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Missing People advice forum category advice forum category Devoted Mom And Nana Abandoned
CREATED: Sep 21 2017 at 00:14 by dee4560

I was a single mom. raised a beautiful daughter. we were two peas in a pod. moved to her new town, help with all her pregnancy/ help with her five kids under 7 daily. 3 months ago was told no longer needed and stay away from her and the kids. no contact since. I'm broken hearted and confused. all I do is cry. I miss my grsndbabies. now in this town with no family or friend. having health issue alone lost interest in life...

Other advice forum category advice forum category When A Girl Does This What Does It Mean?
CREATED: Sep 18 2017 at 04:25 by danny1998

tuesday in class I looked up I saw the girl i liked looking at me & smiling then she looked down at my chest while still smiling. then she looked up at my face while still smiling so I just looked away. then when I was talking to one of my friend I couldn't really hear him cause I had my headphones on & he said justin did you hear what I said & i said no. Then I heard her saying to her friends that I crack her up and said that I was quiet but funny....

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