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Threads created: May 20 2022 to May 26 2022

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Other advice forum category advice forum categoryMy mom is very angry about a family holiday, please help
[5 POSTS] CREATED: May 24 2022 at 18:42 by Iloverosie RESPONDENTS: Soulmate LAST POST: May 25 2022 at 14:52

I live with my mother in the family home. My father wasn't there when I was growing up. My siblings are gone away to live and work abroad. One of my siblings has plans to come home on holidays this summer. My mom knew this and she was looking forward to the visit. She was cleaning the spare room for months. It's an older house and there is some damp and some jobs to do on the ho...

Relationships advice forum category advice forum categoryProblems with MEN - Result of teenage Trauma
[4 POSTS] CREATED: May 23 2022 at 06:43 by Freegirl92 RESPONDENTS: Aka / Soulmate LAST POST: May 25 2022 at 19:22

Hello all, I would like some advice on how to go about dealing with and getting my power back as a result of having sex/relations with an older male when I was younger. (Being Taken advantage of) The story goes, when I was 16 I had the typical emotional problems that comes with being a teenager, I realized quickly I loved to drink to mask my problems from lack of affection from my father. I con...

Relationships advice forum category advice forum categoryTo stay or to let go of my marriage
[9 POSTS] CREATED: May 20 2022 at 14:53 by SadCat RESPONDENTS: Balance / Aka / Soulmate LAST POST: May 26 2022 at 16:05

Ive been in this marriage with my husband of 3 years. All was good in fact most days are good. But it's been months since our last time being intimate (I blame us for working 24/7) but it's because of this too I'm beginning to become less attracted to him sexually as a husband. He often assures me that he is still attracted to me but the hecticness & tiring life led us both t...

Money advice forum category advice forum categoryEstate Distribution Out of Balance/Short End of the Stick
[2 POSTS] CREATED: May 20 2022 at 02:05 by Rogues_Scholar RESPONDENTS: Balance / Soulmate LAST POST: May 22 2022 at 16:58

Let me start by saying I'm in a blessed situation financially and my concerns come from a place of fairness not greed. I hate money for the problems it can cause but I don't know what to do with my feelings over this. I'll try to keep this brief. I chose not to get married nor have any kids. I'm a disabled vet that has money coming in monthly to help balance the times I can�...