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PeoplesProblems Chat Room

Welcome to our IRC (Internet Relay Chat) support group. You can learn more about IRC, and how to register your own unique chat nickname just below the chat widget. If our chat room has helped you, please endorse us via our Facebook 'Like / Share' buttons.

Guests can jump straight into the room by hitting the 'Start' button below (modify the default nickname if you wish). To initiate private messaging, ask whether the person wants to participate in main chat - if they agree, then you can click on their name and select 'message' which will start a simultaneous chat session.

Using Our IRC Chat Widget

Intro: IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was created back in 1988, and our chat widget utilises the latest technologies and computing resources provided by a number of volunteers and organisations around the world. When using the chat service, please note that nickname and password management is managed between you and the IRC network - therefore, we are unable to assist with any account related issues.

How To Register A Nickname

When you're connected to our channel, you can register your nickname by sending the following command:

/msg NickServ REGISTER emailaddress password
/msg NickServ REGISTER parsnip

This would register your current nickname to the email address with a password of parsnip.

Note that nicknames expire after 30 days of inactivity (after such time, they can be taken by someone else).


NickServ will send you an Activation Email to the email address you specified in the step above. In the email is an Activation Code which you will need to complete your registration. Find the email and get from it your Activation Code and then use the ACTIVATE command.

/msg NickServ ACTIVATE code
/msg NickServ ACTIVATE 1234567

How To Change Your Nickname

/nick ThePeaceMaker

How To Ignore / Unignore Someone

/ignore USERNAME or /unignore USERNAME
/ignore johnsmith or /unignore johnsmith

Change Your Password

You can only change your password once you are identified (logged in) against your current nickname.

/msg NickServ SET PASSWORD newpassword
/msg NickServ SET PASSWORD sweetlikechocolate

Log In / Identify Yourself To The Chat Servers

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY account password
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY ThePeaceMaker sweetlikechocolate

Note that you cannot use this command to change your password if you have forgotten it.

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