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The following threads haven't been responded to yet, so we'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to review them, and offer your support / advice or perhaps even share your own experiences in relation to these life situations.

Emotional advice forum category advice forum categoryStruggling with life
CREATED: Jan 11 2020 at 12:43 by Senenter

Hi everyone, It is difficult for me to write this because i always try to put up a facade that nothing is wrong with me. But right now i just can't handle it anymore and i have to let it out. In September of last year i decided to start a new study since i wanted to get away from my dead end job. I went in with full confidence that i was going to make my first year and i wanted to give it my all. But as the time went on i just started to feel more and more down and depressed because i just can't see the purpose for me in life anymore. I would start to procrastinate and i have yet to get a ...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryAm I being love bombed or not?
CREATED: Jan 9 2020 at 18:19 by Paranoidornot

I am sensitive to this subject since I broke off a 7 year relationship with a man professing to love me to no end (and wanted to marry me very badly) but I learned that I believe he was a narc and I was definitely love bombed looking back. I am now seeing someone new for 4 months and want to be certain I'm not making the same mistake. I researched the issue and while I don't see many of the characteristics of love bombing I do see a few - namely: He said he loved me (after about a month or so) and hadn't been with someone like me ever in his life (and he's over 65 years old) - married...