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Answered threads: Oct 16 2019 to Oct 22 2019

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Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryNot sure if my boss kissed me on purpose (Posts: 1)
CREATED: Oct 20 2019 at 09:01 by Didhekissme RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Oct 20 2019 at 13:47

Hey Guys, I (27) need your opinion.. So there is my Boss who is 20 years older than me. We’ve worked together for a couple of years now. He is very supportive, we have a great relationship and we are a good team. Fact is that, since about 3 years, as soon as we had some alcohol (for example at a team event, client event etc), our conversations turn into flirts (of course only when we are alone and not in front of colleagues). We both know that we like each other, also in a sexual way, but that there can never be more than flirts as he is married. I was always totally fine with that and I...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryFreaking out so bad and utterly terrified (Posts: 5)
CREATED: Oct 18 2019 at 12:55 by HannaM RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Oct 21 2019 at 23:54

Ok, so my husband told me 2 weeks ago that he is going to a conference in Amsterdam next month. He knows how i feel about that place. He assured me that the conference center is outside of Amsterdam and right by the airport (this is in fact true) and that it would only be for one night. He also promised he would not venture into the city center. I made my peace with this and supported him. Last night he told me he had more information and that he is in fact going for 3 nights and not 1. Leaving very early morning on a Sunday morning (not sure why they are going so early) 2 days conference and ...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryFinding females who are interested in me? (Posts: 1)
CREATED: Oct 18 2019 at 09:53 by Balance RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Oct 18 2019 at 12:51

I haven't dated many women in my life, technically I've only had one live-in girlfriend and that lasted for over 5 years. I've gone on a few dates but usually these ended in women ghosting me or just deciding they weren't interested and going their separate ways. I'm in my early 30's and am extremely bothered by this. I often find myself wondering if something is wrong with me that makes women disinterested. I see a lot of women being selfish these days and getting applauded for it, playing the field and stringing along guys who put in effort for them while chasing after someone else w...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryConflicted, mental health relationship help (Posts: 1)
CREATED: Oct 18 2019 at 05:28 by Jenna5989 RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Oct 18 2019 at 12:58

My boyfriend told me he cheated on me at the start of our relationship with an old friend at the time. I believed him but did wonder if it was true. He then told me a lot of other things that happened that he remembers but some of the things he says is not true. He told me me, him, and 2 friends had a convo about me cheating and there were tears and all but this is 1000% not true. Some things he genuinely remembers and can describe in detail is not true. Me and a friend think there is more to it and has something to do with his mental health as he is positive he remembers all these thin...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryConfused about EVERYTHING (Posts: 2)
CREATED: Oct 16 2019 at 19:33 by Coourtzzz RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Oct 17 2019 at 07:49

So, I was with someone from the age of 17 to a month before turning 23 (last year). I ended things with my ex because.. well, I can barely even remember why. I felt that we never saw each other, he went on his phone A LOT, and he sort of stopped engaging in deep conversations with me, I would try to get something out of him and he quite often gave me one word answers and I became really fed up. His dad was very much the Same, and I began scared that he would end up like his dad, who was very very quiet. We stopped having fun, really. But really, I think I changed too, I wanted to go out al...