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Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryI lied to my boyfriend that I have a dead sister for attention (Posts: 2)
CREATED: Aug 20 2019 at 20:31 by catlover27 RESPONDENTS: lily31 / susiedqq LAST POST: Aug 21 2019 at 13:48

Hello guys, this is quite long so that’s the warning lol. A couple years back when I was 15 I was in a relationship with a guy, lets call him Max. We were young and stupid but he was incredibly emotionally abusive to me during the whole course of the relationship. I was having suicidal thoughts daily, I was incredibly depressed and had 0 self esteem. Despite all this being blatantly obvious, he still never cared for him. One night during a heated argument about me smiling at some guy or something I said something that to this day haunts me. Craving the slightest bit of attention and c...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryRelationship trouble (Posts: 3)
CREATED: Aug 20 2019 at 14:06 by superduper RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Aug 20 2019 at 14:58

I was married for 30 years and now single for 12 years. I am dating someone for the past 7 years, but it is up down up down all the way. He is a difficult person to the extend that whatever I do, I am called stupid etc. We got engaged a couple of months back, then I discovered he is seeing others behind my back. He claimed it is work related, but the smse shows a different story. My problem is, I find it hard to leave him. Even now I told him I am done. I need to know how to go about it as I always take him back....

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryNot sure if I like my boyfriend enough but don't want to lose him (Posts: 2)
CREATED: Aug 19 2019 at 17:46 by amj0294 RESPONDENTS: susiedqq / lily31 LAST POST: Aug 20 2019 at 19:25

I'm unhappy in my relationship sometimes. It's very complicated though as one minute I can feel loved up with him and like I'm happy and then my mood can change and a few hours later I've got this voice in my head which says I'm unhappy and I don't truly love him which yes I don't think I do. Bottom line is I don't really know what love is and I know you shouldn't compare relationships but I don't always get everything so intense with him or butterflies in the same way I did with my ex. I'm young too just to clarify I'm 20, so I'm not going to know an awful lot. I know it's unhealthy to drag t...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryAm I crazy or just a fool? (Posts: 1)
CREATED: Aug 19 2019 at 14:23 by heartbroken728 RESPONDENTS: catlover27 LAST POST: Aug 20 2019 at 20:40

My boyfriend has a history of sometimes telling me white lies or just outright lies about his finances. The reason why the truth is so relevant is because he wants to live in my home and pay me rent. I know he lives paycheck to paycheck with little left over but here's what he told me yesterday: I specifically asked him how much money he has left in his account each month after paying bills and he said about $1,000 but last month he had only a few hundred (which he later said was closer to $150; in reality I know its $130). I asked him to repeat the answer which he did. For example, I know ...

Emotional advice forum category advice forum categoryIs it weird to ask a girl you barely know if she wants to keep in touch? (Posts: 1)
CREATED: Aug 19 2019 at 00:20 by ElectricDreams RESPONDENTS: lily31 LAST POST: Aug 19 2019 at 13:29

Hi, this isn’t a big deal. Just something that has been bugging me. I went out with some friends the other night and met this girl. Now I don’t want to sound like a wet lettuce, I meet girls all the time, but for no reason I can place this one seemed special. Like massive attraction or something. We had a great night and exchanged numbers. I texted her the next day and it went back and forth until she went to bed. The next day I was feeling impulsive and asked her if she wanted to see a film with me. I couple hours later she replied saying sorry but she has to say no. She’s moving to ...