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Answered threads: Jun 15 2018 to Jun 21 2018

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Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryI Don't Know If I Should Stay With My Husband (Posts: 5)
CREATED: Jun 19 2018 at 09:50 by Dunnowhattodo RESPONDENTS: susiedqq / MamaBear LAST POST: Jun 20 2018 at 18:11

So in January after 89 days of conversation after conversation my husband admitted he had unprotected sex with a stranger in 2015. 89 days of lying to my face watching me break down, knowing in my gut I hadn't got the truth. In October he admitted to chatting to girls online, i pushed him a bit and he said he would write me a letter, so 10 hours of anxiety and worry and stress ensued while he wrote, in the end he handed me a letter which basically blamed me for all of our problems. He admitted entertaining himself to my friends pictures on FB and living in a fantasy land including po*...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryWhy Did She Betray Me? What Is Wrong With Me? (Posts: 1)
CREATED: Jun 19 2018 at 08:09 by Proactivepotato RESPONDENTS: susiedqq LAST POST: Jun 19 2018 at 13:05

My best friend of 1 year and I moved away for college together. She was depressed and suicidal and she wanted to go away and start a new life with me. Her parents weren't helping much so I offered to support her until she was stable. I gathered money from my old jobs and helped her with our dorm,food,leisure etc. But when we arrived everything went down.We would fight as she was ungrateful and demanding, and I had an alcohol addiction, and I was recovering from some trauma. Sometimes she’d slap me or bite me really hard which drew flashbacks on me. I was feeling traumatized by my past, and...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryDid I Make A Mistake Having Sex With My Ex?? (Posts: 1)
CREATED: Jun 18 2018 at 15:53 by Trouble RESPONDENTS: Dunnowhattodo LAST POST: Jun 19 2018 at 10:44

Broke up with my ex-boyfriend about six weeks ago and I managed to block his number and email. The truth is that I really missed his touch his love and our fabulous sex life. I decided to sign up for some online dating recently and out of the blue I received a response from the site from my prior boyfriend. I tried to ignore it but one thing led to another and after several days I agreed to meet with him to bring some closure to our relationship since the break up was quite abrupt. I broke up with him after I learned he was lying about his finances again. He told me in that he has changed ...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryI Think She Is Using Me To Make My Frined( Her Ex) Jealous (Posts: 2)
CREATED: Jun 17 2018 at 21:25 by 500169 RESPONDENTS: Physics Enthusiast LAST POST: Jun 18 2018 at 08:06

So after my friend (Male 22) left her girl ( Female 19) for another one she suddenly started to text me (Male 20) and ask me if i knew that he was cheating on her. Ofcourse i wouldn't lie to her and told her what i knew. We started to text all days after that. After some months her friend tried to make me kiss her at a party( where she stole my phone and snapped her cleavage to her ex) after that i always got a feeling that she uses me just to make him jealous and i wouldn't want my friend to hate me ( now he does). So after that she started sending me some half nude photos and she made me ...

Other advice forum category advice forum categoryDeadbeat Mother (Posts: 2)
CREATED: Jun 17 2018 at 16:31 by NikNik RESPONDENTS: Dunnowhattodo / susiedqq LAST POST: Jun 19 2018 at 13:11

Well I just graduated high school and I’ve been working since my sophomore year. My mother doesn’t do anything for me but she does everything for her other 3 kids. I literally work my ass off for EVERYTHING I OWN! I saved up for a car that had unfortunately too many problems that I couldn’t fix and I can barely get a ride to work from her. Since graduating I’ve spent almost every min I possibly could at work because not only am I going out of state to school I have to buy everything on my own because she doesn’t do anything to support me. I’ve had good grades and I’m on a sch...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryStruggling After A Surise Break-up (Posts: 6)
CREATED: Jun 16 2018 at 10:31 by BettyBee RESPONDENTS: Physics Enthusiast / susiedqq LAST POST: Jun 17 2018 at 21:01

My boyfriend of 3.5 years broke up with me a almost 6 weeks ago and I'm really struggling. We had plans for the future and I thought we were finally going to be able to get some alone time and actually live like a real couple. We both live with our parents at 29 (me) and 24 (him) so I was feeling suffocated. He said he hasn't been happy in a long time and he's tried to be blunt with me in the past, but from where I'm standing these conversations have not happened. He doesn't want a baby anytime soon, even though he was the one always saying "should we start trying now", and so on and so fo...

Relationship advice forum category advice forum categoryJust Need To Vent A Little (Posts: 8)
CREATED: Jun 15 2018 at 06:05 by Physics Enthusiast RESPONDENTS: Minipizza / MamaBear / susiedqq / Scopes / Christy LAST POST: Jun 18 2018 at 08:07

Been married 17 years, together for 22. My dad died seven years ago and I started falling into a pretty deep depression. My wife put up with it for about three years and then decided the best way to handle it would be to start dating other men. Between willful ignorance and wishful thinking I was able to ignore it for 3 years. Then she started actually bringing her last boyfriend to my house like he was "just a friend". My hackles had been up for a long time but I finally decided to no longer ignore what I was picking up on. Last November I asked her if there was anything she needed to tell...