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Answered threads: Dec 4 2018 to Dec 10 2018

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Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryRelationship Differences (Posts: 2)
CREATED: Dec 10 2018 at 07:17 by btd816 RESPONDENTS: susiedqq / lily31 LAST POST: Dec 10 2018 at 13:00

Hi everyone. I just wanted to reach out to receive an unbiased opinion for a major issue I am currently struggling with in my relationship. The situation is weighing heavily on me and I would just like some advice on what to do about it. So my boyfriend and I have been together a couple months now. We are usually great but lately it hasn't been as great. Relationships have hard times so I am aware of that as well and fine with it. An example of this was this morning. He had texted me good morning and said that he missed when I called him babe and other pet names because we had been fig...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryNeeding Advice On A Relationship Issue (Posts: 1)
CREATED: Dec 7 2018 at 22:09 by Kitkat RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Dec 10 2018 at 12:44

My boyfriend has told me he needs time on his own i have told him i love him i am here for him and i dont want to throw what we have away so i will give him space and wait for him to contact me. But i cant workout wether we are still together or if were split and i dont know how to ask him after telling him i wouldnt contact him. I dont want to seem like im interrogating him and push him further away can anyone help me please???...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryMy Ex Is Back On The Scene! (Posts: 1)
CREATED: Dec 6 2018 at 23:42 by Anonymous1010 RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Dec 10 2018 at 12:51

I’m in need of some advice with regards to an ex Boyfriend... I don’t know where to start, but il give it ago. Hope you’re ready for a read. Il try and add as much detail as possible and apologies about the grammar in advance. Current Status: I have been with my current partner now for over 5 years, we love each other very much. We work really well together as we have built two very successful businesses with each other. When we got together I feel like the first two years it was just company- no feelings but after the second year we become more custom and content together. Now we ...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryIn Law Problems (Posts: 2)
CREATED: Dec 5 2018 at 14:17 by Confused1975 RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Dec 6 2018 at 13:48

Hello Many years ago my wife divulged lots of information about how her mother had negatively impacted her development throughout her life, how her mom had let her down etc. This along with issues that I have witnessed for myself really make me struggle to be civil to my mother in law. My wife acknowledges that by confiding in me, she has made it difficult for me to like my mother in law but she is now upset as she feels that this is making her distant from her family as I struggle to hide my feelings. I keep trying to bury everything and move on but I really am struggling and I wan...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryAre Exes Exes For A Reason? (Posts: 2)
CREATED: Dec 4 2018 at 21:41 by Californiapoppy RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Dec 5 2018 at 23:38

Anyway, I recently got back with an ex. We dated for a while and it felt magical. Great sex. Great conversations. Everything. If I had any real annoyance with him, it's that he's pretty introverted and I felt like I had to plan everything. (Which felt kind of unequal. Like, dude, find some fun stuff to do with me for once! I don't like having to intuit what other people want to do then plan it all!) Then he broke up with me out of the blue because I "go to bed too early" (I go to bed at 11 on work nights because, you know...work), "eat normal food" (like, I like to eat three meals a day ...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryNo Support (Posts: 1)
CREATED: Dec 4 2018 at 21:09 by miora RESPONDENTS: MamaBear LAST POST: Dec 10 2018 at 18:01

Been married 22 years together 26. had more lows then highs in the marriage. I still love him but think this is the end for us and thinking of divorcing him. the trust as gone completely for me. he as looked at porn, told to stop but still went behind my back and done it again, he took out loans behind my back and said, so what if he did, he as been on dating sites as well. I have cheated on him in the past so im no saint and I done it because he made me feel I wasn't good enough looking at porn a lot and finding the dating sites. we moved house 2 months ago and its the worst one we could of p...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryEvent With An Ex (Posts: 2)
CREATED: Dec 4 2018 at 18:05 by Jenarmen RESPONDENTS: susiedqq / Altreal LAST POST: Dec 6 2018 at 16:07

I broke the no contact rule with my ex by begging him to which of course he said no and in an week I was invited to a party to my former work place (he still works there).Should i go to this event knowing he will be there especially after i made a fool out of myself by begging him to get back together? I don’t want him to think I am going there only to see him and that this is a way of stalking him or making him take me back but also I want to enjoy seeing my old colleagues with which I stayed in contact after I left my workplace. ...

Money advice forum category advice forum categoryProcrastination And Bad Choices - Need Advice! (Posts: 1)
CREATED: Dec 4 2018 at 00:59 by barbados RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Dec 10 2018 at 13:01

Who we are: We are eastern europeans, heterosexual couple,she is 35 and Im 38. We have been together for 6 years, and met each other in EU. Location: UK, (England). Not in London. Immigration status: She has EU citizenship and I have dual citizenship. She has lived 11 years in UK and I have done six and half. We have humanitarian degrees. (non UK). We have not been able to get a job using those. id say they re worthless here. We have not been able to find job in our homee countries as well hence came to UK. Job experience in UK: she has been a carer (mostly for elderly) all the time....