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Overcoming nightmares: effective coping strategies for a peaceful night's sleep

Author: Jasmine S

Nightmares are vivid, disturbing dreams that can jolt us awake, leaving us in a state of fear and anxiety. While they are a common experience, recurring nightmares can significantly impact our overall well-being and disrupt our sleep patterns. Fortunately, there are effective coping strategies that can help individuals overcome nightmares and achieve a more peaceful night's sleep.

Are we ready to become parents?

Author: Amy Vu

Despite the age for Australians starting a family getting higher with each generation, having children is still a very important life goal for many of us.

21 steps you need to take when someone passes away


When a spouse, relative or close family friend passes away, many people find that they are overwhelmed. The following infographic from summarises the key issues that you need to address when dealing with a bereavement, and their dealing with bereavement page points you in the direction of people that can help you.

Are you being sexually abused by your partner? understanding sexual violence

Author: Donna Rogers

When we think of sexual assault, we often have this image in our mind of a stranger attacking a woman in some dark alley and leaving her battered after the act. However, research shows that 7 out of 10 rapes are committed by someone known to the victim and 25% of all rapes are committed by a girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse. Moreover, women can be perpetrators too. Sexual violence involves a wide range of behaviors and is not limited only to forced penetration, nor does it always involve a weapon or physical injuries. In fact, 55% of sexual assaults occur near or at the victim's home.

Thoughts and insights that aid to overcome anxiety, nervousness and fear

Author: Pavan Rajput

The reasons for anxiety, nervousness and fear differ from person to person and their problems. Some people tend to get excited and anxious on the merest matters and some people have the capacity to handle the toughest of situations that life can hand out. But whatever type of the person be it is necessary to overcome this state of mind as this can lead to major and intense situations.

Why are people afraid to seek counselling?

Author: Lisa Laba Sarkis

Counselling for so many can be difficult to face and perhaps even discussing concerns and stressors with family or friends might be hard for you sometimes.

How deodorant can keep you fresh and attractive all day

Author: Jamie Morrison

Good hygiene keeps us from contracting or developing harmful diseases. By ensuring that we are clean at all times, we are able to prevent accumulation of dirt on our bodies and thus practice good hygiene. This is especially important for women.

Your guide to the best ayurvedic products and practices to include in your beauty regimen

Author: Jack Dawson

Your skin protects your body from many harmful external influences including microbes and harmful sunrays. However, it can take a beating as you go through daily life, and hence, it’s important to have a strict beauty regimen to follow in order to keep that natural glow.

Column on being positive

Author: Niki Scott

"We all know people who race around in small, futile circles whenever they're presented with a problem to solve, and others who seem to be natural-born problem solvers—able to tackle obstacles, calmly, logically and effectively.

Easing social anxiety and autism through oxytocin spray

Author: Jack Dawson

As people become older, there is a possibility of less oxytocin being produced. Deficiency in oxytocin can result in undesirable effects such as depression and anxiety. The major health benefits of oxytocin constitute its impact on anxiety and stress. Oxytocin supplementation can help ease the symptoms of oxytocin deficiency among autistic individuals and those who have social anxiety.

Tips for staying healthy in india during your travel

Author: Stephen Ryan

India is full of diversities with its different culture, traditions as well as spirituality and therefore offers significant assortments to its travelers. You should take a few precautions for staying healthy throughout your trip in India.

Medical marijuana in the treatment of autism

Author: Jenny Richards

Autism is a development disorder that most doctors will diagnose within the first three years of life. Autism Spectrum Disorder also referred to as ASD or simply Autism often affects the individuals social and communication skills. The cause of autism is not yet known although it is associated with abnormal brain chemistry. Since the genesis is unknown, most of the medication prescribed for autism is to treat the symptoms of the disease but does not actually cure the disease. Some extreme versions of the conditions affect the entire lifetime of the individual making it almost impossible for them to lead a normal lifestyle.

Importance of blood sugar control and how to stay healthy with type 2 diabetes

Author: Jenny Richards

Type 2 diabetes is a problematic disease characterized by the inability to effectively regulate blood sugar in the body. When people get affliction of this disease they become vulnerable to high blood sugar. This problem arises when the production of insulin in the body is insufficient; the body is unresponsive to insulin or as a result of both of these situations.

Fast track your way to big strong muscles by buying protein powder online

Author: Jack Dawson

In order to build big, strong muscles, buying protein powder can be quite essential to achieving your goals in the most efficient and effective way. Once you have decided the exact protein supplement that will help you achieve your goals, buying protein powder in the right online store is quite important as well.

You can now search for doctors online conveniently and affordably

Author: Jack Dawson

Electronic health records document the health of various patients. They provide efficient storage for the patients and make it possible to find the required information in one location. Some of the advantages of electronic health records include enhanced health care, better quality, improved productivity and cost efficiency.

Take personal instructor courses to help your clients find the way to a healthy life

Author: Jenny Richards

In the 21st Century, everyone wants to look their best. However, there is a lot more to health than meets the eye. More than looking good, a healthy person feels good, is able to live better, live longer, and live a happier life. Unfortunately, most people today are not able to find the time to exercise regularly. Regular exercise is simply one of the best ways to stay healthy. Here’s why.

11 tips to cultivating healthy eating habits

Author: Jenny Richards

These days, with the improvements in science and research towards food, nutrition and our bodies, studies show that food is not just fuel for our bodies. The quality of food that you ingest is also important for:

Affordable alternatives to your regular date night

Author: Vanessa P

A date night can be exciting and romantic. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your other half. Regular date nights can get expensive pretty quickly, however, with fancy restaurant dinners and movie nights. Especially if you have been in a long-term relationship, the traditional date night scene can test the limit of your wallet if done every week.

10 tips to get white teeth easily

Author: Samantha Tyler

Everyone wants to have a great smile and for a beautiful smile you need to take care of your teeth. Proper oral hygiene is very important as it not only keeps your teeth white and shiny for many years, but also prevents various diseases that can harm your overall health. So, how can you keep your teeth perfectly alright for as many years as you want? Here are some great suggestions.

Best 5 tips to be healthy with radio talks by

Author: Jenny Richards

What according to you is the best way of leading a healthy life? Many of us would say that listening to health and wellness experts is the best way that can keep them healthy and happy. Today, we are well aware about the fact that visiting a health and wellness expert can cost us big, as it often comes with a pinching price tag. However, what about the idea of getting experts suggest effective health tips through radio talks? You will be glad to know that has initiated the way of spreading out health awareness among people through their radio talk shows.

Mens shaving and acne prevention tips

Author: Tate Handy

For something that has been a practice since the Ancient Egyptians were around and that the average man spends four months of his life doing, shaving can still be a tricky endeavor. The average man has 15-20,000 hairs growing on his face and needs around 150 strokes of the razor to fully shave, but with a few tips and tricks, you can make every razor stroke count.

How women can stay fit at 40 using vitamins & supplements

Author: Jenny R

As women reach the age of 40, their body starts undergoing a lot of changes. While middle age takes its own toll on both sexes, women have to deal with the added stresses of menopause and erratic hormonal changes. These internal changes present themselves in the form of various external symptoms, such as lower metabolism (leading to weight gain), fatigue and drop in energy levels, mood swings and a decreased sex drive.

10 natural remedies that can help you beat stress

Author: Charlotte Bermond

If you feel like you’re living in a world that’s always spinning and your worries are giving you constant anxiety, it’s time to take back control. Here are ten great ways to beat stress naturally.

What is acupuncture? what are the benefits of it?

Author: Julian Hooks

Every time you get a migraine or feel the need to throw up because of food poisoning, the first thing you will do is to get a medicine that cures all the symptoms away. After all, no doctor with a fancy medical degree will tell you to look for alternative methods where needles are involved.

First accident: helping your teen get back behind the wheel

Author: Lisa Coleman

Driving on a daily basis is something that all drivers take for granted. Depending on the length of the commute, people have been known to take care of things as varied as returning business calls to their personal grooming from the driver’s seat. Nothing is more sobering than operating business as usual and getting the surprise of a jolt from an impact with another vehicle.

How acupuncture can help you to beat your addiction

Author: Robyn Porteous

In recent times, Western medicine has begun to accept the use of alternative methods of treatments - particularly acupuncture - for certain disorders, illnesses, aches and pains. When it comes to addiction, acupuncture is thought to help reduce the often-nasty physical symptoms that go along with cravings and withdrawal. With this in mind we’re taking a look at the thinking behind acupuncture in treating addiction.

The aftermath of an accident: the road to recovery

Author: Holly Chavez

When you’ve been involved in a car accident and have sustained injuries, it is not uncommon during the aftermath to find yourself experiencing depression. In fact, it would be rare NOT to suffer this type of emotional crisis after such an event. There is so much that you must deal with, including financial impact, effects on your family and home life, pain management and just reorganizing your life in general - and the stress will often lead to injury-related depression.

Safety at work: how to avoid a slip and fall

Author: Holly Chavez

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have both indicated that approximately 15 percent of all workplace injuries result from a ‘slip and fall.’ Tragically, this leads to 17,000 fatalities annually, with an additional 1 million people injured in this manner.

Disabled? don’t worry, help can come to you

Author: Holly Chavez

Individuals who are facing disabling injuries today often face an uphill battle to cope with the ordeal. Team this with a tough economy, medical bills, and the stress of physical and emotional recovery, and you’ll find that disability can come with a host of challenges.

Gambling and our surroundings: how an environment shapes us

Author: Kian Weston

Make sure when you are gambling online that you are doing it in the right way to stay safe and secure. Feeling good about actually spending money on it can be incredibly tricky and due to the sheer number of different casinos to choose from it also can be incredibly tough to make sure you are even doing it in the correct place. Unlike land based casinos, online establishments like Gaming Club casino are a fantastic way to play casino games these days as they offer a huge variety in games and allow you to gamble with real people from around the world.

The substance abuse counselor industry

Author: Jared Anderson

Have you ever heard of a substance abuse counselor? Many people know of all of the associated resources out there, such as your typical psychological counselor, treatment centers, inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation facilities, but not as many know about a certain type of person that works at these places. Maybe you’re aware of a chemical dependency specialist or an addiction therapist. These are just synonyms for a substance abuse counselor.

Healthy and highly effective infertility treatments for women

Author: Julian Hooks

With the influx of unhealthy food, a busy lifestyle and practically no time to eat right and exercise properly, infertility is an issue that most successful women have to deal with. A lot of factors can influence the inability to conceive. Emotional problems and even the food you eat contribute to women’s incapability of getting pregnant. In this article, explore the natural, healthy ways you can do to combat infertility.

Choose mediated divorce for peace of mind

Author: David Jones

When a couple decides to dissolve the marriage, they face two alternates.

3 tips that will help your single parent juggling act

Author: David Jones

Life after divorce is never easy. Yes, to you it might turn out as a pleasant change for a while due to the release you got from all of your pain and misery but it would be a difficult change for your children to deal with. A couple that was once married now isn’t together as the protector of the children. Not only a single parent cannot effectively protect the children but there are tons of other problems that he/she has to deal with.

How porn can ruin your dating life

Author: Patrick Banks

There was a time when intimacy and sex are not shared with other people but just between individuals involved. It’s changed now. People are more exposed to porn and their views are somehow affected by it but most individuals are not even aware of how much this can affect their daily lives and their sexual preference.

The financial impact of depression and grief

Author: Ella Moss

There are many aspects of life which affect our finances: work, family, lifestyle – to list a few. However, two situations that occur in life which we don’t expect to affect our finances are grief and mental illnesses, such as depression. When grieving or in the depths of depression, we rarely think about what financial repercussions it could be having on our life.

How to express your condolences for a loved one

Author: Suzie Kolber

It can be difficult to know what to say when someone passes away. Death is often an uncomfortable topic, making it hard to express your feelings of condolence and sympathy to the survivor. Here are some effective ways you can express your condolences based on what is appropriate and what you feel the most comfortable with.

Acne skincare: tips for clearing up your breakout

Author: Tate Handy

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, acne breakouts always seem to occur at the worst possible time. Maybe you have an important presentation coming up, or need to get your picture taken, or just want to be able to go out on the weekend without getting embarrassed about your skin. Whatever the case, there are two things you need to figure out: 1.) what’s causing this breakout? and 2.) what can I do about it?

Psoriasis symptoms, treatments and causes

Author: Sophie Eagan

According to statistics 125 million people worldwide suffer with this condition, that’s 2-3% of the population. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, it is pronounced - sore-eye-ah-sis. It’s a medical condition where the cells grow too quickly, signals from the immune system then tell more skin cells to grow days later rather than weeks, the body does not shed the old skin cells quick enough.

Brain injuries and high school football: worth the risk?

Author: Ashlyn Haldeman

High school football games can be one of the biggest community events a person can imagine. That's why many students, to their parent's excitement, are proud to become a star player. This jumping off point can lead to playing at the college level, or even a professional career in the NFL. But in reality, a teenager has a much higher chance of being seriously injured than going pro. Sadly, head injuries are an all-too-common occurrence in high school football, and worse, parents are often unaware of the dangers that their children face.

Work with a bully? don't let it affect your home life

Author: Ashlyn Haldeman

Many people can remember being picked on as children to the point where they wanted to skip school or run away from home. When adults are bullied at work, the situation can be just as problematic and the stress can spill over to their marriage or other personal relationships. Workplace bullies can cause serious harm, but it's important for victims to remember that they do have recourse. No one has to accept workplace bullying as a normal part of life.

Don’t let your wedding day become a fiasco

Author: Domonique Powell

Weddings are often filled with anticipation, joy and even headaches! It's not the ceremony itself but the planning and organizing of endless details that causes many couples to stress out and vent their frustrations to all involved. When the big day arrives, however, it is very important that the couple avoid certain things so that their special day becomes one that is memorable, not chaotic or tragic.

5 effective ways to reduce your medical bills

Author: Lisa Coleman

Having financial problems is one of the top five reasons that couples end up getting a divorce. Medical research has also indicated that dealing with the stress of debt can have a noticeably negative impact on a person's health. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why it is so important to take steps to reduce your overall debt and financial responsibilities, including those that are related to medical expenses.

Ice ice baby! don't go vanilla on the ring if you want her to say yes!

Author: Debbie Nguyen

Getting to the engagement part of a relationship is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. However, choosing the ideal engagement ring should go beyond the basics. While carat (weight), clarity, color and cut are all important factors when it comes to choosing a diamond ring, you want to go beyond the 4Cs.

Tips to make long distance relationships thrive and survive

Author: Domonique Powell

Changes in the traditional workplace have left many workers finding jobs that require frequent long-distance traveling. Auditors, information technology specialists, mobile applications developers, construction workers and truck drivers now are traveling cross country and returning home for one weekend a month or every six weeks.

Video vengeance: why you should breathe and count to 10

Author: Nadine Swayne

Many couples like to spice up their sex lives by engaging in activities that may seem risky and questionable to others outside of their relationships. With the notion that you will be together forever, you and your significant other might take pictures or videos of yourselves while you were participating in some of your most intimate acts. After you broke up with your former lover, however, you may have entertained the idea of how to get even and make that other person suffer for causing you such emotional and mental distress. Before you upload these photos and videos onto the Internet with the intention of getting revenge, you should keep these titbits of advice in mind. These reminders can help you avoid embarrassing legal and personal punishment.

The do’s and don’ts of meeting an online love

Author: Domonique Powell

Meeting an online love for the first time is exciting, but can also be scary. You want to make a good impression, yet you don’t want to go overboard. So, how do you handle meeting your date in person? Many larger cities like St. Louis have an excellent singles scene with lots of fun things to do. Here are a few tips to help you have a meaningful first date:

Green beer and good behavior: keep st. patricks fun!

Author: Nadine Swayne

The bars, parades, and festive atmosphere are typically what draw most people to St. Patrick’s Day. However, excessive alcohol consumption, driver impairment and accidents can put a halt to the merriment. You can successfully navigate around the “Green” exuberance with the following safety and wellness tips.

How to help your baby's teething discomfort

Author: Lisa Coleman

Seeing your child go through the teething process can be difficult for parents. Sore gums, discomfort, irritability and pain can often accompany the breakthroughs. However, the following tricks and tips can provide relief and comfort to your child’s misery.

5 ways taxes can impact your credit

Author: Lisa Coleman

Many people don't realize it until it's too late, but having good credit is absolutely essential in the adult world. Bad credit can prevent a person from taking out a loan or cause them to have higher interest rates, and even individuals who don't want to borrow money will face difficulties. Those with less-than-perfect credit may have to pay high deposits for utilities and cell phones, and some employers can even legally deny employment to those with bad credit. What's even worse is the fact that taxes, something that everyone has to deal with, can actually affect a person's credit.

Does the lipitor drug lawsuit affect me? a closer look

Author: Domonique Powell

Medical technology has come a long way over the past few centuries. Diseases that would've killed people only fifty years ago can now often be easily treated. There are actually deadly diseases that have been eradicated due to medicinal cures. Unfortunately, as with most things in life, these great advances aren't without their downfalls. One difficulty that is arising in the modern world is that a drug known as Lipitor, meant to treat high blood cholesterol, is causing serious side effects that many people never expected.

Helping your loved one recuperate after a scary accident

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell

There's not much in this world that a person wouldn't do for their loved ones. Whether it's a spouse, child, parent or other loved one, when most people see those they care about in need, they can immediately be counted on. Sadly, this sometimes becomes necessary due to negligent individuals causing accidents.

The pros and cons of working with your spouse

Author: Beatriz Bernal

Working with your spouse can have a huge impact on every other part of your life. Your working life becomes an extension of family life. The relationship will either grow and blossom because of your shared goals or devalue your intimate relationship that is after all the reason for your being together.

Yes, you deserve to heal your drug addiction!

Author: Bernard Naylor

Falling prey to drug addiction might create an illusion of pleasure and harmony initially. However, you cannot deny the devastating effects this addiction causes in your life. Feeling hopelessly entrapped in the shackles of drugs is a terrible feeling which is experienced by almost all drug addicts at some point in their lives. And the worst part is that they lose faith in themselves completely and develop self-apathy which is all the more detrimental for their self-esteem. It is not that people willingly take this step of sabotaging their lives. After all, who has plans to see themselves landing up in a rehab centre in a miserable state? Most of the times, people don’t even realize that they are getting hooked on to an addiction, and before they know it, they have got too much drugs in their blood to get rid of the same.

Legal separations: a better alternative than divorce?

Author: Lisa Coleman

No one accepts or offers a marriage proposal with the thought that they'll one day end up in divorce court, but since statistics continuously show that half of all marriages end in divorce, it's obvious that even the best of intentions sometimes fall short. What many people are now doing, however, is simply getting legal separations rather than divorces. There are a variety of reasons to do this, and in the end, this alternative could prove beneficial to all parties involved. It's simply important, though, to recognize when this move can be positive.

Trendy tricks to save on taxes

Author: Joseph Raspolich

The 2014 tax filing season had a less than speedy start thanks in part to the government shutdown which took place last October. As a result of the gridlock, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was forced to delay the acceptance of tax returns and consequent operations. Albeit a bigger hassle than usual, it’s essential to complete your tax returns in line with the guidelines specified. On the bright side, there are a few tricks you can employ to get a substantial refund regardless of these speed bumps.

Lessons in good sportsmanship for your child: does the winter olympics qualify?

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell

The Winter Olympics are in full swing and what a spectacle! They showcase the power of the human spirit and the tenacity of the human will. They are the ultimate reflection of excellence and the hard work required to achieve it.

Cycling and safety - it's a family affair

Author: Teresa Stewart

Bicycle riding is a great way for families to bond and spend quality time together. It also gets everyone away from the television and other electronic devices and out of the house for some exercise. People have traditionally ridden bicycles with little concern for head injury in the event of an accident. As children we road our bikes up and down hills and in the street with no bike lanes and without helmets, knee pads or any of the other protective gear that is now required by law.

How excessive texting puts a strain on your relationships

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell

One of the things you fear the most in a relationship is "another man" or "another woman" taking your spouse or significant other away from you. In recent years, relationships become strained or dissolve not because of another person, but because of texting.

6 signs you might be a stalker

Author: Jamica Bell

Stalking was not considered a serious common crime for many decades, largely because of restricted ability to communicate physically.

Infested! how to get rid of bed bugs

Author: Teresa Stewart

Have you recently noticed a straight line of small red marks on your skin that look like insect bites? Are you feeling itchy? Then chances are you might have a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are nasty little critters that literally hide in your mattress waiting to jump out and suck your blood as you sleep. Bed bug infestations are currently on the rise in the United States, and it’s fairly easy to bring them home without even realizing it.

What every parent should know about bullying and drunk driving

Author: Ashlyn Haldeman

Alcohol is an emotional painkiller, therefore, the link between bullying and underage drinking is no surprise. A 2012 study conducted at the University of Cincinnati found that bullying kids, and their victims, are more likely to abuse alcohol than kids not involved in bullying.

Family peace: staying calm during troubling times

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell

Life throws many curve balls at us, usually when we least expect it. When you find yourself facing one of life’s many challenges, like divorce, death, or natural disaster, it is important to maintain some semblance of peace and continuity if possible, particularly for any children involved. As adults, we may realize that these situations are temporary and our lives will soon return to some normalcy, but kids tend to live more in the moment.

Stress management: 5 tips to calming your fussy baby

Author: Lisa Coleman

Hearing your baby cry as they enter the world can be an exhilarating experience for new parents. However, calming a fussy mood can be difficult, especially after you’ve fed, changed and re-diapered them. Before you release your own set of tears, you’re sure to find the following five tips beneficial in soothing your fussy baby.

5 tips for telling your partner you have an std

Author: Toni Sims

Being discreet about your past sexual escapades to safeguard your partner’s feelings is OK, however, not telling your partner you have a sexual transmitted disease (STD) is NOT! Although living with an STD is hard enough, and confessing to your partner that you have an STD can be quite intimidating, your partner deserves to know the truth. While this is not an easy matter to come to terms with, finding the best way to tell a partner may help them be more understanding- regardless of their reaction.

Dry and brittle weather putting extra cracks in your marriage?

Author: Debbie Nguyen

People who live in locales that do not get much sunlight throughout the year (think Seattle, Washington or Syracuse, New York) often suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the rainy or wintry months. Lack of sunlight can cause depression, sleeping disorders, weight gain and feelings of sadness and overall misery. These types of climate-related mood influencers can certainly put a strain on your marriage, too.

Domestic violence - don’t suffer in silence!

Author: Rochelle Royal

In the last quarter of 2013 there was a sharp leap domestic violence cases being reported - Metropolitan Police revealed that an increase of 15.5 per cent of victims suffering abuse at home and violence with injury had risen by 5.4 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2012.

What to do after your significant other was denied disability

Author: Soriah Fleury

When your significant other is facing a disability, it will be an emotional hardship as well as a physical and financial one. The disability has already limited so many areas of their life, at least in their opinion, and it can take a hard toll on your relationship. They may feel they can no longer contribute to the relationship in the same manner, so they do not feel they belong.

How to deal with an obsessive ex

Author: Debbie Nguyen

Going through the long and painful process of a breakup is bad enough, but what happens when your ex still won't leave you alone after the divorce is final? If he or she can't accept the breakup to the point of still calling you all the time or showing up at your house and making you uncomfortable, you need to address the situation before it gets any worse.

Is it time? the heart-wrenching decision to move mom

Author: Lisa Becker

Talk Openly About Your Concerns As with any relationship at any stage of life, it is important to keep the lines of communication open between you and your parent, and talk honestly about your concerns for her wellbeing. Tell your mom that you love her very much and want her to have the best possible life, with the most appropriate care. If she is experiencing difficulty remembering things such as when to take her medicine, making decisions about daily life, or keeping track of her money, it may be time to talk about moving her into an assisted living environment. Explain to her that she can still live somewhat independently, but that caring, professional people will be there to provide person-centered care when she needs help. Ask he

Your lungs after a lifetime of sheetrock

Author: Debbie Nguyen

Workers in the construction industry, including those who hung sheetrock, had a hard few years when the housing bubble burst around 2008. Luckily, the housing market is on the rebound and workers are again able to find work.

4 ways to relieve stress while in the midst of divorce

Author: Lisa Coleman

While some couples can go through the divorce process in the most amicable of ways, many other couples face tremendous stress and frustration as they pursue the end of their marital unions. When you and your spouse decide to get divorced, you may be unprepared for the amount of stress you will encounter throughout this process. It can be very tempting to get caught up in the legal frustration and drama that sometimes ensue during your divorce case. However, you can keep yourself mentally and emotionally on task by taking these tips to stay free from stress during your divorce.

How to build a healthy relationship with a single mom

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell

Dating and relationships are two of life’s many challenges. Like a carefully choreographed dance, you have to learn the steps before you can give a stellar performance. And even after you have rehearsed and practiced and rehearsed some more, you may still make mistakes, or miss a step or two. Dating a single mom is yet another challenge because not only do you have to win her heart, but you have to make an effort to have a positive relationship with her kids as well.

5 reasons why you should leave alcohol out of your relationship

Author: Jennifer Alston

Even the best relationships require effort, attention and adjustments on a regular basis. It takes intention and action to keep a relationship alive so it meets the needs of both people involved. When you add alcohol or another substance into the mix, things can become difficult, or worse – irreparable. Below are five reasons to consider why you should keep alcohol out of your relationship.

For better or worse: surviving a serious car accident together

Author: Valerie Stout Cyrus

Serious automobile crashes are top news stories reported nearly each week in the media. But what is not reported is the emotional and psychological effects that survivors suffer as a result of the accident.

Raise your self esteem this new year

Author: Bradley Sheldrick

Everyone has their own thoughts on who they are including what they think they can mentally and physically achieve, what they look like and how they are perceived.

My husband is facing prison time leaving me a single parent

Author: Jennifer Alston

Money is the number one problem that all relationships face. Yes, there are other more personal issues that a relationship may encounter, but most problems stem from money. Sadly, money issues impact men more than women. It is an ego problem. Men feel that they must be the breadwinners in a relationship, and if the situation is financially bad even temporarily, it means that they are not good providers.

Want a divorce? 5 things you need to know

Author: Samantha Hopkins

A couple may divorce for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reasons. Regardless of who is or is not at fault for the disintegrating marriage, you should prepare. Divorce can be a financially and emotionally draining time, but preparation should ensure you receive your equal share. Don't bubble through your divorce; here are five things to consider.

How to combat your bad faith dispute

Author: Nadine Swayne

You may find it challenging to deal with an insurance company after a mishap. Because the payments don’t come directly from the company, you may find the actual insurance provider to have sketchy dealings. This bad faith can prove stressful and financially crippling for your family, especially when bills are mounting, and you have no way to cope.

The importance of self esteem

Author: Joanne Miller

Nathaniel Branden called self-esteem 'the immune system of consciousness.' Just as a healthy immune system protects you from illness and fights off micro-organisms that would invade your body, healthy self-esteem protects you from depression and fights off abusive behaviours that would take over your relationships.

6 best bonding buys for baby

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell

Bonding with your baby--no attachment in your life will ever be as intense, as deep, or as rewarding. During your baby’s first year of life, you will be the sun, moon, and stars--his whole world. He's less likely to be as interested in a toy as he is in gazing into your eyes.

Fermented foods can score your daily nutrition

Author: Jessica Robert

Fermented foods contain probiotics and can actually help you improve your daily nutritional intake. The probiotics present in such foods helps to replenish essential bacteria in our colon. So, eating a lot of yoghurts or drinking fermented teas like kombucha or kimchi at Korean eateries may in reality be healthier than you can imagine. Incidentally, fermented foods have always been recommended for their health benefits.

How to teach your child to find and be a good friend

Author: Jessica Conars

The first thing you need to teach your child about the world of human relations is that people are driven mostly by their primitive instincts for survival. This is especially true when we talk about young children. At this stage, concepts like true friendship are lost in favor of who is the most popular child in school, or who is the toughest, meanest contender. So what are the things you have to teach your child in order for it to grow up knowing the difference between real friendships and necessary friendships. Let's have a look.

Resolving money issues will improve your marriage

Author: Andrea Fisher

Every relationship has its up and downs, but there’s something widespread obviously happening when 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. result in divorce. Left and right people are taking a plunge towards singledom again. And it’s more than a coin toss or the luck of the draw. Of all the causes of divorce to consider—whether it’s infidelity, distrust, abuse, addictions, etc., the most prevalent issue remains the same: money. Fortunately, financial issues can be resolved with open communication and mutual respect.

Can oasdi benefits supplement worker's comp?

Author: Teresa Stewart

Most people in America understand the necessity of going to work and striving to earn a decent living. Unfortunately, our bodies weren't made to last forever, and in many cases, injuries and disabilities can preclude us from earning the money that we need.

Dementia cases 'set to treble worldwide' by 2050

Author: David Mullane

A global report has suggested that Dementia cases are set to treble. Alzheimer’s Disease International says 44 million people live with the disease, but that figure will increase to 135 million by 2050.

Stress-free christmas shopping on a budget

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell

It's a fact: Christmas shopping is stressful. Not only do you have to fight your way through the throngs of other gift hunters cluttering up the shops, but you also have to find a holly jolly present that fits both the recipient and your budget. It's enough to drive you nuts. However, you can keep stress to a minimum and your enjoyment of the holidays to a maximum by following just a few easy tips. Drop that hysterical, tear-stained letter to Santa and read on.

Auto wreck expenses? how to recover

Author: Lisa Coleman

It is truly amazing the expenses you will incur after an auto accident takes place. If you were injured, there will be medical bills, lost income from not being able to work, car repair expenses, and car rental fees. Depending on how severe the accident, there may be additional expenses not included here. What does a victim do to recover these expenses? After all, you were not at fault for the accident, so why should you have the burden of all the costs associated with the event?

5 ways to keep new dads involved

Author: Lisa Becker

New babies are exciting. They are amazing little people that need all of your love and care right from the minute they are born. While new moms can quickly step into the caregiver’s role, many new dads feel left out and confused. Sadly, after a short period of time, these new dads back off from the new baby and the mom, becoming the outsider. This is devastating to them personally, and it has the potential to destroy relationships.

Is your boyfriend threatened by your career

Author: Jessica Conars

Let's imagine the following situation: a young and charismatic couple is having a romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant. They are having the best time ever, but soon the waiter brings them the bill. And then, a grimace of inconvenience and shame appears on the man's face, because it turns out that he is able to pay only his half of the bill. Then the woman smiles and makes him a gesture to put his wallet away, saying: "Don't worry about it! The dinner's on me!

Infographic takes the confusion out of feng shui

Author: Uma Campbell

Your home should be a calm place that exudes positive energy that you can then carry out to other areas of your life. The idea that the colors and objects that fill your home are connected to your life experiences is at the center of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that aims to bring more positive and prosperous energy by providing an outline for how you should design and decorate your home.

Does dui ever justify divorce?

Author: Debbie Nguyen

The repercussions of a DUI can be life altering for families. The emotional duress, penalties, fines, loss of a driver’s license and insurance spikes can take a toll on your marriage. It can also add to the problem if the individual at fault for the DUI has a problem and fails to seek treatment for their issues.

5 tips to help you cope with a failing marriage

Author: Lisa Coleman

Most people enter into marriage with every assurance that their unions will last for the rest of their live together. However, while they may be optimistic about their marital futures, many married people today fall victims to the statistics that show that over half of marriages today end in divorce. A couple who is facing a failed marriage may refuse to admit that their union is over until they have tried every last resource to save their relationship. Before they file for divorce, people may be encouraged to try these suggestions in a bid to save a failing marriage.

Personal injuries - infographic

Author: Linda Heyworth

Personal Injuries are unfortunately a fact of life. For some people they can be more detrimental than for others. For example, a surgeon who is in a serious road accident and loses his hand or a professional athlete who has to have his leg amputated after being in a serious fire. In legal terms, the cost of losing a limb is perhaps greater to them than say a retired pensioner.

Overcoming insomnia tips

Author: Jessica Conars

Are you feeling tired? Of course you are, you haven't had a good nights sleep in ages! Of course this is understandable, considering all the foolish things people do right before they go to bed. Here were are going to look at some useful tips to combat this vile condition, without having to resort to taking pills.

My partner gave me an std! can i sue?

Author: Theda K. Rogers

While many cultures throughout the world increasingly become accepting of casual sex, most people today can agree that fidelity cannot be underrated in an intimate relationship. With the variety of sexually transmitted diseases known to exist, people who enter into sexual relationships expect their partners to keep them safe from contracting these diseases. When a person has contracted gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, HIV, or any other STD, that person understandably may experience a range of intense emotions. She may also wonder what actions she can take to get justice and closure for her unfortunate situation.

5 things to pay attention to when it comes to memory loss

Author: Virginia Cunningham

From physical ailments to alterations in overall appearance, the body goes through some pretty profound changes as it ages. Of all of these changes, however, memory loss is the most serious – and the most troubling. From not being able to recall basic facts or the inability to identify people and places, memory loss is an affliction that often plagues the elderly. If you do start to notice changes in your memory or the memory of a loved one, one specific affliction might come to mind – Alzheimer’s.

The path to raising a child with special needs

Author: Georgia Banks

Every set of parents or single parent has a different journey in the wide world of raising a child. The twists and turns are unbelievable, and are nearly impossible to predict until they happen. This is part of what makes parenting so magical, and it’s important to understand that your situation is unique to everyone else’s. One specific parenting situation that holds a very unique place in society is that of the special needs child.

Dieting and exercise for overweight orthopedic patients

Author: Sameer Gupta

An unfortunate truth of our times is that people now consume a lot of unhealthy food, while at the same time do not devote much time to exercise. By indulging in such a lifestyle, we are causing our body to fall prey to many lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol levels etc. Obesity, one major effects of unhealthy eating, puts severe pressure on the knees and other leg joints, which gives rise to many orthopedic conditions. Experts warn heavy patients to reduce weight by means of dieting and exercising, or face severe consequences in form of joint troubles.

Tips for baby to cruise ahead of the learning curve

Author: Giovanna O'Neal

Educating your infant to get ahead can sound intimidating, but it’s an interactive experience that allows you to bond with your child through education. Early learning helps a child to retain information and gives them better reasoning and thinking skills that are important as they grow. Since your infant shows visual awareness early on, you can start by gradually working the techniques into everyday activities.

5 tips for building a relationship with your child

Author: Valerie Stout Cyrus

Whether you are preparing for the birth of your child or you have just brought your newborn home from the hospital, you may be wondering what you can do to foster a close relationship with your baby. It is very important that you and your baby bond with each other in the first few weeks of his or her life. This bonding will in fact be the basis on which every other relationship in his or her life is founded. If you want to make sure that you and your baby have a good relationship with each other throughout life, and that your child will go on to develop happy and healthy relationships with others in the future, you should consider these guidelines as you learn how to care for your newborn in the first few weeks of his or her life.

Dealing with food allergies: learning to live a gluten-free lifestyle

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell

After months of planning, the big day is here: it’s your daughter’s tenth birthday, and everyone has joined you at her favorite family restaurant. They bellowed the Happy Birthday song, she blew out the candles, then ate a piece of her birthday cake. That’s when it all went wrong. Gluten! Despite your careful instructions to the restaurant about the ingredients and her allergy to gluten, they served up a gluten-filled cake!

Puberty: a cross-cultural examination and review

Author: Kurtis Kadir

The declining age of menarche in the 'western' world has caused global agencies and parents alike to examine their youth with trepidation; literature on a national and international level emphasizes the epidemic of teenage pregnancies in our 'modern age.'

Want a motorcycle? how to turn wifey's no to yes

Author: Teresa Stewart

After all the years of scrimping and saving, you're finally able to purchase the motorcycle of your dreams. But, your wife puts the breaks on your plan when she says, "no way," because she's worried about your safety.

I am not a registered nurse... he is a full-time patient

Author: Jennifer Alston

You promised in your wedding vows for better or worse; however, you may not have expected the worse to be so bad. When your husband is injured in an on-the-job accident, your mettle may truly be tested as you take on the role of a caregiver and nurse. Even without the proper training or warning to take on caring for your husband during his or her recovery, you still must face each day with the full knowledge that your presence could make the difference in how well and how soon he recovers from the injury. As the days turn into weeks and you reach a point where you do not know if you can do anymore, you can find strength and renew your commitment to caring for your husband by following key strategies during his recovery period.

Avoiding injury & liability by driving safe

Author: Christopher Anderson

As the years roll by, most drivers get comfortable behind the wheel and begin to let their safe driving habits lapse. Unfortunately, by not driving defensively, they risk not only their lives, but the lives of others. The best way to avoid a collision and paying through the nose is by following these tips:

When an auto injury is permanent: how can i provide for my family now?

Author: Lisa Coleman

Being involved in a life-altering accident is difficult enough if you do not have anyone relying on you for financial support, but the issue will become greatly exacerbated if you do have a family to take care of. Unfortunately, there are more than 3.2 million people who are injured in traffic accidents every year, and many of them will find themselves unable to return to their normal lifestyle even after they receive medical attention. However, you do have some legal options that can help you ensure that your family is still provided for even if you are never able to work again.

4 tips to obtain work-life balance for the health of your marriage

Author: Lisa Coleman

You probably entered into your entrepreneurial endeavor with the full knowledge that your small business would demand more of your time, energy, and devotion than you had to give any employer for which you worked in your life. Even as you anticipated the long hours and hectic days, however, you may not have been prepared for the negative impact your small business brought to your family life.

Trapped in debt: 3 reasons why geny is still stuck in an economic slump

Author: Andrea Fisher

Next time you walk into a coffee shop, take a good look at the barista. Oftentimes, it’s a twenty-something college graduate who is working behind the counter to make you that perfect specialty latte. Now, take a closer look.

Am i at risk for stds?

Author: Fiyyaz Pirani

Anyone who is sexually active can potentially acquire a STD, but the level of risk for STDs varies from person to person. Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to determine whether you are at risk for transmitting STDs:

Making a house move easy on kids

Author: Evelyn Kelly

House moves are complex in more than one ways. You have a thousand things to take care of at the same time and the time is always running faster than your liking. There is endless paperwork, calling up the removals companies, intimating people about the new address, fighting your boss to give you a day off, the packing up of an entire household, and much more involved. In addition to this if you have kids, the move might turn out to be an outright nightmare.

The green card game: two top tips

Author: Tina Webster

"Dear Tina, please stop hurting. If you think you had it bad, you need to visit Nigeria and see what NIGERIAN WOMEN go through with NIGERIAN MEN! At least you still have YOUR MOUTH TO TALK about your experiences!" - This is a comment quote from Kanwulia.

Finding help after prescription drug injury

Author: Madeline Ferdinand

In general, we take medication to prevent disease and recover from illness and injury. When prescription drugs do more harm than good, it’s normal to feel betrayed. Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to educate and warn consumers about the potential risks and side effects of their products. When they don’t, it’s well within our rights to make them face their actions and let them know that harming the public for the sake of profit is never an option.

Married to the bottle: saving your relationship from alcoholism

Author: Kari Lloyd

Studies indicate that there are 17.6 million people in the U.S. who have a serious issue with alcohol. Unfortunately, this means that many people will end up in a relationship with an alcoholic, and the damage that drinking causes can make it very difficult to stay together. After all, a lot of alcoholics either get mean or depressed when they are intoxicated, and this can create an unsafe pattern that includes physical or emotional abuse.

Roller coaster relationship with your juvenile delinquent: what help is out there?

Author: Jamica Bell

If your child has been exhibiting several of the signs of becoming a juvenile delinquent, it is imperative to take steps to help them and your entire family.

Planning for your first child

Author: Amanda Jensen

"In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Important changes to employment law

Author: Gra Green

With protests from unions over employment tribunal fees, and leading trade unionists declaring unhappy times ahead (, is it a good time to be a bad boss?

Learning not to share: five tips for protecting your privacy and avoiding identity theft

Author: Catherine Harris

The world has always been a dangerous place, but the thieves of today have it a lot easier than the thieves of 200 years ago. No longer is an act of violence required in order to steal. They don't even have to come face-to-face with their target. These days, it can easily be done over the internet, and the results for the victim are often just as devastating. Here are five key tips to protecting your privacy in the "information age."

Disability leads to divorce? the data is daunting

Author: Terry Duschinski

When couples vow to stay with each other "for better or for worse," little do they know that they might actually experience the "worse" if either one becomes disabled.

How to save money in preparation for college

Author: Marcela De Vivo

Planning for college and stumped by how to cover the ever rising tuition costs (not to mention the cost of dorms, food, textbooks, and other living and entertainment costs)? In the last 60 years alone, the cost of higher education has risen nearly 500%. So how are you going to pay for your (or your kid’s) four years at college? Some students and their families end up relying on student loans and other forms of financial assistance—but that can lead to massive debt for many in the long run. However, if you start saving now, you might be able to avoid the crushing student loan debt that accompanies so many college experiences.

How to work up the nerve to propose

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell

So the time has finally arrived—the moment you decide to take the big plunge also known as marriage. Well slow it down a notch, Speed Racer. Before you can make it to the finish line, you’ve got another big hurdle to overcome—the proposal! That’s right: the dreaded P-wor

How to get financial support for children whose parents have separated

Author: Leo Josh

The law requires parents to provide financial support for their children. Parents have an obligation to arrange everything in order to ensure that their children get the financial support that they need when they have separated. Most of the time, the parent who provides primary care for the children initiates the process of ensuring that the other parent provides child support.

The health dangers that arise from sleep disorders

Author: Sophie Eagan

In recent years there have been many research studies that emphatically link poor sleep, caused by either heavy snoring (which can be attributed to weight gain) or sleep apnoea, to a very long list of serious dangers to personal health, along with numerous other significant problems that can be caused for someone both at work or at home.

Problem teen playing you against your spouse? how to stay solid in times of distress

Author: Debbie Nguyen

Dealing with a teenager can be difficult enough on a daily basis, but this issue will be exacerbated if you and your spouse are not able to agree on how you should handle each situation. If your teenager gets into serious legal trouble, it is imperative for both parents to show a united front. This approach makes it easier to help your teenager from a legal standpoint, and it will also enable the entire family to take steps to correct the proble

How to compromise when your partner doesn't drink but you do

Author: Teresa Stewart

You may have heard the saying "opposites attract" when it comes to falling in love. It is true that couples who are polar opposites of each other can go on to develop lasting romances. However, their major differences require a lot of work and commitment to overcome. When drinking is the major difference that sets you apart from your romantic partner, you may not realize at first how your alcohol consumption could jeopardize the future of your relationship.

Hardships of a construction job injury: 4 positive ways to keep relationships intact

Author: Lisa Coleman

You may not realize the relationship between your family life and your ability to work. Your family relies on you to take care of them and to provide for their physical and financial comforts. This relationship between your home life and work life can become very apparent when you are injured on the job, however. If you have been hurt at work, it can be vital for the sake of your family relationships that you take certain measures to ensure your family’s peace and to protect your family’s futur

Managing your marriage while caring for aging parents: 5 survival steps

Author: Bethany Gillis

Caring for an elderly loved one can be a beautiful experience that helps the two of you bond like never before, but it can also be incredibly stressful, sad and hard on your marriage. If you're both a spouse and the child of an aging parent, then you need to figure out a balanced way to nurture both relationships at onc

The aftermath of an accident: don't let it destroy your marital relationship

Author: M.J. Collins

You may believe that your marriage can withstand any circumstance. In fact, your faith in your spouse and your marriage may be so unshakeable that you might overestimate the ability of both to survive your being in an accident. When you have been in an accident, you might not anticipate having to worry about anything other than your recovery. However, you may quickly find out, as other accident victims before you, that many marriages are tested and put to their limits when one spouse has been in an accident.

Golden years

Author: Cara Delany

Putting a loved one into a nursing home is a difficult decision, and finding the right location can seem impossible. With 1.5 million Americans living in full time nursing facilities, it’s important to know the facts behind nursing home care. has created an infographic entitled "Golden Years", detailing the realities of nursing home care.

A look on different types of addiction

Author: Marinelli Aribon

Addiction may come in different forms and with proper diagnosis, it can be treated and the individual suffering from it can once again lead a normal life. It is often the family members or close friends that notice a change in behavior of someone suffering from addiction. Different stories, some may even involve high profile personalities and celebrities have been publicized and their problems were exposed. Some were lucky enough to get medical help and treatment while for others; addiction has cut their promising lives short.

Circumstances that put strains on relationships

Author: Nickey Williams

Unexpected circumstances can place a strain on even the most solid of relationships. Financial difficulties, injuries and illnesses can take a toll on a couple’s physical and mental wellness, making it challenging to retain that close bond. The following are causes and tips to alleviate the burden of these hardships

Nervous about learning disabilities? making sure your child develops properly

Author: Nickey Williams

Taking steps to ensure that your child develops properly can help them have a more successful future, but it is also important to recognize that some children naturally develop more slowly. In other words, if your child is slightly below the curve, you will probably not need to worry. However, if the rate of development is very different from anticipated, you should definitely ask your doctor to determine if your child is dealing with any mental or physical issues that will prevent them from achieving normal developmental milestones in a timely manne

How to make your children feel valued, respected & loved

Author: Ariana Freed

'Have a nice day, mummy!' little girl happily says to her mammy turning into the school gate. This is because many times she has heard those words from her mother. And this is just a little example of a simple truth – we receive back from our children what we have given to them since their birth.

Healing after a dui conviction: will your family be affected?

Author: Will Powell

A DUI conviction will change many things in your life. There will be financial obligations, civic obligations, and possibly changes in your employment. The biggest change, however, may be how you interact with your family. A criminal conviction period places a lot of strain on the family as a whole.

How to exude confidence that attracts people

Author: Will Powell

Feeling confident is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Separating egotistical arrogance from someone who is self-assured is easy because confident individuals don’t have to toot their own horn to get noticed. You’ve probably noticed the type of person who walks into a room and garners attention. Their style of flair says they are someone that you want to listen to and get behind when things need to get done. Confident people also have an ability to turn a tragedy, such as a DWI arrest, into a triumph by being transparent and helping others avoid their mistakes. You too can exude confidence and the following are some helpful tips on how to do so.

What are your rights in a divorce as a stay-at-home dad?

Author: Alan Brady

With the ever growing number of women who are primary breadwinners in their households and corresponding rise in stay-at-home dads it’s not a huge surprise that divorce proceedings have also changed significantly in the last few decades. Traditionally it was expected that the woman would walk away from a divorce with the children, the house, and court-ordered child support and alimony from her ex-husband, since he would have likely been the sole provider for the family. While the system has adapted to the more progressive society that we live in today, many stay-at-home dads are unaware of their rights in divorce proceedings, and in failing to apply them find themselves disadvantaged by their own expectations.

When cars and bikes don't share: how to make road warriors play nice

Author: Debbie Nguyen

When you consider that an average car weighs about 4000 pounds and a bicycle typically tops out at thirty pounds, the concept of sharing the road between the two is rather ludicrous. We need all modes of transportation. Ideally, everyone on the roads should be respectful of others so that we can all travel safely.

Tourist hazards: when the underexperienced get on a moped

Author: Debbie Nguyen

There are several popular ways to tour West Palm Beach, including taking walking tours, biking tours, bus tours, amphibious boat tours, Segway tours, or even moped tours. Taking a bus or boat tour is a more passive way to take in the scenery. Recently, tours where people navigate the city themselves are gaining popularity because they get to experience the local flavor more intimately.

Discover los angeles this summer: ways to save when planning the trip

Author: Lisa Coleman

While California offers a variety of great tourist locations, Los Angeles remains a favorite destination for many out-of-state visitors. This city is a celebrity haven that offers tourists a chance to experience a culture and way of life that cannot be found in other parts of the world. Even so, many tourists who want to travel to Los Angeles need to be mindful of their money. They may not have a lot of cash to spend on their LA vacations. When they want to enjoy this city without parting ways with most of their savings, tourists can consider the various options for spending less while enjoying their stays in Los Angele

The rising costs of tuition & student loan debt

Author: Marcela De Vivo

If you’re planning on going to college, then you already know that finding ways to pay for it can be a challenge. Even if you’re working part time jobs, saving money, and playing the lottery, coming up with enough money to secure an undergraduate degree is infinitely more difficult today than it was 60 years ago. In fact, the cost of college education has increased by 500 percent since your grandparents went to school. Most people will have to rely on financial assistance, like grants and loans to get through four years of undergrad. Unfortunately, these loans can take years to pay off, creating on on-going burden that wreaks havoc in life after college. What used to be a path to a secure financial future now is the cause of many headaches. In fact, one in 12 federal student loan borrowers end up in default—and are unable to declare bankruptcy.

What parents should know about teens and sexting

Author: Catherine Harris

Teens and sexting is a growing phenomenon where young adults use their cellphones to share racy texts, photos and videos. In two separate incidents in Florida, a young teenage girl is facing charges of child pornography for sharing naked photos of herself to her friends. In another instance, a teenage boy got tossed out of college and had to register as a sex offender because he shared naked photos of his girlfriend with his friends. Sexting is a problem that society needs to address because the punishments don’t fit with the crimes. It’s also a serious dilemma that parents need to become aware, so they can deal with the illegal ramifications.

Memnem intros amazing new courses guaranteed to dramatically improve memory power

Author: Iitian Infotech

MemNem launched recently a redesigned and modified memory improvement course based on mnemonics that dramatically improves memory power in a short time. “The techniques incorporated in a radically redesigned course are the outcome of intensive research not only in areas of teaching methodologies but importantly in customizing them to suit the widest segment of people,” announced a spokesman of MemNem. “Given that different people have different needs, MemNem has carefully designed courses around each segment’s requirements. MemNem offers a course for students, there is another course for Pastors, one for Christians and more in the pipeline aimed at executives, secretaries, CEOs, politicians, public activists, teaching them all how to improve memory.”

Keep the gears of your mind turning to increase memory retention powers

Author: Iitian Infotech

Having a powerful memory is a positive attribute. It helps you personally to achieve more. It is appreciated by people who matter most such as friends, business associates or your superiors in office. Some are naturally gifted with power of memory while others have to work to increase memory retention through one of the many mnemonic techniques.

Traveling with an infant: the 5 most stressful moments

Author: M.J. Collins

As a new mother, you may not ever want to leave home without your newborn. Even when you plan on leaving home for several days, you probably still want to take your baby with you. In fact, you are not alone in your desire to keep your newborn with you at all time, particularly if you are breastfeeding or if your baby has health issues like colic. Even so, you should prepare yourself for what will inevitably be stressful moments during your trip. Recognizing the situations that could cause both you and your infant to stress out can help you prepare for your journey and be prepared to act when these moments arise.

6 ideas for remodeling your outdated home without going into debt

Author: M.J. Collins

Giving your home an updated appearance doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. With some fresh ideas and ingenuity, you can take your home from dull and dated to modernized and chic in no time at all. The following are six creative remodeling areas to save money while livening up your space.

When filing an auto accident claim is difficult: understanding all of your options

Author: Lisa Coleman

Insurance agents and adjustors are loyal first and foremost to their companies. Their primary duty is to help their insurance company save money and force clients to pay for as many accident-related costs as possible. Thus, it should come as no surprise to anyone that these insurance employees often turn down claims or refuse to receive claims altogether.

You've been denied workers compensation: is this the end?

Author: Lisa Coleman

Workers compensation requirements and the laws that govern this type of insurance were created to ensure a fair exchange between an injured employee and their employer. The employee has the right to claim against the workers compensation policy when injured in exchange for giving up their right to sue the employer for the injuries. It is an exchange that is beneficial to all parties.

Elder care: where will my dad stay when we're on vacation?

Author: Lisa Coleman

Taking care of an elderly family member is commendable, but it can also become a full-time job. In order to provide your family with the opportunity to go on vacation without ignoring the medical needs of your eldest member, it is important to look into a short-term assisted living facility. Fortunately, there are several places that offer assistance on a temporary basis, and this will enable you to leave town without having to worry about whether or not your elderly relative is receiving the proper care.

Preventing debt: 6 great tips to prepare financially for the upcoming christmas season

Author: M. J. Collins

Buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones is a tradition in many families, but the expense associated with the practice can be overwhelming for some people. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can celebrate the holiday season without going into debt. As long as you take the time to plan before you start buying gifts, you should be able to accomplish all of your holiday related goals for a reasonable price.

Cna certification: stepping stone to a great nursing career

Author: Aileen Hines

If you are the sort of individual who feels good by helping others and derives satisfaction in lessening the worries of other people, nursing can be a fulfilling and rewarding career for you. Medical world has lots of opportunities for those who want to enter the field as a nursing assistant. As a nursing assistant you can help sick people by feeding and dressing them. You can also give them a lot of emotional support by giving them a sympathetic ear. If you are compassionate and feel good by helping others, you can easily enter the medical world by becoming a CNA certified nurse.

Feeling down about your appearance? 6 great ideas for a diy makeover

Author: Lisa Coleman

If you’ve been feeling lackluster about your appearance, it could have a poor affect on your mood and outlook on life. Bringing an air of edginess to your appearance can be made easy with the following six tips for a DIY makeover.

6 helpful tips for the busy mom for entertaining a baby

Author: Lisa Coleman

New moms have a host of activities that can keep them busy throughout their day. Whether you’re trying to get chores done around the home, prepare a meal, take a precious moment for some me time, or work from home, keeping your infant entertained can be difficult. The following are six helpful tips for keeping your infant entertained.

Identifying signs of vision impairment in adults and children

Author: Sharon Freeman

For anyone who has never experienced any vision loss, it may seem that a person should easily be able to identify vision loss for himself or herself. However, most healthy adults do not seek assistance for vision, which they suspect is worsening until there is a physical, social or psychological symptom that begins to affect daily life.

Putting yourself back together after a stressful day

Author: Stacy Harrison

Sometimes we have those days. The nights where you lie in bed thinking about something because you’re upset. And no matter how finished you are thinking about it, it won’t go away. It just feels like a giant is squeezing your soul in his fist it until you want to scream. That’s a feeling we could all do without.

When defective products lead to serious injury: what to do

Author: Lisa Coleman

Although consumers assume that the products they buy at their favorite stores have already passed a rigorous safety screening, this is not always the case. In fact, there are recalls issued for a wide variety of reasons on a regular basis. For example, there have been several pet food and treat recalls over the past year, and if you fail to pay attention to this issue, you could inadvertently feed your four-legged friend the equivalent of poison. In order to protect your entire family from using or ingesting a dangerous product, it is important to stay up to date on all of the latest recall information.

Raising a child diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

Author: Martha June Whitman

Multiple Sclerosis is an inflammatory disease that affects the ability of the brain and spinal cord to communicate with the central nervous system. This can result in a wide range of physical, mental, and in some cases psychiatric problems. Over 2 million people suffer from multiple sclerosis with around 10% of those being children. The disease is not usually fatal as many do end up living a normal lifespan there is also no cure. Most cases are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50 but in rare cases children can develop the disease as young as 2 years old. Children who develop the disease young usually struggle to live as harmoniously as they desire and at times it can truly be a heartbreaking sight to see. Raising a child with multiple sclerosis is no easy task as there are many symptoms to constantly be prepared for. One thing to keep in mind is that everyone is different and may experience certain symptoms at varying levels. Here are the major symptoms of multiple sclerosis that must be monitored and treated periodically:

What to know about your baby's apgar score

Author: Debbie Nguyen

The nine months leading up to the birth of your child can be one of the most exciting and joyful times of your life. As expectant parents, when you check into the hospital and prepare to go through labor, you usually have every trust that your obstetrician or midwife will guide you through a safe and happy delivery.

Suffering from an on the job car injury?: time to contact an accident lawyer

Author: Valerie Stout Cyrus

If a vehicle accident occurs during the time that you are driving while performing your job or running an errand for an employer, there is a strong possibility that employer liability exists. Most often, this occurs when truck or commercial drivers cause accidents. However, there are many other cases where employees sustain injuries that are a result of driving while on the job. The following article details steps to take if you are suffering from injuries incurred while driving a company or other vehicle during the course of your employment.

5 ways to save money on a mattress

Author: Jane Allen

A mattress is a necessity but buying a new one can be physically and financially tasking. Going around from store to store is energy-sapping while the prices of mattresses is high, to say the least. I discuss some proven ways to insulate yourself from stress and save money on a new mattress.

Unemployment blues? fresh strategies in today's digital world

Author: Molly Pearce

The manufacturing base in the United States has been seriously limited since the enactment of NAFTA and many individuals find themselves in a difficult position attempting to find similar employment. Many of the affected workers do not have the technological skills necessary to find employment in the current market, but those who even have basic computer skills can still find employment online if they utilize all of the tools available. Digital companies have addressed this problem with modern, user-friendly software programs and online support and training for those willing to invest the necessary time.

Maritime worker protection: what to do if hurt on-the-job

Author: Lisa Coleman

There are few jobs as dangerous as merchant marine employment. Working on the high seas carries unique inherent dangers because of the long-term isolation of the shipping vessel and crew, which can create hazardous conditions that land-based employment does not include. Even instability from the powerful forces of the ocean can be problematic when the weather becomes violent or challenging. Additionally, shipping companies are not inspected while in transit because of the obvious physical difficulties associated with long-haul trade routes. Safety compliance can easily be disregarded unless a problem is potentially fatal. However, maritime workers do have a legal opportunity for workers compensation through the Jones Act that is not provided for others.

Helpful tips for protecting your business from a disaster

Author: Melanie Fleury

Every business owner needs to take steps to protect their investment. After all, a natural disaster, fire or vandalism could occur at any time, and if you have not properly planned for it, you could end up losing everything that you have worked so hard to build. Therefore, it is vital that you take the time to analyze your current business structure and put all of the applicable protection measures in place. Once this has all been taken care of, you will be able to rest assured that your business will not be destroyed by a single event.

Tips for taking small breaks throughout the day

Author: Melanie Fleury

Whether you have an infant or an older child, it can be very stressful to get through the day without taking some time for yourself. However, many children make it seem almost impossible to take a break. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to give yourself a few minutes off without neglecting the needs of your child. Keep in mind that alleviating some of your daily stress will make it easier to be the type of parent that you have always wanted to be.

Something good happens when he loves you more

Author: Tina Webster

Have you heard an elder woman state, "Find a man who loves you more…..It is better if he is more in love with you than you are with him?" Both sentiments by elder women have been passed down as golden advice. But do women follow the advice?

When he looks at me, what does he see?

Author: Tina Webster

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle in a relationship is the self-esteem of the woman within the relationship. When he looks at me, what does he see? Self-esteem is a concept that has no culture barriers or confinement to geographical location. Women from around the globe can relate to this issue.

Can my everyday products harm me?

Author: Nickey Williams

Manufacturers design and build products to meet a specific demand at a specific price. When the process breaks down at the design, manufacturing, or labeling stage, the marketplace will be exposed to a defective product. If that defect is capable of causing harm to innocent users or bystanders, it may be necessary to recall the product. Unfortunately, this does not always happen until it is too late.

Safety board recommends lowering legal limit to reduce alcohol-related car accident fatalities

Author: Michael Pines

It goes without saying that drunk driving is irresponsible and dangerous. Driving under the influence of alcohol has led to countless fatalities in the United States, and continues to be one of the leading causes of car accidents in our country. And despite public awareness campaigns that aim to educate the public about the dangers of drunk driving, many drivers still make the choice to drive while intoxicated.

The many mishaps caused by fatigue

Author: Nickey Williams

Fatigue is a primary cause of many accidents in the United States, ranging from the highways to the airways. In addition, boating mishaps occur commonly in both recreational and commercial activities. Fatigue is a common factor in the many mishaps that are caused by these modes of transportation. Short distance vehicle travel also contributes to the accident rate, as many individuals work late nights and suffer from disrupted sleep patterns. One of the most crucial aspects of sleep importance is regularity of rest. This also includes individuals who work overnight shifts. Making arrangements for good sleeping conditions is a healthy decision.

Co-operative launch new youtube channel

Author: Richard Brooks

Co-operative Legal Services have launched a YouTube channel offering simple, impartial legal advice covering a range of issues (family law, wills and probate)

Alzheimer research - protein linked to cognitive decline found

Author: Tom MacDonald

Owing to increasing medical advancements, several developments have been made in Alzheimer’s care and research. Recently, scientists in Washington discovered an essential protein that is linked to the degenerative disease. The discovery of this protein could unravel several questions surrounding the treatment and cure for Alzheimer’s. The protein is linked to neuronal damage as well as cognitive decline that are commonly associated with dementia and other related diseases.

Balancing your finances to afford health insurance

Author: Marlene White

Health insurance is a vital service. Through health insurance individuals are able to afford any health care costs that their health demands. In some locations private health insurance is more vital than others. In locations like Australia they have a tax funded Medicare that covers basic doctor visits and hospital stays. Health insurance providers such as GMF Health offer supplemental insurance that cover services like emergency ambulance rides, glasses, and dental work that are not covered by Medicare. In the United States without health insurance, you are responsible for paying for your entire medical bill unless you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. Considering that the average cost of a 1 day hospital visit is $4,287, you cannot afford not to invest in health insurance. Below I will list tactics that will allow you to balance your finances and hopefully allow you to afford health insurance.

Getting back on the road

Author: Tyler Knapp

One of the worst legal problems a normal, moral person is likely to face is the suspension of his driver’s license. There is no great moral obligation within our culture, outside of strict religious groups, to remain sober. The CDC estimates that some 112 million Americans drive drunk every year.

Planning eco-friendly remodeling for your new home while promoting savings

Author: Lisa Coleman

More homeowners today have been choosing to use eco-friendly designs when remodeling or building their houses. Not only are eco-friendly homes better for the environment, but they also have a great many distinct advantages for homeowners, such as lower utility bills, healthier and better quality air and even some tax incentives. Eco-friendly houses can be built both green on the inside and outside, as discussed below.

What if lightening strikes: how to conquer a personal injury

Author: Tina Webster

If you take every precaution to avoid an accident or injury, you may be too confident in your presumed safety. You may believe that that your chances of suffering an injury is less than your chance of being struck by lightning. However, just as people tempt fate when they venture out in a thunderstorm, you likewise may push your luck when you take your personal safety for granted. An accident can happen at any time and cause you to suffer a devastating personal injury. After you recover from the surprise of being injured, you may wonder how to recover and resume your normal routine.

Medical malpractice: have you lost a loved one?

Author: Tina Webster

Losing a loved one unexpectedly to medical negligence can be devastating for a family. In addition to making funeral arrangements, you may find yourself having to contend with the mounting pile of bills and crippling mental anxiety and grief. A lawsuit may be the furthest thing from your mind, but it can bring relief when you seek proper justice for any wrongdoing.

Exercise your brain with a puzzle for effective alzheimer's care

Author: Tom MacDonald

A common response to decreasing brain function caused by Alzheimer’s is to rush for the vitamin supplements. While health supplements are a helpful addition to diet, there are several methods that can help sharpen your loved one’s mind without having to depend on medication. A recent study conducted in Toronto revealed that cognitive decline can be effectively battled by keeping the mind occupied and challenged. By frequently reading, solving puzzles, and engaging the intellectual part of the brain in other activities, this decline can be slowed down significantly.

Legal hoops for the new business owner

Author: Lisa Coleman

Every business must comply with certain local, state and federal requirements in order to legally operate in the country. Therefore, new company owners should make every effort to ensure that potential legal issues are prevented as much as possible.

What's holding my career back?

Author: Monique Colbert

There are a wide number of reasons that you might find yourself stuck in a career rut. Fortunately, there are also several steps that you can take to correct the issue. However, in order to move forward with a more productive career, it is essential to determine why your career has grown stagnant. By taking the time to analyze your current situation, you can discover the root of the problem and find creative solutions for fixing it.

Small business owner: the balance of work and life

Author: Lisa Coleman

Running a small business can be consuming at times, but it is vital that you take enough time to maintain your personal relationships. After all, if you spend every waking moment working, it will be impossible to connect with other people. There are several steps that you can take to avoid falling into the bad habit of ignoring your personal life in favor of your business, and you should put them in place immediately so that you do not end up losing the most important people in your life.

Avoiding costly home buyer mistakes

Author: Shelby Warden

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting things that an individual or family can do, but it also comes with several risks. After all, if you are not extremely careful, it is possible to purchase a home that will need extensive repairs. In order to avoid dealing with a very expensive mistake, you need to take several important steps.

How to deal with your ex's rejection!

Author: James Michaels

Going through a break up is a tough and emotional time, especially if you desperately want a second shot at the relationship, but are constantly getting rejected by your ex. After all, how can you repair your relationship, if they won't even give you the time of day?

Life after college: staying ahead of the financial curve

Author: Andrea Fisher

College graduation is a time of relief and celebration. The world of academia is at a close, meaning there are no more crammed study sessions; university meal plans or organized living arrangements. In other words, a life of predictability is now replaced with one much more complex and demanding. With diploma freshly in-hand, graduates must find financial success in an economy that is still on the mend.

When a medical misdiagnosis leads to brain trauma

Author: Lisa Coleman

Brain trauma can be something simple and last for a short period of time, such as nausea from a recent concussion. It may also be a debilitating injury that can cause your life to change in dramatic ways. Sadly, many forms of brain injury and their causes are overlooked, changing simple problems into lifelong injuries.

How to target old age testosterone concerns

Author: Ira Deano

What worries men differ from what concerns women when it comes to aging. Women are perturbed when they begin to see traces of hideous crow’s feet at the corners of their eyes. They go ballistic when they discover wrinkles on their foreheads and other parts of their faces where smooth skin used to be. They rush to salons like mad roadrunners when their hair starts to gray and fall out. These concerns are purely physical and it’s pretty typical for women to feel this way. While women obsess over their physical features, men, on the other hand, obsess over their sexual performance as they age and this has got something to do with their testosterone.

Assisted living transition: care and services to look for

Author: Lisa Coleman

Making the decision to move into an assisted living facility is very difficult for most people, even if it is the best way for them to receive necessary care. After all, being independent is an important aspect of adult life, and giving that up can be scary and upsetting. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can help a loved one transition into an assisted living facility so that they will feel more comfortable and secure in their new surroundings.

Incentives for keeping tabs on your cholesterol

Author: Molly Pearce

The health risks associated with high, unhealthy cholesterol include everything from clogged arteries to heart attacks and strokes. This is why there is much to be gained from regularly checking your cholesterol levels. Because it is so easy and affordable to accomplish, many illnesses and diseases could easily be prevented. Below are some tips on how to manage and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

How families can overcome the emotional turmoil of a sudden death

Author: Akilah Richards

Experiencing a sudden death of a loved one can be very difficult. There are so many issues that arise almost immediately, that the entire event can be more than overwhelming. In fact, the event can quickly turn into a major crisis without much warning.

7 precautions every family should take to protect themselves from natural disasters

Author: Allen Grove

Whether you live on the coast, in the country, next to a river, or a few miles from an active volcano it is always important to be prepared if disaster strikes. Many families have been devastated and left broke by the damages caused by hurricanes, earthquakes, and more recently, tornadoes in Oklahoma. Here are 7 precautions that every family should take in case a natural disaster occurs:

Seven ways to prevent high blood pressure

Author: John P. Madden

High blood pressure is one of the major killers in modern society. It has many causes - stress, obesity, bad diet, and bad habits. Finding ways or preventing or reducing skyrocketing blood pressure should be a high priority for any health-conscience person.

Summer vacation - don't forget to pack some prevention

Author: LaGeris Underwood

We all look forward to those "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" - road trips to the beach; delivering the kids to grandma’s house; racing to the next party with BFFs—but before the fun, comes a lot of planning. Taking a few simple precautions can help you prevent or cope with the unexpected. So before you get on the road or board that flight, follow these 5 tips so you’ll be prepared in the event of an accident or medical emergency.

Tips on getting social security disability after a serious accident

Author: Molly Pearce

Winning a Social Security disability case is normally a long, drawn-out process, but that is not always the case. Individuals who have been seriously injured in an accident can qualify for benefits immediately as a result. However, the norm is for the Social Security Administration to deny almost all claims immediately because of the permanent nature of benefits. It is difficult to justify stopping benefits if the injury meets the standard of lasting for over one year or eventually resulting in death. There are a few things a disabled applicant can do to defend against the denials.

Nutrition needed by men to increase testosterone

Author: France Aguilar

Our bodies are only as good as what we put in them. The food that we eat effects everything that goes on within our bodies, including the ever so delicate balance of our hormone levels. The unhealthy choices that we tend to make in our day to day eating habits attribute to the need for most men and women to supplement their diet with natural supplements and herbal remedies and vitamins. While low levels of testosterone can be the sign of an underlying problem, the lack of proper nutrition in your diet can be a significant reason for it.

Is your injury wreaking havoc in your home?

Author: Monica Mason

When a serious injury occurs, most couples realize that there will be difficulties to face in the near future. There will be medical treatments to undergo, financial issues due to a loss of income, and there will probably be legal proceedings. Many people do not, however, realize that a serious injury can also put a lot of strain on the emotional side of the relationship.

Big savings for the big wedding day

Author: Lisa Coleman

Although your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, there is no reason to start a marriage with a lot of debt. After all, financial difficulties are one of the leading causes of divorce, so it makes absolutely no sense to spend so much money on your wedding that it causes the breakdown of your relationship. However, taking a frugal approach does not have to mean that you cannot have a dream wedding. By simply using some cost saving measures, you can still have a gorgeous ceremony and memorable reception without going into debt.

Affordable remodeling options for the financially strapped budget

Author: Lisa Coleman

Having a restricted budget does not mean that you cannot remodel or refurbish your home; it just simply means that you must be more creative. There are many ways that you can change the appearance of your interior without having to spend a lot of money or break your budget. The following suggestions are some creative ways that can help anyone create a new look for their home.

Avoiding the self-help pitfalls

Author: Akilah Richards

Despite the many lifestyle enhancements ranging from technology to human resources available to people today, the world seems to have become much more complex. As such, many people struggle with encouraged/discouraged life cycle patterns. This phenomenon causes people to at times feel confident, only to quickly and repeatedly become discouraged, which can lead to depression, stagnation, and loss of hope. It is a frustrating scenario that can become exhausting and very non-productive, and if you're familiar with this cycle, read on for information on how to move past that experience.

How your confidence affects your kids

Author: Akilah Richards

Have you ever heard the phrase, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?" This famous saying is referring to the fact that children are very often like their parents. This is a great thing when the parents are excellent role models, but not so great if they are lacking self-esteem.

Finding the connection between your wellness and your worth

Author: Akilah Richards

The correlation between poor performance at work and a disorganized personal life is amazing. Individuals who have chaos, clutter, and stress at home typically bring that unhealthy vibe into their workplace. It also can lead to a poor diet, illness and lack of motivation. Prioritizing your overall wellness can bring positivity and better production at home and in the workplace.

What should i do if my boyfriend hits me?

Author: ShaRhanda Lawson

Domestic violence is often a silent crime. Women who are being physically abused find that they do not know where to turn for help, or even if they should. Physical abuse is usually combined with mental and emotional abuse, making these women feel that they deserve what is happening to them and should not seek help.

What not to do after a dui arrest

Author: Akilah Richards

Driving under the influence, or DUI, is a serious criminal charge. In the state of New Jersey for example, even a first time offender, if convicted, can face large fines, license suspension, required community service, ignition interlock device, and possibly incarceration.

10 mistakes people make after a car accident

Author: ShaRhanda Lawson

When you are involved in a car accident, your life can quickly become chaotic. Injuries, financial troubles, and loss of transportation are just a few of the issues that may arise. However, these are ten common mistakes people make when they are involved in a car accident that can make the matter much worse.

How to get effective personal growth after suffering a serious injury

Author: Jared Pennington

Serious injuries can lead to emotional and mental pain that is hard to deal with. Whether the injury leads to permanent changes or temporary inconveniences, personal injuries are a struggle. Healthy coping mechanisms should be engaged in to deal with the changes that the injury brings. The best coping mechanisms lead to emotional, intellectual, and social growth.

Struggling to pay for your pet's health care?

Author: Shelby Warden

Pets provide amazing unconditional love and support and become important family members. Along with the responsibility of feeding and showing your affection for them, you can also expect to pay for your pet’s examinations, preventative medicines and any necessary surgeries along the way. Ensuring their proper care can be costly and many owners find themselves struggling with the mounting bills. Fortunately pet owners have a variety of resources available to help cover costs and expenses associated with pet ownership.

Happy hour doesn't have to be a cocktail for disaster

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell

The business world is as unpredictable and as volatile as an earthquake. In the not too distant past, employee loyalty, hard work, and dedication were steps up the corporate ladder. Today, making it to the top of that ladder means navigating through a maze of networking activities.

The emotional costs of dui

Author: Akilah Richards

While many people tend to try and minimize the consequences of driving under the influence (DUI), also known as driving while intoxicated (DWI), those theories get disproven as soon as it happens. From car damage to physical injury, the financial devastation can last for the rest of one’s life, should the ramifications be severe enough. Not only does a DUI affect the victims and their families, but the driver can experience untold emotional stress after a conviction occurs. Below are just some of the ways that being arrested for DUI can impact drivers.

Disability benefits: getting help when you can't work

Author: Shelby Warden

Individuals unable to work due to a disability have a number of resources available where they can go to replace their lost income. Whether your injury is due to a work related incident, accident at home, illness or other type of hazard, there are a number of disability plans in place. Disabilities can also be short stints such as a few weeks, while others can be permanent.

Coping without caffeine

Author: Dennis Aimes

Inside of a building, electronic machinery hums to life. The buzzing of fluorescent lighting can be heard, an ominous soundtrack accompanying shambling humanoid figures as they groan. Their fingers reach out for liquid nourishment, a darkly colored fluid that gives vital life energy.

Discover the truth about vegetarian diet

Author: Mike Buyco

Eating meat your entire life, then suddenly stopping all together may be quite difficult for many individuals. Since we have eaten meat for so long you might be wondering, why stop?

Reprimanding other people's children: dutiful or way too dangerous?

Author: Akilah Richards

We've all been in public and seen children who simply refuse to behave. Naturally, this can become quite annoying, and the question often arises of what to do if a child is "acting up" when their parent is not around. Sadly, there are many places that some parents leave their children unattended simply because they're "children's places." This could include playgrounds or Chuck-E-Cheese's, but regardless of where it is, it can be tempting to scold the child in the absence of their parent. While there may be instances where it's appropriate to step in, it's important to recognize the potential disadvantages to choosing this route.

Helpful hints for the post-partum mother

Author: Lisa Coleman

Postpartum depression can affect numerous women after the birth of a child and can be crippling to deal with if it gets severe. Many times a new mom will experience the feelings and be fortunate to have them dissipate as the weeks wear on. Others may need the assistance of a specialist to get through the blues. The following are some helpful hints for dealing with postpartum depression.

Traveling with toddler made simple

Author: Lisa Coleman

With traveling season quickly approaching, parents of toddlers must be prepared for car trips with children of this age and size. Unlike traveling with any other age bracket of children, toddlers have a way of making road trips very "interesting." Filled with curiosity and abundant energy, these little people find it very hard to stay still in a car for a long period of time. However, parents can counteract this desire to be physically active by packing for a road trip with them in mind.

Teaching your kids about money and credit recovery

Author: Alan Brady

The most important job of any parent is to prepare their children to enter the world as responsible, contributing members of society, and one of the hardest things about being a responsible adult is managing money and debt. Here are some simple tips to help you instill good money management techniques in your children that should stick with them for the rest of their lives, and to helping them recover when they’ve made their first few financial mistakes.

5 life changes to make during pregnancy

Author: Arlene Chandler

Arlene Chandler is a freelance writer who loves helping people prepare for the unexpected turns life can take. She currently writes about family life, career advice, and finance tips for the Suncorp life insurance page.

2013 flu vaccine didn't work

Author: Dr Peter Lind

For those 65 and older the influenza vaccine helped in just 9% of cases, a number too low to be statistically significant, according to a report in the CDC’s Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report released Thursday. The study was based on a survey of 2,697 children and adults by the U.S. Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Network from Dec. 3, 2012, through Jan. 19, 2013.

Us court pays $6 million to gardasil victims

Author: Dr Peter Lind

The CDC recommends the Gardasil vaccine from Merck for all females between 9 and 26 years, and says Gardasil is licensed, safe, and effective for males ages 9 through 26 years.

Drugs for health

Author: Dr Peter Lind

Does it take more pharmaceuticals to become healthier?

Personal injury claims and proper recovery expectations

Author: Saam Banai

Unfortunately, there are going to be times in everyone's life when they experience mishaps that lead to serious injuries. These injuries often lead to medical bills, lost time at work, and sometimes, even loss of life. Sadly, there are times when these accidents happen due to a person's own mistakes, and they're usually left without any recourse. There are other times, however, when the negligent actions of another party cause these accidents. In such cases, a person should weigh all information to decide what their next steps should be.

The main indicators of eye trouble

Author: Griff Haeger

Eyes perform a major role within the human anatomy. Sight is one of the most unbelievable senses that we are blessed with, and sometimes it gets undervalued. Due to their inherent value, a lot of attention and research has been focused on various diseases and conditions associated with the eyes.

When your children don't like school

Author: Kelly Kovacic

There are a variety of reasons why your children may dislike school such as dull instructional methods, unrealistic goals and poor reading abilities. Instilling the love of learning in children shouldn’t be something they dread. It should be a fun and educational experience that makes them want to explore the many subjects further.

Worried about stds? four points to convince your partner to get tested

Author: Shelby Warden

Talking to a new partner about STD testing can be touchy. No one wants to risk offending another person by suggesting that they may have a disease, but if you don't bring the topic up for discussion, you could be putting your own health at risk.

The good and bad of liposuction

Author: Ray Lehigh

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which fat is dissolved from a certain area of the body and then surgically removed. The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia and only the body part which is being worked on is injected with anaesthetic. People who benefit most from this surgery are those who are overweight or obese, or those who are self-conscious about any body part. There are many benefits and risks associated with liposuction. Here’s more on each:

Ways to help a loved one with dementia

Author: Nisha Sharma

Dementia has affected hundreds of families throughout the United States and the world. When dementia closes in on a loved one, many family members become confused because they may not know how to deal with the brain condition. Though there has been significant research on Alzheimer and related dementia, no drug has been discovered that can cure dementia. This calls for increased understanding and care to those with the medical condition. Here are tips for how to care for a loved one with dementia.

Stressed out over breastfeeding?

Author: Shelby Warden

The time you spend breast-feeding can be a wonderful bonding moment between mother and infant. Unfortunately, many moms experience feelings of stress and anxiety when first starting out, especially if they’re a first-time mom. Problems with latching, discomfort and determining when your baby is ready to eat are just a few concerns most new moms have. In order to achieve success while nursing, you’ll want to try the following tips.

Overcoming obstacles to success with the aid of a life coach

Author: Georgina Clatworthy

It’s important to set future goals and accomplishments in both life and work. Unfortunately, most people find it a challenge to stay focused and implement a plan to work towards them. Enlisting the help of a life coach can make your dreams a reality and ignite a fire of ambition.

4 fun gym class activities to get kids to enjoy exercising

Author: James Anderson

Dodgeball, capture the flag, and kickball are common gym class activities that physical education teachers have been having kids participate in for years. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these games, but their competitive nature causes many kids to not want to partake in them. Gym class has a notorious reputation for being the reason kids play sick or even hide out in the locker room to avoid being forced to participate, but it doesn’t have to be so disheartening. Teachers should offer more activity options to satisfy different personality types; some kids thrive on competition and love any game where they have a chance of winning and outshining their peers, but other kids automatically lose interest because it’s just not in their nature to want to defeat anybody. For any PE teachers out there, or for any parent trying to get their kids to enjoy exercising, here are a few creative ideas to help get kids happily up and moving.

7 ways to fight depression

Author: Sam Foster

Depression is a very serious condition that affects approximately one in ten American adults according to the Centers for Disease Control. It can have negative effects, not only on emotional health, but on physical health as well. Stress and depression have both been linked to increased blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, and arterial damage. Depression can actually increase the risk of heart attack or coronary artery disease, which makes learning to fight and cope with it all the more important. These lifestyle changes can help both to prevent and to manage depression, but nothing replaces the help of a medical professional. Exercise Taking a short, 15-30 minute walk each day can drastically improve mood and energy levels as well as physical well-being. There is evidence that exercise increases serotonin levels and the firing of certain neurons in the brain, which can naturally combat the chemical effects and causes of depression. It is important to remember that you are exercising to try to make your life better, not because there is something wrong with you or the way that you look. Maintaining a positive self-image is one of the healthiest things that you can do, so walk for yourself, not for anyone else.

Allergies and irritants: is there danger of over-medicating the symptoms?

Author: Ann Bailey

If you suffer from allergies, you already know how the unpleasant symptoms can mess up your life. Sneezing, watery eyes, runny noses and coughing are all allergy symptoms, but allergies can manifest other symptoms as well, such as stomach aches, chills, confusion, headaches or skin rashes. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may be tempted to take allergy medication, which is usually fine in moderation. However, allergy medications, especially if over-prescribed, can sometimes cause side effects and may lead to problems. At the least, they may make you feel comfortable being around the allergens more than you should.

Strain and stress on kids when a support payment is missed

Author: Ieda Vincent

Parents often forget how hard divorce is on the family. Children have to learn to adjust to the fact that both parents now live in different homes, sometimes different states. They must learn to adjust to their new living conditions. These new conditions, sadly, often mean having to do without because the financial support is no longer in place.

Deadly bacteria resist antibiotics

Author: Dr Peter Lind

This was bound to happen. Sooner or later the bacteria will mutate into a genome to adapt to their world; no matter what antibiotics they are given. The strongest survive.

Alzheimer's disease: the fastest-growing threat to american health

Author: Dr Peter Lind

The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease is expected to triple in the next 40 years.

Dealing with bedwetting in grade school

Author: Austin Sheeley

No child wants to wake up in a wet bed. Still, until they reach grade school it might not be that big of a deal to them. But then they find out their friends have stopped wetting the bed. Worse yet, they may be invited to sleepovers and want to go, but feel they can’t due to their embarrassing problem.

Why do people get depressed for no reason?

Author: HeLPAddictions

Depression is a unique illness in some ways, as there are few other conditions where the source of the problem is so difficult to find. Many patients believe they are depressed for "no reason." There is nearly always a reason hidden somewhere though.

How to choose a counsellor that's right for you

Author: HeLPAddictions

If you've taken the decision to seek help from a counsellor, for whatever reason, well done. You've taken the first step towards becoming a happier, calmer person who enjoys life more. Making the decision isn't necessarily the hard part, though; finding the right counsellor for you is. However if you know the top tips for finding a great counsellor, the process will be much easier...

The first steps to seeking help for porn addiction

Author: HeLPAddictions

One of the biggest problems with addiction is not being able to admit that there is a problem in the first place. It's easy to say that you can give up whenever you want; after all, there was a time in your life before your addiction. You keep telling yourself that you can stop and go back to that time of your life whenever you want. But it's not always that easy.

Helping your colicky baby tips and tricks you need to know

Author: Kelly Kovacic

When your baby cries, it may indicate hunger, fatigue, discomfort or the need to be changed. However, if your baby is crying for long periods of time and for no apparent reason, he or she may have colic. Colic is a condition that affects young babies. There is no known singular cause, but the general consensus is that indigestion and gas pains are to blame. Colic is estimated to affect up to 30 percent of babies and usually begins a few weeks after birth.

Gut problems - so many have them

Author: Dr Peter Lind

"All diseases begin in the gut", said Hippocrates. And back when he said this they didn’t have all the junk we have today that we call food. Gastrointestinal problems are the most overlooked and most common health problems today. Who do you know that doesn’t have digestive problems? How many TV commercials talk to you about digestion offers? And what is Larry The Cable Guy Doing Promoting Gut Medicine?

Home remedies for sinus infection

Author: John Kevin

If you have a bad case of sinusitis, you shouldn't feel lonely. Every year, there are over 25 million adults who suffer from sinus infections, and the numbers keep increasing. If you think that number is huge, keep in mind that it doesn't count children suffering from sinusitis. There are no two ways about it, sinus infections pose a serious health problem. Unfortunately, as much of a hassle sinusitis is, the cure might be worse than the disease. Too many physicians prescribe antibiotics for sinus infections. While this wipes out the problem for most people, it can produce more problems down the road. As people get more and more exposed to antibiotics, thanks to its use as livestock feed additive, the amount of organisms that became immune to antibiotics is increasing. This can cause serious health risks in the future. Moreover, antibiotics can be quite harsh on your system. If you want a mellower way to deal with your sinusitis other than antibiotics, try the following home remedies for sinus infection.

Counselling 101: how not to turn troubled teens into rebels

Author: Sarah Del Rosario

What is a rebel teen? A rebel teen is a teenager who creates his or her own path in life, in a very destructive way. Rebels will ignore everything they've been taught and refuse to abide by their parent's rules and rules of the world. They tend to create chaos in just about every life they touch.

How to protect yourself from securities fraud

Author: Shelby Warden

Securities fraud concerns a wide number of illegal activities that involve deceiving investors and manipulating financial markets. Unscrupulous offenders try to make new ventures appear to be safe and sound investments, however, they always involve a great deal of risk.

How to deal with workers compensation disputes

Author: Shelby Warden

Worker's compensation laws are meant to protect employees in the case that they are injured on the job. Companies provide worker's comp insurance to help injured workers get back on their feet by covering medical bills, lost wages and other expenses related to a workplace injury. Unfortunately, some workers end up getting their claims denied or disputed. There are several reasons why this could occur, so it is important for every worker to know about these possibilities to avoid heartache in the future.

The 5 best winter sports for keeping you fit

Author: David Bloom

Winter is no reason to interrupt your fitness related activities. In fact, think of all that snow at your front-door, and you even get plenty more! Just kidding, your son’s probably taking care of that just now. While the exercise equipment and the proper weather conditions are not always accessible, they are usually worth it. Let’s take a look at the most popular winter sports, and what do they bring to the table.

Accidents, injuries and dealing with long term consequences

Author: Georgina Clatworthy

When an accident occurs, the first thing you may think is that you hope the victim is not badly injured. As people, we respond in kindness and try to help the victim through our actions. As their physical wounds heal, we allow ourselves to believe that everything is fine. However, most people do not take into consideration the long term effects an accident may have on our family and friends.

Caring for your parents how you wish they'd raised you

Author: Sarah Jennings

Sarah Jennings has been taking care of others her whole life. In 2005, she moved her mother into her family home. She uses her personal experience to share with others about caring for the elderly. She currently writes for Brookdale assisted living.

How to avoid the flu shot

Author: Dr Peter Lind

Yes, yes, it’s the flu season and every newscaster is warning "this may be the worst flu season; it’s hitting some areas early and hard." Look it up. This is what they say. They said the same thing last year and the year before. They’ll say it next year. Same words. Watch for it as early as October but for sure by January.

How alcohol can get in the way of your workouts

Author: Ieda Vincent

Psychology of Alcohol People consume alcohol for a variety of reasons. Whether it is a simple glass of wine over dinner, a celebration or casual get together - many people drink on a regular basis. Some people drink to loosen up so that they can more easily socialize, while others may do it for relaxation and to fit in. Even adults tend to do this, particularly if they are in a bar with a group for happy hour, a

How to bounce back from a dui conviction

Author: Nickey Williams

A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol can do significant harm to an individual driving record and criminal history, but the record can be cleared over a period of time. Bouncing back from the stigma of a conviction for impaired driving can be a long process. This requires a reassessment of priorities for the convicted driver, along with a plan to modify personal behavior. All state courts have enhanced the punishments associated with driving under the influence, and a defendant who actually wants to change their pattern of behavior should use the information acquired during punishment phase to their best advantage. There are also some legal steps that can be taken after a specific period of time, contingent on certain criteria.

Fully functioning member of society...with schizophrenia!

Author: Jared

Understanding the symptoms of schizophrenia can help people take a proactive course in treating the disease. Allowing schizophrenia to fester causes a disruption to an individual’s ability to study, work, make friends and interact comfortably with others

Trying to blame the road for your accident?

Author: Shelby Warden

Every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle you are faced with multiple dangers, including drunk drivers, people who are speeding, and the increasing prevalence of cell phone usage by motorists. Another major issue that a lot of people do not think about, though, is the condition of the roadway.

The benefits of rehabilitation

Author: Carlos Santiago

Drug dependency is a common condition in the United States, and it affects millions of people. Unfortunately, in addition to the physical consequences that drug dependency can have on an individual, it can also lead a person to face criminal charges and their ensuing consequences. However, while some convicted individuals serve jail time or pay fines as part of their sentences, in most instances, these punishments do not alleviate the real problem: drug dependency. In far too many cases, people continue to use drugs after they get out of jail or pay their fines, making it likely that problems will recur. Rather than being given typical penalties like fines and jail time, many individuals convicted on drug-related charges could instead benefit from receiving rehabilitation as part of their sentencing.

5 positive resolutions to make when planning to lose weight

Author: Benji Grayson

The New Year is finally here. That means people everywhere have made resolutions to change their life for the better. It’s great to set personal goals, but many people end up getting frustrated and discouraged when they start slipping and sliding on the promises that they were so eager to keep. Losing weight is the most common resolution made every year, but it can also be the most disheartening one. Focusing on the positive will help make your weight loss journey an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Bedwetting: helping your child overcome this embarrassing issue

Author: Austin Sheeley

Okay, so your kid wets the bed. That's normal. He'll grow out of it, right? But a few months go by and he doesn't seem to be getting any better. He's still wetting once a night. Maybe twice a night. Maybe he just sleeps right through till morning and you have no idea how many times he wets a night.

Drug education programs: protection for our budding young adults

Author: Saam Banai

Drug education programs in the United States and around the world are great for educating people of the potential dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, and they're especially important for kids. However, not all children's drug education programs are created equal. If you're interested in checking out the best children's drug education programs in the country, below is a list of the top five:

How to be financially in shape in 2013

Author: Naomi Esterly

BIO: Naomi Esterly writes freelance for MyProjectorLamps.Com. She is a mother of two boys and a newborn baby girl. During her spare time she likes discovering new ways to decorate the house, cook healthier meals and spend more quality time with her family. Her guest post today centers being financially in shape for 2013.

Easy ways to improve your skin

Author: Debbie Sweet

If you are dealing with skin problems, you are probably frustrated and annoyed with the lack of results from all of the products you have been spending money buying and time applying. People spend so much money on skincare products that don't help that they have less money to do things that are fun and/or productive, and that is a lose/lose situation for everyone. And it's not just the plebeians that are suffering from acne, dry skin, and other skin issues. Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Jessica Simpson, and Katy Perry have all admitted to fighting with their skin problems, too. But you don't need a lot of money or a team of beauty experts to clear up your skin. There are a number of easy ways to improve your skin, and most take little time and almost no money. Here are a few tips to get you started on your path to better, brighter, clearer, healthier skin.

Healthy assisted living for the holidays and beyond

Author: Sarah Bishop

Studies have shown that staying active, eating right and performing mental tasks will all help one to live a long and happy life. It’s especially imperative that seniors keep active and fit to prevent health problems that come with age. Seniors that live in an assisted living community have a greater chance of reaping these many benefits because they have a host of activities right at their fingertips.

4 most effective detoxification services and how they work

Author: Bradley Barks

Many Americans suffer from drug and alcohol abuse, and consequentially go through detox every day. There are many detox services, but which ones should you spend your money on? Which ones actually work? Which ones are appropriate for your specific condition?

When and how to take your complaint online

Author: Sarah Bishop

While many people enter into a business transaction with positivity, there are times when unsatisfactory products or services require rectification. Normally, it is customary for consumers to attempt to get satisfaction for an inadequate experience by contacting the company that provided the product or service for intervention. Below are some situations and proposed methods for resolving consumer conflicts.

Reducing drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms with ibogaine

Author: Shelley Myra

If you have found yourself dependent on drugs or alcohol, the need to get rid of it from your system is essential. A lot of people have become addicted to drugs or alcohol due to varied reasons. Most often this leads to a lot of complications physically, mentally, and emotionally as well. While there are several drug and alcohol treatment programs available at many detox centers today, one of the natural forms of treatment at the forefront is ibogaine, an extract derived from the root of tabernanthe iboga, a shrub that grows in West Africa. Over the years, it has proved to be among the most effective ways to get rid of drug or alcohol dependency.

Bringing justice to those at fault: what to do in case of wrongful death

Author: Heather Shipp

Wrongful death situations occur when a person, place or thing is directly or indirectly responsible for the death of another party, usually due to negligence. When these situations occur, though they may be calculated and pre-meditated from a plaintiff perspective, it comes as quite the unexpected surprise for the victim. It's hard to know where to start when building a case especially as bringing the defendant to justice is time sensitive. The specifics on the laws vary from state to state, but justice and monetary compensation to the victim’s survivors is the ideal resulting consequence. Here are a few key pointers to start you on your way:

Coping with asthma: helping your child excel at sports

Author: Ken Stanfield

Your children, like most, are full of energy. They run around like crazy people and never seem to slow down. So enrolling them in a sports program seems like a great idea. Until you pick them up from practice and they are sullen, disappointed in themselves.

How to improve health part 2

Author: Dr Peter Lind

Balancing the major metabolic systems; this is what you must do to improve your health.

Why people struggle to read

Author: Sarah Forrest

So you have been diagnosed as having dyslexia, after years of struggling with no success at finding a solution.

Daily activities that can ward off dementia

Author: Georgina Clatworthy

The thought of losing the ability to remember people or places is a scary one for people who are getting older. Even the thought of not being able to think clearly is frightening. Unfortunately, dementia and Alzheimer's Disease is on the rise. If the disease runs in your family, you do not have to give up hope. Thankfully, there are many things that you can do to help prevent or delay the onset of dementia from happening.

Tactics for dealing with bullying

Author: Alan Brady

There are many different types of bullying, and many types of bullies, and your child could be victim of any of them, or even the perpetrator. As a parent what can you do about it when your child is being physically or verbally abused by other children? Do we sue the teacher, school and district? Do we talk to the teacher and the principal? Suing people is probably a bit premature, and talking to teachers can help, but it won’t permanently solve the problem. To solve the problem we need to examine the root causes. There are two major categories of bullying victims that require different types of help.

Dealing with unethical workplace activities

Author: Shelby Warden

Most people are honest and hardworking citizens who just want to go to work and earn a living. Unfortunately, there are others out there who tend to fill their pockets by engaging in unethical or illegal behaviors. It is extremely disheartening for an employee or volunteer when they become aware that the organization that they’re working for is engaging in some sort of fraud to turn a profit. An individual should never stray away from their morals or values in these situations, and there are several things that they can do to stop the injustice that is occurring.

Five ways to foster late-in-life relationships

Author: Sarah Bishop

It can be difficult for people of any age to develop and maintain solid relationships with their family, friends and significant others, but this process becomes even more complicated as we get older. Instead of having the typical social activities that accompany youth, seniors need to reach out to their community if they want to connect with other people. The following five tips provide a great starting point for both developing and maintaining relationships throughout the later stages of life.

How to improve health

Author: Dr Peter Lind

As you age you are going to deplete your Vital Reserves; your ‘functional’ tank is going to get low. You are going to run out of energy, get tired more easily, gain weight, lose memory, and affect all your other conditions as you age.

How keeping a journal can help improve your health

Author: Georgina Clatworthy

Can keeping a written record of your daily life actually improve your health? The answer is yes. Writing in a journal offers you many benefits that can help you improve your physical and mental health over time. The bigger question really is what kind of journal should you keep and what exactly should you write in it? The best part about a journal is that it is yours. It’s your place to keep a record of the events in your life. Not every page will be filled with exciting happenings or exotic tales. Most pages in the average journal contain the day-to-day occurrences that people struggle with. It is a private place to say the things that you do not want to say out loud. It can be a compilation of gratitude, anger, joy, struggle, and pain.

Top 5 healthiest work environments

Author: Chris Bennett

Whether it is a retail store, warehouse, creative studio or corporate office the workplace environment is understood to greatly affect quality of life. Also staff eagerness and demonstrated ability to perform is dependent upon work attitudes. Many factors influence the health of a workplace environment. Below are five of the top healthiest work environments.

Digital peer pressure and teen crime

Author: Shelby Warden

Parents had much to contend with twenty years ago before the Internet was ever an issue. Behaviors like bullying and substance abuse were out in the open yet still hard to deal with. The invention of the World Wide Web has now made it even easier for children to be influenced to behave negatively even while they’re sitting at home.

Chicken vs. egg: alcohol or depression which came first?

Author: Chris Bennett

Studies have found strong links between alcohol abuse and depression. However doctors, therapists and research is divided when it comes to which leads to the other. While it is true that excessive alcohol consumption may lead to depression it is also correct that people who are depressed are more likely to drink to excess. It is also possible that both alcoholism and depression share common triggers from both environmental risk and genetics.

4 ways to overcome your addictions!

Author: Jonny Webber

Drug abuse has grown into a social menace destroying our health care systems and depriving the society of important people. Researchers cite different reasons causing drug abuse among individuals. Whichever the case, there is a solution to curbing the addiction affected victims can undertake to help them stop. There is no specific period to the addiction problem. Individuals who use these tips are only assured of an improvement leading to stoppage but not quick healing from the problem. Understanding that drug abuse is subject-specific is the best way of determining the best means one can use to curb their addiction. Four important methods have won confidence of health professionals as being effective in making addicts shun drugs.

Weight loss and insulin resistance

Author: Dr Peter Lind

Insulin resistance is rising with epidemic proportions.

Avoiding depression in retirement years

Author: Ann Bailey

While many discussions surrounding retirement tend to focus on money, the truth is that there are far more important investments to be made. Social scientists and doctors have long since discovered the correlation between human activities and interactions and better overall health. Below are just some of what modern-day senior living communities offer that have been proven to bring happiness in retirement years.

Medications: how do you keep them all straight?

Author: Chris Bennett

It is a fact that many people over the age of 65 take at least two to seven prescription drugs every day. It can be extremely difficult to keep track of all the medications; what they are for, when they are to be taken, and how each medication will react with others. Taking each prescription correctly is needed for health and safety. Below are some great tips to follow to keep track of medications to prevent any unwanted or deadly side effects.

How medical malpractice affects family finances

Author: Karla M. Somers

In today's society, many families struggle to get by from day to day. When the primary earner in the household becomes injured or incapacitated, a family can end up in serious financial trouble. In addition to having to pay unexpected medical costs, the family must now shoulder the financial burdens originally held by the primary breadwinner of the household.

Out of the ditch: making life fun again

Author: Amie Sitter-Jones

Think back to your childhood. The world seemed big, promising, and ready to be shaped in accordance with your whims back then, right? Now fast forward to today. Your life probably seems much smaller, much more predictable, and far less exciting. If you feel like you're stuck in a rut these days, remember that it's never too late to jump-start your life. Read on for some ideas, both general and specific, to help you get your groove back.

Is your spouse cheating? know your rights

Author: Chris Bennett

Divorce can literally tear an entire family apart. States have recognized that sometimes people aren’t just right for each other, and this realization allowed people to file for divorce based on irreconcilable differences. There are of course other times when bigger issues exist. If your spouse has been cheating, it can seriously affect the divorce proceedings. In order to ensure that you get everything you deserve in the divorce, it is important to know and do a few things in relation to the infidelity.

Parenting by example: prevent your teen from getting a dwi

Author: Karla M. Somers

Parenting a child who has a driver's license can be challenging. Parents need to rise to this challenge, however, because teenagers are vulnerable to experimenting with alcohol and driving while intoxicated, both of which can have serious legal and social consequences. In order to protect their almost-adult children from hurting themselves or others, parents can use a number of strategies to discourage drinking and driving.

Choosing a mobility device: 3 points to consider

Author: Ken Stanfield

As a caregiver to an elderly person, there are many needs to provide for and products to consider, one of the foremost concerns being that of mobility. Does my loved one need a wheelchair? A walker? A rollator? A cane? With so many options and products out there, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what the right choice is for your loved one. It's important to consider your options carefully, since this will be a product that will be in use every day. Here are a few points you should look at in order to make the best possible choice.

Your divorce, your stress - 5 ways to cope

Author: A Bailey

If you ask anyone who’s been through a divorce, they’ll tell you that it was one of the most stressful times in their lives. A divorce not only means losing someone that you’ve shared the most intimate parts of your life with, it means losing some of the possessions that you hold dear. Getting divorced can also mean a significant change in your financial status. Need great tips for helping manage stress during a divorce? Here are the top five:

What to do about abuse in internships

Author: Alan Brady

While much of the world would consider requiring a person to work for free to be a violation of human rights in itself, we here in the US consider it to be a normal rite of passage for college graduates. Everyone from local news and radio stations to the White House "employs" unpaid interns. Since most businesses wouldn't turn away free labor internships are a convenient way to get experience in an industry. If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of working in such a position it's important to keep a weather eye out for common intern abuses. Interns are often targeted for abuse because they tend to be unaware of their rights and are less protected under the law than paid employees.

Recovering from a construction accident

Author: Shelby Warden

Construction zones are easily understood to be dangerous workplaces, but many construction workers do not always understand how complicated the workers compensation process can be when they are injured on the job. Construction projects all have a primary builder, along with a general contractor who is in charge of assembling the team of sub-contractors needed to complete the project. The result can be confusion in determining a responsible party when a worker gets injured. The answer may be that all contracting parties are liable.

Visual therapy: how art soothes the angst within

Author: Ann Bailey

It’s quite hard to stroll through an art gallery in a foul mood, even if you’re shuttled there involuntarily via a secondary school field trip. Perhaps it’s the grandiose buildings or the soft interior lighting; perhaps it’s the art itself that lends to the calming atmosphere. This is the main principle behind visual therapy and its ability to relieve a variety of physical, emotional and mental stresses and anxieties.

Caring for an aging parent

Author: Shelby Warden

The transition from independence to relying on someone else for assistance is difficult for anyone, and it can be especially tough when it brings a major change to the parent-child dynamic. No matter how old we become, the relationship between us and our parents is always somewhat reminiscent of childhood, and it can be hard for both parties involved when the traditional roles are flipped.

Dark knight anxiety - a criminal mood change?

Author: A Bailey

With the recent string of Dark Knight inspired crimes all across the country, U.S. psychoanalysts are beginning to wonder if the movie itself is a trigger for certain psychological issues. Experts have all but given it a name - Dark Knight Anxiety Disorder"- and the idea is beginning to stick.

How does stress affect health?

Author: Dr Peter Lind

Your body is constantly trying to re-balance itself to maintain homeostasis. If everything goes correct and your stress is minimal you will have a happy environment of good chemistry, temperature, and pressure. You will be in a low stress zone. It's when things go wrong that will affect your stress and health.

Positive mental health - the new happiness?

Author: G McLaughlin

To pinpoint what it takes to be truly happy would be to solve the riddle of the ages.  Many have tried, and before I say that few have succeeded, it is worth considering the many who claim to have discovered some kind of enlightenment and serenity.  This tends to be of a spiritual nature, and brings to mind Eastern practices such as meditation.  Indeed, mindfulness-based practices have become widespread around the world in the mental health context.

Tips for choosing the right retirement home for your loved ones

Author: Lucy James

Everyone grows older, and everyone has the chance to live life to the fullest. However, there will always come a time when the growth and development goes beyond maturity, and the body slowly begins to weaken day after day. Many sons and daughters are then caught in a dilemma between having their older loved ones in their homes or sending them to a nursing home. It is a very difficult challenge for those who are very close to their families. However, if choosing the best retirement home or nursing home is one of the decisions you have to make, then here are some tips for you in choosing the right place for your loved ones.

3 reasons filing for bankruptcy will not solve your problems

Author: Alan Brady

It's not completely unbelievable that a relatively responsible person might just be unlucky enough to fall on hard times harsh enough to force them into bankruptcy through no real fault of their own. However that person is probably not you. Many people are backed into a corner financially at some point in their life and left with no options but to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a pretty horrible fate for anyone, and it's ranked as one of the most traumatic events that a person can go through right after divorce. People who haven't actually gone through it often tend to see it more as an easy way out, a way to wipe the slate clean and get on with their lives. A much more accurate image would be one of an animal chewing its own leg off to get out of a trap, it might be free, but its permanently maimed as a result.

The fight for sarah

Author: Dr Peter Lind

Sarah Parisian, a little 8-year-old girl, finished her last radiation session in a Chicago hospital and she and her mother traveled home to Minnesota, USA.

Coping with stress in the feeble pursuit of happiness

Author: Dr Peter Lind

You will never live a perfectly happy life. There are always unfulfilled dreams, wishes, and promises. There are many times of frustrations. There are tensions. We suffer from the torment of living an insufficient life; there is no completion in this life. This isn’t to bring you down – au contraire! Read onward my friend.

Get out of broke: improving your finances for good

Author: Candice Lines

1. Get Out of Debt Unless you're one of the lucky few who graduate debt-free or find a six-figure job straight out of college, financing your education left you in a serious financial hole. In 2011, the average graduating college student's debt load topped $25,000 for the first time, a scary sum in a very uncertain economy. It's not that you shouldn't go into debt to fund your education or even to buy a house, but draw the line there and use cash for everything else. In fact, stop using your credit cards now and pay them off in full at your earliest convenience. 2. Pay It Forward The hardest part of saving for your future is dropping that first $25 or $50 in an account that, these days, earns next to no interest. Force yourself to ignore pressure to keep spending and make that first deposit instead. Then make another, and another, until you're saving 5 to 10 percent of each paycheck. In a world where the unexpected can strike at any time in the form of sudden unemployment, emergency-room bills, and car repairs, you'll appreciate the cus

Crohn's, but not on my own: dealing with disease diagnosis

Author: G McLaughlin

"Are you happy for her to stay while I give you the news?" the consultant asked, nodding towards my girlfriend. "Yeah, thats fine!" I answered, a little too enthusiastically, as she pulled the flimsy hospital curtains around my bed, cocooning us in claustrophobic uncertainty. These were not the words that precede a diagnosis of 'a bad case of irritable bowel syndrome' - the diagnosis I was expecting - nay hoping for. I watched her lips move as if I were watching a film, and although I caught the words 'Crohn's disease', they didn't actually register with me at the time.

Diabetes and seniors

Author: Elizabeth Carrollton

For those who are over the age of 65, certain risks, complications and problems that are associated with diabetes are more prevalent and are oftentimes a major concern for this age group. In order to prevent adverse reactions of diabetes medications, it is vital to be educated on the drugs being prescribed. In addition, seniors should be aware of the possible complications of the disease itself.

The seven deadly sins of addiction

Author: Melanie Dugan

Regular drug users and especially those addicted to drugs tend to fall into a pattern of denial and lying that eventually ruins their lives. Though recreational drug use is common in developed countries, the chances of getting addicted are simply way too high for anyone to risk using drugs regularly. However, if you know someone who is already addicted to drugs, then you're already aware of most of what we will discuss below. These ‘sins’ as I’ve described them are common and addiction does cause our loved ones to behave irratically, inhumanely but most of all in a state far from the selves that we know and love. It is often that person, that true, unaffected-by-drugs human that we need to remember because love is really all that can save someone with an addiction. They are addicted to a substance (or began the use in the first place) as a way to escape reality. Deny and live a lie so as to escape the world. So you have to wonder what became so bad in their lives that they needed to start using? You must remember this so you can have compassion for their state. This quote helps me stay aware of what I’m dealing with “we needed some way of coping, of protecting ourselves from the unjust condemnation emanating both from within and from the world at large, and so it was that DENIAL or EVASION or LYING became an unavoidable feature of human behaviour” (Jeremy Griffith 2012) – that’s what they are doing. They are not lying for the sake of it, or to hurt us. They are trying to protect themselves from the unjust condemnation they are feeling.

How to deal with stress

Author: Dr Peter Lind

One way I know how to deal with stress is reading a good book by my fireplace on a cold evening after work. Nothing could be better.

How dui lawyers can help alcoholics and addicts

Author: Georgina Clatworthy

Habitual drink drivers are usually addicts or alcoholics. Ask any experienced DUI lawyer who has repeat clients, and they will tell you that repeat DUI offenders often know they have a problem, feel tremendous guilt and remorse, but they are not ready to deal with the root of the issue, which is the disease of addiction. They have the same excuses they always use to excuse their behavior. This should not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with alcoholism or drug addiction.

How to use your psychology today to understand yourself and rid your stress

Author: Dr Peter Lind

With all the noise in your brain how can you even think straight let alone try to listen to yourself? We are going to do just that. You will need 10 minutes to sit down and get comfortable while I unwrap your head and change a few negative ideas and emotions you have before putting it back on straight.

Life after dui - ways to cope

Author: Georgina Clatworthy

Getting arrested for a Driving under the Influence (DUI) charge can have devastating ramifications. Not only is there senses of public shame but also private lives are affected. The charges can also carry a severe prison sentence for repeat offenders.

Depression and optimism - at the same time?

Author: Aubyn de Lisle

Is it possible to be both optimistic and depressed? Yes, or perhaps I should say, it depends what you mean by 'optimistic'. Our minds function on different levels at once, and it helps us to cope, form considered opinions and take action even when we're tired, frightened or doubtful. Lots of people who experience depression are high achievers, because they are so good at functioning that way. The little voice that urges you on, that tells you to put your bad feelings it optimism, or something more like a strict task master? It may have served you well up to now, but perhaps your body, feelings or mind are beginning to protest under the strain.

Keeping your skin young and fresh!

Author: Andrew Rios

Your skin is your body's largest organ, and when you don’t take care of it, the signs show up immediately! If you are someone who is invested in looking good and taking good care of yourself, you need to consider the steps that you can take to keep your skin looking soft, firm, and lovely. Check out some of these excellent methods for keeping your skin fit and helping you achieve that healthy glow.

Lose weight by controlling portion sizes

Author: Renee Varney

Losing weight is all about reducing caloric intake. You don’t have to break out the calculator and start examining labels to accomplish that goal. Simply reducing portion sizes will help you lose weight. Here are some tips to help you monitor and shrink the portion sizes with ease.

Don't let your money manage you

Author: Annie Foy

When creating a budget to live by, you are making a good start at managing your money. When your money manages you, you are living paycheck to paycheck and still don't have enough to get by due to the fact that you haven't given a purpose to your money. Following are some tips to help you to better manage what you have:

Tinnitus - treatment & relief

Author: John Banks

My name is John Banks, I am 33 years old and I have been a sufferer of tinnitus for about 10 years now and up until about 1 year ago I like most of you no doubt, did not know where to turn. It was literally driving me mad.

5 tips to stop getting sick

Author: Tom Demers

You eat healthy, exercise, and stay in shape, so why does it seem like you're always getting sick? Your immune system exists to ward off the infectious diseases all around us, and most of the time it does a great job of that. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle dampens our immune system's ability to fight off these parasites. These 5 things can help you push back.

How to cope with social anxiety

Author: Kyle O'Brien

There are many disorders out there that are often misdiagnosed or misunderstood. Nervous habits, loss of focus and hypertension for one person doesn't necessarily mean he or she has ADHD or ADD. They very well could have symptoms, but often times there could be something deeper. Those symptoms coupled with others might mean a person could have social anxiety or as it's also known, social phobia.

Detox diets: do it the right way

Author: James Wendt

Detox! If you can segregate it into two words, then de refers to "eliminate" and tox refers to "toxins". Hence, the diet, which is free from toxins is called a detox diet. It is a low cost option for weight reduction. There are many women, who have the tendency of water-retention, owing to which they look bulky. Generally, in such cases, diet-plans and exercises do not show prompt results. For such women, detox diets are a boon, through which they can control their unnecessary body weight.

5 things to look for when choosing a mattress

Author: Allan Williams

Sleep is a very important part of our lives. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average person spends around 1/3 of their lives sleeping. However, many people are prone to insomnia which is a medical term for sleep deprivation.

Foods that help you lose belly fat: how to lose belly fat fast

Author: James Wendt

Several research centers have come up with various programs designed specially to deal with the problem of obesity. Among all such relevant training and practices, losing belly fat has become the most common endeavor for most of the people. As most of the fats of the body are stored around the belly, this part of the body starts gaining weight faster than any other part of the body. It is obviously the most attractive part of the body, which actually plays an important role to give the right proportioned look to the body. Therefore, the most highly demanded training programs are basically emphasized to burn the fat of this portion of the body. As the belly fats need the most intensive practice to lose and this also happens to be the last stage in getting the final result for acquiring the desired shape of the body.

What to do if your partner isn't interested in sex

Author: Michael Andrews

Is your spouse or partner no longer interested in having sex with you? Perhaps they are occasionally, but it's nowhere near enough for you? You're not alone. A mismatched libido is one of the most common areas of stress in relationships and marriages and it is something that causes a great deal of anguish for both parties.

Top five reasons seniors go to relationship counseling

Author: Tom

Relationship issues aren't just for the young. Seniors have issues with relationships as well. Some of these issues are similar to those faced by the younger crowd. To be fair, some issues are specific to seniors. Sometimes issues cannot be resolved on their own. It can be difficult to be objective without feeling the sting of accusations that often cause couples to be defensive with each other. A practical solution to resolving relationship issues is relationship counseling. Here are five reasons some seniors may have for going to couples or relationship counseling.

Dealing with brain injury

Author: James Harper

Recovering from a head or brain injury is a very difficult experience to deal with. Not only that but the effects from such an injury can have a dramatic impact on the behaviour and the personality of the victim, depending on the seriousness of the injury and the person involved. Living with a condition like this is tough, but imagine being a close friend or family member, watching someone that you love and care about change right in front of your eyes. Personality and changes in behaviour affect relationships, capabilities of the patient and their functional skills and it is hardly surprising that families struggle to cope or understand the changes.

Penis enlargement surgery research

Author: Robbie Alekson

Why Write About Penis Enlargement Surgery?

3 excellent workout techniques that you haven't heard of in years

Author: Robbie Alekson

It is truly amazing how many different workouts and diet plans have come to the marketplace in last 10 years. For most people, working out is a chore, and quite often it can become boring or stale very quickly. This is one of the main reasons why the industry has grown so much, and why so many products have been released. I have had the good fortune to try a lot of these workouts, and I would like to share with you some of the best routines that I have tried.

Lazy man's way of keeping fit

Author: Cami Hughes

"Lazy" isn't usually a word that goes along with "fitness," but it actually can. You don't have to hit the gym for three or four hours a day to stay fit and healthy. Although you may not be able to get a six pack without working out pretty hard, you can stay in good physical and mental shape while still having time to kick back on the weekends with a beer in one hand. Here are some strategies to use for staying fit even if you aren't feeling up to six-days-a-week gym workouts:

About face!

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

We are reminded that "a face has launched a thousand ships", according to Christopher Marlowe referring to Helen in Homer's Odyssey. Yet what most of us forget is that Helen was 12 years old! What child isn't precious and beautiful (and certainly worth sending out a rescue mission for) at age 12? No disrespect, but I would have launched a similar mission had my son been kidnapped, regardless of what his face looked like.

What to do when confronted by the pink elephant

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

Every now and again you come across a situation in your life that blows your hair back, your skirt up or...just blows. For example: you find out the person you're seriously considering spending the rest of your life with isn't interested in a long term relationship with you. Or you discover one evening, quite by accident, that your husband prefers blondes...who are hung like a horse. Or you learn that your new girlfriend is really a man, or that your movie star/Governor husband has impregnated your housekeeper and has been paying her hush money (out of your pocket) for the last decade.

When opposites attract!

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

Remember the days of that sizzling hot/heart-thumping/I've never felt this way before/best sex you've ever had in your life/can't eat, can't sleep, can't live without? relationship that you had? Census bureau says it probably turned into a baby, or two...or three. And that, like it or not, is biologically speaking the foremost reason you felt all of that off-the-hook, head-over-heels/knock-your-lights-out chemistry.

What can you expect from couples counselling?

Author: Counselling Directory

We are all happy to sit and discuss the latest celebrity relationships and splits, but in our own relationships are we happy to discuss the problems we are having?

Second life - virtual relationships

Author: Jo Winfrey. AdvDipCouns.Mbacp.

Virtual relationships can have a big impact on our lives. If you have experienced difficulties with online relationships (Second Life or any other) and need help to come to terms with the emotional side, then counselling may be of help - as with any 'real' life relationships.

Cucumbers and little known methods to avoid diabetic issues

Author: Suzanne Ault

Think you're cool as a cucumber? Not merely is the cucumber known for it's power to cool-down the body, it has additionally been known to assist with jaundice, diarrhea, epilepsy, sore throat, conjunctivitis (redness of the eye) and swelling of extremities.

Playing for keeps at any stage (online dating tips)

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

Q: Although I'm not jumping up and down at the prospect of dating online, I do want to get back into the swing of things with regard to finding a mate, and I do know that it makes sense to have a look at all my options. But I'm in my fifties now, feeling like perhaps I'm not as marketable as I was twenty or even ten years ago, and although my hormones are keeping up their end of the bargain, I wonder what kind of men will look at someone like me and see everything I have to offer. Any suggestions for attracting the right mate?

Forget pro-life, let's try pro-dad

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

I'll preface this by warning you that it's a rant rather than a blog, and I'll ask you to indulge me and please excuse the R rating. It's just that as a single mom, this is an issue I'm very close to, and I know that many of you out there will be able to relate.

The parmahansa ballerina

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

"You know what? I've changed my mind," I said, pulling into the turning lane. I decided we should have really clean food instead and I headed toward one of our other favorite restaurants. We arrived a few moments later.

Addictive relationships and love

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

Addiction is a growing phenomenon in our culture. The dictionary definition of addiction is the state of enslavement to a practice or habit, or to something that is habit forming (either physically or psychologically) to the point where trauma is caused - an emotional shock that damages a person's psychological development in a lasting, damaging way, often leading to neurosis. The word addiction comes from the word addictio, which means to surrender or give something over.

How to prep for the holidays

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

Like Ram Das says: You want to see how together you are, go spend some time with your family! This sentiment is particularly apt during the holidays, when emotions run high and painful memories are easily triggered. Especially if this holiday things are different than you would like them to be: i.e. you're single (again), newly divorced, bringing someone home your family can't stand, or maybe you simply dread the same old story your family dynamics dose on when you get together.

Shame, shame, shame... on who?

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

Summary: We have plenty of excuses for Tiger Woods' sexual mis-steps: 'Powerful men have a higher sex drive,' says one expert; 'Men are just wired that way,' says another. 'If women don't want their men to stray, they need to turn up the passion in the bedroom.' And I say ' Pleeeeze!

Can a bad relationship make you sick?

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

Summary: There are so many ways in which relationships affect our overall health. Recent studies have shown how coupling can add years to your life, boost your immune system and even help with anxiety and depression. Naturally one might wonder what influence the end of relationship might have on your health and wellness.

Healthy m & m's ?

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

Summary: There are a number of myths out there floating around about guys and gals ~ usually perpetuated by members of the opposite sex. Some have a bit of rooting in fact, while others don't. Here, I debunk a few myths about males.

What's fake about you?

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

Summary: What comes with knowing yourself? Oftentimes it's too overwhelming and intimidating, and we return to our previous patterns. If we're persistent enough to embrace who we really are, it can still be a lonely road. Sometimes, finding out the truth about ourselves just seems to be too much trouble. So we keep making the same mistakes and falling into the same patterns because we haven't really unwound and understood the root of these patterns in the first place!

Can your friends or lovers be holding you back?

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

Summary: The mutual flow of respect and support is essential to all healthy, sustainable relationships. Whether friends or lovers, we all want to believe those closest to us want for us to thrive, to fulfill our dreams and to achieve inner and outer success. Yet when this isn?t our experience, we might want to look more closely at the nature of these relationships.

Sustainable relationships

Author: Maryanne Comaroto

Summary: When you think about sustainability, what comes to mind?global warming, going green, doing your part to lessen your carbon footprint? How about relationships? We should compost old relationships and only get involved with organic people? Not exactly, no. Although the concept is intriguing, this would be implausible for most of us, given our cultural proclivity towards big ?relationship footprints.?

Introducing the newman holiday trust

Author: Bijal B

The Newman Holiday Trust is a voluntary organisation which provides summer holidays for children with special needs.

Relationship problems - discovering the cause

Author: Susan Coils

Unfortunately, far too many relationships break down without either partner being able to fully explain the problems that led them to such a heart wrenching decision. All too often the break up is blamed on the other partner having done something wrong, or not having done enough things right. But is this necessarily true? And if it is, why did they do something wrong or why did they not do what you thought they should?

Parenting techniques for the adhd child

Author: Kara T. Tamanini, M.S., LMHC

ADHD children like children who do not have ADHD do not always do what they are told. No child behaves perfectly all the time every single day, however a child with ADHD seems to be at a greater risk of noncompliant behaviors that will anger, infuriate or disappoint their parents. By very definition, children with ADHD have difficulty with self-control and do not organize well, have problems controlling their behaviors and predicting that there are consequences for their behaviors. Russell Barkley, a psychologist and leading expert on ADHD says it well when he advises parents of some simple instructions in dealing and correcting behavioral problems. (1) It is much more effective to give clear instructions (2) rearrange work so that it is more interesting and motivating for them (3) redirect the child?s behavior towards future goals versus immediate gratification and (4) provide immediate rewards for a completed task or adherence to rules.

Preparing your financial security for your family

Author: David @

Every father seeks to protect his family and to provide the essentials for basic living. For a new father, the newly adopted role of 'man of the house', more responsibilities are acquired with the new role. One of the main concerns that a man faces with his new role is 'how will he protect and raise his family?'

Basic risk management for first time home investors

Author: David @

First time property buyers ought to be aware of the potential rewards and pitfalls that can be associated with a first time investment. However, with savvy management and planning, the risks can be averted to improve your property investment rewards.

Using hoodia to address weight problems


One of the most common problems among a large part of many populations in terms of health is the weight gain and loss problem which has now turned out be major concern, as it gives rise many other diseases as well. Due to the unbalanced and hectic schedule we all have, the trend of having meals frequently at fast food joints is catching up with the people. This is because these places sell food that is extraordinarily high in calorie and fat content.

The woodcutter's wife: a stepmother's tale

Author: Dolla S. Merrillees

When asked what I would like to be when I grew up, I can't say I actually aspired to being a divorcee, however glamorous it sounded, or, for that matter, a wicked stepmother. I don't know about you, but it's not exactly every girl's childhood fantasy, and besides, I was brought up to believe that divorce was nearly always attributable to loose women, menopausal men and the ensuing infidelity all this engenders, whilst stepmothers were, quite simply, an abomination. Infidelity, divorce and was like some obsessional mantra of my childhood. Against this background, never did I in my wildest dreams imagine I would find myself accomplishing, well, at least the latter two. And so on a beautiful balmy night as the celebrant declared us husband and wife, like many other women before me, I made the transition from divorcee to wife and wicked stepmother and in the twinkling of an eye became a member of that internationally recognised sorority-women who marry men with children?.

Self esteem - an overview

Author: Jackie Tasker

Self esteem develops from the moment we are born, and represents how we see ourselves in relation to the rest of the world: to friends, colleagues, complete strangers, in work, at home, in relationships, or alone.

Being two separate people in one relationship

Author: Jackie Tasker

Relationships are important to us as social animals. We have an innate need to be loved and to love, which with the right person is an amazing, wonderful place to be.

Divorce and endings

Author: Jackie Tasker

Relationship endings are difficult whether you're the one who's chosen to end it, or the one who's left behind.

Breathing excercise

Author: Jackie Tasker

Find somewhere comfortable to lie down, or to sit, somewhere you won't be disturbed for 5-10 minutes.

Stress & anxiety

Author: Jackie Tasker

Everybody experiences anxiety at some time, since it is the body?s natural reaction to fear.

Abusive relationships

Author: Jackie Tasker

An abusive relationship is one where there is a real, or imagined, threat of injury. This isn?t just physical harm, it also relates to mental and sexual abuse where the injuries may be harder to see, but are just as damaging.

The drama triangle

Author: Jackie Tasker

Humans are social animals, and as such we interact with each other daily: at work, at home, socialising, in the shops, in the car next to us at the traffic lights, in the street. We interact with people we know, those we?ve just met, and those we may only have one interaction with.

Eating healthy during pregnancy

Author: Martin Pavion

Starting off your with a healthy well balanced diet is the best thing you do for yourself and your baby. This way, you'll only need to make a few adjustments during your pregnancy.

Irritable bowel syndrome and the mind

Author: Dr Phil Hariram

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common chronic condition with symptoms of abdominal pain, altered bowel habit and form, and bloating. Even though up to 20% of people globally suffer from IBS, no one knows the true cause, there is no physical abnormality, no treatment works for a large group of patients and there is no cure.

Nutrition for the elderly

Author: Martin Pavion

Healthy eating and nutrition for the elderly is greatly impacted by several factors, one of them being a change in body composition. During the later years in life, the body will lose bone and muscle and gain fat because the hormones aren't very active anymore.

What causes tinnitus?

Author: Mark Goeder


Dating tip: don't work too hard

Author: Terry Hernon MacDonald


Sex, self esteem, and me!

Author: Dorothy Lafrinere

I ha

Stop lying now

Author: Kim Olver

Do y

Is your child ready for a dog?

Author: Shannon Emmanuel


Dealing with bullies

Author: George Stillwell


When a child runs away

Author: Luella May


"no" really does mean "no!"

Author: Kimberly D. King

I wa

If you're happy and you know it

Author: Rose DesRochers


Don't focus on failure

Author: Paul M. Jerard Jr.


10 tips to improve your self esteem

Author: Peter Dobler

Striving to improve our self esteem is on everybody’s mind. It doesnt' matter if you actively pursue this goal or you subconsciously working on improving your self esteem. The problem with this is that you really don’t know exactly what you want to improve. You?re acting intuitively on external signals.

Are you killing your beautiful dream?

Author: Chris Green

It's one of the saddest events I see and unfortunately, I see it far too often. Fear, the most destructive of human emotions, succeeds in totally ruining the dreams and ambitions of millions and millions of people EVERY YEAR.

Do you love yourself?

Author: Damien Senn

So, do you love yourself? Shouldn't really be a difficult question to answer should it? For many people this question makes them feel more than a little uncomfortable. In fact, if you've suddenly become short of breath and your palms have gone a little sweaty, then you should definitely continue reading this article!

Adult personals - fulfilling your fantasies through adult dating websites

Author: James Hall

People are talking about adult personals. There's no doubt about it. As regular dating sites are seen as too tame to meet their adventurous needs people are posting adult personals through adult dating websites. Every day thousands of people seeking alternative lifestyles write uncensored adult personals ads. Adult dating websites offers an enticing adult dating community where you are free to share and explore your wildest fantasies.

Your frame of mind may determine your health

Author: Randy Stafford


How to deal with environmental stress

Author: Trevor Dumbleton


The benefits of a memory foam mattress

Author: Thomas J. Wacker

On the quest for a more productive day, research has shown that a more productive sleep at night can be one of the healthiest solutions.

Are you breathing properly?

Author: David Kane


It?s not just about dieting

Author: Jan Nicholas


The hidden truth about diets

Author: Hiram Perez


Prevention --- it's up to you, not your doctor!

Author: Judy Thompson

Copyright 2005 Judy Thompson

Rheumatoid arthritis

Author: Charlene J. Nuble

A sh

Liposuction dangers 101

Author: Charlene J. Nuble


Laser hair removal

Author: Virginia Wong


What is acid reflux disease?

Author: Jeff Lakie

Acid reflux disease, also known as Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD, is a common ailment, affecting between 5%-7% of the population. In order to understand what GERD is it is important to be familiar with how the esophagus works. A long muscular tube, the esophagus carries food and liquid from the mouth to the stomach. The average adult esophagus is around ten to thirteen inches long and approximately an half an inch in diameter. GERD is caused by the backflow of acid from the stomach into the esophagus, usually because the lower esophageal sphincter does not close properly. When this happens over a long period of time, the lining of this tract becomes eroded, causing discomfort and pain.

Ocular nutrition and eye health

Author: David Buster


Physical fitness - is your workout missing something?

Author: Mike Adams

Hiking along a rocky trail, two of the three friends carefully picked their way from rock to rock. But one leaped from rock to rock, bounding by the others like a gazelle running and leaping from rock to rock. Never missing his footing, the others wondered at his almost supernatural grace and skill. "How does he do that?" they thought.

Do natural male enhancement pills really work?

Author: Staggerlee Phillips

Copyright 2005 Staggerlee Phillips

Get more out of life while managing your diabetes

Author: Brandon C. Hall

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 21, I had not given the first thought to living a healthy diabetic lifestyle. As far as I was concerned, a healthy lifestyle was reserved only for fitness junkies and overweight moms.

How to start a walking program

Author: Michael Brooks

Did you know that walking is the number one participation sport in the world? Walking is one of the best things you can do for overall health and wellness. When you walk you use more muscles than any other sport. In fact, walking uses almost all of the 650 muscles and 203 bones found in the human body. So what are you waiting for?

How to cut down on college stress

Author: Trevor Dumbleton

Probably the least appreciated form of stress is college stress. This is mostly due to the fact that adults simply see a lot of college students sitting on their rear ends playing video games and drinking, instead of seeing students who are under pressure to succeed all the time. In addition to classes, homework, research, reading, paper writing and problem solving, there are now the problems of how the heck to pay for college and whether there will be any jobs waiting after graduation. Thus, with all these forms of college stress weighing students down, it is no wonder that things tend to get ugly when they 'blow off steam'.

The importance of vitamins to your body

Author: Charlene J. Nuble

The body needs a minimum amount of vitamins and minerals each day to remain healthy and function properly. A balanced diet normally supplies sufficient vitamins. However, serious disorders can still develop if the diet does not meet your body?s needs. Symptoms of a deficiency in vitamins and minerals usually appear when the lack is already in a relatively advanced level.

How does a person acquire diabetes

Author: Charlene J. Nuble

Diabetes is a condition where the body, or to be precise the pancreas, loses its ability to create insulin, the chemical necessary to regulate blood sugar levels. As we take in food, a substance called glucose enters through the bloodstream, and it is insulin's role to make sure that that glucose is carried to different parts of the body, in turn fuels us with the energy we need. Diabetes is often considered as a silent disease, much like cancer and nearly five out of ten people are unaware that they have diabetes.

Learn how to treat hemorrhoids

Author: Alex Fir

Haemorrhoids are abnormally swollen veins in the rectum and anus. When these veins are irritated, they cause surrounding membranes to swell, burn, itch, become painful, and even bleed.

Expert tips for smooth, healthy and beautiful skin

Author: Alex Fir

Beauty of the skin starts from inside your body! Your skin needs fresh air, exercise, a proper diet, minerals and vitamins and it needs protection from the sun.

How to get rid of toe & finger nail fungus

Author: Balaji B

A fungal infection of the toe or finger nails often results from a chronic athlete's foot infection in our youthful years. This is also known as Onychomycosis. The toenail infection is not so easily eliminated and often continues as a seemingly perpetual problem. Nail fungus is made up of tiny organisms which is also known as Tinea Unguium or Onychomycosis. This infects fingernails and toenails. The fungus lives under the nail. The nail provides a safe place for the fungus growth as fungus likes dark and wet places.

Whole grains prevent weight gain

Author: Moss Greene

Research from Harvard, recently published in the highly respected peer-reviewed Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has now proven that women who eat the most whole grains lose more weight and maintain that weight loss better than women who eat the least amount of whole grains.

Can you really lose 60lbs in 30 days?

Author: Adrian Bryant

Is it better to lose 2lbs a day or 2lbs a week?

Vultures and victims

Author: Rachel Lane

Has anyone noticed how many loan companies now fill up the commercial breaks? Sofa, after of sofa of happy couples are shown, with carefully manipulated stereotypes discussing the consolidation of their finances, recommending a particular provider. Couples, who have had loan requests knocked back from the standard, high street or traditional credit lenders, find themselves turning to alternative finance providers in the hope that they can move their debt situations forward.

Letting go of control

Author: Suzanne Falter-Barns

Living your joy is more than just the tasks on your to do list. This article teaches you how to open your heart and make a quantum leap in your impact.

Change your mattress for back pain relief...

Author: Thomas Jay Wacker

Change your mattress for back pain relief...

Reasons why you should quit smoking

Author: Charlene J. Nuble

Smoking can hook you because cigarettes contain nicotine which is highly addictive. But being hooked is not an excuse why you cannot quit smoking. Smoking has been proven by several researches to be great threat to one's health, that is why there is no reason why one who is already hooked to it should not quit smoking.

How to cope with stress and anxiety

Author: Trevor Dumbleton

Among the hardest parts of living in the modern world is stress and anxiety. With worries about work, the environment, the economy, natural disasters, terrorism, and the general state of the world, it seems that there is no end to the number of things to worry about. Though we cannot control many of these things, they still weigh on our minds and cause us stress and anxiety. However, despite these concerns, we should try to avoid stress and anxiety.