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Threads created: Jan 31 2023 to Feb 6 2023

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Long Distance Relationships advice forum category advice forum categoryFrance to the US - long distance problems
[2 POSTS] CREATED: Feb 6 2023 at 00:56 by blackberrymojito RESPONDENTS: oldmainer LAST POST: Feb 6 2023 at 17:40

I'm having real struggles with my relationship. I've been with my partner for a year now, and we've been long-distance the whole time. He lives in France and I in the United States. He's visited here twice, for a total of about a month and a half, and I've visited him twice, for a total of a month, with plans to visit him again for a month this April. Since the beginning, ...

Relationships advice forum category advice forum categoryIs he messing with me?
[2 POSTS] CREATED: Feb 4 2023 at 22:59 by Winterdayz75 RESPONDENTS: oldmainer LAST POST: Feb 5 2023 at 14:07

A guy I had a date (one date) with 10 years ago got in touch with me, out of the blue, via social media 8 months ago. I was the one on our date 10 years ago that thanked him for our date (just drinks) and said I didn't want to date him, he was accepting of that and we went our separate ways. He was the first date I'd had after my break up from my partner of several years. I realised on m...

Relationships advice forum category advice forum categoryBizarre crush CREATED: Feb 2 2023 at 15:42 by CliveTheCactus

Hello all, I've been in a relationship with the love of my life for nearly 2 years. They have my heart, complete me and are just the perfect person for me. However, I have developed a bizarre crush on someone else. I would never pursue anything, but I do fantasise and find myself thinking about this crush more than I should. I have never been in a committed relationship for as long as I h...

Relationships advice forum category advice forum categoryParanoia that my wife is cheating...
[4 POSTS] CREATED: Feb 1 2023 at 14:08 by ManchesterMan RESPONDENTS: Soulmate LAST POST: Feb 4 2023 at 00:50

So, let me begin by saying that generally, our relationship seems (on my end) quite solid, we live together and have been married for almost a year. we have known each other for nearly 10 years. I work full time to support us both, she mostly stays at home but sometimes works for an hour or so a day in a cleaning role, we share the responsibility for cleaning and cooking at home. We are both...