men might miss me?
Age gap relationship, porn over use?
Don't know what to do
Disrespectful/narcissistic partner? Leave, stay, help?
People’s childhood and adult life can cause damage to a marriage
How to move on from this break up?
Hall pass insanity update
Bad relationship with father but good relation with mother
I am growing increasingly infatuated with my boyfriends best friend
Elder in denial
Boyfriend and his dog
People fussing over another friend, ignoring me
Hall pass insanity
Lack of respect and understanding in relationship
Meshing kids disaster
Story is all over the place
Is the chatroom broken? I can't get in
Husband of 27 years! Portrays me a crazy person and trash talks me.
Am I just overthinking this or could this work?
Something feels so off.... Or is he right it's all in my head
I wanna feel desired
Smoking and relationship
I have a crush and I need help trying to make them like me
Too embarrassing for the doctors
Mooch living with me
Married and confused.
What should I choose. Passion or Opportunity?
How to deal with a jealous friend?
I can't deal with this anymore
Am I being childish?
Feeling ok after death and want to move on
What should I do?
NSA or something else?
Am I over reacting to my husband using internet chat rooms to "flirt"
How can I make a relationship w him work?
Should I switch schools?
Feeling of Emptiness
Am I wrong to delete my Twitter account?
Is it finally time for me to cut off my grandmother?
I found 15000 image of other women on my partners phone
Is it ok to message an ex on Facebook
Forgiveness or Weakness
Advice please! Pregnancy after a breakup…
Parents are kinda sucky
Boy help
No support
I need some advice regarding something that happened
Did I do something wrong? Was it me? Please help!
Am I right to think she is fobbing me off?
Choosing between keeping a baby or not?
Should I bail out without knowing for certain the rumors are true?
New job anxiety
Am I selfish for refusing surgery?
Break ups
Boyfriend might be bisexual and wants to explore together
Fraud and scam
Haven't talked with my ex-potential soulmate for years, how to proceed
Am I heading for a bad ending by dating a good friend of my ex?
Is it wise to reach out to ex friend?
Should a 15 year old girl visit her mom who will be in jail for 7 months
Need advice about people around my baby
My boyfriend was perfect for me and suddenly dumped me out of the blue
Marriage is hard
My drinking just got caught. I'm fucked
Trying to spice up our sex life
When is the right time to start trusting the guy you met on sites?
Should I have gotten married? Feeling stuck.
Advice about emotionally abusive relationship
Passions vs Stability, what should I go after?
Should I say or should I not?
Transferring Universities Pt. 2
Opinions please
What to do? I lied or something like that and it might be found out
In-laws holding a grudge after miscarriage
Been offered a new job but don’t know what to do!
Wrong about racism
Feeling stuck
Social anxiety and school
Am I wrong? Opinions needed!
How to deal with wife being drugged and assaulted- so I think!
So confused I don't know where my happiness lies anymore
Married and emotionally attached to someone who is battling depression
Mil intrusive in laws
I have a very tricky situation happening
Having panic attacks about returning to work
Life reset, anyone ever done one?
Transferring Universities
Puzzled by his attitude
Was this a toxic friendship?
Giving up on the idea of finding love after various bad experiences
Am I being unreasonable to think behaviour by 39yo was inappropriate
Is this child abuse????
Second chances and how to ask for them
Friendship or relationship?
It frustrates me that it might be because of my looks because of my
Sexy lingerie before s**
Boyfriend kissed my best friend
How do I chill out?
From Syberia to Hell!
I don’t know what to do?
Is my neighbour conducting anti social behaviour or am I overacting?
Knocked out by a girl
I love my mom and her communication makes me feel ignored…
I hate my boyfriends dog
Asking to much?
Should I allow former teacher back in my life?
Seeking advice on confusing flirtation
Husband wants to buy a property overseas- alone
What should I do?
Strict Asian Dad
Advice on my mental health please?
Do I have feelings for him or am I just really lonely
Need relationship advice. dealing with a controlling mean woman
What to do
Possible overreacting situation before it happens help please
Old situationship/friendship that was potentially abusive?
Neighbors started ignoring us…
Currently going through forced divorce situation....
My ex wants to be friends - what does this really mean??
I’m lost what should do
Bestfrnds problem
Am I overthinking my relationship?
Social media challenge
Does he actually like me or just want sex?
Bringing passion back into marriage
My ex reached out a month after I ended our relationship…what now ?
I need help!
I don't love the mother of our 6 month old child
Wanting to run far away
What do you make of this?
My manager has lied through my teeth about me. What do I do?
Girlfriend secretly stayed in touch with her recent ex. What to do?
What to do when you find out you are the other guy
I know I am jealous, but .. my story has also a lot of red flags
Need some help to deal with a long standing problem
My inlaws cut me off and I'm sick over it
Am I wrong for feeling this way?
Do you know what this mean?
Too many challenges in my life right now
Midlife crisis? Thinking of sleeping with much younger women.
Is this normal? Should I stay in this relationship?
Met a guy 2 months ago and Feeling awful because of his ex?
Heartbreak again
So very confused
Is this acceptable in a relationship?
Rough waters in the new relationship
Is my marriage over?
I think I may have created a toxic environment in my relationship
Arsonist's lullabye
Is he confusing me or himself confused?
I cheat on my husband
Confusing behavior
Thoughts on moving to England during the COVID Pandemic
Confused ex says he loves me
My bf has an Inappropriate relationship with a girl half his age!!
I’m conflicted… should I risk it?
Going crazy
I "need" therapy because the concept of work is a joke?
Why is he doing this?
35M girl asked my contact but gave up when she knew the age gap
Yearly family gathering - I don't wanna go
Fertility and covid vaccine
I'm worried and scared I might never find a boyfriend?
Drunkenly kissed someone - do I tell my boyfriend?
Physical relationship and emotional effects
Dating a sociopath- hopeless?
What do i do to get out of this loop with girl i like?
Severe anxiety and being kicked out at 18
How to navigate a 25 year age gap
Retired neighbour wants to teach me sex
Want to leave a perfect relationship
Boyfriend’s response isn’t what I expected
Wants a relationship after two dates
Girl gave me number at work
Is my friend a bad friend, or suffering somehow?
My relationship with my dad
Fighting to get to the same life level...
How do I find men to have sex with without going on a dating site when
Should I give her a chance?
My way to succeed after failure from hardwork
Am I in a toxic relationship or not?
Back with an old boyfriend
Is seduction always needed in marriage?
I just started dating a sweet, awesome girl. Any tips/advice?
Sad and bewildered
Can you be friends with someone you are attracted to?
What do I do about my dad?
It frustrates me that no men might want to date me?
My world is crumbling and I don't know what to do
It frustrates me that no men might want to date me?
Emotional dilemma
Walking on eggshells with family of origin
Heartbroken Cinderella
Very weird family situation
Mother’s Day issue
Leaving the love of my life because of his family
How do I prove I do not have trust issues?
I need help understanding my husband's behavior
I'm having a bad relationship with my elderly parents
Should I be jealous of two girls I’ve never met?
Guilt and over-consciousness in the relationship
Advice needed, please help!
Relationship advice needed
Bully neighbour
Husband or daughter
Finding purpose
Please help, my partner has a porn problem
Is my partner manipulative?
Should I tell my coworker I like him?
I feel marriage was a mistake
My wife feels I don't talk to her that often
Marriage problems
I need advice
Should I tell him how I feel
I lost a friend..but was she really?
Did I get married too young?
I dont know what to do with my life anymore
My partner used Covid to leave a 6 year relationship
I need help handling my girlfriend problems on my head
My spouse doesn’t want sex anymore and if he wants it is hardly ever!
My crossdressing kinda sorta boyfriend
No intellectually stimulating conversations with partner
We don't have sex and he doesn't make plans anymore
My best friend is suicidal
Night shift moods
No children, has me spinning out
Move or stay
Why are my family putting pressure on me?
Dread seeing our neighbour
Feeling cheated
What facts should I give him ?
Deal breaker or not
Looking for legal and moral advice involving a 30 year marriage ending
Am I just going through the motions?
Pornographic images of my mother on a porn site
Need man's advice, point of view
How do I stop being so forgetful?
I'm the victim but still I'm the bad guy
Can I have someone to talk to?
My friend dilemma!!
My husband confuses me
Worry to much
Getting or not a university degree
Literally the krampus to my santa claus
What did I do wrong?
I don't know where I stand with this girl or what to do? Any advice?
My bff and crush is moving
Boyfriend recreationally does cocaine. I can't handle it.
Does he like me?
Where is this going?! Help
I'm lost and confused
My bf is late and instead of hurrying, he's relaxing
I don't understand his problem?
I just need to tell someone this. I don’t know.
I had an affair with my boss...
Should I let him go…?
How do I come out?
Is it okay not to moan?
How to deal with disrespectful husband
Am I over reacting? Help
Do you guys know what this mean?
Does he like me? I like him but he's an interesting character
54 years old.. do I stay or go
Confused after break up
Could I be making the biggest mistake of my life?
Don’t know what to do next
Just a Fetish? or something deeper...
I want to have fun with an old friend. She's in her 50's.
Am I worrying to much
Husband cheated before engagement. Leave or stay?
Too controlling
Trying to get to know this woman better, I deserve her
Players gonna play
What to do?
Ending a friendship / relationship
I don't want to play this game
I have no friends
Awkward question about showering
I don't get my in laws!
Drinking in lockdown
Is what happened at previous job discrimination, harassment, or abuse?
Crazy mom
How can I help more? Wife x work x kids
Am I being unreasonable?
I may have opened Pandora's box
Made a bad choice
Am I overreacting?
Regretting opening my relationship
Is it me or the ex wife
I have nothing
Please help. My fiancé thinks I ruined VDay I feel she’s wrong
Do I question him or not?
Falling out of love
Family problem relationship
Texting but not planning dates: why do men do this?
I am in love with two and don't know who to marry
Problem with a manager
No marriage proposal, what would you do?
Friend or more
Did he cheat
Confused dating advice
Why now after 9 years
So confused...
Do I break up with someone I love due to an impasse about the future?
Am I wrong or right?
Why can’t I just feel happy again?
Wife after 14 years sends video feeds masturbating to ex
Husband won’t seek help for his mental health
Is it okay to put a family member to a mental institution for the rest
My boyfriend is jealous
Needing sincere advice please
Father passed away, mother wants to change will, need advice!
Do I like my best friend?
Help my boyfriend spends all his spare time playing video games!!
Guy needs a relationship advice, please help!
Preparing for boyfriends release
Partner secretly watches porn
Are we being selfish and immature?
What should I do? Relationship advice please
I think my online boyfriend is lying to me and not being open
How do I get people to take me seriously...
Pregnant with the possibility he wants out
19 Years - Time to Leave?
Girlfriend wants space but not broken up
What should I do in this situation?
Need advice about valentines gift
Help me to stop wanting to seduce my coworker
Teacher-student feelings
About to begin personal counselling
Intimacy issues in marriage
Distrust in a relationship
In laws
Is it just a crush or am I obsessed?
Really need relationship advice please
Would this be classed as rape/ sexual assault?
Early relationship issues space, affection, and conversation
I have feelings for someone else. What am I supposed to do
I need help with my relationship
I was a toxic girlfriend
In love with a woman who can't choose
Help un predictable partner. Who I can't understand well at times.
Help!!!!!! My boyfriend likes transgender
My girlfriend's friends
Scared beyond belief
Very complicated situation with marriage - need advice
I just keep finding men who use me
Long distance relationship breakup
Accidentally falling in love in very unfavorable circumstances
Nervous wreck
Relationship advice
Feeling all alone
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the sexiest of them all
Sexual relationship with best friend
Sexless newlyweds - HELP
Inappropriate crush?
Taking advantage
Lies, deceit, betrayed, husband is the devil help!!
Was friendship the right thing to offer?
20 year relationship
Girlfriend problem
Why is it different with him and not the others
Career choice causing conflict
Does he care about me like I think he does
No contact / space
How much should I compromise?
Controlling partner
We both cheated at the same time.. can't get my head straight
I'm in love with someone I can't have... but I can't get over him
Husband hates my country and hates to live here
Feel so lost in this relationship
How to resurrect a platonic friendship
Confused by a girl
Lost. No real friends and very lonely at the moment
My boyfriend won’t find a job
Need help making a life changing choice
Whats wrong with me?! Seriously
Christmas guilt
Christmas presents for ex children
Am I out of love or just patience?
Does an affair justify asking for a sexless marriage?
Mum doesn’t approve of older boyfriend
A man used to hire hooker, after marriage, will he change?
If you have such boyfriend, will you ok with it?
My fiance doesn't listen and doesn't retain advice
Am I sabotaging my relationships before they even begin?
Is her reaction justified?
Can’t read this new girlfriends head
Just need some help
Partners undecided on relationship
15m pregnant in a strict Asian family having issues with my boyfriend
Choosing who you love more...?
Need some advice
Is it doomed
Relationship over
Is he using me?
My boyfriend is not meeting my expectations
What would you do?
Narcissist? Or please help me understand what is going on
Marriage proposal
How do I tell my husband triggers me sometimes while having sex?
Having second thoughts about first home with partner
Guy I’ve alway liked tried to kiss me but I have a bf now
Should I, A; say something or B; be afraid of more to come?
Am I wrong for being upset?
Emotionally upset
Am I really a bad person?
Let's be friends first
I ended a friendship. Now what to say?
Help with people i like
Does this look like a long term relationship at the end?
Refusing a dress from a co-worker
How do I cope with with this nightmare?
Marriage and masturbation
Jealous of his ex?
Should I pull my child out of school and quit my job to move back home
Can it be narcissism, obsession or something else going on here?
I want to give my BF gifts, but it makes him feel guilty?
Potentially ending a project prematurely
Finally moving on... any advice?
Is my marriage failing?
Advice on being honest about being homeschooled?
Do I give the support or leave
Should I stay In the relationship?
To all the straight men: Do you like it when women play hard to get?
Suggestions please
Is he using me?
Does he love me or hate me?
I need help understanding what happened!
Insecurities suck
25 year in relationship and feeling more betrayed than EVER!!
Just need some opinions please
30, married 10 years, love him but unsatisfied. Help?
Do I have a boyfriend who can't give me some space or pouts?
Wife choosing family over my 40th
In need of truthful advice (red pills welcome)
Go back to ex or not
Did we lose the “spark”?
My wife finds me unattractive because I’m a loner. Should I dump her?
Life Insurance
Love, that's not meant to be
Should I stay or should I go? He cannot seem to get his life together
Relationship advice for losers
Do I tell him to cut his ex or do I leave?
Why is she so cold
Are we wasting our time?
Is it a form of cheating or not?
This is so annoying
Help! Is it him or me?
I don't want to cheat, but i've fancied this other guy since I was 10
Expanding family
Bad friend behavior?
Is my boyfriends bad behavior towards my daughter a deal killer?
Relationship help
Am I being played
Why do I still love him?
Found naked pics of girl on boyfriends phone... TWICE!
My female supervisor keeps putting her hands on me and asked to dance
How do I stop my overly controlling daughter?
Where do you draw the line with your in-laws?
BF and I had to break up because of family
Hiding a relationship from parents who disapprove of him. Help.
Complicated relationships
I'd like to start over with you
Won’t be allowed into my fathers life without providing a DNA test
Why does my boyfriend act like this?
Why am I having issues with my mother?
Am I getting abused or am I just sensitive
Hey I suck. People think I don't suck. I'm a phone addict. Help.
How to get over unrequited feelings
Nightmares are killing me
Am I crazy for how I feel?
Upset by boyfriend's birthday gift
LDR - not sure if he is still interested
Relationship advice - Does he like me?
Should I wait or should I forget?
Is my boyfriend a control freak?
Is he losing interest or scared?
Falling for him but it's complicated
How do I fix this?
36 years and not his "soulmate"?
My ex asks me strange questions.....
Need opinions what do u think?
My significant other won’t brush his teeth and I’m at wits end
Worried about my friend
Meeting guys
What am I doing wrong? How should I fix this?
I want to get back with my ex
Am I wrong
Living together
He broke my heart it hurts so much
Time to walk?
Need help to get my life back together
Classic martyr complex?
Not having enough economic stability to get married late 20's
Is he just being petty?
Covid breach
Would love your opinion regarding a Covid fear - Top Golf
My husband and I are at an impasse. I don't know how to get past it
Confused as to why friends & family never show interest in my life
I should just leave him...right?
Is always a single round of 3min
I need help, I don’t know what to do with my relationship?
My partner wants to explore his bi side
Worry or not?
Selfish husband
Long distance relationship
Girls: Would you date a best friend?
So many problems in my relationship
I want my partner to cut communication with an ex friend
I slept with my best friend
Confused this one
How can I find a 25-35-year-old woman who wants to travel the world??
What should I do between my two friends who no longer talk each other?
What have I done wrong
I’m so confused over a hook up with me and my ex’s friend
I'm torn in what to I being stupid?
Don't know how to end my relationship...
Why does my girlfriend make me sit on the ground in front of her?
My friend whom has a girlfriend showing jealousy signs?
Boyfriend disregards my sexual trauma and PTSD
I've been wrongly accused of something inappropriate
Lost, confused and hurt
What would you do in this situation?
Boyfriend refuses to have sex when I want to, but I jump when he asks
I can't take criticism
I can't believe he has gone this far and blocked me
Making excuses to discard partner?
Anxious and uncomfortable situation/friendship
Green eyed monster
Neighbor girl
My best friend is not father of his oldest
Too focused on my 31 year old
Dazed and confused with dating need advice
Please be nice in replies
I think I fell in love
Is he cheating?
How long to wait for this girl?
My future Mother-in-law has cancer...
How to find out if he's married
Should I come out
Mom Stuff
Suffocated by her marriage, falls for another guy but can’t leave
My fiancé needs space!
He's too traditional in the bedroom for me
Is he sick of taking care of me?
My boyfriend needs to lose weight and it's not working, how do help?
My mom's siblings are so mean to her and my grandparents
Found inappropriate texts on boyfriends phone
Looking for advice
Lacking closure from a toxic relationship
He keeps making excuses
Is he cheating or am I over thinking it all?
Uncomfortable with conflict
Self-harm, but sexual. TW I guess.
New relationship for seniors
Regret about past decisions
Where do I stand?
Will ever he forgive me and take me back?
Being seen without being seen
Crush on someone with a partner
It feels like my boyfriend hates me?
My girlfriend of 8 months cheated on me, should I give her a chance?
Lesbian Relationship advice (LGBTQ+ friendly please)
Marriage break up
I don’t get hardly any alone time and I need advice on what to do
Getting over cheating
Does respect = love
Do I tell my boyfriend about a meaningless kiss?
Hurt me with words
Don't understand
Boyfriends parents making it impossible
Saying sorry
How to have a healthy argument
What do I get to do that I was caught dressed up as a sissy girl
My wife has a crush
Stupid relationship problems
Middle aged 30 year old figuring out dating
Self pleasure in long distance relationship
Comfortably uncomfortable
Mid life crisis or effects of drug use....
My boyfriend refuses to unfriend his ex even after she blocked him
Feel hurt
Getting older and very indescisive in love life
Manipulative ex
Confused about the relationship between my Ex and I
Crush getting jealous, why?
My girlfriend made anti-men comments and I don't know how to feel
Honest advice wanted
Infidelity solution: penalties or trust
Plagued by constant thoughts that I need to break up
Landed in the twilight zone with a colleague, please help me!
Is my boyfriend and I at a bridge too far to close the gap?
My parents do not approve of my relationship choice
Break up with her?
Male help needed, what should I do?
Is this considered abuse
What am I doing wrong?
Initiating a conversation
Lost in unemployment and searching for help
Boyfriend thinks it’s weird my friends have my location
I really need help with this guys please help
My husband has a secret life
I am in love with two men and need help making a decision
How do I dump him
This is weird... Right?
Is there ANY hope at all for me?
About to start convincing my parents to let me marry a divorcee! SOS!
Boyfriend lies to me and does drugs
Can anyone enlighten me about European guys?
Sexual healing
Will he ever forgive me?
Are we just TOO different?
Getting over someone you never had!
Boyfriend pressuring me to marry
Interested or move on?
Happily married but different sex drives
Stuck on someone less
I've never been in a relationship with someone that has a child
Just lost a child due to forced adoption
I'm moving schools but I'm not sure if it's the right decision to make
University degree
Coping with being dumped
Is my three year relationship doomed?
Husband hides his phone, lies and works away from home
Parents can be toxic as well
Is she into me or not
How do I fulfill my needs while my gf recovers from sexual trauma?
My (26F) relationship with my mom (50SF) has been gradually crumbling
He moved on the same day we broke up. I'm devastated
Long term family issues exploding
BPD boyfriend
Feeling like we are growing apart
Press charges or not?
He says one thing but acts the opposite
Trust and self esteem issues
How can I turn my life around?
What would you do?
My boyfriend lied to me
My husband falsely accused me of making a porno
Dealing with self esteem issues after being cheated on
New to long distance relationship big age gap help
Wife won’t admit to lies
Please help
My fiancée suddenly broke up with me
Will he ever trust me
Long distance relationship at university
Advice needed for surviving mental abusive partner & being intimate
What would you do?
Depression and misunderstanding
I need advice
Over 40 help please Indian man British woman
First time sexual attraction. pls help me:(
Long term relationship struggles
Feeling confused and vulnerable
I have some "unnatural" desires towards my own mother
Suspect husband is cheating
Partner with cyclothymia
Long distance dilemma. I care for him and don’t know what to do. Help!
Extremely strict dad won't let me work at 19. Is this abuse?
Disowned for no reason
Should I be trying to escape?
Is it wrong for me to put myself first in this case with my boyfriend?
Worried about my girlfriend going to carnival
My wife is angry all the time - I need some advice
Feeling like a terrible person and completely lost my sense of self
Best friend? Or something more
My BF (now ex) said I wasn't good enough for him
Angry wife makes me depressed
Me, sister and her ex
Huge relationship please
Is my boyfriend putting me at unnecessary risk?
Monkey in law?
My mum doesn't like my boyfriend, what should i do?
Is this healthy
Wife left, yet says she still loves me
Concern for soon to be Sister-in-law
Being mugged off?
Long-term boyfriend suddenly avoiding sex
Ending soulmate relationship cause its toxic for both of us
I feel my older brother is acting over tempered
Torn between family and 2nd wife
Is my husband gay
She's accepted her ex’s friend request, is this a reason to be worried
School reunion
Mother of the groom
Paranoid my girlfriend still loves her ex
Am I in the wrong?
Sexting another man
Dad trying to reunite with ex and children. She’s pushing me away
Boyfriend won't let my friend break up with him
How can I stop my adult daughter from controlling me?
Feeling guilty for no good reason
Dilemma and uneasy situation
I've fallen for a girl who already has a boyfriend
Jealous girlfriend?
Cheating boyfriend
Get over someone while in a relationship
Reconnection with a former student
Questioned me first to get his story straight?
Worried about my friend, what should I do?
Do I respond?
Is relationship with daughter in law moral?
Am I being irrational? Please help!
Red flags? Or am I being overcritical
Issue: Partner still friends with ex
Walking away from my best friend of 24 years. Am I wrong?
Trust has been broken
I am very much in love with my husband but my in-laws keep making lesbian jokes
Should I get married?
He cancels our plans for his grown son and hides me from everyone
Guy giving so many mixed signals
Intimacy with someone who thinks it should be spontaneous
The lack of sex in my marriage even while trying for a baby
Feel anxiety cos of him
Idk what to do
No longer feel he loves me enough
In-law issues
Is this narcissism?
Do I reach out to my ex best friend
How do I stop missing my childhood?
Why am I so pathetic for my age?
Married at 19 with 3 kids
16 year relationship.... Feeling unsure
My boyfriend gets angry quite easily and can say horrible things
Life anxiety
I’m in love with her – do I stand a chance?
I wish I was a boy, but I don't think that I'm trans
Husband cheated on me 3 months before we were married
How to convince parents for age difference love?
Should I get over my boyfriend sexting another girl?
Should I give my toxic brother another chance?
I feel like my relationship is one-sided. Help?
How do I get people past the disabilities to let me join in?
Being dragged under by a close friend but still want to help
Faded by long-distance love interest. Did I do anything wrong?
How should I deal with my friend's husband?
Feeling anxiety
Intrusive negative thoughts and feelings years later
Feeling rejected and disrespected
How to divorce fast and cheap
Is this normal older teen behavior, or something else?
Help me... I am at a real turning point..
I need advice about my relationship
Is it fair people accuse me of pretending to be nice?
They say phoenixes always rise from the ashes unscathed, until they know better
Social distancing and funeral rules
Should I be marrying someone when we have problems in the bedroom?
Am imagining things?! What's going on?!
Torn between concern for a friend and anger at her betrayal of my trust
Open or not-so-open
Am I crazy???
I'm beginning to suffer because of what he's doing
Sickening feeling in your stomach
Did I make the right choice?
In love with someone else other than my wife
Toxic family relationship
Relationship advice needed
Am I being childish for needing my boyfriend to comfort me?
Productive quarantine time
Bad daughter?
Not relating to husband
Should I break up with my boyfriend
Graduation or graduation........
Co-worker chaos
Should I attend funeral for father of half siblings who hate me?
I can't get over what I did two years ago
Please tell me if I'm wrong!!!
Not knowing when to reach out after being broken up with my boyfriend
Help I'm afraid of losing the possible love of my life
Am I being love bombed or somehow manipulated?
Is my fiance cheating on me with his crazy stripper ex?
Need advice please
How does this guy feel?
My heart beats for one but my mind chooses another
How hard should I push my daughter to accept my boyfriend?
My wife's wandering eyes towards my brother
Anxiety and depression because of relationship problem
Anxiety and depression because of relationship problem
How much space to give a person
I told one lie to my boyfriend and I need to fix it
Dream holiday turns into nightmare
Lackluster of motivation and purpose after and during hard times in my life
Dating advice. Stay or move on?
Our threesomes
Do I choose a dream job or my family/friends?
Overreacting? Or right to cut her out of my life?
Is this love or afraid of being alone
My father is being horny on main
Office woman
First text problems
Keep distance
Employee at grocery flirting? How to let them know I'm interested
I feel a connection to him but am scared to stop seeing other people
31 and struggling to make friends
His past
Relationship troubles
Dad passed away and boyfriend broke up all in the space of 2 weeks, help!
Problems with a work colleague
All That Was Lost: A Poem
Desperately lonely and starting again at 35
Question regarding relationships and older men
Need an advice: how to start a divorce? and should I do that?
I don’t think I can take much more
My friends bullied a 13 year old girl online
What should I say to my friends?
I keep looking back at Exes messages
How to break up when we share a lease?
Guilty or not?
Ethical dilemma
I'm lost....
I feel I am not good enough.
Wanting a polyamorous relationship
No sex or affection from husband
Need help telling my best friend I slept with one of her best friends
Are these red flags or should I just "go with the flow"?
Friends and relationships
Should I stay with my first love
Colleague advice but am I overreacting..?
The forever pre-engagement
Family gatherings
Narcissist girlfriend sexting another man. Really lost and broken
Don't want to lose contact over this
How do I try to control my nightmares about my ex?
First love
How do I tell my mother my news?
Indecent behaviour of wife's family
I don’t want it to be over
Husband's friend still living with us...
Should I be mad or worried if bf brought gun to my home w/o telling me?
How to trust again
Struggling with life
Am I being love bombed or not?
My partners baby mother still doesn't know I exist.
Am I being unreasonable?
Feel like my ex is a "ghost"
Torn between two people
Parents don’t respect boundaries
Separation and divorce
Gift gone bad?
What to do next?
Divorce my worthless husband
Girlfriend flirting with someone else
Am I being used for money?
Lost in my own thoughts
I really need advice
"I'm going to slap you on to the floor", am I safe?
Trying so hard but his behaviour scares me
Should I estrange from my dad?
My ex boyfriend had an affair so I left him
Why should I give my wifi password out?
Is it "normal" to feel some apathy after a few months with a new partner?
Can he give me what I want in a relationship
Is this abuse or am I prideful?
Is this harassment or just an ex who still cares about me?
Losing feelings for my boyfriend! I'm freaking out!
Stuck in the middle of my feelings for a friend
Christmas and we're struggling financially
Toxic sister
Am I being inconsiderate or is he overreacting?
Worried about my sister and her future
He's so annoying
Suicide thoughts
BF betrayed me with his ex steps on how to move forward
I want to change college course and move away
Red flags or just paranoid about my new boyfriend?
Sex life
Falling for the right man at the wrong time!
Coworker question
Unhealthy relationship with my mother
Missing ex-best friends
Fighting with a friend - am I wrong?
Help, my dad treats me like a prisoner
Is this a red flag with new boyfriend not being understanding?
Best friend’s crush?
What's the right thing to do when dealing with an ex?
I think I want to pursue my ex, but don't know how to go about it?
No birthday present from my close friend?
Do I just ignore any texts from my ex?
Is it something wrong with me? Advice from men would be helpful
No respect
Feeling unable to move out and live my life
Intamacy. Affection. Sex. What do I do?
Perfect relationship apart from lack of sex
End the marriage
Left my abusive boyfriend. Homeless. What now?
Should I confront him?
I need perspective and advice on what happened this weekend
Recent breakup
Friendship problems?
Hurt by her Hawaii trip plans with her girlfriend
Am I being too paranoid?
I don't know if this is abusive or not?
New man withdrawn after parental death
Separate beds
Totally confused
Help with guilt
Leaving a sick friend stranded?
When and how do I ask my boyfriend about finances?
Help!?!? Help me decide
Not sure if my boss kissed me on purpose
Freaking out so bad and utterly terrified
Finding females who are interested in me?
Conflicted, mental health relationship help
Confused about EVERYTHING
Basically I’m a fucking idiot
Feel like a third wheel with my sister and her husband
Need some good advice
Former student / lecturer “relationship” issue
Parental torment
Waiting for him
I feel trapped in my relationship and I’m find it very difficult to leave
Crazy about my best friend
Should I be more compassionate or empathetic to my boyfriend's ex?
Long distance low income
I don't know what I should do regarding an old friendship?
Not being invited to wedding for my nephew
How do I deal with the guilt of leaving parents when moving to other country ?
My brother has a fake girlfriend
Losing attraction
A confusion
I can’t appreciate myself for who I am but I’d like to. But how?
Could it be that I really didn't know my boyfriend for all those years?
Need to vent
Partner favouring his ex wife?
Stepson's wedding, my husband pushes me away
Waiting for him
I don’t know what to do!?
In love with my best friend??
Does it ever make sense to reconcile with ex?
Help with completing divorce process
Anxiety, relationships and crushes
I’m not sure I believe love is real
Is he lying or a coincidence
Moved across the country for addict fiancé
Feelings for another man at work
Husband of one month cheated while dating
My longtime bf doesn't touch me anymore?
Married, but very confused about another man...
My wife says she doesn’t know if she loves me anymore
Girlfriend of married man pregnant
The 29 year old virgin
Was a breakup the right decision even if there’s abuse?
Is there anything I can do mindset wise to improve a neg situation
My grandmother passed away and my aunt is hiding in her house
I'm stuck
Reconnecting with first love after 20 years apart
My problemo or situation
Is it okay for my boyfriend to chat to girl on online games?
Am I asking too much of a friend
The horns of an emotional departure dilemma
Am I crazy or is my boyfriend a selfish uncaring person?
Feeling so self conscious
Break up over children
I’d like to date at least once before I loose all my teeth
Single mom needing advice about what to do
How do I politely decline an unwanted invite?
Studying abroad might have been a mistake
How to stop feeling bitter and move on
Relationship advice
Why would an ex read your old letters
In a relationship with a married but seperated man
Should I worry?
Love life
2 years and no talk of the future
When do you know you have to stop the cycle of breaking up?
Struggling to let go of him
My partner is in love with another woman
Am I the crazy one or just crazy for letting her do it?
Boyfriend removes me as friend from Snapchat and im worried sick!
My boyfriend doesn't seem to understand that I want more from our long distance
Nosy neighbour?
Can it be love?
Responsibility or happiness? Jane or Kathy?
I don't know what to do
Am I just a wimp
I lied to my boyfriend that I have a dead sister for attention
Relationship trouble
Not sure if I like my boyfriend enough but don't want to lose him
Am I crazy or just a fool?
Is it weird to ask a girl you barely know if she wants to keep in touch?
I can't quiet my head
Relationship breakdown confusion
Just found out my husband is bisexual after 20 years of marriage
What's going on???
Leaving my little brother
When is it enough to give up?
My housemate comment
Is my partner controlling?
Worried for my marriage
Should I have to attend my wife's brother's children's parties?
Nothing in common
My ex broke up with me all of a sudden
Trying to understand
How to interpret avoidance
What is wrong with me?
Am I wasting my time with boyfriend who makes less effort than me??
Should I just ghost him?
In-laws hate me
It's time to start my diary again
8 months pregnant while life crumbles around me
Boyfriend trouble
Struggling with insecurity
My lover insulted me
Break up devastation
Not Inlove?
Am I using money as an excuse not to live with my boyfriend?
Help with divorce Salt Lake City
My husband won't forgive me for being weak
Friendship problems
Conflicted thoughts
When your life makes national news....
My girlfriend chased by dog
Stuck between what's good for me, and what's good for everyone else.
Husband and his attractive coworker
Which relationship should I choose?
Flirting or banter
My future needs help now. Advice!!!!
I drove my best friend away
How to move on?
Depressed and single
Dumped & hurting
Unsure about his feelings
Broken family problem (missing my siblings)
Need some guidance on bad history haunting my relationship
Expecting too much?
Need help in a deadend situation
Waiting for you
Weight problem
Why is everyone sexually attracted to my young very busty wife
Ex gf looking for advice
Fiancé of 4 years lying to me
Advice on relationship with mother
Very confused married man
Hard life
Should I sell my house
Is he interested or not?
He’s not sure what he wants anymore. Is it worth trying to work through?
Age difference relationship
Am I stuck in an unhappy marriage or is it just in my head?
Benefit fraud interview under caution letter
Question of my own
How to leave a violent Fiancée
A stupid existenceua
My life goals contradict each other! I'm depressed without each of them
My problem
I have odd feelings towards my ex
It's become an obsession
Age difference suggestions?
Please help. Advice needed
Is he out to keep hurting me
Is it selfish to not want your boyfriend to be in contact with his ex?
Can gaslighting affect the person's personality?
Advice needed - what should I do
Need to get to the bottom of my own problems and depression
What do I do.... HELP!!
Break up
Wife can not put her marriage / husband first
Relationship breakdown with parents
I am stuck in a love triangle
Is it over?
How to react when you feel something wrong is going in relationship
Should I cut my best friend off?
Narcissistic ex girlfriend
Life advice
I (61/f) am so frustrated about my boyfriend (66/m) finances!
Why would my ex ask this
I want my ex girlfriend back
I’m wondering if my friends aren’t genuinely my friends
I have no interest in relationships?
Japanese language course advice
Feeling of being pushed away from a friend
Should I add her back?
Am I his mother or his girlfriend?
Determined to get ex back from new boyfriend
I like my best friend's ex-boyfriend .... who is also my good friend!
No respect for me
How can I get over my twin flame?
Relationship advice when you really love your partner but don’t see a future
Im the other girl
Co-worker/supervisor bullying me
Husband not being supportive
Ghosted or dead?
I still love her
Wasted existence, squanderer potential
Do you stay with a partner you love but is financially irresponsible?
Sisters who quarrel
Unhealthy relationship or normal?
Mysterious dilemma about school
Why am I so desperate ?
Tired of being 6th best
Is it because it's not an affair?
Is it me?
My weird situation when I like a girl
I‘m not a priority to my boyfriend anymore
I messed up
How to get him interested??
Am I being too picky or should I run???
My cheating father
Falling for someone who isn't ready
Looking for advice - work anxiety around overnight stays
We‘ve stopped having sex
Should I undo the breakup?
Problem with child custody after parents divorce
What does he want?
Toxic friend? Need advice
It's all our job not just mine
In love with my professor after my bf beat me up
No supporting friends
Broke up with ex, but he's giving me mixed signals
Issues communicating with my husband
You down with OPP?
Dad and a golddigger
Am I sad if I pay someone to cuddle me at night?
Is this more proof I should leave my boyfriend and not allow him to move in?
Do you leave the one you love for fear of possible financial liability?
In a straight relationship but starting to realize sexuality
Selfish or not?
Loving someone with trauma
To wait or not to wait?
I'm (28m) feeling insecure about my gf (26f) and her close male friend
Spouse keep changing every other month
What's your take on this?
How to get in contact with someone with only a first name
Feeling rejected
Am I married at home and "married" at work?
Is him moving in worth the risk?
Moving out of the friend zone?
Mom died leaving me the entire inheritance, but there's a problem...
Stuck between 2
The man I married is not who I thought he was...
How do I make up for hiding my engagement from my best friends
Having to face fact that I wasted my time
Why after all those years
Married and giving up
Divorce or stay
Follow heart or head
You can't help everyone
Confused about my boyfriends out of character behaviour
Breakdown of my family
My bisexual identity and social life are making me feel separated from my parents
So many regrets in life
Should I express my feelings?
Should I go back to high school?
I'm sad in my relationship
Ruined the best relationship... not sure of next step
I don't want to live at home anymore
This is issue is tearing me apart
Breaking up with someone who is no good for you
Marriage problems... again
Why can't I get over feeling unsafe financially with my boyfriend I love?
Is there any hope of future relationship or even friendship?
I feel hurt that I hurt him
I think my marriage is beyond saving/repair...
What to do?
My mum has been sacked for misconduct
8th month abusive relationship
What's happening
Do I settle or move on?
When you allowed yourself to be the victim but people just see ugly things
Too friendly clerk
Grindr mishap
Confused lady
How can I land my next date / girlfriend?
Asexual girlfriend
Feeling pressure
Feeling low and friendship issues
Should I keep the money given to me by my abusive father or give it back?
I don't seem to be able to get over my ex of 5 years relationship
Prom crisis
Should I be upset
Wet dream
Really stressed
He trusted me and now I'm heartbroken
Help.... marriage problem
I feel like I’m drowning in emotions
Husband had a fling with work colleague... help
Am I just too torn to commit?
20 year old virgin
Secret bisexual ex
65 and depressed
What do I do
I am in love with an escort
How can I get rid of this jealous feeling, and stop feeling like a bad friend?
Relationship - girl problems?? I'm so confused
Blackmailed and betrayed!
Girl problems?? I'm so confused
Why can't I find a decent man?
Reviving my complex long distance romantic relationship (part 3) myself
My partner is moving away, should I end the relationship now?
No one takes me seriously
Relationship advice - is my boyfriend gay?
Can you remain faithful to your partner if you are in love with another?
Messed up friendship
Stressful situation causing anxiety
How do I stop wasting my time?
Relationship advice: We were on a break kind of thing
Friendship advice - it's a one guy two girls situation
Confusion with ex
I am going mad behind the wrong person. Can't control myself
Need advice: head telling me one thing and gut saying another
Question about legal rights regarding a medical institution
Thoughts of ending a 25 year marriage to my husband
Emotionally and physically drained
LDR bf (26 yo) hanging out with a new girl friend: boundaries?
I don’t know what to do?
Missing someone
Backing out of trip last minute
I think my friend is ignoring me
Trust / managing emotions / lying by omission?
Got myself in a bit of a sticky situation
3 year break up
Girlfriend masturbates while I sleep
Do I stay or leave my boyfriend who is controlling and has a split personality?
Reviving my complex long distance romantic relationship (part 2) follow up
Complications with mum moving out
Brexit difference
Advice on a birthday present after not speaking
Who to choose
Help to reconnect / possible affair
I’m in a bind !
Never met my grandparents
What is wrong with me?
Relationship disaster
Help with decision of relationship issue
Don't know what to do
Boyfriend and female coworkers
When do you know to leave someone you really love?
Someone help!
Reviving my complex long distance romantic relationship
I think I need to leave my girlfriend
I'm afraid that I may not love my partner anymore..
Need advice from a guy
A small confession from a small person
Help required
I am frustrated with my small brother
Friendship turned intimate now it's a mess.....
How do I know if I'm making the right decision?
How to deal with all these emotions?
Go with my instincts at the risk of hurting my relationship with my sister?
My beloved brother is destroying his life
Long relationship problems...
Can two married people have a special friendship or am I just imagining this?
40 and still alone
Just a relationship problem
Smoking and relationships
Trust is a hard thing to get back
One year relationship with a great guy - however 'Dave Ramsey' style
I need relationship advice !
I found out that I am pregnant
Sister is basically selling herself
Not wearing a bra is my mom right
Low-T injections changed my husband
Or so im told ........
So confused and need insight about friend
Sex life terrible... Feeling unsatisfied but partner seems unbothered
Dealing with problematic GF over distance
Is this a lie or am I too sensitive?
Leaving my emotionally dominating partner is proving harder than I thought
Need relationship advice
Never been in a relationship
Partners ex is everywhere
Binge eating
Is it weird to have boyfriend do this to my son?
Marriage woes
Relationship advice
Should I wait for him to be ready?
No trust
Gf may have adult content of her filmed without her knowledge going viral
Confused by new girlfriend?
Masturbated in weird place at 14? Need advice?
How to deal with controlling adult daughter when it comes to my life
Horrible Valentine's Day - how to fix this?
Ex-British forced seeking advice
GF’s one night stand is going viral
My brother screwed me over
My best friend's husband is cheating on her and I can't tell her
Lost my virginity and need advice
How do I keep my son out of my finances?
How do I get out of this mess ?
Do I get back with my ex or move on with my life?
Just because you love them don't mean leave
Father refuses to accept my mixed race boyfriend but wants to see our baby...
Advice needed please
What do I do if my boyfriend of three years doesn't want to have kids?
Completely lost and alone - how can I start over?
I’m not crazy, he is
I have a crush on a girl at college
Please help me end this confusion
Career and relocation advice for a young individual
I feel lonely and avoided by my friends
To give in or not to give in?
How do I deal with my emotions post rocky on-and-off relationship?
How do I say ‘enough’ to lending my mum money?
Relationship advice. Man's point of view on having affair for 4 years
My GF has a crush on someone else
My crush, SOS
Family problems
My boyfriend can't accept my past
Too many problems
Break up advice
In an unrequited love with my father’s friend
I can't smile
My dad is weird and could possibly be dangerous
I have a crush on my younger brother
I have too many feelings
Help me
Need an opinion or advice
Life is less bearable and colourful without her but she's not mine
Passed bought back
LDR gf hanging out with a new random guy: boundaries?
Awareness, the mistake, and the depression
Flashback of my partner's infidelity
Help my relationship
What should I do? Am I ruining her life?
Endometriosis, collection of failed IVFs, intention to become IP
I feel like a fuck up
Husband doesn’t support! Divorce or peace – no more options
Going no contact with toxic mother
My navel was licked out, but I didn't want it!
She's always gawping / staring
Rationalization vs reality
Absolutely ashamed!
On the verge of divorce - need advice
Am I headed for disaster?
Comparing myself to others: How do I stop?
What should you do when you find the perfect woman you can not have?
Don’t know what to do!
Got robbed by a person I know
22 year marriage dead
In love with best friend while being married to hubby
Need permanent solution
Don’t know what to do
Should I pursue a crush if I am going to leave the country soon
14 year olds can be so obstinate
I don't know what to do
Love, cheating or anything else?
He won't be seen with me because I'm an addict.. but we just got high for his vacation
I don't want to go on holiday with my friend anymore but don't know how to tell
Married man on the verge of divorce
Husband says I’m ‘lording’ the decision to have a 2nd child over him
I can finally admit I’m not happy
I'm depressed and I need help
Feeling resentment and frustration about a needy lying sibling
Knocking my confidence
Toxic friendship
Do you guys think i creep her out?
Am I taking too much risk staying with boyfriend who has previously had money issues
Am I being a terrible friend?
Am I delusional
Same sex marriage with 3 month old daughter
Were I the only wrong do-er?
Very hurt and confused about a close friend’s sudden behaviour
Is this the right thing to do?
Is my boyfriend broke but says he is financially settled for us to live together
Me 23M and my ex-girl 23F broke up after almost 3 years together
Relationship anxiety
Knowing if the guy is worth the investment
Mother in law and family
Need help
Husband wants open relationship... again
Can I trust that my boyfriend has really changed for us to live together?
Boyfriend puts son before me, overreacting or not?
Finding friendship
Why does everyone suffer greatly?
Husband gropes another woman’s breasts
A guy faked his name, life and existence to get me in a relationship
Unsure and sad.. please help
Relationship depression
Girl from the past that I can't get out of my mind
Dreadful Christmas
An affair made me question my marriage
I might be ruining my marriage
I know I should accept her explanation
Anxiety growing stronger, lonelyness getting too much
Just need to talk and hopefully others have advice
My partner was in the sex industry - Am I a fool
He's home for Christmas, but I'm not allowed to visit...
I need help! I am destroying myself for a person
Am I wrong for what I am doing?
I feel lost
How can I deliver jokes better?
Still struggling after breakup after 5 months
My sons girlfriend is having sex with my adopted son ?
Feeling like I am stuck
Need assistance to handle this mentally exhausting situation in relationship
Obese and depressed - life falling apart
Boyfriend doesn’t care about my feelings
Mental pain, not so depressed
How do I help my cousin?
How to live a better life
Why am i put on the back seat for the ex
Is he a fuckboy or is he actually interested?
Am I an idiot to be a good person who want to help people?
Follow heart or head with respect to my long term boyfriend to stay or not?
How should I stop stalking my crush ?
Struggle to stay committed - hate myself
Need help
Feel like a failure
Had enough
Negative friend
Confused about a relationship
In a state of shock. Not sure what to make of it.
Feel like quitting...
Are there more like me? Mother died young, never got along with father's gf
I dont think I can push aside my jealousy
How to save my relationship?
Complicated situation, don't know what to do
Advice and opinions please
Bullying advice?
What should I do
My unpleasant father in law
Relationship differences
Why can’t I move forward with my bf?
Needing advice on a relationship issue
My ex is back on the scene!
In law problems
Are exes exes for a reason?
No support
Event with an ex
Procrastination and bad choices - need advice!
My boyfriend is not over his ex
Help with relationship
Our first Christmas together, idk what to give him?!
Husband wants a divorce, but I don’t :(
Comparing lives
Security problems with a guy I like
“He ignores you because he likes you” is so childish but could it be the reason?
Selfish because I want SEX
Headed for divorce or something
Her love for me has gone!
Break-up as girlfriend needs time to figure herself out
Are the signs there that I might be heading to divorce?
Confused and needing a solution
Relationship issues
The love of money
My family is not in support of my relationship
Advice for succeeding in a more demanding job
Hi Soulmate, remember me?
Do I stay or do I go? Relationship advice needed
I can't make friends in a new country
Do I have to choose between my adult daughter and my boyfriend if she threatens?
Comparing myself with my BF's exes (long post, need perspective)
He went back to his wife...
My boyfriend is moving away and doesn't want me to come. My heart is breaking :(
I think my mom is cheating on my dad
Stepson's wedding - Chapter 2!!
Foot fetish causing relationship issues
I walked away from the man I love and broke my own heart (very lengthy)
Big decisions to make with neither the right one
I have a boyfriend, but still get bothered seeing someone I had a past with
How do i do it
My life is a mess
My mom found my condoms
Same problem
I (25F) difficulty with mom and my (26M) boyfriend
Family abuse and relationships
Feeling guilty about cutting someone out of my life
Lost in transactions
In a relationship for five years and teenage kids refuse to meet me
Please help! I need advice on my cheating boyfriend
Lost in translation
My boss is in love with me
Do I peruse or is it the end of the beginning?
He's been on his phone all night
Do I stay or do I finally leave my bf who has money issues?
Communication in a relationship
Keeping things from me
Solo travel failure, how do I face my family?
Family hates my girlfriend
My boyfriend watches porn but is too tired for sex with me
Year in marriage
My guyfriend
Looking for advice on a relationship that is in the process of ending
Need an unbiased opinion
A friend that walked away
Have not been in this situation... need help!
We broke up
Female friend okay in relationship??!!!
I’m a terrible person and I fight with my mother a lot
Side guy problems / am I his side girl?
Childhood issues & maintaining a relationship
Ex advice
Everything going wrong
Change of mind
Dating dilemma - inexperience
Alcoholic angry narcissist
Please answer is urgent
Really screwed up
Mom issues
Should I stay friends or not?
I keep getting into huge arguments with my mother, what to do
Love my boyfriend but feel bad I'm having doubts
Had a lot going, may have screwed it up. Need some guidance!
Boyfriend falling out of love with me. Help..
Question about my boyfriend behaviour
How do I get my car back?
My mother is becoming a problem and I’m getting really depressed
Extreme loner
Second to his phone? Second to social media? Signs of a weak relationship
Poly woes, 2 men
Gossip about my sexuality at work and the law that protects me
Do drugs destroy families?
Workplace flirting crossed a line?
Long time no success
Club management issues and drama
How to handle this?
Boyfriend is having doubts about our relationship. What should I do?
Can we go from swinger's to being only us again?
Why was this guy so hurtful to me?
Need opinion thoughts..... long story
Does this relationship sound like it could work?
How can I get my bf to tell me how he feels about me
Lost, what can I do???
Is chemistry necessary to a relationship?
He’s just not that into me.....
Is he doing this to hurt me or is it for real
My brother despises me
Feelings too strong
How to find a partner
Slowly drifting
Narcissistic boyfriend
How do I tell my husband about his annoying habit?
Playing with feelings
Horrendous anxiety over making out with someone else before things got serious
Today was a hard day
Many dates, no partner. Can you spot a way to break my life pattern change that?
Need advice!
Don't know what to do
Stood up on third date after confirming an hour back
Boomerang son - just keeps coming back
Trust issues
A red flag or just anxiety?
How to get out of a stressful household
Is this a bad idea for me to approach her with?
Gay work colleague outing me to everyone else
I'm overracting or should I be really worried about my boyfriend's female friend
I'm breaking and so is our marriage
Flight attendant
Relationship breakdown after abortion
My brother in law is a compulsive liar and a psychopath. Help!
Shall I give him another chance?
Partner not sure about children
Depressed and need a way out
I need some advice
Worried about my cravings
Relationship gone
Help needed
Am I overreacting to my wife being groped by a gay man?
My boyfriend makes dirty jokes about sleeping with a particular girl
My parents don't like my girlfriend and she wants them to love her
Help some realationship advice needed
Need girl advice
Caught wife sending nudes on snapchat
Lost and confused
What advice should I give my husband?
Stay or go
Liking a flatmate who doesn’t like me back
My boyfriend’s family is tearing me apart
Housemate / friend issues
Made a mistake and need help fixing the marriage
HELP can't seem to stop the relationship from crumbling
Problems with myself keep piling up, and might need help sorting things out
Relationship problem need advise
Boyfriend and his female friend?
Emotionally distraught, fiance wants to be a father which I can't give him
Confused and anxious
Will my kids be OK if I ask for a divorce?
Some advice please. Should I stop my ex girlfriends contact with our children??
Deciding on what to do next with my life
Am I over reacting or do I have a valid reason to be worried?
What should I do?
Who is in the right?
Can it be possible
Need advice to accept ex
Screwed up
Do you think that I should move out of my mother's house?
Is it really essential for a wedding?
Migraines and more
Depressed husband admits cheating
Marriage problems
Why does he do this?
I think my husband wants to leave me?
Can't seem to accept fiances daughter
I'm very upset that my ex girlfriend got pregnant by her new boyfriend
Partner’s request around loan
I'm married, fell in love with a 15 year younger woman who has a boyfriend
Don't believe him anymore
Delusional or worth a go?
Should I confront my boyfriend
My bf has anger issues to say the least
Advice - Family / Parents
Sorry - bit long but please bear with me...
Allowing a relationship to continue... I'm in love, he's not
Lying cheat
Husband will not acknowledge that our marriage is in trouble!
Do you think we will get back together?
Afraid to talk to people I care about. Could really use some help here
Newlywed and struggling
Can't cope much longer?
Daughter really dislikes my boyfriend
I’m out of control
I think my marrage is dead
Where do I go in this almost relationship?
To our surprise
I’m only with my boyfriend so he doesn’t commit suicide
Relationship problems
Strange question
My fiancee's adult child is testing our relationship
Feeling like i am stuck, very anxious, not sure what to do
Help me please
Wits end with irresponsible parent
Rejected by a younger guy and made a total fool of myself
I feel like my twenty seven years on this earth have been a complete waste
Rejected by a younger guy and made a total fool of myself
Confused over bizarre thing girlfriend said
Boyfriend sex chatting online
Problems with childs grandmother
Am I capable of enjoying this world, instead of hanging on at the edges?
Should I express my love to the girl who tied the Rakhi on my wrist?
Hope running out so confused
Sex issues...
What should I do? A good advice is needed here
My old friend got molested by her dad, I told and she tried to ruin my life as well
Feel like i have made a big mistake.. Not sure what to do
Emotional abuse?
My husband withholds affection and sex
Daughter-in-law problems
Wedding??? Fiance aloof and baby on the way. What should I do?
Daughter-in-law problems
Husband of 3 years will not stop SCREAMING at me and that’s not all - advice please?
Husband and I moved 7 hours away from family, they never contact us
Recent breakup. Everyone expects me to just be over it, should i say how i feel?
Very troubled relationship. I know I should break up but want another option
Is there no women who appreciate a man who makes major sacrifices for there spo?
How do I get over my wife's infidelity
Considering homeschool for safety but anxious about impact to relationship
Should I leave my marriage?
Am I his plaything how do I get over him
Finances and relationships
I am obsessed with my best friend and other people and its killing me
How would you feel in this situation?
Wife illegal sex relationship
How long is too long
Depression and me
Dated a man in prison for 6 years and he left me for his x wife after his release
Gaming widow
Ex's love letters
My attraction to breast implants is upsetting my relationship
Should I give my husband another chance?
Relationship problem
Partner sexually attracted to my best friend
Faked abortion and a child overseas
Wondering if I need space from my mum
Interesting thing happened
Should I go along with my daughters demands?
Commitment issues
Is this wierd or is it just me?
Heartbroken by his daft choices
Complicated crush situation, advice please
Love at the wrong time
Just need to get this out
Ongoing issue with gifts to family
Too little now too much
I love him, but I'm not in love?
10 year relationship wasted
Is this a LOVE worth fighting for?
My ex doesn’t want to get back with me after leading me on
Break up of 7 years, I think she has moved on but I am having trouble
My partner is disrespectful
I wonder if anything I do is bad
Feeling underappreciated
College tips needed
Is a long break harmful for a relationship?
Cheating or not? Help!!!
Super confused
Beginning college and ending my relationship
Why would he delete me for something so petty?
He’s 10 years older than me, what can I do?
How to know if you boyfriend is sexually attracted to you anymore
Still living with my ex bf but he's also communicating with another ex
How do I deal with my judgmental sister and my bf she will not approve of!
Wife keeps bringing up divorce, on and off
How would you feel if your boyfriend / husband donated his sperm without telling?
My family is broken
Is he playing me?
Is there any chance she might come back?
Relationship for 5 years
In a failing relationship but back in touch with old crush
How would you deal with this crisis?
Extremely jealous wife
Mom of two, I need help leaving him
Why can’t I get over partners porn viewing
Keep or tell?
Family is not an obligation, it's a relationship
Devastated over my girlfriend leaving after 7 years
What would you do?
Gf vs Gf of 8 months she wants a break
Is he still interested and shall I contact him?
Home refinancing
Anxious and unfulfilled
What would you do?
How to get over someone you've only texted with fast
Help I cheated on my boyfriend when I got super drunk. Plz help me
Not sure what to do
I need help to know if this guy likes me...
I feel terrible for ending a relationship
Head a bit messed up
Fucked up life and relationship with family
Do you guys think she's trying to avoid me?
What if
Guy I dated was very hurtful towards me why?
Problems with a sister who cooks for elderly father
Am I being too selfish?
I don't know who I am
Complicated relationship advice needed
Husbands porn use
Is there any legal complication in doing court marriage with Rakhi Sister
That other girl....
Silence after fight: is it over?
Experiencing anxiety because a friend
Need advice - Ex girlfriend situation
Upset at the way husband has treated my parents
Ex boyfriend in my relationship
Why do I care about someone who doesn’t seem to care about me?
Girlfriend lied about NOT being a virgin
Relationship troubles, don't feel comfortable telling anybody but need advice
What should I do
I was drunk and cheated on my boyfriend but I didn’t want to I told the guy no
Friends with benefits guy says he really likes me and now I am confused
Found texts to my bfs ex on his phone... need advice...
Depressed and reaching out
How do I get my family to accept my choice of boyfriend at 61?
I can't handle it anymore... I am dying
I am depressed and can't find enjoyment
Losing a best friend
No guys might be interested in me?
Depressed because of my best friend
Pregnant and my bf has ended our relationship
Work issues
Working with my friend is causing trouble
Having 'a right' over someone?
Living a double life and it needs to end!
Should I be okay with this?
Dangerously flirtacious
Sex vs Making Love
He believes I cheated
My husband of 30 years may have another child!!
Being dumb
Lazy brother in law
Masturbation addiction
Am I an addict?
Is the grass greener?
I cheated on my boyfriend... I feel terrible!!!
Should I give this guy a change?
Friendship advice
When is it a 'real' lie?
Confusing cousins
Anxiety and insecurities ruining my relationship
Mixed signals
Sisters anger issues
Dont know anymore
I don't know if I should stay with my husband
Why did she betray me? What is wrong with me?
Did I make a mistake having sex with my ex??
I think she is using me to make my friend (her ex) jealous
Deadbeat mother
Struggling after a surpise break-up
Just need to vent a little
Am I being too paranoid?
Uncertainty over new relationship
I think I saw this girl I used to knew / liked back in college?
Do I leave now and cut my losses?
Suffering relationship with alcoholic partner
Unhappy housemate
Why can't I find happiness in my life despite so many efforts?
Neglected mother-in-law
Taking a break with volunteer organization
Is my relationship with my parents fixable?
I feel awkward with my fiancée
What should I do when I love my best friend?
Splitting bills / money
What do I do??
Should I just leave since she threatens to kick me out every other week?
Controlling wife
Being used for sex in a healthy, committed relationship?
Why is being an adult so hard?
Marriage breakup, depression and emotional trauma
Which brother is the dad?? Please help with DNA results
I just found out my husband received oral from his cousin when they were teens
I’m terrified to end it but I can’t convince mysef to stay
The cat's a homewrecker!
I feel like my small group leader dislikes me
Coming on too strong !!
Worth the wait?
Am I setting myself up for a huge heartbreak?
How do you know when to hang on and when to walk away?
What happened?
Partner of five years made a snapchat specifically to talk to his ex..
Yes, no, maybe so
Dwelling on the past
Lifesyle choices
I'm married but I'm infatuated with a girl I work with
I always think everyone dislikes me
My fiance still listens to his mother at 54
Estranged from family
Need help with this one but don't want to come off the wrong way
Slept with my best friend son. Please suggest what to do??
I like my friend, but if I ask her out, our friendship and my grade are at stake
I want to quickly graduate but....
Husband kissed another woman
Moving out when he says he still loves you
Am I wasting my time?
New relationship for the older woman
Weak man, uncomfortable and awkward, is this normal or fixable? Help!!!!!
Stupid in love
How a yeast infection destroyed me within hours
My mother won’t let me travel on my own, even though I am 18?
Feeling uneasy recently about how me and my gf came to start dating
Is it nice to be nice?
Feeling very left out of my friendship group
Updated question: should I be worried?
Porn use
Should I be worried?
Eating disorder
Should I see him
Friendship or something more?
Co-worker infidelity...
Is it acceptable
When is enough, enough?
My friends boyfriend tried to kiss me, help?
How do I handle my daughter and her future without it breaking us apart?
One sided friendship
Why did he do this?
From the eyes through the heart
My crush’s sister hates me
I need some advice on whether or not I can and how I should go about saving my marriage
Relationship advice
Feeling so confused
I'm confused as what to do in this situation
Am I late in life?
Husband has female BFF
Relationships issue
Hurt lost conflicted
Mental disorder, or toxic person?
Need advice to plan ahead
Am I bipolar?
Am I reading too much into this, is he cheating?
Wasn't sure how to respond
Stressing about a relationship
I miss my boyfriend
Husband sent inappropriate texts, do I stay?
Prom or no prom
Does this guy like me?
Loans or gifts
Separated wife wants to spend our anniversary with someone else
Help required for approaching a crush after awkward scenario
Facing serious marriage problems / infatuation
I need advice on my ex
What do I do if my best friend and ex like each other?
Can our marriage heal?
Women seeing male partner using the loo
To pursue or not to... that is the question
Need relationship advice. Teenage sweethearts turned mid 20s haters
Should I live with my boyfriend while at uni? I'm at risk of losing him
Accused of staring
How do I fix my relationship with my father in law? Help!
Am I being too mean?
Panic attacks and guilt about fake cumming
I need other opinions on this confusing situation
My boyfriends mother doesn't think I'm disabled
I don’t know what i should do about my relationship
My boyfriend does not find me pretty
To hold on to what I already have or to pursue something that might not exist?
Hard to make friends
I don't know what to do anymore
Relatives asking for money
How do I support my recent ex after severe trauma?
I don't know what to do or how to feel
I know I've cheated but what do i do?
So confused!
Immense permanent stress from upset parents
Will my husband ever show me affection again?
Relationship hardships
Do I leave my husband?
I’m such a mess please help me
Really need some fuckin help
Please give advice soon
My husband doesn't help me
Can't get this thing out of my head
It's not what you say, it's how you say it
A broken friendship
Boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me
Should I be insulted or worse?
When is no answer actually an answer?
How do I escape this misery???
Unrequited love for my best friend
Anxiety and depression
He's a social butterfly and I'm an introvert
Roots to grow or a new leaf to turn?
Changing my ex into a F-Buddy
I like sitting on a girl's lap
Head spinning need help
I need to understand, any males who have or are going thru this, please respond
A whole lotta mess
Used me
Fiance accused of cheating but claims he does not remember
Paternity test dilemma
Why is my boyfriend ignoring me?
My girlfriend suddenly thought about her past
My boyfriend is going out of town!
Friends that turned to lovers.....
In love with my best friend..
Accepting someone's past and hope for a brighter future
He treats me nice but not nice to strangers
I can’t let her go, even though I know it’s for the best
Goodbye dating
Stupid fights for nothing
Taking my PC abroad
Lost love
I'm invested
Is this a case of continued betrayal or not??
Disappointing friend
My dad doesn't know I exist
Spent the night with my ex’s best friend
After 4 years of distace relationship we could be together, but...
Relationship issue
In love with my ex, but her friend is stopping her from being in contact
Long distance love
Advice needed please!
A pain too deep to understand
My abusive relationship - both ways?
Has my bf committed a crime and do I run and / or report him to police?
Getting over ex after tough break-up
Worried about my sister
Toxic relationship - need help
A co-worker's offer
My boyfriend is moving to another country
Introvert dating an extrovert
I have been evicted from a friendship group
Relationship / breakup advice
Newlyweds minus the intimacy
Marriage on the rocks
My life feels like its all been wasted time, a lot like the song
I need help
Marriage problems
Online dating late 40’s
Scared of rumor
Having trust issues and she saying I’m controling
Impulse control disorder please help
Need advice
We share land, home and run a business together but I need out
Boyfriends mother hates me and wants me gone
At what point do financial lies become unforgivable?
Advice on whether to give up on my relationship or not
My friend is acting odd
Hot and cold?
Very poorly ex mother-in-law
I think I have depression but its on and off?
Why are all my romantic relationships dramatic?
Is it unrealistic to be with a life partner who has what you need and want?
Have I been controlled for years?
I’m disgusted by my husband
No idea what to do
Need advice
Dating a professor
Petty arguments
Troubled daughter
Need help with college friends and dealing with emotions
When does it become too many lies to be financially faithful?
Just need to vent
Should I tell them?
No idea what to do, and need some advice
Scandalous story, is my relationship toxic? Please help
Complicated apology
Need advice
What to do?
My girlfriend is untidy
When to tell them
Ending a relationship
I feel so depressed and defeated
Lied to my face
Problem with a (literally) distant girl, just need time but would like advice
Possessive and obsessive wife
My partner has threatened to kill me
Should I talk to this girl?
Two year relationship and immediately went back to abusive ex?
Reunion with an old pen pal leads to mixed messages
Dealing with in laws - help needed
Anyone else going through this?
At what point do financial lies become a deal breaker
Why do I feel always rejected?
Not understanding how someone has so many problems
I'm 13 and i feel like giving up on life
Is apprehension the red flag to leave??
I think I am in love
Married 17 yrs, need a unbiased and independent view - which one is correct?
My brother doesn't talk to me any more
Moving anxiety
My bestfriend
Breaking up is more complicated the second time around
Am I emotionally abused or crazy??
Self confidence issues ruined everything
What should i do with my mother in law?
Troubles with my mother in law
My husband wants an open marriage
23 in a 5 year relationship and I'm scared of commitment!
He is confusing me
My back is up against the wall!
How can I fix my marriage after this?
Cheating husband
Friendship loss
Is there a way to adapt to an online future?
My girlfriend has moved out
Lost after split with wife
Stepson's wedding
Fiance messaging female co-worker
Forced family gathering
I love her kids but she is ruining my life
Break up with EX, what to do?
Should I stay or leave?
Should he say something or should I?
So depressed and frustrated help!
Should I be jealous?
What do i do?
Is my husband controlling
Urgent!! Advice needed for pets!!
Advice needed about boyfriend
Recently discovered I have a child overseas
My boyfriend broke up with me
I have a New Years problem so.... not much time
I've fallen for a guy I've only ever communicated with via Skype
Confused about what to do
Dating someone new do I tell my ex boyfriend?
Did I cheat on my husband?
Do I actually cheat on my boyfriend?
Girlfriend broke up with me and it’s not because of me
Please give me advice
Friend obsessed with dog
Family breakdown, looking for advice please
Talking to a guy & I’m very confused
Access to kids
I'm messed up and I don't know what to do
Should I move across the world for love?
Confused in this situation with ex friends
I can't get over his ex
Advice on controlling mother
Am I wrong for wanting him to stop?
Does having a serious health problem mean I can't have a normal relationship?
People are telling me I’ve changed
Married but am attracted to someone else
Is it a relationship without sex?
Is it a relationship if there is no sex?
Boyfriend is not financially responsible
Need advice on how to deal with boyfriends kids sleeping arrangement
Just friends or no? Someone please explain this
No sex in relationship
My girlfriend is depressed and we both don’t know what to do with our relationship
Female for female advice please
Girlfriend has nude photos on snapchat
Am I oversenstive?
His affairs that lasted 8 years but he wants me to prove to him I'm the one
Trying to repair broken relatioship
Is he going to break up with me?
Head over heels
I don't want her to move in
It's eating me up
Parents divorcing and making bad decisions at school and life
My husband and the neighbor
Difficult situation
How do I stop missing the man whose baby I’m carrying?
My mum doesn’t want anything to do with me and I can’t accept it
What to do
Do I go or do I not??
Should I give him time?
Bulling & social life
Is this considered cheating?
Confused about myself
Fake it until you make it right?
Why the f**k is he doing this to me
In love with my best friend
I don’t know how to help my mom
Hopeless and depressed about marriage
Break up because I can't get pregnant
Can someone help me understand my mother
Falling for her, but confused at the same time
Regretting to be human... wish I was a robot forever!!!
Help I’m lost and don’t know what to do
Is my marriage over?
My son's girlfriend is cheating on him ??
My Bf chooses his Ex over me constantly
Christian background + my best friend kissed me. Struggling
How to overcome with this unrequited love?
Please help me find some sort of closure I need advice
My ex-boyfriend and I
Husband won’t accept my sister because she’s a lesbian
Stuck in a sticky situation
In a dilemma
Bestfriend and the girl I love
Unexplained breakup?
I don't know how to handle the situation? I need advice
Need advice on a relationship
Crush on my best friend
Gift giving when a couple shares finances
Need some good advice
Opening an exclusive relationship
Feel like dying..
My wife cheated
Daughter's boyfriend wants to ask permission to propose
So lost (and depressed) without my late husband!
My 1 yr gf doesnt want to get married but wants to Live together in 2 yrs
I feel really alone
He loves me, but wouldn't care if I left...?
Am I expecting too much?
What should I do?
How to push through loneliness
How to relax my mind?
Still don't like her
Lonely in a sexless marriage
Just married
Do I stay with him?
Relationship advice
Getting back or getting over my ex boyfriend
Need to have surgery and move out - flatmate is blaming me!
He left me because I have herpes
Husband doesn’t fancy me
Facebook is ruining my peace of mind. Help!!
Marriage - what is he doing? Thoughts & advice
I don't know what to do with my life anymore
I need to talk once
Possible live long mental problems?
Am i just being silly
Love language confusion
Please put my mind at rest
What do I make of this???
Struggling with marriage
Boyfriend jealous over Facebook likes?
Getting over someone is tougher than I thought
A beautiful life wrecked by drugs
I don’t know if he likes me or not
Problems with my neighbours
Aunt embarassed and insulted me
Was she going to kiss me?
Going through breakup - lost
Dated a woman for the first time, things got messy... Help
Husband is looking for a place / moving out :(
Unsure on where to go from here. Need help!
I suspect my boyfriend might be thinking of cheating on me
I need help with my paranoid mind
My parents depress me
Is our relationship toxic?
I love and care deeply for someone but they won't let me in anymore
My ex-best friend's lover wants to date me!
Talked for two months, met for the first time & it was amazing & then nothing
Partner in hospital for rehabilitation
Need advice badly on wife using meth
Wife's money or marriage money?
Feeling married with wife's family
I put another guy in my phone as ‘cute art boy’ while dating someone?
The girl I love has changed her behaviour suddenly
Should I feel bad that my husband doesn't want a second baby?
I want to stay friends but scared I get too close
I really need some help, I'm losing the love of my life!
Alone and married
What's a normal response to finding someone cheating?
Should I offer my neighbor oral sex?
Finally found an amazing man except for one thing...
Why is she doing this to me?
Seems like we drifted apart.....
I need a hobby
Can someone help me keep my life together?
I have a long story to tell, and I need to determine where to go from here
Has anything this humiliating happened to you before?
Marriage is on the verge of ending . . .
I feel distant from my partner whom I don’t want to lose
Girl pregnant!!
I need help comprehending or diagnosing what this is
Help! Don't know what to do
Relationship adviser
Mixed up feelings
How to avoid falling out with my friend over a former friend
Anxiety and depression
Should I breakup with my boyfriend?
Relationship problems
My husband is about to see his ex girlfriend and doesn't know it
Feeling guilty
Intrusive thoughts... I cant take it anymore
The life
Mixed signals and temper
Relation problem
Life insurance and section 8/ car accident slip n fall insurance awards
Looking for immediate replacement?
I have no hobbies / interests?
Anyone felt lonely in their marriage??? Ugly & unwanted???
Relationship help
Should I tell him how I'm feeling?
Should I officially break up with him?
Why can't I get over her
Marriage and sleepovers?
The hardest thing about breaking up is....confusion
Can a good samaritan please help me understand if a girl likes me?
Slept with my boyfriends brother before we even met
I'm so miserable and it's pathetic.. Advice on how to move on??
My kids think that I am a b***h (am I?)
Marriage failing
Executives showing favoritism
Relationship shattered by my past
Boyfriend and his divorce
Can two caregivers build a life together?
Cheating or not?
Dreaming or real?
This is literally nothing but....
Very down, alone and not sure what to do
He's come back and I have no idea what to do!
I’ve gotten into a deep depression, and it pushes my girlfriend and I apart
Help I left belongings with friend who I trusted he won't give them back
Men and their boobs....
Please advise me regarding my relationship issue!
I am heartbroken
Self battle
If she still has his stuff
My wife makes me depressed and angry
I'm lost in my education / I hate my major
My boyfriend has a son he doesn't see
In trouble at work
I can't get over his past
I feel like I cant even tell him..
Stray cats
Am I crazy for not trusting husband...
I need more
I love my best friend
Got kissed by another guy
Depression and loneliness
Got rejected for telling her over text
I want this to change
5 years of friendship. We're complete opposites but I feel connected to him
Devoted mom and nana abandoned
Promises promises
Loyalty of spouse
I just don't know what to do!
5 kids, 12 years, divorce?
Now she's sorry and I'm happy
Still feels like its all getting on top of me
No emotional connection
Crappy friend or crappy person
Afraid of a relapse in depression
Missing ex after a year
HELP! Boyfriend / relationship
When a girl does this what does it mean?
No humanity in human
Family troubles
Advice please on horrible relationship
Friends and life that sucks
What to do now?
Mental stress
You guys know what this means?
Struggle with my girlfriends past
Am I overreacting or is he?
When is it time to settle down
I just feel empty
Haunted by thoughts of them together
Love problems
I think I'm being gaslighted
Am I the only one fighting for this anymore?
Trying to find life outside of drugs
Trying not to be a bad person
I don't know what to do
He can't upset his kids
Lost and confused daughter looking for guidance
Am I making a big mistake staying with broke boyfriend at our older ages?
What do we do?
Relationship advice
Searching for help so I don't ruin this wonderful thing
Dreams vs reality // my ex
Should I try again with him?
Finally engaged but really struggling... Need to know I'm not alone
I think I'm a lesbian
Should I give up on him?
Dating a younger guy
Embarrassed in front of my crush
I am being abused by my mother and brother
Should I let go or not?
Honest advice needed
Adult stepdaughter and grandson living with us....
I messed up so bad I need some help!!
Help with crush?
I've been lying to my dad for over a year about going to college
Newlywed trouble
Relationship and money
My brother doesn't approve of my husband
What the heck happened here???
Fear of cheating wife
Problems problems problems
Why would the other woman be mad at me?
Should I move home? Tortured :(
Looking for group therapy
Nightmare 3 year marriage with step kids. Help please
I tried cheering up a depressed guy, and now I think he's obsessed with me?
From friends to more
In a really difficult situation
What have I done
About to go homeless
She's been strict lately
I suspect my gf is cheating on me
Pathological liar / alcoholic mother is trying to break up 10 year relationship
My boyfriend keeps saying mean things
Sister in law ruining marriage life
Lonely liar
Wife's health, inlaws
Confused about my ex's feeling
Gf wants me to cut off ties with my family
My gf beat me up
Feeling financially betrayed
Bad long distance relationship
He broke up with me and I'm cutting myself because I'm afraid
When you are suddenly being ignored by a guy
Am I wasting my time or should I stay?
Tough situation
Should I stay or should I go?
Unbiased relationship advice
I don't have people to turn to - help me with partner vs. family
Family has a tough relationship with grandfather - worried about him
Brother in law stopped talking to me
Relationship in trouble
Advice about a friend
Having trouble with relationships
I think my boss is a psychopath narcissist
Still confused about my ex and our physical relationship
I would like some opinions...
Family versus partner
Advice for my relationship and myself
I desperately need help, I'm falling apart and any advice is greatly appreciated
Wedding being soured by mom
Am I unreasonable?
I truly just don't know what to do :(
Psychological advice
Heart broken
My boyfriend's mother is very controlling and it affects our relationship
Strongest connection to someone i have ever felt in my life
Questioning my wife and what she wants
She will not acknowledge us as a couple
Marriage issues
Need advice
Long term boyfriend with anger issues
Bad news Bumble
We feel like we don't exist
I'm lost and confused in all directions... Please help
A friendship worth fighting for? Is it the BF fault?!
I broke up with him, but it's still not over
I have been verbally abused by my father and I don't trust men
My husband's reaction to a guy giving me his number
Anxiety and jealousy
Urge to kill
I want to marry him
I took someone's virginity and I totally regret it
Love sick
Am I being too sensitive
Controlling husband?
I'm a heartbreaking monster pretender. I want to stop but I don't. Any insights?
Jobs for the anxiety, depressed, and claustrophobic people
My girlfriends sleeps with other people for money
Am I being weak or is my gf too dramatic?
Sad and in love
I feel like giving up
Wistful melancholy
Does my best friend still like me?
What do you think of my embarrassing naked story?
Losing fiance to best friends fiance
What's wrong with me?
Is he still in love with his ex girlfriend?
I fell in love with a married man
Is my girlfriend manipulating and lying to me?
What happened to my life?
Ex GF ignoring me again and I have no idea why and what to do
Fascinated about female feet / footwear
I need advice I feel as though I am at my breaking point
Am I mentally sick?
Should I cut him out?
To divorce, or not
Addicted to the wrong attention
I don't know how to deal with my selfish, depressed, alcoholic, father
Do I move back to abusive mother or stay with my abusive gran?
Am I sad or depressed? Don't know what to do
I want to live with my nan and dad
Is my boyfriend controlling or am I wrong?
My personal problems
A 2 year love turns into tragedy
I'm so torn and tortured by this relationship of 4 years!
Feeling there is something wrong
Drunk cheated with my roomate
To leave or not...
Informal offer of work - HELP!
Finding love and happiness as I approach 30
Boyfriend is not supportive of law enforcement career change
My story... it was 5 yrs ago. Life's wonderful
Horrible cruel words
To stay married??? Is it worth it? Can it get better?
My partners mum has committed fraud on my partner
Stuck, trapped, desperate
Teen depression / anxiety / sexuality and friendship break-down
Long time friend, not so much a friend anymore...
I'm confused...
Getting the silent treatment
5 months into my marriage and I'm clueless to what my husband wants out of our marriage
Cannot go on after DUI conviction
Is she fake?
School showers are so awkward!
The wedding of people pleasing
Job won't let me quit :(
I feel lost
Vacation feud
No friends, too ugly and my life is going!
Please help, wife cheating
Do I need help?
Will I ruin fiance's life marrying him when I have depression?
Paranoia please help me
Wasting my youth?
Feeling lost
What does that mean?
Girlfriend's daughter hates me and guilt trips her??!!?!? Help!!
Lack of motivation in life
Prenatal depression
Narcissistic grandparents
Cheating husband?
Way for my love future
The art of the apology
Sad heart; can't find an answer
Section 8 and life insurance
Will it ever change?
What do you think when you find him on a dating site
Son's drug use has split my family
Toxic mother
I have some crazy relationship problems, and don't know what to do!
Baby by man other than husband
Need an emergency dental work
Trying to find my place somewhere I'm not wanted
Advice needed
Is taking care of an annoying neighbor a good anniversary gift?
Is reconciliation possible after long time separation
I don't know if I can stay with my S/O. I despise his brother!!
Best friend passed away & his partner is disturbing me
She doesn't want to hurt me
I'm horrible at friendships and strong bonding
Marriage is ending and I lost the faith of my wife
Husband changed password on his phone
What is wrong with my wife? Please help!
Should I end this relationship?
Need advice... can anyone relate?
I'm not sure if its considered cheating
To be honest, I'm not sure what I need...
Very complicated situation - marriage in Trouble
Past issues problem
Troubled marriage. Considering divorce or separation
Mother in law drama
Ear piercing
I want to commit suicide
What would you think and do if this happened? See below
Felt sad for a long time
My boyfriend doesn't want to move in with me anymore
Getting through a breakup
Boyfriend refuses to get his hurting tooth checked
Issue with my male roommate
Is my daughter's reaction to her mom rightfully having to serve a jail sentence
What am I to him?
Stuck nowhere
I have fallen and trying to to get up... Stay up
Why would my husband rather masturbate than have sex?
Got a new job opportunity. Not sure if i should take it
I hate myself
Marriage and lack of sex issues
My mum is taking my wages from me!
Help on a depression high again!!!
She dumped me, and she updates her relationship status with another guy the same day
Communication trouble
Relationship and family stress
Soap opera relationship
Problems with my neighbours
Need love and hugs
Help! Sister and bestie trouble
Relationship and emotional problems
Sexless marriage due to mental and more
I'm in a sexless marriage
My sisters relationship
Boyfriend trouble
Am I oblivious to this jerk??
Broken dream of asian gay, education, failure, depressed
Married, distressed, and quickly breaking
Should I stay in relationship?
Depressing talk
Confused and indecisive
Continuing on with a previous challenge regarding FB lurking
Low income housing advice
Fear of losing reputation, will kill me eventually
Just some dating help please
Is it adultery if we are in the middle of our divorce?
Road safety whilst on my scooter
Mother's day issues
Injustice inmarriages
Do I tell a girl I've never met that her boyfriend has been cheating on her?
OCD, depression and anxiety
I gave my son up for adoption in my youth: considering contacting, feel shame
I have no clue what to do
Relationship ruined
Two possibilities
Two years chats, two dates, no move yet
Have I cheated?
Not sure what my relationship status is
I'm stuck at this guilty yet tortured feeling
Does this make any sense?
Someone asking for favours
Something to worry about or cold feet?
My friend wants to pay expenses
Work problem with senior
I need help. I cant deal with my mother anymore!
Thinking process had changed a lot
Feeling bottom of the barrel
Sexual with son
Marriage problems
What are we?
Trouble in paradise
Family member going to prison - confused about my emotions
Would this be considered cheating?
Think my girlfriends cheating
My girlfriend [21 F] wanted us to swing and I [21 M] broke up with her
What kind of person am I?
Confused about my mental health
Friends for long or not? I need to hear feedback
Snooping on husbands phone has left me an emotional wreck!
I'd like some advice... any help or questions is appreciated
Marriage ending, where to go?
My marriage over... and I refuse to accept it
Falling out of love 1 year relationship 7 years friendship
Wife wants a baby but I'm not sure (same sex couple)
Need relationship advice, 3rd person problem, what should i do?
Should I move out without my parents permission or just stick it through?
I got stuck in my own problem at 19
Advice needed please
Dating someone younger
Husband is mad all the time
Relationship / marriage
On the verge of giving it all up
Depression: How to make him realise he needs help?
Friend's troubled marriage / parenting issues affected friendship. Should I talk?
I want to call off my wedding!
Emotionally drained
Why'd my husband delete his FB account with me but continue one with his ex?
Engaged but he won't commit or deal with our ongoing problems
Idk just relationship / life advice
What would you think?
Husband disappointed in me
I cant live life
Intimacy issues vs desire
I don't know what to do? Help?
I do not feel free
Those very rare cases when girls just want sex
My boss thinks I'm a 'disappointing hire' - what would you do!?
My sister
Military divorce / deployment
Scared of seeing someone that hates me
Mum left me with drug debt been beaten up need advice
Is he cheating or am I overreacting?
Lost, don't know which way to head
Concerned spouse
How to change?
How to move on with my life?
Getting back a best friend after total chaos
Why can't i have a normal life?
Hey random people! Please read this and tell me what you think
Engagement falling apart
Need advice
I'm so scared of it all
Indecent proposal? Where do we go from here?
Stuck being sad
He has another child he never knew about...
Last chance to have a child
No communication
In desperate need of clarity
I need help to try to make up my family stands again
Lost and missing her
My parents disapproved the person I'm dating due to age difference
Feeling no love
Guilt ridden / unforgiven
Should I call it off?
Deacon doing the dirty
Need help to come to a decision
Need advice on how to handle a friend revealing some deep thoughts
I want my parents to divorce!
Dealing with embarassing family situation
Need outside opinions on stress in marriage due to husband's excessive working
Complicated friendship
Complicated love
Widowed and dating problem
Looking for suggestions
Feeling like I need to share interests, my ex has to be good enough to men
Wants cake and eat it too
Long-distance relationship troubles
To keep trying or leave him to it?
Relationship break up
Does my bro fren likes me?
Mistress in making but unprepared
I feel like my life is spinning out of control
Cut contact because he is afraid of loving me???
Do I have the right to complain about my situation?
Alcoholism and lying in relationship
Nothing seems authentic anymore
Need help... please tell me what to do?
Need suggestions
Big career change, how do I decide?
Dad is dying and abusing pain pills
Confused and depressed in personal life
Advice needed on this matter
Justified insecurities???
Marriage crumbling from husbands anxiety
I have serious problels with my dad
Desperately seeking advice
Marraige, friendship problems
Is wristband a good idea to aware people?
I am looking for a soulmate
I really messed up
Need help.. Had an ass of a ex!! Need help please
Do you have leave your partner during the time he needed you the most?
Irrational emotions messing with my relationship?
Lonely mom trying to find balance with kids / job / housework
My boyfriend doesn't make me feel like I matter
Could use some advice please :)
Am I still my fiancée type!?
My son is getting married on his 18th birthday.... very concerned
Please help I'm so lost with this woman
Two years to live and I'm at a loss for words
Am I going mad?
I've reported my abusive ex to the police
Housemate has changed now I'm in a relationship
Virginity test before marriage
Is she having an affair
What to do about controlling / over-protective parents?
Losing my mind....
Unhappy with career at 32. Need advice
School choice
What do I do with my life?
My boyfriend keeps adding single girls on facebook should i be worried?
Divorcing my husband
My younger sister
Help for unrequited love??
Girlfriend's mom forces breakup
Is my husband gay?
Trapped what can we do
Been in love with him for years and have to finally admit it
How do I know if he still has feelings for her?
No work and have no financial support from husband
Confused and emotionally hurt
My fiancé hates my best friend
New husband but I hate myself for being depressed
Secured long-term relationship vs. unconditional love affair
I don't know if I should leave him, or if he even loves me at all?
I accused my boyfriend of looking and fancying other women during the relationship
Advice needed
Creating a step dad relationship
I feel like my girlfriend doesn't appreciate me or love me
Cant let go of her past
Disinviting friend on vacation
Am I right or am I wrong
My friend is depressed and suicidal, please help me
Pregnancy and mum
Suspicious of husband
My wife is kind of a big deal
How can I get my boyfriend back
Life course
Childish behaviour?
Forbidden attraction
Broken marriage
A little advice for a 50+ relationship???
So lost??
Really bad situation - please help!
Can your mistakes define you...
Mutual friends just watching someone stalk / harass me for four years
Betrayed by family
I'm in love with a celebrity
Feeling guilty about fancying (sexually) my ex while in a new relationship
My ex wife's mother has cancer
How long will it take to get through this?
She's still in my head
Anxiety and depression with constant body pains
Married 20 years Lost
I'm in love with a celebrity
Why can't I get it together?
In a hell like situation - need helpful suggestions
How do I prepare myself and be less worried for my new job?
So confused about ex please help
Keeping things from me!
I need advice on how to go about my situation
Husband has no common sense?
Dealing with a problem
Loosing my friends and feeling alone :(
Why can't I get over my ex??
I'm so confused
Fiance and I have major communication and trust issues and need help
I can't be together with a woman who lives in Saudi Arabia
Need advice
Love my partner, can't deal with her kids...
Roller coaster life...
I can't stand him being around!!
What should I do?
Why does it still hurt?!?
Needing advice to make a major life decision
Fiancee says she never wants sex
This loneliness is eating me up!
No clue for twenty years
Love or marriage??
No sex
Feeling a litle 'first time nervous'
Future or no future?
LDR trouble
Will compensations be taxable?
No idea what do with my life :/ lol pls help
Am I overreacting or is my dad manipulative
Help with my marriage
Sharing custody
Falling in love with your best friend..
Urgent advice needed about coming clean
Advice on course of action..
Marriage is on rocky ground... advice please
I never thought I'd be a cheater
Marriage trouble while dealing with a sick parent
Strong, wise, neutral, experienced, reasonable. Opinions needed!!!!!!
How do I best help my friend
Single moms who are independant, beautiful, smart and loving
Mistakes? When will they stop??
Trying to deal with 2 years of constant life devastating moments
Rego insurance. Ownership enquiry
Soul relationships, abuse, vulnerability, karmic ties, twin flames
Karmic relationships
How to convince my little sister to move in with us. Please please help
Hurting in my marriage
Drug use at work
Feel so hopeless
School is causing me to have panic attacks. Please help
Crush on manager
Not sure how to feel
Girlfriend is going on holiday with her ex
Problem: I am cheating myself too
I found my wife's biological father. Should I tell her?
What is he thinking? He says he loves me but actions speak differently
I went for an abortion and now I wish I could take it back
Long term relationship - Partner is closet bi
Maid of honor with ex as best man
ROCD. What is happening to me?
Feeling like I've never belonged
Sexless marriage
My emotional journey until this day
Why do I feel so guilty?
Facing a possible seperation
He says he loves me bit brakes my heart n seems to like me crying
20 years together but I don't love him...
Seeing no improvement in my life
Partner lied and now I can't trust
My dad is sad
Husband threatening marriage fraud
Not sure what to do for work
Don't want to leave, not sure I can stay
Beam me up scottie because my like sucks down here
I'm tired of my life
Grades are taking over my life
Tough love vs enabling
Subtle narcissism in relationships
Left my husband of 24 years, not sure i made the right choice
Relationship at break point - lazy relative issues
Struggling with weight loss all my life
Husband earns all the money while I study...
Feeling helpless and confused
Phobias and worrying
Depression… Story of my life...
Ex wife at family occasions
Older, recently divorced and wow things have changed
Into a huge problem because of neighbors
Having nothing to look forward to...
Stupid old woman
Advice needed
Is it time to go?
My wife would rather be at her friends house
No passion
At the end of my rope with my lazy spouse
He cheated on me while I'm pregnant.. I'm still so in love
15 years of confusion and heart ache. My wife doesn't love me... again?!
Is this a real friend
Spouse drinks to much
Losing best friend
Is she gay?
Can't see my grandkids
What am I good at?
How much is too many times to forgive?
Struggling after rejection from a close friend
My girlfriend is a frequent nudist
I'm so confused now >.<
Am I an idiot??
Super sad story.. advice would be nice
I just want to settle down
Please help, conflicted life in high school
Obsessed with ex-flame's Facebook page
Is husband too close to female friend?
Angry and pregnant
Stuck in a relationship
Need to dive in, and fast
Is My Partner Cheating On Me With His Ex Wife?
My boyfriend paid for a lap dance found out years after. is everthing a lie?
Finding out that my husband was going to leave me
Nesting doll of issues
Depression anxiety help
Feeling kinda lost
Don't know what to do, please help
My family moved into my parents home, bad choice....
Fundamental disagreement with my husband makes me sad
Confused and don't know what to do
Babysitting help
Marriage and doing seperate things?
Does anyone else feel like their marriage has suffered after having kids?
A long time relationship
Wife to be serviced by another man
Employment reference check
How to get over a break up when he says he needs to find himself
Is it me???
Confused about relationship and beat down in life
Am I his wife or his mother
Required to dress as a female at work
Feeling extremely hurt and need advice. His physical wants while I'm ill!
Sad and confused
Choosing between friends
Spouse won't stop smoking marijuana to save marriage and family
Looking for some advice from separated fathers or anyone really
Partner cheated how to get over thinking about it
Male cousin sexually obsessed with me??
I think something is wrong with me and I'm not entirely sure what to do about it
Having trouble getting past the cheating my partner did
I am asking for a psychoanalysis and maybe some advice
A bad relationship
To stay and keep trying or give up
Toxic relationship??
Depressed and hopeful
Being pushed out - newbie favoritism
My best friend is mad at me and is refusing to talk to me
Sad and confused
Marriage troubles - seeking advice
Trapped in an affair
Help! Am I the only one?
Transferring colleges... What to do with the girl I love?
I love my wife, but I'm in love with another woman
Relationship end?
Relationship with a traditional Chinese
Never met anyone in my situation
Is my husband over the marriage?
Am I being overly controlling or am I justifiably trying to heal
High sex drive
A year passed, still hurting bad after break up
Why can't he love me?
Have a wonderful wife but still thinking about cheating
Something is wrong
Sister issues
Strict and overprotective
Starting over at 45
Does he hate me? What does this mean?
Family issues - different perceptions
My life as I see it
Sexual dysfunction
Flirting wife
Boyfriends sister is a monster!
Want to start a new life
My 1st cousin and 1st love
I carry the blame, but it's not all my fault
Marriage for convenience
Coping with her condition
The 'Xmas Party' thread!
Trapped and miserable (relationship, work, depression, & anxiety problem)
Dutch girl who takes risks
Motivation to change
Other men
Am I doing something wrong?
What to do if I suspect my wife is having an affair?
I need to make sure that this lawyer is legitimate help!!!
So tired of everything
2way griping, why am I now the griper!?
I hate my degree
Heartbroken again
Am I protecting daughter
I'm so lost in this relationship
Would I be happier if I stay single forever?
Marital distrust
Me and my boyfriend need help budeting and saving
Wife drives me crazy but can't stand to not be around the kids - any thoughts?
Is this fixable?
Relationship help - currently living mind is its own place, and in it
Why an I so critical of my wife?
My boyfriend's sister is obsessed with him
Severe depression and anxiety: I am becoming toxic to everyone
Guilt for dad destroying me
Should I blame myself for ruining everything by worrying?
How to handle a one sided relationship
I don't know what to do
Am I doing right thing???
Marry him or not?
Is it all my fault?
Career crossroads
Unsure about new relationship
Sad but hopeful
Cheating spouses
I moved and I'm constantly upset
My wife left me for a black guy!
Painful decision
Anything I do reminds me of him
At a real low in life and struggling to pick myself up
How come he was so rude to me?
Should I tell my boss or see if I get away with it
In real need of help and advice!!!
Have had a rough life and need to vent. I do not know how to cope anymore
My husband stopped loving me and doesn't buy me gifts on holidays
I'm being stalked
Found something I did not want to see
Am I wrong to be unhappy
What do you think?
Inter-cultural dating and difficult family
Who should I listen to, if anyone at all?
Mind stuck
He called me characterless
Should I leave?
Is vacationing with her ex OK??
Advice on how to make this better before I leave for good....
Control of sex in my marriage?
Relationship without trust
How to make the best out of living in Florida?
No love
I'm in love but there's a big problem
My life situation; dealing with depression and breakup
Is this kid crushing on me?
Love life
Nearing the line, but not crossing it
Space w/ contact
Advice on something, what are you thoughts? Did I do something wrong?
Forced to share games with little brother and getting a shorter game time
Nausea and vomiting from protein shake
The best friend that won't go away
Starting at a new highschool on Monday
Am I doing the right thing?
Is what I plan on doing reasonable?
Am I gay?
I found out the father of my child is bisexual
High and dry
Can a married man be best friends with a single women?
Not important
My wife is willing to leave me for a woman
I'm starting at a new highschool on Monday and I'm terrified
Why were they so rude to me?
Uninviting someone over for Thanksgiving
Emotional cheating spouse
Ex bf keeps contacting me. Help!
Husband said co-worker was pretty
When is enough enough?
Is friendship with the opposite sex possible while dating?
Will things ever be more?
Fiancée unhappy in my country
Trying to get my relationship to work after a depression crisis
Brother in law ignores me. Best way to deal with it
65 years old and not ready to give up on love
Im pregnant, and baby mama is stressing me out
Married to depression
Facing disciplinary meeting for physical altercation at work
Distance on a new relationship
Should I stay or should I go? Lies and ex-girlfriend
Moving to a new highschool, anxiety through the roof :(
I'm a liberal. My husband is considering working for Donald Trump. Help
Reality check
My wife's junk food diet
Don't know where to begin
9 years crashing down
Why are they like this?
Risk it all, or live a lie?
Can anyone relate to hating their life ?
Is my gut instinct trying to tell me something?
Not as good as it seemed
Trust issues and resentment
Husband threatening divorce
Broken leg lost my job... Life is at lowest point ever
Unfair treatment at work
I miss my family
Am I right to be hesitant?
I'm not happy, but I hate to leave because I'm afraid of hurting my husband
Who is in the wrong?
Does he truly love me for me
I think my online boyfriend is cheating on me
7 year itch
Convoluted mess, that needs more than just therapy
Think past domestic abuse is ruining my current relationship
Confronting a deal breaker....
He said its over
Where am I heading towards?
Does my husband not like me anymore?
I'm selfish... according to my mom
Why am I torturing myself this this man child?
How do I get my friend back?
My marriage is in trouble...
Private school is seriously not working for me?
Desperate for attention
Love and friendship
Lost trust?
Marriage breakdown
How do I get over this horrible feeling of rejection
Why am I not enough
I must be weird
How can I get out of the friend zone after hooking up with one of his friends?
Can't get over her
To disown or help?
I'm in love with someone I can't have
Break up - have I done the right thing?
Is it his age or could he be mentally ill?
Is it beginning of cheating or am I paranoid?
Christmas nightmare
Detailed instructions on socialising for an idiot....
To stay or not to stay.....
Lying online girlfriend
Having trouble settling into new job
Pregnant and in doubt
Need advice (relationship problems)
Coming to terms with my body
Married 2 years ago and confused
Online dating
I like disorders
Help me
Needy friends
Neighbours from hell
My husband contacting other women
American girl adrift in Spain
I believe the woman I love cheated on me, but I need outside help
26, trapped, beyond social problems
Unsure of life after graduation
How little romance is too little?
How to persevere in decision to divorce
My dad lies. Please help
Troubles, then more
I love him he loves me but the circumstances..
25 year marriage on the rocks because of healthcare??
Mom had an affair - having a hard time feeling bad
I just need to be loved
Wanting a commitment but ex is on the mind
My marriage is on the rocks
Husband kept a big secret from me
20 years on and it's still the same
After 11 years, he doesn't know if he wants to be with me anymore
I need to rework my personality
Team participation
I want to see someone because I think I have a disorganization problem?
Breach of confidentiality?
Terrified of pregnancy
Relationship problem - help needed!
Incest taboo
Really rough week, missing my dog
What have I done wrong?
Money management is source of our problems
What is wrong with me?
Imagine your with the love of your life
Dreams and thoughts of past relationships hurting day to day life/family
My brother is a drug addict
I have bipolar and ADHD is this normal?
Is this considered harassment?
Update for: Wednesday - October 19-2016
New to people's forum... I am very :
I think I now know why my parents split up :(
So am i just being a git?
When he sends mix signals
Should I go and see her
Do or do not?
I feel my marrige is falling apart after 18 months
How can i trust him again
I'm having a serious problem in my marriage
Ex girlfriend
What he wants, what I am, who we are
Girlfriend slept around on relationship break
What was I suposed to do?
Wedding woe: Long distance relationship heartbreak
Divorced man with kids looking for emotional break
What happened? I need some honest input!!
Starting over
Complicacy at its best need some time have all things commitment and determination
Feeling down, looking for advice
His family have turned against me
I can't quite believe this...
Not sure how I feel about this
I feel that nobody likes to hang out with me
Need help with dealing with bad friend aftermath
Sleeping with others during break up
What to do? Need advice
Is he choosing her over me?
Parents split up
I understand if you die - current boyfriend
I think he could be my soulmate?
Love life woes
Utterly lost in every way
From Africa to California, I need some direction
A guy and his ex
I don't know how to fix myself after deaths of those close to me
Fresh graduate and unemployed
My boyfriend is a psycho
Keep thinking about the same girl
Crazy ex is out of jail in 3 weeks
I'm sick of my roommates crap
Married to a girl with chronic Hep B
I feel like there is no way out
Married to an ambitious workaholic in denial and can't take it anymore
Exercise addiction??
He needs space...
Lost in my marriage with a possible narcissist
Married and in love with an older married man
Please help, need advice, cheated before marriage
Friendship jealousy
My friend and her crack her boyfriend
Ex had me arrested. I still love her
26 weeks pregnant and not ready to call it quits
I'm married and kissed my high school sweetheart
My bf told me his ex is prettier than me
When he thinks I'm asleep. Am I not giving him enough
Advice needed!! Ruined relationship with clingy behaviour
Passion or money?! :(
I need some serious advice here
What to do for your birthday with no friends?
Help please, I dont know what to do, he is messing with my head...
Any college tips?!
About to move out of home with nothing
Love or fake friendship can't figure it out
Crush issues
I need advice from an OT or OT student! Please help
I'm moving and I'm extremely scared
Having a hard time as a college freshman
Marriage advice
Advice about getting back with an ex
Am I a horrible person? I thought I wasn’t….. until now
What do you think her thoughts are? Could we possibly be together again?
Confused about a girl
Feeling lost
His ex wife - past problems affecting things now
Paying parents bill
My 25 year old brother is being harrassed
Help! Bulimia
Stressed about my future
Obese single mom hates her mother
I need someone to talk to
I'm a total waste of space
She doesn't want me to talk to him
Am I being strung along till she moves on?
Husband who needs help
Cancelled wedding after 5 years
Is she un-committed or just stubborn?
What to make of this...
Husband cheating online
Marriage crisis
In a strange state of limbo
Cut off ties
Assuming na ok na sister-in-law at daughter-in-law
What to do with my future
Venting my frustration
Needing someone to talk to about my feelings
Adult work escort
Want to divorce my husband of 14 years
Please help !!!
Just venting 2
A guy from my class seems to like me - and I am not into that
Depressed over my work life
How to know he is right person
Hard to believe
My dog's separation anxiety is only getting worse
Cousin trying to put me down
Confused about marriage
Relationship problems
I'm stuck and sick of it
I tried alot
Response for fuck off?
Not answering the door
Women's judgment of other women
Need advice
I don't know what to do?
Do I pay the childminder?
Confused need advice bad
Depression can't cope
My heart is broken; I don't know what happened with him
We're being disinherited?
I don't know what to do anymore I feel emotionally drained by my friend, what should I do
Husband problems
My wife wants to divorce but I don't
My husband lied about how he lost his wedding ring and I'm about to confront him
Everybody hates me and makes fun of me
How do i help my 18 yr old son cope with my marriage breakup?
Love a friend who has a girlfriend
Troubled marriage
He asked for a break so I dumped him, did I do the right thing?
Divorce advice?
Roommate (m/23) is infatuated with someone (f/19) he has known for a week
I'm just at a loss
Is this cheating?
Stepson doing drugs in my home
Possessive and controlling mother in law
Fell in love with a man that has terminal cancer
Stay or go? Frustrating boyfriend of 2 years + a complicated twist
Heartbroken for me and my unborn
My mom is making me do school therapy?!?!
My vicious circle? Can anyone relate?
I'm in love with my teacher. opinions on what to do are needed!
Is it good to marry someone whom I don't find attractive?
Difficult host family
That common attraction
Is it me or him?
Friends with an ex??
In a happy marriage reopening new wounds
Have I wasted six years of my life
I am chatting and flirting with men online
My life is a mess...
Three way relationship
Miserably married
I think I'm crazy
Considering leaving father's company for my own
Dick pics.. Am I overreacting or am I rightfully mad and should do something?!?
I can't stand up for myself?
Life crisis
Stay or go
I just married my elementary school sweetheart without breaking up with my girlfriend
Dating for a month and now says if i don't marry in time it might be too late
What's wrong with me?
Advice plz
One addiction to the next
Forgiving my ex
Why can men have sex with fat women but they don't want the relationship?
Looking for a woman I can talk to
Advice regarding post-op care and information
How do I get back on friendly terms with ex lover?
Excise my final mind demon!
Pursue a lost crush, or seek new experiences?
In serious like with someone who seems indifferent towards me
I couldn't do it
I'm in a pit I just can't climb out of
Blocked after my apology
First cousin once removed... I think I love her
Moving out without him knowing
How do I fix my marriage?
Help! I need some serious advice and I want opinions!
My girlfriend and animals issue. Help.
Why do I keep blaming myself even though he treated me bad?
I need some advice
How to get a college boyfriend
What to do? Really need some advice
How to eliminate romance?
Afraid to tell him I want to go to school.. Across the country
He gets mad when I say no
I can't stop thinking about him....
What to do?
What is this feeling?
Should I let her go and move on? Mixed signals!
Three years together; one child together; she has two more kids living with us
Is it enough for us to continue together?
Marriage confusion
Not sure if to stay or break up
The Joker
Feeling down
Lost in my marriage / relationship
Should I continue?
Can a never-ending relationship come to an end?
I feel lost
Did her message really mean it's not you, it's me which means it is me..
What should I do
Unhappily married, trapped and crave happiness with someone new
Try or give up?
Am I overreacting?
He said i will be happy without you
Growing resentful of lazy husband
35 weeks pregnant and heartbroken
So confusion with mixed signals?
Problem with family
Men confuse me?
Trust issues
Worst day of my life
Issues with myself
Having feelings for who you work for
Boyfriend watches porn when I'm gone
100 problems and 0 solutions
Please need relationship advice
Online dating-commitment
With every outburst / lie I'm one step closer to leaving
No new ideas! What else could we try out?
Betrayals between best friends
The scary "L" word
Family problem
Relationship quandary
Lost and alone
When did we get here
My partner has told me he wants to be a woman
To stay or to go
Strange guy
Girlfriend is pregnant, don't know what to do....
Friend won't tell me why he's in hospital
I think my ex is using his new gf the same way he used me?
Impossible to get married
At odds with partners brother
Am I wrong to want my sister to not ask our mom for as much money?
Hurt and confused
Unable to console wife
What should I do stay or go
Are we done after 20 Years +
Should I try to mend this?
Living with a cuckold
Co worker, strange motives??
How do I get to know him?
Wife wanting friendship outside of marriage
Where do I go?
It's been two weeks of no contact and I really want him back! So complicated!
No contact for two weeks! Really miss him and want him back! So complicated!
Online dating infatuation
How to move on if you're still waiting for him
24 and feeling like I will never be happy
Contemplating divorce
His mom is getting in the way
Insecurities / jealousy have caused problems
Dealing with an emotional abusive ex
How to be more open? Should I come out to my best friend?
Extended family problems
Bestfriend zone
How could he?!?!?!
Marriage problems & workplace encounter
It's about my family
Trying to overcome husband's betrayal, need help
Why did he do that?
Any hope?
My husband has broken me
My wife is a thief!
I miss my gran, but I can't ignore the abuse
Who to contact
Abusive husband need help
Am i need to continue my marriage or not?
My boyfriends having mood swings?
Uncomfortable situation between my husband and my cousin
Partner of 9 months. Finding it hard to enjoy the relationship but I should be
When is enough, enough
Can a mom be a woman / lover?
Online dice roll gambling addiction problems
How to get people past my disabilty so I can integrate?
My baby is my life but I am sooo stressed... what should I do?
My brother-in-law is my boss. Talks down to me. Help!
Marriage - Should I leave
Advice regarding two very different job offers?
Together and yet alone
Please help
I think I have feelings for my best friend
Is he just mad or is it over?
Living with my daughter
Help me out of the guilt
Making the best of time
Ooops... poor advice
Anorexic (ED-nos) but at a healthy weight - what to do?
Problems with past mistakes
Relatively typical teenage crush problem, thing...
Please tell me I am not being unreasonable
Married less than one month and wife moves out
My child has changed completely!
Mbbs or marriage
Builders bum
To break up or not to
No love in my luck
Wife rejects me constantly
I need help - I feel like I ruined my relationship
Stupid topic - I hate shots?!!!!
Narcissistic personality disorder husband
Haveing trouble with this boy
What is love?
38 year old virgin
Issues trusting my spouse to be, warranted or not?
Hey what's up hello
Help. I've become insanely clingy
Help I am 42 and have only ever had sex with 1 man!!!
Newly wedded : ???
My dilemma
Friend issue
Boyfriend cheated with a male, now he is seeing a transgender woman. Confused
Cheated on
Crumbling marriage - together 9 years - married 2
Dead bedroom
Failing marriage
Live-in boyfriend trading chores for rent?
My inlaws rule my marriage
Family problems
Need help with sort of mother in law
Help!! I can't sleep my girlfriend is too fit!!
I feel like it is my fault, opinions?
Should I continue this relationship?
Wife says she wants space
Losing time with your child after a breakup
I need help!!!!
Am I causing problems?
My co-worker is abusing me
Strong feelings for a long time friend and unsure what I should do?
Schizophrenia a disease that kills one career and a life
DUI - any advice helps
Confused whether he is the right guy
Looking for a fresh perspective
When to stop trying to please you man?
Relying to much on him
My boyfriend of 15 years has a drink problem
Stinky feet in school
I've made a terrible mistake that has broken her trust
Trust and boundaries
Friend stays too long!
I feel lost and traumatised
Don't know where I'm going
Complicated love life
Advise me, I don't want to regret it
Who's in the right here
Incest inlaws
No passion in my relationship advice greatful
Problems in the bedroom...
How do I negotiate this maze?!
Married and wondering
All men lie and cheat
Help my brother is a thief
Bad dreams any idea what's going on here?
Intimidated by high standards
Leaving with your children who are young adults
He isn't single
Lost in the game of love
Not sure whether or not to move because of my teenager
I'm not sure if my friend is joking or not?
Relationships and the internet
Am I too sensitive for my boyfriend, or is he just an insensitive prick?
Don't know what to do
Marriage problems
Confused, sad and marriage not working
Depression about daughter
Too scared to get a full time job
Any advice on how to get the girl of my dreams back would be greatly appreciated
What my ex and my brother did
Depressed & anxious
In love with a girl I work with but not sure if she will feel the same
Dealing with multiple affairs
No idea how to go from here
Strange thoughts about my relationship while taking Sertraline
How to fix broken trust in marriage
Should I fight for her
How do you find strength to start your life again?
Is my boyfriend losing interest in me?
Dealing with heartache, losing someone who you care for?
Impossible to be open?
My eating disorder being triggered by ending relationship
I really need some perspectives!!
I'm the cheater
First kiss fail
I'm really wanting perspective!!!
Problems in marriage need people in similar situation to please talk to
Abortion !!! Please help
How to respond to criticism and put downs for husband?
Help in reconciling my feelings...
Was I wrong?
Wife seems anxious to enter into a separation agreement
Am I being paranoid? Or am I right?
Best friends exclude me
Custody issues
Give him a chance
Will I ever be okay?
Radio bully, family bully, work bully and domestic violence
Husband and I are always fighting
Commitment issues??
A broken relationship
My mom will tell everyone what a nasty person I truly am ;( Does she still care?
Can I trust my husband again?
My best friend has refused to come to my wedding because her ex is invited
Whether to pursue a relationship or not
Fellow spouses affected by Xbox addiction
Is it actually this big of a deal???
An office affair. Maybe.
Relationship problem?
Do I like fighting physically with my mom??! How to fix help
Does my boyfriend still love his ex?
Figuring out how to have a sex life with husband after having three kids
Depression in your spouse
Fell in love with a friend who's in a relationship
Children with a married man - what is next?
Breaking-up over lack of intense physical attraction?
Would you consider this cheating?
Our 3 years relationship is over because my boyfriend's parents don't accept me
My cheating ex-boyfriend may spread lies about me
My boyfriend of 1.5 years wants bjs but rarely wants sex
Relationship decisions...
You drank too much hator-rade
Help me
Is he interested?
Wife wants to leave after 20+ years
Incredible sulk
I need help to regain the girl i want
Growing painz
Son won't talk to family
Supposed friend is now billing me for volunteered work
Love for wife's sister
Is ‘cheating’ a good idea to save our marriage?
Daughters wedding - should I fund?
Where do I go from here?
Healed & happy!
Be friends after getting cheated on?
Forbidden love
Very urgent help
Sickened with stress of relationships
His financial irresponsibility is affecting my future
What am I doing wrong?
So miserable in my marriage
Cheating, abusive husband of 15yrs
Divorced in 40s, trying to move on and rebuild......
Any advices for my friends with broken relationship to fix it?
I need an advice pls help me
Trapped in a dysfunctional marriage
Unknown affair is coming to fruition...
Disagreement on investment: what to do ?
I am a lady who just broke up with the guy who I really loved
New partner
I feel great!
Marriage in trouble
Married and wondering
Losing faith in humankind or should I say humanunkind
Just a crazy thought
I love him but I'm terrified and I don't know if he or I will ever be ready
My story - should I try to talk with him again?
Husband w/ mental illness ran off to be with another woman in another state
Advice needed
Does my ex still love me I wonder?!
Love square
Please help me: ex boyfriend said he doesn't see his mind changing
I gained 130lbs while pregnant
I tried to stifle the old flame but it keeps roaring back
Meet a older man online just for sex?
Being irrationally jealous over sex in my head
My wife kissed a friend, while i was away
I think I have outgrown my best friend
For education
Urgent help
I have trouble with this guy, complicated more in details urgent yandere in need
Tired of being the black sheep
Have to turn down my friend without loosing him
Lied to by girlfriend. Should I break it off
Girl help?!
Why can't I do it?
Disturbing fear of death
Culture, BF and the other man
My parents are dirt poor. Opinions
Caught in between two girls
Restricted by my father from doing my work
Please help: I need to forget about him
Married for 13 years but never been so lonely
Coworker problems
Love vs family vs studies
Hurt and confused
7 years the last time we do love make...
Husband's family is driving me crazy
Moved 1500 miles to be with him
Help needed! Girlfriend invited to party with people I don't know
Why can't I get over this?
Should I tell her how I feel? Or should I just give up?
She's so hardheaded
Distant crush on family relative
Should I stay or go?
Dating married man, 8 years
My boyfriend never wants to have sex
Only one from church small group not invited to wedding
He had emotional affair and I feel guilty
He is married-dating site
Warning: long story. But I can't stand the pressure anymore
Awkward neighbours
Married by accident
Obsession with stepmom beauty
Very very embarrassed after an unbelievably weird misunderstanding
Do I marry the imperfect one I love or go for blind / arranged marriage
Mom getting married. How to cope with changes?
Always accused
Confusing ex guy friend???
Confused and mad, so lost
I don't know what to do about this boy
Prince Charming came too soon!
Girlfriend seems selfish
13 years and I finally have some self respect
Misunderstanding with my lover
How do I know if my marriage is over....
Naive and unsure
Birth control - his turn and 8 years later... still no vasectomy
Issues with my parents
Need a 24/7 friend
Personal problem & what to do about it?
If this were a storyline in a soap opera you really wouldn’t believe it…
Screwed up my only source of income
Surely not again
Should I stay or should I go?
Who is right, me or him?
Am I mentally ill?
Family boyfriend and religion
INTP boyfriend issues
Why do i bother staying with him
Confused by this guys behavior
Childhood trauma is just now being realized
Question for the ladies
Crush on boyfriends best friend
I think i'm falling for another girl
My BF's fear of judgement is making me crazy!
Is my wife cheating?
Seeking advice about supporting someone special with depression
Self medicating for depression and stress
Marriage in crises
The unclean, verbally abusive, husband
Trying to save my relationship
I'm new
What is wrong with me? How can I stop feeling insecure about this?
Commitment issues in every day life
Questioning myself
Family issues / stresses
Old flame
I need answers and help finding a person
Cheated and now im pregnant..
Forgetting about cheating
How do I have my self-esteem back?
Unmarried girl loves with married man
Feels like I can't get life started
Married 6 years, feeling used :(
Everything is fine, sort of... just need some advice
Is there still a chance (please help)
And we paid them to do it!
Heartbroken again
Why am I jealous of my ex and his new confidante when I'm over him?
What should I do next?
My thoughts are keeping me from being happy in my relationship
Heartbroken and confused
Is Mr. Dick Head a racist, sexist and cold-blooded boss?
Just venting to be honest
Should she help?
What do i dooooo
Is he a cheating arse wipe?
He's just not that into me (except maybe literally?)
Help, office, personal, job
Effects of medicine
This recurring situation that I can't escape..
Does he care anymore?
Will it ever happen?
6 yrs together and it all vanished in a month, a year later and I'm still so sad
What should I do? Please help
Need some relationship advice
My husband is so mean
Is there no chance, are we done?
I'm moving schools and I'm terrified
Former friend could ruin by job prospects
Thought I was bi, now I am not sure
An inappropriate mother
Separating from my wife
I had an affair, need advice on moving on
Kicking my Aunt (64) out my of my house?
New to falling in love - unsure after screwing it up
I don't like children
The end of my tether
What does this mean?
I don't like children but I have a child, now what?
Gluttony run rampant
Making a difficult relationship decision
Advice on dating a single parent
Girlfriends brother a thorn in my side
Marriage support for a wife
I have no idea where I stand
The heartbreak of mental illness and love. Desperately seeking advice
My life has turned into a soap opera
Miss my best friend
Are these valid reasons to leave?
I'm stuck in an abusive family and I need out
I need advice to regain a friend and restore the connection we had
Problem, help me
Am I crazy???
I really need help in deciphering if I should move on or wait for the love of my
Attractive girl magic tricks
I don't know what normal is anymore
Am I becoming a little to insecure?
Unsupportive partner
Jealous of husband's therapist
As complicated as can be
Does he want me?
Has my wife become to independent
Red flags or mixed signals?
I don't belong here
My relationship is in a crisis
Feel helpless finding a job
When is platonic love something more?
Sexually incompatible and feeling trapped
My 13 year relationship is destroyed by porn and I feel like a fool
Confused and very scared!
Angry relationship makes me ill
Felling very down
Wife and i split up but i dont want a divorce
Friendship advice
Was I right to stay with my boyfriend who cheated?
Go for IVF or not?
Confused about the next move...
Would you have a destination wedding without your sibling?
Newly single mom
Should we break up?
How can I trust people more? Or am I just introverted?
Temprorary LDR. Are we broken up? Seeing him soon (maybe) plese help
Wife cheating on me due sexual dissatisfaction
I am addicted to my girlfriend. Need advice
Should I give up? Or should I just keep chasing pavements?
Heart is torn, please help!
Trial separation after 22 years of marriage
It's platonic on your side but not theirs do you remain friends?
Split and need advice
Am I being too sensitive or are things very wrong?
Lost in love
Confused what to do (work colleague)
Keeping secrets in a family
Should I go to a hen party if I wasn't her first choice?
Husband just got out of the military, and I'm missing the military life?
Spouses 6 hour calls
My single parent girlfriend wants another kid and I don't
The soul contract theory and other questions
Help: marriage or co-worker?
Let go or keep trying
Does not having sex until 20 make me less of a sexual person
Trusting or naive
Am I disturbed?
I hate living with my grandmother
5 yr relationship struggle
Prom help!
Need some encouragement right now please
Please someone tell me if I am out of line
Stuck in my own head
Lost and confused
Lost and don't know what to do about relationship
Soulmate... Coincidence... Weird?
What is this World coming to ?????
Should my father pay 15 years worth of child support?
Need some advice
Should I forgive my in-laws who ignored me while my newbo was in ICU for 2 weeks
Help, I think I don't love my wife!
I'm afraid of losing him
1 week; 1 choice; life changing - Help!
My mom is so ungrateful
How do I help my friend?!
Afraid of intercourse
Sexually frustrated in relationship and tempted by another man
In love with my same-sex best friend
Problems with my career
I feel more dedicated than her recently...
Need help with career and relationship balance
Mean message
Mixed feelings
I don't not know what to do
Is deciding about marriage easy?
Fiancee obsessed with his daughter?
Recently single and started dating again
OAP friend trying to live off me
I need new friends *rant*
Stuck! In love whilst getting married
I'm stuck and can't communicate
Lost in what was a promising future
Advice on why I still feel this way?
I need help with a slimey gross husband
Need advice on my rollercoaster of a relationship
Ending my marriage
Family problems
Is he lying
Depressed and confused
SIL issues
I need help with attachment issues!
Need help ASAP
Freaking out about a new relationship
Feeling too cynical for love
Wife thinks I don't care about our marriage?
My brothers hate me
Office mate crush
Sister troubles: desperate need of help (Indian family)
Am in a dilemma
Bad times need advice
What are your most embarrassing naked moments?
I am slowly dying inside of me please help me..
Need help reversing this reversible breakup
Hysterical wife
Do I have a problem?
I need to get the truth from my husband - who's a proven liar
I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with me
'Hot chick' a husband's regular lunch spot
Need help fantasize a lot
Did he cheat on me?
Help relationship problem
Someone please help me
???Need advice please????
Starting life in a whole new world
I need advice.. help please
Should I buy a new car?
I sometimes feel a strong need to push my girlfriend away. What's my problem?
Girlfriends friends
Pregnant girlfriend interacial fantasy pornstar
Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife
Career problem
Trying to accept that my husband will always be a flirt and may cheat
Betrayed by a best friend :(
Socially awkward prom
Txt an ex while In a long term relationship
Should I move on from my crush or does he like me back?
Should I look for my brother?
Should I stay or should I go?
I divorced him and cannot get over my sense of intense guilt and sadness
My husband left me and I'm confused
Why do men watch porn?
Is my marriage over?
I think my girlfriend is cheating. Need some advise please?
Do I have romantic feelings for my friend?
My girlfriend's young adult kids refuse to grow up
Hasn't said I love you
Advice to stay or not to stay
Never ending job battles
Parents financial issues + stress
Don't lose your love
Boyfriend has mummy issues and I need to motivate him!
My life is fucked up and I'm 100% responsible
How do you know if you're depressed?
Overcoming family objections of interracial relationship
I don't understand the guy im seeing and if there could be more???
Relationship advice
Help me convince him to try working on our relationship
Advice please
A love beyond anything
Marriage solutions
Faded love or no sex drive?!?
Kissing my gay best friend?
Coming out
I am going nowhere in my life
I'm having an affair...
Can you help me carry my baggage?
Confused by motives
Settled for neglect
My date keeps letting me down! Help / advice needed please
Should I ask for my old job back?
Obsessed with an onscreen couple! Need help urgently!!
What should I do??? So lost please help with complicated situation
Wedding date trouble
Husband can't climax
Not sure what to do
My boyfriend is a sex offender
Childhood sweet hearts once now heartbroken!!
Should family members get involved?
When you lose everything over night
Should I or shouldn't i
Should I keep trying for her or leave her alone?
Lost identity
Workplace issue
Please help, need advice on a failing relationship
Help - my husband is suicidal
Am I wrong?
On the verge of self distruction
How to find the love of your life
I've been shamed and humiliated - Help!
I am betrayed.. he lied and cheated but I still love him
Scared I'm being deceived by my wife
Tired of being married to a roommate
Unlucky 13
Is my girlfriend right for me???
How can help my boyfriend convince his mother
How I am fighting my own war with anxiety
Helping a former addict
What do guys actually mean and feel?
Never felt like this before
Does he love me or want to be with me??
Is he cheating
Odd behavior from a friend
What do you do when a friend screws you over
In-laws give me the out
How I get the girl
Lost, walked out of a 15 yr relationship and doing so I left 6 baby's :(
So confused
I would really appreciate any advice you can provide, thanks!
His first relationship / introversion
Can you go from a relationship back to casual dating with the same person?
Jealous coworker involved in love triangle at work help me
Will she leave me?
Male gynaecologist? Boyfriend will not allow it!
What do i dooooo?
Dad dating 4 mo after mom died
What would you do?
Need relationship advice
Feeling guilty for the way I acted
Unsure of what to do with my life... Any advice?
I'm so lonely
I'm the nagging wife...need a man's perspective
Sabotaging own life???
Marriage needs help
Somewhere between addiction and recovery
Tired being husband, father, a man?
Girlfriend secretly messaging ex to meet
Found out boyfriends family doesn't like me. Feel awkward and uncomfortable now
I miss my parents
Weekend fling
I can't have sex with my girlfriend, and it's very frustrating
I honestly just need someone to lend an ear....
Lost my smile
My best friend and boyfriend kissed
Help!!! miserable office conditions
When a client is unhappy...
I dont know what to do anymore
Wife having an affair with another married woman
How to end a friendship
Fed up being poor
Indecision makes me frozen with anxiety
I don't know what should I do in this marriage
Do I keep waiting?
A loner
Wife problems
Stuck in the middle of my two best friends
Girlfriend has severe depression and has finished with me now
I can't move on
My wife spending time with another man
Shall I help my crush get back with his ex?
Having trouble getting over my ex
Looking for some answers
Desperate for marriage advice
Do I tell him the truth?
I don't know what to do anymore
What to do about my girlfriends ex?
What am I doing wrong?
Tough break up...
Help approaching girls
Several flyers make me very annoyed!
Always angry
Should I stay or should I go?
Upcoming abortion with my boyfriend who already has 4 year old
Feeling angry with family
I can't study what I want
Do I trust him again or does he not care?
I never would, but I am tempted to cheat
Stay or leave?
BDSM and piercing
Frustration brought by pamphlets always clumping together
Should I transfer colleges?
Lack of confidience
Family dysfunction
Insecure / verbally abusive / low self esteem boyfriend
Need some advice please
Breaking up is killing me
Anything to be concerned about?
I feel stuck in life, I'm turning to cannabis and alcohol
Is MTP kit safe to buy online?
Scared of leaving longterm relationship
Afraid to let go, afraid to hold onto him
5 meaningless years?
I hate who I am and I hate my family
Issue with money received as gifts! Threat of legal action
Loneliness ruining my life
Marriage issues
I’m trying to understand where things stand w/ a guy
Is it possible????
Ditched by a friend
I just want to leave it all and don't know if I should...
Believed my married boyfriend's lies until I could no longer deny the truth
Am I seeing this wrong
Confusing boy problems. Don't know if he's into me
Am I assuming the worst?
Nervous for a mystery date!! Help please?!
Would appreciate advice
Jehovah witness marrying a non JW
Should I tell his fiancé he's been cheating on her?
Am I lesbian?
My life is ruined
Broken relationship
I said no but then yes happened
My mind is obsessed with sex
Requesting advice my wife's infidelity
Boyfriend pressurising me about money I owe him
Friends in school
Fighting off insecurities
Bought a house together and got dumped
How can we move forward?
Can my friend get arrested for making racist jokes?
There's blood on my bed!?
Stick it out?
Girls nights out, am I really missing out?
Which birth control pill should I take?
Impact of finding dead body of younger sibling at young age
Confused over lack of feelings for great girl
I can't move on from a person that hires escorts, I want my rationality back
Bet my girlfriend back
I think my religious BF of 7 months is not so subtly trying to convert me
What would you do?
I need help asap plzzzzz
Confused about a girl
Looking for opinions
Sexuality issue, so confused??
Is it normal for me to be feeling this way?
Concerning behavior of 22 year old daughter no motivation
Saving my life
In love with a woman more than twice of my age
Constant disappointment in relationship
How can I love someone so much, who clearly doesnt love me back?
Scared about moving back to home state
Killer family
High school mess up
Secrets in a relationship
Am I in an emotionally / verbally abusive relationship?
I don't want to be with him anymore
Relationship problem. How to end this relationship?
Opinion: Question that upset my wife
I want to move out but I'm not sure what to do
Unhappy but still in love
What would you do?
My aunt is annoying
I dont know
Stressed out
I pushed my best friend away
Feeling alone
Is my girlfriend cheating on me?
Only my kids keeping me from ending it all
My girlfriend's sex drive has diminished
Am I right?
Cheating from both ends
Emotionally numb: Can You really get better relationships after abuse?
Tension of job
College freshman, feeling overwhelmed
Sex addiction and PTSD
My life is in a shambles
Wife lied
Tired of being lonely
My boyfriend says he's not attracted to me anymore
Suffering in silence and could sure use a friend!
An embarrassing event from a long time ago that has been secret but need to tell
Someone is spreading rumours about me and bullying me
Feeling foolish!!
My friend wants me to go to a party with her and I'm not sure I want to go
My partner keeps telling me how beautiful other women are
Trusting problem - please help!
I like a girl and but she is with a wrong a guy who is cheating over her
I have a real problem with my wife going out with friends. Very strong marriage
Should I move with my uncle?
Am I in the wrong for being mad at my best friend?
Regret for my decision
Am I just spinning my wheels?
How can i help my friend and myself?
This sexual problem I'm having is starting to ruin my life..?
Should I move with my uncle?
Bipolar bf has just dissappeared
Down and crying a lot
Moving in together after online / long distance
Long distance relationship
I feel like there's a lack of respect here
Advice please!
My stupid decision!
Open marriages.....
It's hard to let go
A long confusing problem
Early twenties, plagued with anxiety and depression
Emotional affair??
Is my marriage worth saving
Advice please :(
Does she like me?
Advice please
Having a hard time dealing with pressure
Do I come clean with my secret? Should I try and fix things or move on?
Newly wed marriage problems concerning alcohol and pornography
Can trust be regained or is it over? Help
Problems with my college roommate
Should I take a break from this relationship?
A growing problem with my wife
Should I continue the relationship?
Don't know if I can trust her
I cannot do this anymore please help me?
What would you do if you were in my shoes?
Does she have feelings for me?
Need advice after she broke up with me
Should I have asked her out?
Having a hard time accepting the fact...
Choosing John
Uncomfortable with fiance's behaviour and fixation on price of things
Boyfriend caught chatting with other men while I'm pregnant
Online girlfriend
So confused
Is my girlfriend pregnant?
Seriously trapped, and feeling suicidal because of it
Another breakup
Relationship problems
Being unsure
My choice: security or the possibility of love
Arguing with my boyfriend over ridiculous things
Wife and single friends problems
Boyfriend looks up ex-girlfriend on Facebook a lot!
Advice on colleagues having affair - one in abusive marriage - how do I keep out
I'd like a loving relationship but I'm not sure I'm capable of that
Frustrated and lost
How do I turn everyone against me
I'm shy around a person. Help?
New baby. Video gaming husband. What to do?
After 10 years, my wife lost her love and will likely leave me
Lost in emotional pain
What to do in life?
Want to travel with out my family
Christmas family gifts price outrageous helppppppppppp
I am zero who literally was once a hero. Plz help plz
Wife searching for advice to help her husband get his sex drive back
Want watch wife has sex with stranger!
Life changing event happening
Should we break up
Marriage of nothingness
Why do creepy old men like me?
My life is embarrassing to live
Telling him that he turns you on more than anyone
I have made my wife numb to our marriage
Christian advice needed
Desperately need advice
We're in love, but he won't say yes to dating
How to deal with self inflicted loneliness
Annulment or divorce?
Wandering soul finds love
Divorce imminent
Love and best friend
Proposal went wrong - sent me into a downwards spiral
Marriage slipping away!!!!!!
My husbands anxiety toward sex
Prisoner in my own home! Help!
I am confused
Am I being unreasonable about my boyfriends social media?
Hurting after split with bf of 11yrs
24 yr old female needs help how to discuss rules in our first place together
When is cheating, cheating? When is it justified?
Family and relationship problem with me moving out with my beloved
Advise about husband's family
Lost faith in the human race
Here! Take a look
I'm 50 and he's 21, he is sensitive and I hurt him many times
In need of some advice!!!!
Working mum with unemployed boyfriend
Am I wasting my time or is it going somewhere?
How to solve my marry problem to my rakhi sister
Flunked out of college, what should I do?
I'm unhappy in my relationship but we have children and I have nowhere to go
My dad
Strange problems in my head
Married and confused
Drowning: afraid I'll never trust a man again. Is it me that makes them change?
S/O (now ex) has depression and fell out of love
Help! What can I expect while expecting?!
Difficult step daughter
Do I have a controlling boyfriend?
My dad is dying and I am falling apart
Lack of motivation and meaning in life
Letter to ex-best friend
Feeling lost
Married and hurt
I don't know where I stand
Trichotillomania is hurting my relationship with my family?
Can our marriage be saved?
Life, depression. loneliness, unemployment, family issues, finding myself
Men are suppose to want their wives right?
So confused
How I interact in group conversations
Is this what being married is?
Am I losing her
Does he even love me?
Hate everything
I don't know what I want.. Can someone help me??
What happened?
I'm running away from my baby and his father
Advice on what my husband means
Marriage advice
Should I write her
Should I write her
I no longer love my husband
Is my boyfriend wrong? Or am I
A sexless marriage
Childish neighbors.. Why are they doing this?
Is my ex stalking me?
I don't know how to cope?
I want sex he doesn't seem interested (long post)
I don't know how much longer I can take anymore
Marriage problems
Crushing loneliness
I think my marriage is in trouble... (long post)
I want another baby - he doesn't
Do men truly want to be friends after they breakup with you?
I don't want my job to ruin my relationship
Husband doesn't want sex, really affecting me emotionally
Not sure why my friend is acting this way
Blended family issues
Friends made plans to go on vacation... excluding me
Neighbours with children
Fiance feels lonely living with me in my home town
Being harassed
Not married
My ex
Can't get over him
Need help figuring out what's happening to my relationship
Understanding wifes phone talk
Husband wants me to not to get rid of my best friend
Ex-best friend wants to be friends again (long post)
My husband is boring
Have coped until now
Not sure if it is ok to send him a message
My best friend and I are in love but haven't admitted it
Son may be going into care after Christmas
Boyfriend life
Monster-in-law and co-dependent husband
Life changes
Be patient, or walk away?
Trouble forgiving
One sided much?
How can I get over him cheating
What's the right decision?
Setting boundaries when another person refuses mine
Should I pay off my credit card?
How can I get her to go out with me
Looking for a female friend only
Depression, sex and my relationship
Marriage problems
Please encourage me
I'm breaking up with you!
My husband and I are falling apart
Not knowing
Serious anxiety problem at the movie theaters
First time experiencing this
What to do now?
I've hurt my girlfriend
Shacking up no marriage available
Please help me
Did something I really regret on webcam - but I like him
My wife is running around constantly
How do I cope with this?
Extra marital affair
Technical problem..
Should I trust again
Needing to vent
I hate myself for this but I can't ignore what my heart and head is telling me
Does my boss have a problem with me?
Loneliness despite a companion
Christmas break with ex?
Confused and kind of hurt
Dont know what to do
My ex's ex & my secret
Everything I wanted but I denied myself
Relationship issues with parents
Husband is a blamer
My boyfriend and I haven't spoken in 5 days after argument
A guy I work with played with my feelings
Family problem
New wife with marriage problems
I need help please someone
My wife doesn't care about my feelings
Am I a bad person?
Help please!!
Please advice me I need help
He is joining the military
She wants to leave
Developing feelings for my late fiancees cousin
Need advice on unrequited love
I 'dislike' people
Marriage on verge of being over before it begins
What should I do
In a long term relationship with doubts
Might be getting fired
A struggle with myself
Best friends ex-boyfriend
Please give me your honest opinion. I need advice
Girlfriends behaviour changed
Is this revenge petty?
Falling for my bossy boss
How to tell my friend he needs to be better with his finances?
Abusive mom PTSD help
Cheated during 1st month of dating, now 1 year later
Boyfriend doesn't seem to care. I'm torn about what to do
He's just not into me?
His email, his ex, my nosy brain, my broken heart
Not sure which foot to put in front of the other
My personal struggle and needing answers
Talk dirty to me
Friend is ignoring me
2nd again
Marriage making me unhappy, not my health anymore?
Younger minds
Is she angry at me?
Feeling more depressed than I usually do
Where do I stand??
I have no motivation in my life
No intimacy from my wife anymore!
Please somebody help me. I don't know what I should do
Confused about my ex's visit
Do I have an eating disorder?
My minds telling me friend, but my dreams telling me sex
Is he blowing me off?
Freelancer job failure
Hidden and secret
Sister's husband messaging escorts
Jaded and thankful
I don't know what to do in my life. Confusing situation with my gf
Two friends and me - I'm really confused
She lost her sex drive, I'm losing my mind
Feel weird about my gf guy bff
To stay together?
Workplace attire issue.. Advice needed
GF sleeps with son
Funny, smart, caring, talented, sense of style but still no date
I don't know what to do
Confused over current situation - need advice
Evil in-laws
Well, this stinks
One night stand?
Am I depressed?
Can't do casual, can I?
So... her mum found out about us
I am in love. With two men
Sneaky woman scorned
Is my partner girlfreind cheating
Marriage problems
I really don't know what to do
Post breakup anxiety?
Does he feel something for me or is it a joke?
Need advice
How should I follow up on ask her out?
How to fix my life?
Hitting rock bottom!
Tension between parents
Girl(friend?) problems... Looking for advice
Stepson's mother died
Why am I not important to this man?
Confused about love
I just realized that I'm still in deep depression
Problems after engagement
Can you help me get my love-avoidant ex back?
No one to talk to
Confused between two women
My coworker is making my life miserable... Please help!
My sister has cut me out
What was the point of me coming to the U.S.A?
I feel like every thing I do is pointless
I regret telling my husband I kissed another guy
Unprotected sex
Very painful sex
I think he holds a torch for someone else?
Finance, college life depression, please help me!
Dilema in internet and phone usage
I want to leave
Unemotional selfish husband
Rejection issues possible bipolar
Don't know what to do
Dealing with a dominating colleague
The other girl
Back together after 30 years
Wife's friendship
Wife of 16 years wants to separate out of nowhere???
My partner has depression and its destroying us!
How to overcome my husbands past
Strange kind of love ??!!!
How do I deal with a wishy washy friend ?
Does she mean it or not?
Best friend crush
Horrible parents-in-law
Is he still interested?
Partner and child
Stuck between rock and, you know...
Lost so lost
Overcoming resentment
Having a lot of trouble forgetting my ex after 2 years!
Problem in marital life
How am I going to get through this?
I regret dating my boyfriend and I started longing for my best friend. Help
Wronged a family member, not sure what to do
How am I going to get through this?
Can someone please give me some advice x
Is husband over ex? Is his battle with alcohol worth standing by his side?
Dead best dad and step mom
Does she want me?
Feeling so alone. What happened to my husband?
I'm a mess with my feelings and this may be creating me academic problems
I think I think someone...
Why does everybody dislike me?
I can't live up to my parents expectations. What should I do?
Too kinky, too soon??!
Is there a chance for this to work out in the future?
Dumped for first time at age 37 - struggling to understand why
Need advice for marriage
Potential love interest help
Should I fight for him?
Black magic? Love spells?
A dilemma with a friend
Need an advice on what to do
Love is a gamble
Too much to deal with; Alone in this?
Confessed something to therapist and she wants to tell my parent
Ex and new bf struggle?
Struggling with accepting my partner's past
Cheating suspicious
How to get a fat body within short period
Having trouble making a decision
Low libido, what should I do? :(
My boyfriend hides me from his social media
Child custody options and opinions
Broken marriage can it really be over
Guessing I need confirmation
He is my friend but I started liking him T.T
Can I handle this job?
Used and abused for five years
Confused over breakup
Trust issues
I am tired of failure
I can't help but feel insecure. What can I do to understand this better?
How to let someone down gently?
Hard situation
Boyfriend feels he doesn't satisfy me
Big mistake
Not being able to stop lusting over other people, while being in a relationship
Need marriage advice
I survived
I don't know what to do pls give me some advice :((
I just don't feel like I matter
How to get rid fear of being hurt again
The thoughts just won't go!
Sister stealing from her sister who is my friend
How to get her back
Need help please !!!
How do I feel about girl?! I'm confused!
Getting someone fired
He's already gone
Friendship with opposite sex
My girlfriend doesn't take pride in her appearance anymore
Childhood memories
On again off again what about the kids?
My fiancé doesn't like that I am opinionated
His gambling is destroying me
How to forget an abuser
How do I act now that shows how remorseful I am?
Hardly married
Thanksgiving dilemma
Stay or go
Stuck in a rut
What's the deal?
Dating my ex's friend
Am I being friendzoned?
Are revenge justified?
Midlife crisis
I rarely get orgasms
Help I don't know what to do
Not sure what to do with my marriage
Confused feelings
Loveless, disconnected marriage
Marriage at 17
My life is a mess and background
Marriage and my children
I needed the counselling
Boys don't like me!
How to cope with a divorce
To divorce or not to divorce (feeling guilty)
Husband wants to rehome our (my) cats
OH has low sex drive and ED!
Bad timing, bad taste in my mouth
Can long term damage to personality be reversed?
40 somethings and relationships
Deleted text
Secrets: cause or effect of separation?
Getting married in 4 days and feeling blue...
Alone in a foreign country
Should I let go?
Relationship problem
Not sure what to do!!
Should I continue...?
I want an adult relationship
Should I forgive him
Is hypnosis really able to control your mind?
Feeling unwanted
The depressed boyfriend with the emotional avoidance tactics
What do I do?
How to ask a professor for help... again
Marriage falling apart
Sexless relationship? Start affair?
Torn, new or old love?
Boyfriend lied about prior 'relationship'
I have lost all hope in life
Two worlds apart
The break up
Trying to understand him
My boyfriend has commitment issues
It wasn't for long
Feel broken
Depression anxiety PTSD ruling my life
I've been afraid of changing, cause I built my life around you
Staying in my relationship for my kid
Im tired of my husband?!? Abuse, control, depression
I'm not myself since it happened
Unable to love
Bf said he's not sure and doesn't know if we should stay together
Difficult family situation
Angry, upset, hurt, betrayal
I cry all the time and I don't understand why
At my breaking point!!!!
My little brother and college
Girlfriend and female friend impossible situation
I regret my abortion
Weak nerves
I belive my bf wants to be a sissy boy
Don't want to lose her... really need help
He won't believe me and its killing me
Marriage issues after 4 years
Being the other woman
Torn between old friend and first love
My boyfriend makes people think I am crazy and a bitch to him
What to do..???
Ex won't accept break up
How can you tell if you are gay?
Does my childhood affects my relationship towards opposite sex now?
Frustrated stay at home mom
Trouble with our love life
Need help with friend issues
Jealous high school senior takes boyfriend and taunts / harasses my daughter
I'm so sick of my mother
Lonely for love in a commited relationship
Should I trust my boyfriend?
We can make it work. I just need to find out how
I think I'm transgender
My brother is angry
Called off wedding
He called me a waste of space
Dont know what to do
What should I do?
My husband never takes my side
Crush dilemma
My spouse has cancer and is love with another woman
Should I move on or try to work things out with a guy I know and loved so much?
Relationship with friends
My girlfriend left me because I was too clingy
I attract creepy guys and old men
Unsure of my own thoughts
My girlfriend is pregnant, may not be mine
Don't know my role on this
First time called crazy
Feeling very depressed.. please help me.. :'(
Boyfriend feeling down and has since been very distant
I'm sex addicted
My boyfriend's porn addiction
Need help with friend issues
What does my future hold
Just need support
Tired of the rollercoaster
Hard life
I am always depressed and feel others are better than me
Please help this 19-year-old introvert
How can I help her to want to live again
I can't trust anyone
I want out of my marriage
Can anyone help? Having a hard time understanding
Is this love?
Feeling ignored
Mama drama
Wife's friend
I'm stuck with my thoughts help
Something missing or my imagination
Friends keep try to out do us
Feeling for the past
New mom
Baby mama drama
My disability makes me feel useless
To divorce??
Can a marriage survive without sex and passion
Just want clarity
A new career?
Is it worth fighting anymore?
I had enough!
Friends... love... school
Old flame
Welding or wedding
Relationship advice
My gf now marrying some1 else
First time talking about my feelings
How to handle ur husband with inlaws
Breaking it off
She went crazy
Should I still want to be with him?
I messed up
Need you advice please
Lost a friend...want her back...feeling depressed
Fiancées family disrespects me but he does nothing about it...
Please help
Feeling under-estimated
I'm pregnant
I'm pregnant and terrified
Live in mistake
Don't know what to do
Need advice about my ex
Does he like me teenage problem
Does he hide his feelings
Does he hide his feelings? (does he like me)
Considering divorce after 6 years
Should I break her heart?
Don't know how to go from here
Unsure what to do with my new dog
Supporting husband
Need some advice or will go in heavy depression
I've lost the spark
Just need someone somewhere to know what's going on inside my head. A listener..
Need advice on this guy..i really love him.. idk what to do
On-line live-chat or wife?
Break up!!! I need someone's opinion
Flirty fun gone wrong
Twice fooled?
Controlling wife but neglectful mother
Live or die
I'm so tired of being married to him!
Is my marriage falling apart?
I don't know what to do
I move to Australia for my partner but he lies to me and I can't trust him
Why is he acting this way? Plz help I'm so confused :(
Guy at work ignoring me
Teenage boys hockey and a new marriage
Need help : Feeling suicidal
We almost had something :-(
Can marriage be said after horrible things been said??
Want to get back with my ex but he has depression
My family is killing me
Someone please explain?!
Why is he treating me like this?
Depressed spouse won't work...
Married a year and unhappy
Conflicting life decisions
You can't have your cake and eat it too?
My evil uncle
Is he cheating, or preparing to?
Why has my fiancé started acting different towards me?
Should I broke up dramatic relationship?
My husband looks at and watches porn on a regular basis...
Ex girlfriend
Problem at work
How do I help my husband with his depression
Too sick for this, help for unneeded drama
Need social advice please
Girlfriend from the Philippines
My ex
Help. Need advice. Am I wrong to feel this way?
Want out of relationship but scared
Am I in love, or am I just used to him?
The most confusing relationship of all time
Crazy ex, controlling, bored in my relationship....
I feel alone and unable to communicate with people anymore
Everyone needs goals and dreams
Don't know what to do anymore!
I don't know if he likes me
Habits habits habits grrr
I love my younger friend, but he sends me mixed signals
Lost love
Tested positive for illegal drug... whats next?
Where do I start?
Does my husband still want me?
Beach trip
20 year friends with benefits. Just sex? Or love?
How do I make things right?
I'm so screwed up....
Falling out of love
How can I tell the love of my life? Please help
Marriage loneliness
He won't stick up for me
Why should sex always be a problem
No communication, no happiness
Should I ask my doctor?
Marriage in collapse
Is it real
Too good to be true
I am new to the group I have had a hard life
I don't know what to do anymore
My life is falling apart and I feel more than just depressed
Loving a married man, is it wrong?
I seriously don't know what to do with her!
In need of courage!
Childhood is stuff affecting me but the older I get the worse I get
Have taken on more than I can chew? - Please advise
Married, but not sure if this is what I want
Should I fight for us or walk away
My fiance is too close with his sister!
My boss is trying to sabbotage my relationship
Crushing on a girl (15 M)
Should I go? Can I not?
My situation
My wife is pushing me into depression
Seeking help
Can't seem to get motivated
Can it work out? How?
When do you call it quits
Ex and best friend
Girl at work
Flirting with his ex...
He doesnt want anyone to know about us?
Is it boredom or lost of interest?
Second affair
Can I trust my wife again? Can this be fixed?
Strong love affair
Affairs and what to do
Anxiety disorder
Insecurities ruining my relationship
Really complicated love problem, help?
Unrequited love
My mom won't let me cut my hair short
Please help!!
Ex girlfriend problem
Help me please!
Noob - an insult or not?
Not sure what to do anymore
My muslim friend can't divorce
Strange neighbour...
No contact rule?
When is enough... enough?
How to handle this issue?
Forum quoting
Pregnancy / child
Only me
Toxic frenemy
Friends or not?
Whats with this girl?????
I love him but I cant carry on!
I dont know what to do in life anymore
Falling for my best friend
Marriage and kids
Marriage, minimal sex, major age difference...
I am tired of being used; it hurts so much
Don't know what to do!
Please help
Partner leading two lives is she in fantasy world
Extortion by husband's exwife
I fear for my brothers 8 year old mind
Is there any getting past this?
Issues with boyfriend's brother
Marriage advice
Will I get back with my ex?
State of resignation (dating)
Confused bf
I just want your thoughts
I don't know what to do
I'm afraid I'm falling back down the rabbit hole
What should I do?
Should we invest in buy house or sharemarket or gold, what is best option
Tired of being alone
First date and sex problems
Help! :(
Right or wrong
Advice needed - childs safety
My partner's sleepovers at her ex is killing me
Can't seem to give up on bad marriage
Chronic bad breath from nose!
Should I move?
My husband blames me for missing his mom's death
Starting a new relationship
What should I do
Is he cheating? I need proof...
Attached but lonely
Is it healthy to not have a relationship with your mother?
Sudden change of heart
Unable to talk to ladies well
Is marriage over
Husbands affair turning me into a wreck
Am I just a rebound? Even after all this time?
Old enough
He's moved on. I haven't & it's been two years
What was I thinking
Pregnancy dilema
I'm stuck between the father of my daughter and family
Boyfriend is always to tired from working all day!
My BF cheating
To choose un-supportive love or supportive lust?
My life or my future?
Normalcy in a marriage?
Battling depression and dating someone who doesn't understand it
Am I aimless / a loser?
Forced into the marraige with the guy I don't love
Battling with depression
I'm so confused, I don't know if girlfriend is leaving me for someone else
I'm screwed up due to my past, can someone help me?
Should ask him where it's going?
My wife admitted to performing oral sex on another man. Now what?
Emotional wreck
Hurting on the inside
Internal suffering
Why is it so hard?
New relationship..... already no sex, or really anything
He has shut me out because he doesn't want children
I am jestinea old 20 I am unhappy
Separation anxiety
Me or her?
Do I stay or do I go?
Building a wall so I don't get hurt
M over pressurised
Long distance friendship
Should I stay?
Olive oil
Forced out of university and I'm feeling depressed
Married her knowing I will never be first
Am I over reacting?? Or am I dumb as they come?
My husband doesn't want to spent money on me
Extremely ugly; What to do?
Married but lonely, do I deserve better?
Troubled by my girlfriend's past
Boyfriends ex messed up his sex drive
Girlfriend cheated
Married but lonely, do I deserve better?
Everybody leaves
I'm not sure if I love my husband
No one love me and understands me....
Gf I think
I can't find myself
I drunk cheated on my boyfriend a year ago
Marriage and head in bits
I can't tell if I'm in love
Dishonesty & trust affects on marital intimacy
She's seeing other
Problem with grown up children after break up with their mother in 2003
Not sure what to do
Sugar daddy relationship
Driving myself mad!
Can you trust someone who has stolen from you.. twice
Husband left but not entirely sure why!
Girlfriend won't do anything sexual that she did with her ex's
Is my wife cheating on me?
Girlfriend met old flame
I had a fight with my best friend (don't know what to do)
Trapped in marriage
My friend is mad and is ignoring me and hurting me emotionally
Sister in-law
He cut me off with no explanation
Personal family problems
Out in the open
Unsure what to do
Relationship advice!
I am making myself crazy not knowing what's really going on!
I unknowingly forced my husband into having a baby
I think my fiancé is having an emotional affair!
My dad won't talk to me for nothing
Please help
What is going on?
Depressed and alone
I want to change myself... but how?
Husband dishonesty
Should I stay or should I go?
Friend-relationships and when friends won't let a truly toxic person go
I have problems with my mother
Vicious cycle
We're in a viscous cycle he's pulling away and I can't handle it
OCD and relationship problems (again, first post was accident)
My ex boyfriend wants to meet but he has a girlfriend. Does he want me back?
I found naked pictures of my boyfriend that he thought he deleted
After the long talk. She now thinks I'm cheating
I've hit a wall in my marriage... Anyone else been through this??
Need help on sexual identity crisis
Feeling regret after missed opportunity
(Long) Dealing with guilt
My wife thinks I don't love her anymore?
Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me For No Reason
I dont know what to do
Family issues
Girl problems
To divorce or not?
Mom of my girlfriend forces us to break up and she blocks me on Facebook
I don't know what to do. Lesbian marriage issues
My girlfriend is married
Dont know what is going on!
Breaking up with siblings
My girlfriend's mother forces us to break up
Lost and confused
Girlfriend trouble help!!!!
Who to choose
In a messy and fucked up situation / relationship
Help me
Married man
Friend frustrations
Confusing love
Why am I feeling this way?
Struggling to give my husband what he needs
Losing patience
Healing from a horrible past is hard... advice?
Apartment neighbor has turned against me
Confused on how to handle this
Time to throw in the towel??
So lost
Mother / daughters and fathers
Scared because of ex
Unexpected love
Running out of time, please help
Inappropriate dark joke
I need your advice
Am I being selfish?
Friend or foe?
This girl is causing problems in my relationship
Underaged drinking
Child mine?
Checking out other women
Lying about porn - help!
A traumatic act
Marriage at 15? Help! Please :(
Having second thoughts
Fantasy chatrooms
Help need advice
I feel like I've lost all empathy
Fatherless, and virtually motherless
Mixed orientation marriage - lost and confused
Cheated but now faithful - should I confess?
Liar liar?
It's over
Mother in law
Giving up the weed
Swimming pool
I'm a cruel person
Mixed emotions
Manipulative relatives
Fight with boyfriend
My LDR fiancée mother died and he push me away
Silent break up...
Young and Impressionable
Insulting looks by people
Asking for some advice or thoughts
Guest who doesn't give a gift
Loveless marrage
Dumb (techincal) mistake from the past does not let me be happy
My partner wants to move to the same country as his parents,
My bestfriend is not talking to me
My boyfriend thinks he is perfect
Family harmony
Burning it down
My boyfriend...
I'm happy but lonely
Been sick, fell for a guy and pretty much messed it up
Housing & employment dilemma
Baby due but still luv my ex
Silver plater and all
Triangle at work, don't know how to act
Am I being selfish? My marriage is falling apart and I need advice
Could life be worse?
Help!.. I need somebody.. Help just anybody!... LOL
Husband help!
I don't know... paranoia?
Can't forgive my husband and can't leave either
Old crushes in my dreams. Confusion overload!!!
She smells
Feel so rejected and unloved
Is my baby daddy a psychopath?
Feelings for bf friend
Spanish and English relationship
Married 12 yr but still not part of his family
Can I make her fall for me again?
Trust issues
I've given up
Online relationship
Is my marriage over?
What's with this guy
Marital issues - marriage lost its charm
Broken relationship, is there hope?
What to do
Upset someone at work
Best friend dating worst ex
I don't know what to do
Do I deserve him or not?
My marriage is headed for divorce
I'm finding it hard to deal with friends depression
STD testing
Setting myself up for failure
Advice needed please
Nothing left......
Life, I guess
Can't get up to go to work but can for school??
My problem
Too many selfish people who acted as friends...
4 year relationship ends, still hoping for another chance
Always seem to be fighting
Husband and porn
What to do - husband seems to be hiding some things
Can I keep putting up with her little lies?
Should I not have involved others
I need advice please help me
Son has rejected me
Close to a divorce
In my room
Early quarter life crisis
Relational problems
Hi everyone!
Having to work
Is marriage a dead end?
Both are wonderful - which one?
Boyfriend's family vs me
Worried about son's new wife - Re: life insurance policy
Unrequited love: trapped in the cycle
Why is it always my fault?
I am good for nothing
Should I watch my boyfriend?
What am I supposed to do?
Break up
How to effectively quit my job without burning bridges or feeling guilty?
Things will never change
Trying to convince her to try a long distance relationship
Love, marriage and sex
Hanapin ang sarili
Can, but don't want to? - now its up to you 18yrs marriage going
Is my decision right or wrong?
Not sure if I should get out of this marriage
Should I leave or should I go?!?
Manipulative girlfriend's ultimatum!!! Help!
Rough break up
I slept with my friends ex's twice
Need some good advice
Is this normal behaviour between 2 women / coworkers or more?
Unknown direction
Not sure if I should get out of this marriage
I need advice about a guy I want to talk to. Help please
Fight with my friend
Masturbation problem and porn problem, please help me!
I've lost all focus
Boyfriend issues
Is it a good or bad idea to let my daughter visit her mom in jail?
I need to prove to myself I'm better than they think
2 married women have my heart
Need advice about a guy I use to text
Future plans: girlfriend, job, friends, home... don't know what to do
Online close friend shut me out...
Need some advice please!
Does he want a relationship with me or not?
Romeo and Juliet situation?
Everything has gone wrong
I don't know why I can't be happy
Why do I care !
How to handle my life? really dont knww
My wife doesn't want sex anymore
How do I handle cheating boyfriend?
Can someone please snap me out of this mess?
Annoying friend in love with me
My gf told me she doesn't care if I kill myself
Life a mess
I really need someone to talk to
Verbal and mental abuse from wife
The million dollar life choice
Why did we become just friends suddenly?
Feeling down about a girl
Stay or go
Said she might fall in love with me
My overly religious, very sheltered and very conservative mother found my vibrator
I love her but can I trust her?
Obsession or friendship
Cheating / STI
My boyfriend and I are not seeing eye to eye
My boyfriend and I keep fighting and I'm so confused
8 months in and fighting every few days
Living my life in regret
Confused and rejected
My marriage is in trouble
Friends drugged husband without his knowledge
72 hours in hell
My boyfriend lives across the world!!!
I have suspicions my boyfriend may be homosexual
Boyfriend isn't trying as much as he used to?
Sexual confusion and lacking communication
Weed - should I just accept it?
My boyfriend doesn't show me regard
What to talk about?
Is it time to get off of the track?
I'm new and I don't know what I'm doing...
Im Lost
Problems with step-daughter
Should I leave or work thing out?
Boyfriend is goingcrazy
I think am goin crazy
Boyfriend is goingcrazy
Feeling i am at the crossroads
Looking for sound advice
Fiancee staying out for days partying
Feeling like a bad friend
Scared, I think.
I need help
My problem
II can't stop thinking about him
Have I done the right thing?
My life
Cheating after 8 years
I don't know what to do... Need advice please
Sharing a picture from a past relationship
In love with another man
Im to my edge and I dont know what to do
Why cant i change??
Is this unforgivable?
What do I want?
Hubby's fishing ex
Overcoming betrayal
My Anxiety
Need advice
My wife was 'picked up' & exchanged phone numbers with guy at a party we went to
I am still hurting
Demanding Dad
Football Girl
Girlfriend cant accept my daughter
No Breakthrogh in husbannds manners
Do happy marriages exist?
Don't know what to do
My genital HPV story :(
I broke up with my ex and now I don't know if I did the right thing
High emotions when angry
Where do I stand?
Friends mad at me
My parents do not understand me at all !
Don't know where else to go.
Is it worth it?
Completely confused and overwhelmed
Concert Crisis
My relationship with a 16 year old step non is ruining my marriage!
Need advice
Am I a mug
Struggling :(
I need help
Angry and hurt
Unable to move forward
Wife out of character
Woman purposely ignored by other women
Married man transfixed by old girlfriend
16 and Pregnant
Girl I Like
This is too much
Lost Love, Lost forever?
My family
My 12 year old son is fighting at school...
I cant figure out who i am. i cant even figure out my problem.
He cant spend time with me but wants marriage
Losing Love
Verbal abuse
Emotional delima...
Am I being abusive?
Never felt so down about life
Am I depressed because I’m an alcoholic or an alcoholic because I’m depressed
Feel trapped
I hit my girlfriend, and now I have no idea what to do, please help!
When does it go from roommates to more?
Taking too long to move on
Strong Anger
Is divorce the only option
Should I go forward with crush during my (dead?) relationship
In love
I feel like I am losing grip on reality
My boyfriend bailed on our one year anniversary
I think I'm in love with my best friend?
Dating my Ex's Best Friend
19th anniversary
My bf still loves his ex
Regain love
Don't know the road to take
Opposing sexual histories
Great boyfriend, but missing something
Unsure how to proceed after the relationship
Torn between two women
Im bulimic and its norrish by My loneliness
What do I do?? Who is better for me...?
Will he ever be mine?
Daughter wants my partner to move out when she visits.
Hopeless Totally
Marriage seperation
Is my boyfriend worth all this pain and hassle?
Confused on what to do
I Have Issues, And It's Killing Me Inside.
Please a need a seriously urgent relationship advice
Friends been staying with us...and we want him to leave.
Boyfriend atching sex scenes/nudity in films
Long distance dilemma and new uni
I abandoned a responisibily and want to resolve the issue.
Need advice. What's going on with him?
Not Even Sure What I Want
Over whelmed
Constant Discussions
Marriage problem
Should I stay or should I go
Sister is unforgiving with computer time.
I'm scared for my health
Abusive wife causing stress. How should it be dealt with?
I am guilty......
I like my bestfriend, oh i mean, EX BESTFRIEND
Coping heath after
I have a huge crush on my married boss
Left out of threesome
3 months no contact after breakup and ran into her...
Should I be scared of him?
Should I Walk Away?
Does he really have cancer?
Friends with benefits
Lesbian relationship after 5 years being together Now were far apart
Choose one...But who?
Best friend and one night stand advice please!!
Guy friend....?
I don't know what to do.
Am I over reacting? What would you do
Should I leave or not? I love him.....
Husband wont stop getting on dating sites
How to move forward after my fiancee kissed her coworker?
Curious behaviour
Sex with friend
Losing hope
What is up with the ex girlfriend
I'm not even sure if I should do this....
She just needs some time
Mad girlfriend
Please help me get the love from this guy. Plz help
My daughter or my boyfriend
Advice on relationship ended over substance abuse
I love my best friend...
What does she wants from me? It's hurting me so bad in a daily basis :(
Need help
My girlfriend and the other one
Please suggest me how to get this guy back in my life
Married swinger in open relationship issues....
Problem woman
Please help me get the love from this guy. plz help
How to get this guy love me. please help.
22 year age gap with guy
Matrimonial advertisement with fake info turned serious
Hello, any Indian CBSE Science stream student who gave his /her board exams rec
She cheated but I still want her... Help! :(
Suspicious of wife masturbating
Sexless Relationship
Professional matchmaking
Should I see her?
Empty and confused
Desperate or dumb
Men troubles
'Self sex' and fantasizing about another woman - wrong / cheating?
Big breasts vs I love you
Ending my marriage
4 months
Have been cheated again and again by the same guy
Agoraphobic wife seems like she hates me
Depression and my dog at a far distance
What to do
I really need help here - it's been 6 months
Am I being led on?
She has to be right
Help me please
Purpose of life
What to do?
Tension tension tension!
Break up problems
I have severe emetophobia & a sick boyfriend tonight
Life problems
Marriage - confused
I like an ex-employee, not sure of next steps
Feeling betrayed
Should I still stay in this relationship
I don't want to be too shy anymore
Wife want to go back home
Have no friends
Fixable or hopeless, my long distance rollercoaster
Should I be worried about this guy friend
Self made problems
Posting problems
Timing not right he says..
Husbands rude behaivior
The only truth is my name
Is it worth holding onto?
Strange fetish (please don't judge)
He is embarrased to be seen with me!
Stuck in an imaginary loop
Relationship or education?
Living a lie, obsessed and empty
As soon as we got married he seemed be disinterested in sex with me
Need some advice about my relationship with my ex pls help
I don't know who to love.. or I don't have anyone to love
Feeling trapped
My ex boyfriend broke up with me and is now giving mixed signals?
Depression, gambling problem and unemployment
Girlfriend is working and finding life difficult
Secret friendship with ex partner
Moved on
Is he or isn't he? That's the question...
Sexual harassment
My soul for sale for £5000... in debt... depressed
Nervous about my first school dance (sixth grade)
How do I help my abused boyfriend?
He said he is selfish
I want him so bad
My ex is hurting my new girlfriend and I can't get her to stop?
My wife's back pain is destroying our marriage
Advice regarding married man - what would you do?
Recurring dreams of my ex boyfriend
How to make my husband to forget abt his ex
I need some more advice please, help!!
Should I keep trying? I really need some help and advice
Am I jealous or is my husband controlling?
Am I his second option?
Relationship problem
Help! Am I doing the right thing???
5yrs of relationship then marriage & now husband doesn't love me
Ex boyfriend cut me off after finding out I moved on
I'm in love with my best friend
My mom has been the other woman for almost 30 years...
Toxic dad
Relationship inquiry. I'd appreciate sound advice
Long distance relationship help
Should we try or just let it go
Massage time changed to chat time
Found the spark with someone but.....
A strange feeling I get
Relationship problems
17 and feeling totally down due to my inexperience
My 5 year relationship, help!
Snooped, and regret...
How badly have I behaved? Who is right - who is wrong in this fight?
I love two women
What to do, crushing hard
Between me and his bestfriend
Who's in the wrong here?
My marriage is failing
Is it saveable?
Never Going to Forget How I Felt
Dad not willing to accept my bf
Controlling Parents
Need help, broke up with my gf
Feeling disappointed
Dishonest boss
Hearing loss as a teen
Should I leave or should I stay?
I don't undertsand what she's doing
Feeling completely stuck in life
My husband has a game addiction
I need Warm words to ´carry on´ in my relationship.
Five year relationship
Break up or settle?
NOT their decision
Any good mobile app to socialize with strangers?
How do I use this site?
43 pregnant
Husband not understanding
Does happiness last in a marriage? What now?
Friend trouble
No Fairytale This Time
Girlfriend of 7 months thinks she is worthless, and is blocking my calls.
Move on or try?
Leave my husband or stay?
Apparently I cum a lot ?
Give Me Your Insight:22 Things
I'm not looking for a sugar daddy!
My partner watches porn when i go to bed
Wife's meeting with male friend from 25 yrs ago
My fiancé has had webcam sex with someone online
I'm not a sex addict!
He's more nice to the kids when i am not there.
She won't talk to me
Mental Health and Schooling
Tired of being confused
Career problem, what to do?
Confusing ex fiancee of 5 years
Emetophobia and anxiety
Invisible married lonely woman
I Don't Know What To Choose
Am I in the wrong? Can I trust?
I just picked up the pieces. and I think she want me back.
He says he is scared to commit to me
Dealing with Trust in a marriage
Will it end?
Feel like I am crazy
Ode to R
The every day struggle
My BF is obsessed with his family
17 years old, no friends and no job
Magic, Madness, Sin: The Tale of My Relationship (Advice Needed)
Married but alone
Recently single
Am I wrong to have anger toward my grandmother?
Does he want me back? Why is he doing this?
......and her elder sister warned me!
Having difficulty in choosing life pathway
Internal War
When to quit a relationship
The Torn Lover
Long Distance Relationship
My depression is starting to cripple me... How can I get out?
Husband forcing for divorce
Should this stress me out?
My friend is a paedophile
Help please.
Long distance relationships??
Break from LDR relationship. He slept with 2 people
He has me?
Need advice!!! Please no bashing!!!
Is he starting to chase me? Does it sound like he's starting to want me back?
Am i doing the right thing ignoring his messages? I am feeling very hurt
I'm stupid and love her!
How to convince parents to marry a divorcee guy
Instant and overwhelming attraction and connection to a stranger – 1 year on.
Confused n confused
In love with my boyfriend's older brother
Please advice, How do I get back back my happiness ?
Problem being close to friends
Just found out that she is pregnant
My wife will not say she doesn't love me and wont talk.
My Future Family (The In-Laws)
Sexually frustrated with boyfriend.
So Confused & In Love
Need help with how to help cousin.
Adjusting to new family enviornment
How can I show my girlfriend I care?
Can someone help with my relationship please???
Ex insisting on physical relationship
Confused by contact from (big and important) ex
Married for 11 years and unappreciated
My girlfriend wants children, but I don't...
Having problems accepting my boyfriends nephew. Please help!
Lost in my own void. Do I need counseling?
Fiance Broke Up, But Is Giving Another Chance? Please help.
I dont really listen/how I speak wrong
Can teen long distance relationships work?
Love him so much
What should I do with my husband?
Am I asking for too much?
I don't drive, don't work and feel like a Prisoner.
Is 14 one nigh stands to many ??
Please advise me (distant marriage because of too much expenses)
My fiancé allows his 11 yr old daughter treat me with no respect.
A best friend, an unforgettable guy..
I think I scared my girl off what can I do!!!
Why doesn't my fiance want to have sex with me anymore?
I need some advice.
Family Business Issues
Gold digging ex wife wants him back
Lost and confused
Problems with a woman going through a divorce
Why is he so distant?
Tenant problem weighing on my mind
Is he using me?
Love life problem
Why did he leave me for her or why he did it in the first place
I lie and have cheated so many time
Should I just suicide??
Trust Issues
I dont know?
Grumpy emotional woman (me)
I don't want to believe but don't think I can stay
I want to have an affair...
Going Nowhere Fast
Am I being used?
My Boyfriend and I
Im torn between two guys
This is long, but I would love your advice
Not sure if I want a relationship...
Advice is appreciated about my problem
LDR Girlfriend Doesn't want me to come visit
I'm a Wall
Am I being silly?
Fiance problems cheating possibly
I need someone's help, please.
Husbands anger
So confused help please
Boyfriend's past
My husband treats me like his prisoner
Unsure what to do!
Help me!!
Is this fair in my relationship ???
I don't know what to believe
Im a Bastard
I left my husband and the guilt is killing me
My girlfriend wants crazy, spontaneous sex, but I lack the confidence
I can't stop crying!
Long distance relationship/ lying boyfriend (Gay)
Fast moving relationships
Is he cheating or trying to?
Emotional Affair
Need some relationship input/advice...currently heartbroken and confused!
Embarassin underwear exposure
Really confused
Long and complicated problem
Teenage Problems
Sexless relationship
My brother wants me to help him for 2nd time
Is he it?
What to do from here?
How can I show him what he's missing if I never see him?
Picking up the pieces
Wife is thinking of leaving
Getting him back
Opinion: Am I out of line taking time out to help a female friend?
Friendship advice
Parents don't like girlfriend
Girlfriend advise
Should boyfriend pay?
Have long term boyfriend, recently strong feelings for straight female friend
Lack of excitement and love feeling
In bed with my boyfriend, I fantasise about my ex
Mom Boundaries
What does he want from me?
Boyfriend cheating?
Confused about my Girlfriend/and friends
Emotional dependance
My now born again Christian partner
Should i talk to his friends?
Best friend or Boyfriend?
Do people get divorced after 30 years of marriage?
Will he come back
I'm married, but kissed another man
Should we stay together or brake up?
Confused single female
How to take your true love back
Confused, need to set things right help!
Social life & the opposite sex
Will it work with my boyfriend
Daughter sabotaging relationship
HELP!! Need advice to help my lover get a divorce
Pursuing a relationship with my boss
Unreasonable Mother
Porn addict
Not sure what to do or how to feel
Mind or is it matter
Need some advice on my situation
Should I date him?
Should I break it off with her?
How do i solve the problem in my relationship
I like when my wife wears revealing clothes
Feeling confused
Completely at a loss...Lose lose situation.
How do I exercise patience?
To Leave or Not to Leave?
Please help- I need advice on finding a woman who genuinelylikes me- 21yo virgin
Difficult dad
Please help me move on and feel happy again!
Boyfriend won't have sex??
7 years..
18 yo male never had sex.It's becoming a problem I think about it always.
Boy Advice Please Help!
Do you think i should cut off contact with him?
Girlfriend Always Texting Others
Mixed signals
Why is it so hard to move on?
Advice about a flirty married female co worker
I am trying to be independent but my friend is suicidal. Help!
Boy Advice please....
Busy Friend
I saw a girl knock out my boyfriend. Please help!?
Post Break-Up Trauma
Does he have a crush on me
Bad at this
My boyfriend or my mother?
Is everything my fault?
I would appreciate an opinion!
No sex life and drive
My life is full of problems...please help me...
Uncertainty - Mistress and Me. Stay? Go?
Emotional Breakup
There's this boy - advice needed
(Updated) Why the sudden break up?
Getting bored?
Porn addiction
Sex denial in Relationship
Broken Hearted
Boyfriend wants to be celibate
I feel like my gf is losing love for me
Revenge sex
Why did he break up with me?
Dilemma, any advice please
How to Carefully Mend The Pieces
Should i remain patient?
Dealing with a mans silence
Ex is on drugs. I need advice on helping her
First date... or no? Confused
What is there to do with life? can i do it?
Am I naive about platonic friendships between men and women?
Any suggestions welcomed
Letting Go
I think he's lying to me
I still love him
Wife always wears tight pants but seems its not for me!
Interfaith marriage
My husband cheated on me
What do to so confuised
Am I going to jail?
Severe depression
Nice guy, or a player?
Do you think friendship can turn into more? Should i cut contact with him?
25 female and married, need advice!
Unsure of what to do with boyfriend
Problem with boyfriend
Annoyed and confused with myself
Moved on but still in love
I'm tired of being nice
Treated like shit by my girlfriend wen she's frustrated cause of ny problem
In Lovery With My Best Friend
Feeling lost and not sure what to do
Too shallow?
Shall i assume he isn't interested? Very confused at what he wants
She's having conflicting emotions
In a mess
In relationship with a 60 years old man
Since i was little, unsure of it all
What am I doing?
Husband staying out all night
Coworker Died But I Don't Feel Bad About It
Do I forgive him?
I can't stop looking through my boyfriends things
What do I do?
Stuck on someone
Is he really that into me?
Broken Engagement?
Can I still attract him back?
Fight with mother in law
Just a kiss?
Struggling with girlfriends past
Totally Confused and Helpless
Male 18.5 yo , never in relationship ,no friends
Head vs Heart
I'm 22 and have never been in a relationship.
She dumped her ex for me, but went back to him
My Life Confuses me
Should I try to talk to him?
Am I misinterpreting her signals? What am I doing wrong?
My girlfriend wants to change everything about herself, am i being selfish?
My violent sexual desires
Is my husband A-sexual? He has been rejecting me for 3 years
Internet porn and chat rooms
Dying for her
Fallen for fwb
Newly Wed and Sex Issues
Problems with men
Through other peoples eyes.
Do you like me or not?
About a boy
Confusing Girl
My girlfriends ex
No girlfriend
No friends
Can't stop watching pornography
Unexpected feedback
So confused, need help
We chat almost always every night. He's my classmate. He knows that I like him.
Called me fat then says she was joking.
Relationship problems
My boyfriends ex
Married to a Gambler
Out of love?
My girlfriend is a bisexual
Cheated again
Stuck on repeat... need advice
Annoying mom
Brother calls to say Dad is dying
Dumped on new years
Married man likes me & I like him !
Don't know what to do, don't know what to think!
Baby doesn't look like her dad
Here I go again. Should I move? again?
Husband have doubt
How to deal with a flirty father-in-law?
Friends mom is not trusting
I have a 6 year old son with a Narrasitic woman
Dropping the L-word!
How to deal with jealousy and distrust?
My dilemma: Which one !? What to do?
Friend becoming a stalker.
Getting over it?
Online dating a guy but discovering he has a long term gf
Advice unsupportive husband, just had second child..
Can I still fix things with my lover?
Family control over Gf
Loss of sex drive
Is she just not into me?
Losing my wife
I'm losing this girl
How to handle hearing from an old flame?
My husband wants a divorce & I'm heartbroken
Want a baby
Got blacked out drunk with a girl who likes me. Did I ruin everything?
Men, is this just purely physical sex to him?
Health problems and smoking
How to love
How to tell older guy i like him
Fianc'e Problems- Lack of Intimacy and Online Fling
3rd time lucky break-up
Emotional Roller Coaster GF
Looking for separation from my over obsessed wife
Should I or no?
My cousin and I fell out, is it beyond repair ?
What do do after husband has an affair
Confused with ex
No where to run
Communication Breakdown
Should i ask him?
That's all he is interested in.
I dont know what to do
When to really walk away?
He ditched me on Christmas Day
Why has he started ignoring me
Obsessed Girl
Spending all day long regretting
I am emotionally and physically dissatisfied
Shy Guy or Not Interested?
Is it worth tring
Broke up with BF, having hard time
Is it too late to get her back?
Should I still be patient or should I look for someone else?
Liar or not?
I'm in love with my best friend and I hate it.
Help to talk to my friend
Trying to get help on relationship issue
My bf broke up with me 4 days before Xmas. What do I do w/his familys gifts?
Husband Puts Others First
Love or lust
I am being harassed
The Worst Betrayal
Do I bite my tongue or say something?
Cruise Crisis
How to know a player(figurative approach)
Flustered girlfriend
Confused heart
Ex boyfriend still involved with my family
How to get my ex back
Trust in marriage
Owing Money
Regret not taking her out
So sorry..
Affair ended
Whats going on??
Seriously confused
After 2 years, he sends me away
After 4 years, his exes are still brought up frequently.
A long story... but really need some help!!
I can't let him go.
Destroyed lives, destroyed family, thanks chevy
Dissapearing act???
Separated and confused
I am smothering my boyfriend
Boyfriend dilemma
Confused about feelings for friend
Love triangle - struggle
Less communication
Partner admits he sleeps with other woman.
Am I being Paranoid??
Quick question for some advice please!!
A decade of regret
Need advice on what to do
She needs time?
Do I get my sister a present?
Long distant difficult relationship
She's gone from us
My husband changed after taking testosterone injections
Wife had sex with old boyfriend
Hard situation
Road to Redemption
I have a cheater problem and I need help
Effects of divorce in family
Will I ever forgive him and can he ever change?
Family and relationship advice please
23, and still mentally glued to the mother nest
Confused and Lonely
Regrets and Depression
Long Distance Relationships
Could really use some help
Broken relationship ... my fault? 2
Broken relationship ... my fault?
When can i contact him ?:(
Marriage. Oh God...
What is so bad about me?
He sends me mixed signals
Long time friends
My ex loves to hurt me
Crushing on teacher
Is a serious relationship possible
My boyfriend has a past of incest fantacies and it only gets complicated
Only attract married men
Break up
What is wrong with me?
How much time does he need?
Dead-end relationship
Should I worry?
I dont know what to do.
Grandmother is putting drugs in the coffee.
Not the man i once was
Should I keep this friendship?
The biggest f***-up of my life
Should I continue to get to know this guy, or cut it off before it gets weird?
Friends with benefits
New relationship
My boyfriend has mixed feelings
Threatened to be harmed physically
It's a prof thing
Am I being a fool?
I want to go to boarding school
Two male friends
Confused about husband behavior
Text Messaging
The Ex Girlfriend
Boyfriend has little to no sex drive...
Date And Relationship in general doubts.
Boyfriend Problem
Teen guy Strugling with sexuality
How to start a conversation
Wife is growing distant and seespecially little priority with sex
Would it work?
Not sure what to do......
Not sure if i love him anymore. I feel like my marriage is falling apart
What's to old?
Afraid of Taking This Risk
Does he or doesn't he
Whats wrong with me
I don't know what to do with my ex anymore
Torn in what to do
Is our Relationship over?
Dating my ex.....
Should I break up with my fiancé?
Worried about my suicidal boyfriend. Should I contact his parents?
She found her twin flame, but still calls me
My parents don't like my boyfriend
Advice pleaee - i cannot cope
I'm afraid to tell my parents about my boyfriend
Trust issues with girlfriend
Friendship Jealousy
Guy friend issue. What to do next?
Does 22f have feelings for me 18m?
Relationship advise
Wife's keeping Secrets : I'm devastated : alone
I'm really confused :/
Problems with boyfriend
Do pregnant mothers ever matter?
The old cliche
To divorce or not
Emotionally neglected
Not texting after month of talking.
Extreme sexless marriage.. young couple.. please help
Office trouble maker
Going on 6 years
If he's drunk, he's inappropriate
I am torn about this and I need help... :/
How to approach her
Am I bi, and if so how do I tell my girlfriend
Low confidence causing problems in relationship
Do I stay with my husband?
Is it ok to ask her out? How should I do it?
Feeling gutted I messed up my friendship with him
Moody husband
School problem
My wife is addicted to online dating sites and her cellphone
Being ignored at work
Second date
16, need women advice please?
I have a major problem with my roommate....
Facing eviction very soon
No spark in relationship
2nd chance
I believe my wife needs counselling
Divorce and remarriage
When to decide to divorce
Money for our children
Is something fundamentally wrong with me?
Virginity: Our lies, truths and a confession
Money.... the root of all evil
Should I choose to do what I know is right or compromise to make him happy?
When is it time to let go?
Have I caused all of this?
Love, family and wrongdoings
My boyfriend was chatting with men, please help
Christian with a gay crush
The ex is back
He loves me, but doesn't think I'm beautiful
I am so confused by his actions... what does he want from me?
Confused girl!
What the hell is wrong with me?
Need advice to win my girlfriends heart again
A tale of woe
Complicated relationship
My best friend didn't invite me to her wedding
I insulted my bestie and now we both no more talking
Problem with my friend?
Should I tell me friend I don't want to travel with her?
What to do?
Friendzoned through the internet?
My confused and depressed friend
Work / family balance
Dating advice
Not sure what I think about my (female) friend anymore
Problem with other half
Advice needed - how to get an ex back
My man has a child to another woman that he never sees but I still hate it
Ex boyfriend problems!!!
Engaged after a month
All that work and now nothing
Finace vs best friend
Wrote girlfriend engagement song
Facebook message - trust
Newbie - not sure what to try
Inappropriate crush
Frustrating partner
My girlfriend makes no effort for me and shows no passion
Dating a man with children
Marriage advice
Can't cope with my course, can't quit either...
Engaged & happy, until I met someone else....
My boyfriend
My relationship is unhealthy but I love him?
Can anyone help?
Why wouldn't he meet me?
Left me hanging
Mean husband
Partner won't leave my house
Lost female
Husband cheated
Single mom
What should I do with the guy I met online?
Guy bestfriend
Confused intentions??
What happened to us?
I want to leave my partner
Hurtful husband
This situation is bugging me more and more
Found a married one in church
Disconnected marriage with kids involved
How could he sleep with her
Church relationship
Limbo between having a relationship and haven broken up
Advice on this girl
How can I learn to trust again?
Help with a girl
He's perfect besides being a drug addict
Secretly in love for 5 years to my best friend
Don't know when or whether to believe my husband
Pregnant girlfriend is pissed again
My mother
Friends again or nah??
Husband depressed need support
Unrequited love over the internet
This guy
My man tracks my cell and has a girlfriend?
Different stages in our lives
What should I do?
How do I move on?
I'm worried she's falling out of love with me
Possibility of getting my ex back after being clingy?
Is there anyway to get my ex back after being clingy? Help!
Should I stay or should I go
Little advice
Feeling jaded about a friend
Gf doesn't seem to want me
Girlfriend can't trust me
How can I win my Leo man back?
Want to show him that I have put an end to my past. What else to do?
Husband calls me controlling
Getting the guts to ask a long time friend out
Man pulling away
High school
A guy...
Friends with benefits
Depression / anxiety medication and boyfriend trouble
Too independent
Feeling sad and school problems?
So selfish and I want to stop
Relationship problem
I suck at making and keeping friends
My marriage and my secret
Overthinking, insecurities or is this feeling right?
Pain and pleasure
Wtf is wrong with my world??
Lost catfish
Love with seven year old
My father
Full of doubt and insecurity
Was I wrong to stop sex entirely?
Relationship probs
Problem with current gf and her guy best friend
Wife's online affair killed everything we have
Losing love and interest
Teenager, bi-polar ex, still in love, but how much can one take?
Are my feelings reciprocated
Adolescent problems
How to avoid a boring old aunt
Confused and in love
Have I tried enough?
Widowed and dating
Can't lose him to irrational doubts, please help
How to break up with a nice guy
How do I get him to know I like him?
Pushing people away
In love with the wrong person
Shall I tell her?
Relationship problem with female colleague
Silent treatment punishing
Excitement gone
I'm hurt
Long distance relationships
Help with girlfriend
Kissed another girl
I'm having real trouble thinking through this properly
Looking up ex on Facebook
I don't know what to do
20 years of my life lost
Doing the easy thing or the right thing?
Reconciling girlfriend's past with mine
I am confused, falling out of love?
I want her back...
A girl I like misses her ex and said we should stay friends.. please help me?
Problems with my mother in law
Torn between family or wife
Not sure where my relationship stands
I love my man but his baggage is upsetting
Talking to my boyfriend about improving sexually
Huge mess of relationships
Long distance confusion
Thinking problem
Husband doing acting & model roles with female
Parenting differences
Older married man issues
Older married man hints?
Drug problem
Work drama
Worried we're just not compatible
Falling for my boss seemed great at the time...
A little thing called love
Advice needed; Love triangleish
Feeling young and hopeless
My friends
To let myself fall or to pick myself up
Love triangle
My family
Is he cheating?
Please tell me, what should I do?
Not sure what to do
Before we dated
The geek, the friend, and the instagrammer
Help, I'm stuck between my parents and my boyfriend
Should I be optimistic?
Please help with my oversensitive and controlling boyfriend
Wavering and lost trust
Back with my ex, was it a mistake?
Can I be second best?
Boyfriends secrets
Open relationship
Am I paranoid or is it intuition
Emotional affair with coworker
Stuck in the past. Help!
15 years and counting
I'm finding it impossible to move on
What to leave on someone's grave on their birthday
How to forgive myself for mistakes? How to move on?
Does he like me or is he just annoyed
Am I a Plan B?
Insecurities over porn
Complicated house mate
My boyfriend slapped me
What to do?
Is he truly over his ex?
Later realisation of his career and he broke up
Torn and hurt
Best friend has broken my heart
The best friend boundaries
Need to give an answer
Very confused, should I stay with him??
Third relationship - commitment issues?
Paranoid & insecure
Me and my bf love each other but he is not ready to accept me
Alternative sex
Alone and want to impress a guy to make relationship
Extended family question
Wife and her ex
Confused and hurt
How to get over it
Should I have this lump removed?
Boyfriend looks at very disturbing niche porn
Don't know what to do next
Stages of love
Husband obsessed with cam girl
Relationship advice?
Is he trying to get me pregnant?
Not sure...
He is trying to pick between me and another women
My boyfriend feels pressured to sleep with me
Getting over my first love
I just want this guy to leave me alone!!!
Boyfriend unsure of feelings
I still love my ex boyfriend, even though he's moved on
How do I do this
Marriage and separation
Lost in miscommunication, desperate (adult content, sexual)
Still single at 25 years old....
Should I divorce my husband
What do I do?
Need advice. Very depressed
Is he interested in me or not, please help!
Am I behaving badly?
Do I give up on the best love ever?
Slip of the tongue
Is there a chance with my ex?
What to do?
Time to give up?
Girlfriend is really distant
Abuse.. is it my fault?
I feel worthless..
Best friend and girl friend cheat what do I do?
What happened?
My three sons
My life
Sleep problems and pattern
Dating or taking care of my sick mom
I can't live without him
Living with another woman
Animal instinct
Does she have feelings for me? caught between 2 girls. (m/18) (f/18, 22)
My dad is suicidal, what do I do
Birthday trauma
Just asking
Am I confused or is he?
Three years in, uncertain. Keep going?
Boyfriend questionable
How to forget him
Should I move on?
Using me?
Mutually friendzoned? All help needed!
My dad is in jail
Dating a dad
I want to foster sisters children
He is not into it
Miss over emotional and mister neutral?
My wife is taking stress out on me and killing our marriage
Jealousy of my daughter?
My life so far
Confuse about how to move ahead
So called mutual friend has feeling for my husband!!
I ended a 6 year relationship to be with my bestfriend!
First move?
Pls help
Confused and need help!
How to let go if the first love I felt?
Mixed signals
The guy I'm seeing
Please advice on how do I need to change myself
What should I do
Boyfriends bo and alcohol problem
Jealousy, a continuing issue
To tell or not to tell?
Help jealousy is getting the best of me
Dad spying on another woman
Is the hope alive
Work crush is dating the boss and likes me back??
Does my ex seem to want me back? or am I getting my hopes up
Tired of trying
Scared and confused
Going out
I need some relationship advice
Should I move in with him?
Betrayed leaving me lost
At a crossroads in relationship
Am I being messed around or do I have a problem?
Jealousy / controlling or a breach or trust
Is my best friend really my friend?
Too many questions
Two boys
Am I being selfish??
Boyfriend problems
How do I proceed with the girl I am dating
Obsessed and turning pathetic, over man I can not have
Sensitive boyfriend
Step children dramas - Should I stay or Should I go
Is it my fault?
My marital nightmare!
Jamie the senior
Cheated, thinking of continuing, confused
Hitting bottom, I think
Is it just insecurity?
What should I do?
A big thank you from the newbie
Lack of affection
My boyfriend secretly filmed me having a shower and he doesnt know that I know
So confused
Is it fair to take a lie test
What choice should I make?
5 year relationship is over, right decision?
Need help don't know what to do
Almost over
Controlling, selfish husband
Should I end my work relationship???
Sad and scared
I need some love advice
Issues with online affair
Am I over-reacting?
Say yes or no?
Long-distance relationship
Boyfriend refuses to breakup
Wife texting with ex boyfriend
Boyfriend's best friend who is female treats me like dirt
Feel betrayed
Loose ends
I'm taken but I slept in a male friends bed
Marriage issue please help !!! Urgent
More comfort in him then myself
Wife says she loves another man on internet
When your boyfriend has an ex as a bestfriend..
Confused over relationship break
Need to leave my husband
Leaving sick mother behind while I go on vacation
My husband takes photos of other women
Boyfriend trouble
Confused.. need advice
About a guy!
What should I do
Sister problems
Do I stay or run
I'm married but in love with best friend's girl
Sexually and emotionally frustrated
When do I let her go?
Controlling family
Does this " about me " text have the desired effect?
My bf is so private with his phone, what should I do
Should I leave my partner of 5.5 years
Having trust issues. How can I deal with them?
My 4yr relationship was a lie
4 kids w/ 3 different women
Big row with girlfriend
Does he really like me?
Dealing with my boyfriends sister and mother
No trust both ways
Signs of violence
Am I over exaggerating?
Facebook will be the death of us...
Jealous of online attention help!
She needs to think
Girl I loved thinks that I am lying
Kissing problems
Uncertainty about marriage
How do I start over
Unsure of relationship
Friend is copying my life
When do I let go?
I think my wife is in love with college kid half her age
Don't know what's wrong with me
Embarrassing sports physical
Am I being childish?
Want to remove hatred feeling
I need help moving forward
How can I pay him back for his help that restored my broken home
Blending families
Show me how to live
Struggling with emotions
Chemistry (& how to tell when it's there)
Stupid or confused??
Dating advice needed…… What am I doing wrong?
Inappropriate with minor??
Just a fling?
NADA, no foreplay!
Ex wife in contact after 5 years on Facebook. Help please!
Marriage after an affair
Is this long distance relationship too hard?
Boy problems.... help please :)
Advice on break up
To leave or not to leave?
Need advice on a girl I'm dating
Help with my girlfriend
Do I stay in my marriage? Please help
Husband doesn't like my weekend away
Son (9) unhappy about my partner
Worried about heart break
Should we try again or call it a day?
Beginning this relationship
My wife and I
Relationship - is this the end?
Please help!!! I really miss him but should I text or call him or wait for him??
Not sure what to do
Commitment issues
Broken heart
I want him back, he's keeping me waiting
At my wits end!!!!
To be or not to be?
Not sure how he feels
Pregnant and worried
Complicated love life
Update on apology situation
Pety lies
Girlfriend needs time to learn to be indepdendent
Ex got in touch again after 20 plus years
Advice regarding an ex
Partner worries
Do I have a chance with him?
Really fed up
My fiance
My girlfriend stopped all contacts because I went out with her step father
My boyfriend, has his ex living with him
Tired of not knowing what to do
What will happen if she says no?
What does he want from me?
My husband is gay
Telling my parents
Relationship / sex issue
More to can't let go of what I remember
Nothing in common?
I confessed my love for him but he is not giving me direct answers
Can't let go of what I remember
Facebook searches
I'm not sure what to do, but I feel I should move on
Pursuing closure / an apology
How to deal with a breakup?
Mixed signals
No little surprises
Should I be worried that my fiancee is going to cheat?
I think I went too far
Feeling there is no hope!!
Is letting go the right thing to do? Or is that me just giving up
Is this the end? Going on a break
Why??? What's the point???
Fail to express my feelings
Is my relationship over
Is my relationship worth it?
Keep messing up, feel so low!!!!
Love vs fear of being alone
Calls between my husband and our friends wife
Relationship problems
Can I get him back?
I may be falling for an old friend
Does this girl like me?
Is it wrong?
Do I leave or stay?
Lies in a relationship
If you were on my shoes, what would you do?
I can only orgasm through fast masturbation... Is it just death grip ?
How to get over him
Remember: Are my standards too high?
Starting a LDR
Coping with relationship anxiety
Long distance relationship problems
Not sure what to do. Is she playing hard to get or something else?
How do I confront a friend?
Broken relationship with boyfriend, 2 year old son; please help
So I need opinions.....
Why does he delete his messages? Relationship advice
New relationship advice am I paranoid or is it justified paranoia
Getting desperate ._.
I have been jobless for a while... got an interview... need help
Need advice
Mid life crisis or over please help
What in the world have I gotten myself into
Looking to expand friendship into possible relationship
There's this girl I started liking
Should I tell my boyfriend?
What options have I
New sex partner - help?
Relationship problems
I love him and I don't know what to do
Don't know what to do
Are my standards too high?
Partner addicted to large breasts
New relationship, he cheated
Partner and porn
I'm a 30yr old man who has never been kissed or even held hands with a woman
Age gap relationship: how to meet family??
Is my wife right for being mad at me for doing favor for my family?
3 year relationship over
Confused and hurts
Boyfriend of 4 years keeps me from his kids
Senior feeling peer pressure
Relationship advice - male behaviour / feelings confusing me
My friend has depression.. what do I do
Husbands work emails
Relationship problem
Family problems
Help pls
She hates my son
My boyfriends female friend
Infidelity with prostitutes
Can this be considered abuse
Have we drifted too far?
Struggling with regret
Love confusion please help!!!
Boyfriend cheated
Loss of self confidence
I'd never want to let her go
Relationship uncertainty
Stuck in a sticky situation
Anxiety and relationships!
Relationship anxiety
My mom walked in on my boyfriend and I having sex
No comments
Relationship problem
Relationship research: your help is appreciated
Possible breakup over desire for family
Advice needed
Relationship talks not going right.... need your opinions
Girlfriend moving away but I have a well paid job here
I made a mistake I regret everyday
Boyfriend doesn't want to hangout
Advice needed
Loving married girl
Been hurt so much I'm afraid
Nice guys finish last
Is my ex likely to come back
My partners wants me to leave when his daughter comes over
He says im not interested... which is not the case
If I would
Bother or not
Help pls
Confused affair
My family is killing my life
I'm so confused and frustrated!
She asks questions in a way that disturbs / bothers me, anyone help or understand?
Needing advice
Should I tell him?
Don't know what to do
Do I really love him or am I just lonely?
Love is blind?
Loss of a parent - sex - relationship
All my fault?
Cheating pastor
Still lost
Work and wellbeing - your involvement needed
Transgender or DID?
Spark lost?
Need advice
I need your relationship advice
Motivation for studying hard
Hang in there or not?
Confused and need answers
Work crush
Woman following my husband on instagram
Feeling like a yoyo
Seperation advice please
Need some advice please
In-laws and family
Unfaithful mind
Am I too insecure or is she really pushing me away?
Confused over recent break up - please advise
I took him back
When your childs grandmothers hate each other what do you do?
My marriage is in trouble
How do you love the same person again and again?
To stay friends, or not to stay friends??? That is the question!!
Is he cheating?
Does she like him
I don't want to waste my time and my parents money
Things not going well - feel lost
Relationship help please
Half in love with two people...
Facebook and exes
Need advice on 3.5 year relationship
Still attached to the past
Beyond frustrated
My husband had a one night stand
My boyfriend wants me to sign a contract
My brother is dating my ex
Falling for best girl mate (different cultures)
No sex in a relationship
He lied about his age by 9years for 5 years
I may be a terrible person
How do I go about getting into a relationship with this girl?
Lost without him
Please help!
Feeling depressed over my relationship
Honest Opinions: What would you do if your Fiance did this?
Advice needed, considering affair with boss
That awkward time
Does he love me as much as I love him
In over my head
Stay strong or give in?
Jealous friend
Stay or go?
Help me get my long time crush!
Thinking of cheating or ending 6 year relationship...
My husband is acting like a bull in a china shop
Falling out of love?
Trust - just found out partner has been secretly saving money
What are some ways for me to ask someone on a date if I have social anxiety?
What are some for me to ask someone on a date if I have social anxiety?
A great confusion whether he loves me or not
My ex bf was player and why do I feel so hurt?
Trying to get ex to work it out
How to deal with being in love with a committment phobic guy
What should I do?
So messed up
How do I make friends?
Best friend problems! Help :(
Do I move on or stick it out?!
Love - yey or ney?
Why my bf never tells me the reason of his anger whenever he gets angry with me?
Fiance has very close friendship with his office colleague
When to know he's crossing the line
Torn in what to do in my relationship
I can't love my girlfriend and its MY fault!
Giving up someone who seems to be my soulmate
Giving up someone who seens to be my soulmate
Breaking it off smoothly
Marriage advice
I'm confused between which boy to choose
Is it worth trying to salvage my relationship with my sister?
He's my best friend who lied to me and now things have become complicated
Flaky friend
Girlfriend wants to move back with ex for the kids
My girlfriend wants me to stop trying...
Boy problems. Everything changes so quick!
What is he thinking
I wonder if he is saying the truth and am I overthinking this whole thing...
Husband likes porn better!
Not sure of what is going on
Boy friend or husband, where to go?
Maybe too far??
Backstabber people
Husband of 10 years flirts with my friend
Is sending a letter a bad idea?
19 yrs old and feel pressure to get married
Am I selfish as a parent?
Girlfriend told me I'm small (should I end it?)
Advice welcome on new relationship with a biker
Broken promise
I think I should move out
Why I stopped sex with my husband for 31 years
My girlfriend love sex but last 10 yrs she doesn't want any
Life in American high schools
Relationships / emotions
My wife wants a girlfriend
Ex boyfriend is stringing me along, is there hope to get back together
I'm in love with my best friend
Relationships not lasting longer than 4-5 months
Why my relationships never last for longer than 4-5 months
Relationship issue
Migration and job
What to do??
I hate his smoking so much but he doesnt understand
Advice on what to do next, boyfriend not being honest
BIG problems! Intimacy?
My wife opened my pad and found a video paused of a couple of women making out with each other
He's left me for someone he's known two weeks?
Problem with my girl
How should I deal with this situation?
Like my best guy friend?
Confused women
Married since 2 months but no sex with wife
Need advice on if I should stay
Unhappy relationship
HELP with work love triangle!!!
I really like this guy please can someone help me
Boyfriend left me, but won't leave me alone
Online dating
Just need some advice
Married and in love with someone else
My neurotic daughter in law
Boyfriend problem
Horrible situation in marriage
Stick it out or end it?
Recently separated from husband
My history with him
Totally different issue now...
He called out of the blue
Too much?
Need help with girlfriend
How can I deal with a woman who is boring in bed?
Unhappy in relationship
My relationship is starting to become distant?
Does he love me?
Need advice
Making a joke?
Problems with my relationship
Disturbed by everything... cry all the time
My ex-friend admitted to having feelings for me... Where to go from here?
A little immature but....
How do I keep a relationship together when children are involved?
Relationship problems what should I do?
I want her back
Affair and pregnancy...
Is it love?
I need help again. Advice for dating
He won't hear the truth
Why is he doing this?
Relationship awful cycle
Can't make wife happy
Irresponsibility is driving me crazy
Am I supposed to give up on US?
My boyfriend says I can't help him
Inappropriate behavior???
Conflicting signals
He's different when he's gone
I'm married and am thinking of leaving him
My boyfriend was forced to marry someone he does not love
Don't know what to do
Do you think I should tell a guy, before meeting, that I'm overweight?
Problems with girlfriend of 3 months
Bf's 14 y.o son acting strange to me
How can I (or should I) talk to my girlfriend about this sex thing?
My boyfriend left me 5 weeks ago
Please help relationship trouble
My boyfriend doesn't want me hanging out with my best guy friend!
Is he cheating?
Crush, big crush
I'm not sure what to do about my boyfriend.. I'm worried I'm going to lose him
My husband had an affair.. it's so hard
Lied to me
Very confused about everything
Feel nothing, too much going on to focus
Trust problems
My massive crush
Mature virgin woman masturbating?
I cried
Unsure and hurting
Relationship with close guy friend - mixed signals
He left me for someone else
Am I doing the right thing by ending this relationship?
Sexting, unfaithfulness and family values
Does he hate me now, or is he just confused and angry?
What to do??
Have I made the correct decision?
I'm obsessing over a friend who dumped me 2 years ago
How can I be without alcohol
In love but can't be together
I am ugly
Have you ever checked your partner's mobile phone?
Rock and a hard place
Confusion galore
My ex left me for another girl and got her pregnant
Am I right for cutting her off from my life?
Unfixable problem
Bad night at a friends house
End of the world
Talking to other girls
Malaysian flight MH17 downed over Ukraine - what next?
Going away again
My closest friend is giving me the silent treatment. What do I do?
Boyfriend cheating and a baby
I want sex but not as much as him
Husband says I'm too sensitive
What do I do
Issues with men and relationships
My ex is married and still want me back
I really want my ex back :(
I no longer love my husband and have fallen in love with a friend of mine
Told this girl my mate fancies her
Not sure if its me or my partner but I am not very happy
Need help with this girl...
Confused feelings
Mom has no logic
Being too sensitive or was he being disrespectful?
Her flirty friends
Coming out of the aftermath
Wait and see or let it go?
I don't find my wife very attractive
Feeling empty...
Am I stuck in love?
Can't stop thinking about someone else
Missing my wife
Stay or go paradox
Am I gay?
Two guy dilemma
Boyfriend isn't affectionate
Don't know if I should break up with my boyfriend
Winn dixie or walmart?
Does wanting alone time mean it's over?
What should I do about my brother telling my parents I smoked?
Love inside depression
She left because of things that arent true
The guy who help me alot turn out to be gay
Husband flirting on Facebook
My boyfriend
Girlfriend of 5 months broke up with me suddenly
Relationship advice
Lonely me
I need help figuring out what I should do with a situation with a friend I like
Long distance relationship
Should I be trusting this?
3 boys have screwed up my life
Girlfriend falls asleep during sex
I am having trouble figuring out what this woman wants
Always thinking my ex-boyfriend
Why would a man say this?
New to these forums
Family stuff
If I could have her back, would I?
Don't feel the need to hang around with friends anymore
Should I reach out to a friend that I told I couldn't be friends with anymore?
He walked out
Stopped giving oral
Break up after 5 yrs
No spark in relationship
Summer romance, a year later
Wanting a family
Don't know what to do
She is still hoping, and it creeps me out
When they say let's take a break
His bratty ass kids and bitch ass ex wife
Family problems like to vent
My other half's baggage
S/O's crazy kin
Very confused about my gay bestfriend does he have feelings for me? I'm a girl!?
Is it wrong to talk to your ex's best friend?
Need help was she cheating?
Online LDR problems
Is this right?
Is it possible to stay friends with my ex?
Would it be weird if I attempted to reset my relationship with a woman?
Girlfriend hasn't spoken to me in three days
My love was never my love
Will my divorced boyfriend marry me?
Thank you guys
Whats up with this guy??
Not right
Have I messed up my chances with this girl? Text log
Can't do right from wrong
To make a move or to move on
Trying to move on from a controlling relationship
Problems with girlfriend
Mum sleeps with my husband !!!! :(
Crazy about this girl, have no idea what to do, how she feels
Going to an out of town party with someone I just started dating?
Boyfriend wants to go on trip without me
Colleague being cold with me now
Starting anew
Buy the card or him
Cheating partner and domestic violence
I can't seem to be alone..
It's all bad
Can we be friends?
Boyfriend is getting massages from transsexuals
Long distance relationship break-ups
Am I being unreasonable?
What to do about my ex- please help
Keep attracting BS men...whyyyy?!?!
Male slut aka 'a bitch'
My husbands a sex addict, I'm emotionally numb
What to do
What to do?
My intake of alcohol is disturbing me
Girlfriend broke up with me
Dating sites
I get racial discrimination because of my foreign boyfriend
Guy needing advice regarding twins
Not sure if I love him? Should I break up with him?
Married but infatuated
Coming out?
Bitter break-up- require help moving forward
Is it wrong for my older sister to treat me like this?
Keeping things from me
What if he included what I do not want like a present
I need you to help answer the question
I need you to help answer the question
18 year old dating a 14 year old girl
What is wrong with the relationship
!HELP! GF wants to wait longer for her feelings to get stronger
Can't move on my ex bf
Don't know what to do
It's been 5 years but I still like my childhood friend
Fighters more than lovers
22 year old dating an 18 year old UK
Does he like me as more then a friend?
Help! Am desperate!
Just friends or more?
Reading through here, my problem seems trite...
How to interpret this?
Second marriage
How do I deal with my dad's new girlfriend
Wedding ring back
How to go on in life as a widow
Phone history
Why does he make me cry so easily?
Should I leave him
Will he come back?
Fake, time wasters about one on one chats
Don't know who to choose
I cannot understand his behaviour and I do not know if he has feelings for me
Long term relationship
Should I message him first?
Confused choice
Why is she suddenly distant?
Married to a sex addict whose going to prison
Trusting women issues
Cuckolding - confused
Am I too needy or is he too free spirited?
Questions regarding STD's?
I just don't know what to do anymore
I think I might leave my husband...
Mad and desperate at the same time
Emotions running high
Want someone who is keen to work on health together
Honest advice needed on my man dilemma
Boyfriend's mom is manipulative
Is my relationship over?
Mean and selfish
Help I'm paranoid part 2
Break... help
I ruined my future with the girl I love
Why can't I get him?
Ex-girlfriend on the mind
Analysis of intentions
Little trouble in paradise
Help I'm paranoid
Relationship advice needed!!!!
I have a gut feeling I can't shake
I don't know if I should end the relationship now before its too late?
I think I should end it but I need a nudge
Flunked out of college
Advice needed urgently
Angry and hurt
Am I a crazy girlfriend?
Getting over certain things
Confused & broken hearted
Happy Father's Day
What to do please help
Husband has turned violent
Not regretting it with him, but the act?
Severe jealousy
Advice needed badly!!
Ex gf contacts me after 1 month of no contact
Confused in a relationship that isn't even official
I'm a secret web cam model and need to tell my husband
Treated like I'm invisible
Texting husband, hurting wife
Something seems amiss...
My married son has a girlfriend
My husband is wrecking me and our family
My boyfriend broke up but has his doubts and I want him back
Is it selfishness? If so whom is selfish?
Treat him better then me
Really need advice asap
Bf becoming excessively rude
Potential relationship dilemma
Falling for someone in a relationship
A weird situation
Can a relationship work without sex
Cheating while on a break?
Starting over
Serial cheater
Ex bed buddy
Concern for exes when in a relationship
Bf problem
Any advice?
Late bloomer, wanting to date, issues with parents
Is she worth pursuing?
Confused about myself
My strange world... time for advice
Can somebody please tell me how to avoid seeing my ex girlfriend?
Should I continue this?
Cold feet or something more???
Why does he make me feel a nuisance
Please help :(
What should I do? How to get him back?
Empty and alone
Left alone with a lot of questions
Husband problems
Girl distancing herself from me, because I'm flying away in weeks
I don't trust
Just need to express
Advice please
Should I be concerned
Cruel remarks
Feeling unattractive, neglected
Should I be dating other men
Relationship dilemma
I think I'm being taken advantage of. What should I do?
My partner is secretly helping his ex with financial problems
Advice needed
Feel I'm not good enough
I am confused and cheating
Should I reveal my feelings?
Should I tell my parents about my boyfriend? Complicated
Recently single: feeling alone and scared...
What should I do about my dropout boyfriend?
Trouble with my marriage and a tough decision to make
Potential long distance relationship
Supposed to be my friend but more of a turncoat
Should I tell her how I feel?
Priorities: having children vs. being in love
Have to choose between 2 women
Can't read the signals
A relationship break
What a messed up situation! What do I do now?
Alone and no one to talk to
Confusion on my sexuality
Everything seems wrong today
Help with my marriage
How to help my boyfriend
PTSD - life & work
When a romantic rival infiltrates your friends group
Best friend stole my credit card - having trouble dealing with
Words hurt me
Why did this happen??
Porn problem - feeing like I'm not good enough
Controlling wife
It's been a year but...
My best friend just confessed to me while I try to repair my current one
I am really unsure of what to do
Boyfriend had a past of sex with men
I don't know what I am
Work toward a career or take anything and deal with it!!!!
Keeps standing me up but wanting another chance
Please help me! It's a long story but I don't know what to do
Family is angry so is wife
Perfect boyfriend?
Over-thinking queen.. I need help
Am I going crazy or am I right to be suspicious? Don't know what to do
Party mayhem
Can you remain friends
Torn between two men in my life
Please help, I'm desperate, its a long story im sorry
Girlfriend flirting at the clubs
Living with boyfriend, no commitment yet
I am in a relationship with a guy but I feel like I need a girl
Relationship - feel like I make all the effort
Complicated 4 yr relationship / help please
If not me than who
Feeling lost and exhausted from trying
Controlling and impulsive
What does all this mean and why is this??
I have no idea what to do
My ex moving out leaving debt
Should I go out with him?
What to do? Do I have no more options
Dating a broke man
From Prince Charming to douchebag
Sister slept with my husband
Marriage in question
Help me, please
How do I tell my boyfriend about something in the past?
Sometimes I stay too long or do I?
Changing colours
Difficult conversations
Not sure wife loves me
Met the love of my life
She said yes but we can't marry
Signs of a rebound?
Relationship lost its fizz
Online dating with an ex
Boyfriend ditched me, and asking me for my forgiveness after 10 months
Problems at home. Am I wrong?
My earlier boyfirend now husband doesn't take me seriously
Husband problems after 13 years
I have a problem with my boyfriend
Communication issues w/ boyfriend
I'm in love with my ex boyfriend, but so confused by his behavior
No foreplay
Confusing relationship help!!
Evasive friend
Never good enough
Wife has strong feelings for her ex
Sorry so long. I'm just not sure what to do anymore
Losing it?
Not at home in my own home
Father of my child ex texted him? Should I be worried?
How to get back together with a girl?
A painful breakup
Need advice on women approaching a man first
I need to learn how to be more vulnerable
So... my father wants to talk with me again?
I honestly need help getting over this guy, for the sake of my pride
Am I in an abusive relationship??
Don't understand our breakup
Relationship (after having new job)
What should I do when my boyfriend doesn't spent time with me?
Unsure about his feelings... help and advice needed
Dealing with attention seeking
Unclear signals
23 and newly married
Past relationship history
Wife never loved me!
Would this bother you?
Got cheated on...
Boyfriend acting kinda weird
Is this relationship an issue?
Stuck in the past, stuck on him
Should I leave him
Hurt and jealousy
Pressure and hope
Heartbreak dilemma
Very confused
What's wrong with my girlfriend or is it me
Any help or is it too late!
Get my ex back
I have lost the love of my life
The truth about polygamy and my issues
I still love my ex
Why does this keep happening
Weird, complicated guy... Help?
Boring relationship
Boring relationship. No excitement
What should I do about my crush?
I know its cliche, but I'm in love with my best friend and she might be leaving
My ex will not let me get my stuff
Relationship difficulty
What to do. Do I walk away
Broken and alone
Would be right for me to get myself into such a situation? He's my boss & older
How to see if this guy likes me
Am I creating my own problem?
How do I escape my past?
First date
No place to call home
To marry or not
How to cut off negative people from your life?
Infatuated with my college professor
Husbands past kills me
Wrong place, wrong time
Please help! This is serious
Feelings for an ex
So confused I can't think of one
Not following through with promises
Sick of his job
My ex cheated on me, found another girl and now doesn't pay the money he owes me!
Confusing behavior from my ex
I am disgusted with myself; I lied about my age!
Help me to make a life changing decision
Desperate parents & abuse & alcohol
Just got dumped need advice
Can my marriage survive his 4 yr affair
Trouble in paradise
Should I stay with my girlfriend
Crushing hard
Divorced with 4 kids
Realised I am in love with my ex but its too late
Difficult to feel comfortable with my partner
I'm engaged and having problems
Men make no freaking sense....
How one can ruin your life so easily?
Really need advice
Should I trust my girlfriend
Where to begin?
Please help me I am hurt for no reason
Sad and confused
To move or not
Partner makes me a stereotype
Girlfriend loves me but likes another guy
A problem shared is a problem....
Confusion & adoration
Rightfully incredulous?
Pros and cons of dating a single dad
Best friend and loneliness
Issues regarding relationship
Just an opinion please?
Dealing with different opinions in a relationship
I am really confused here......
His family hates me
Is it possible to get back together...
Does he enjoy hurting me?
Moving on
Come on guys.... Help me out =)
Am I out of line for wanting more intimacy from my gf?
How do I get him back?
My ex is rubbing his new relationship in my face
Not sure what to do; please help!
Losing my mind
Online friend likes me? Please help!?
Should I forget him?
Undecided if I should break up
Hard to be independent
Are my relationship fears realistic?
Insecurity and trust issues
Emotionally unstable
How long would a guy usually take to call or text you?
Penny for your thoughts
I made a mistake by dating his friend- please help
Should I even bother with this guy?
What does this mean?
Really complicated, and need real advice
Unrequited love?
I feel so confused
Scared of losing him
Father in law problems. Help please!!!!
Strict, strict parents
Fishing to making out has gone all down hill
Falling for a girl whose best friend likes me
She is the one... except she has a boyfriend
Time to say goodbye
I am struggling in my life
She had an affair, am I being unreasonable?
Bf obsessed with another girl...plz help
He came back a third time
Loosing to Frogger
My ex says he needs space?
Am I a control freak! Or is it him
Thinking my life should have been much different
Is he lying
I don't understand what went wrong?
How do I tell my parents?
Relationship advice
Proposed - but doesn't want to get married??
Questions questions questions
Should I tell about my past to my husband?
Leave my girlfriend or not!? Idk what to do..
Unhappy life
My fiance goes from hot to cold (behaviorally)
Who can I get guidance from?
Friend zone dilemma
Emotional problem
Confused, hurting & feeling ugly
Torn between two lives
Mixed signals
Lost hope for life
Been raped and I can't live with the consequences
My boyfriend goes on trips with his ex
Changes in relationship
Is this a dead relationship?
In love with someone a bit older than me
Stuck between best friend and lover
Is this the beginning of depression? if yes, how do I overcome it without anyone knowing
Is it worth my effort?
Trying to move on
Be nice to have some opinions (deep life help)
What to do, what to do
Has he been to strip clubs
Emotional affair?
DUI tearing us apart
He loves me, he loves me not?
Is it time to move on
Should I trust him again?
He says he still loves me
Addendum - is it love
Been in a pickle for years =S
The player
Friends and ex
Was there actually anything going on?
Calling me by another name?
My ex cheated on me
I need an outside opinion
Is it love
Stuck in a vicious love cycle
Any answer for this problem, relationship
He is staying all day long in the chat room
Marrying a divorced man with 2 kids
So sad inside... Torn on what to do:'(
33 year marriage, wife confessed to an affair 15 years ago
I need help on how to not talk to my parents as much
He says its my fault
Musicians girlfriend
Overthinking or do I have a problem here?
Am I over reacting
Is it a problem or not
I need your help to save my relationship
I'm beginning to feel sick over my thoughts
Where to go from here
I won't ever fall in love again
I dunno
Is my long marriage over?
Parent's divorce
Should I forget about him? Please answer
A log with legs spread wide
Does he like me? Should I back off?
I miss and love my best friend
I might not see her for years...
Hiding things
I can't say goodbye... and I miss him terribly
7 years & long distance love
Met this guy through matrimonial site
Mixed signs
She can't stop looking at other men while we're out together
Before we resume our relationship should we lay all the cards on the table?
He left me and I don't know how to deal with it
Help... I'm clueless
Don't know what to do!!
No longer sexually attracted to my wife
Someway alone in life?
Be in the place that I hate to live in or be homeless for the girl that I love?
Housewife and lonely
Story of my life?
Guilty of jealousy
Relationship / disloyalty
Wish he would just stop it already =(
Can't deny my feelings no more
My 3 year crush and I need some advice
Psycho ex girlfriend won't leave my boyfriend alone
How often do you see your significant other?
Don't know what to do!!!!
Doubts and confusion lately
I don't think I love my boyfriend
Am I crazy jealous?
My boyfriend acts irrationally and I think he may be mentally unstable
How to get a womans attention online
I don’t know me!
Drugs, infidelity and death... How do we get past this?
2 guys?
In love with ex, there's more to it than that
Don't want to push him away =(
Unsure what to do
My relationship is going nowhere
My ex is unintentionally ruining my relationship
Should I just walk away
I'm so confused
Husband financially dishonest to me
Did I do something to upset my teacher?
Ex girlfriend announces pregnancy, after 7 months
Should I take a break from work? Need guidance
Is this a dead end relationship?
He makes me fall out of bed
He is still attached to his ex girlfriend
I'm I reading into this too much?
Alcoholic ex-fiancé
Confused ex
In need of some good ol' fashioned relationship advice..
Think I was the rebound guy
Unhealthy partnership!
What is going on in his head?
I like him, he likes me.. no communication
Long distance dilema
What should I do with this relationship?
Is she taking the mick
Unhealthy relationship
My first time