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5 positive resolutions to make when planning to lose weight

Author: Benji Grayson
Published: Jan 4 2013

The New Year is finally here. That means people everywhere have made resolutions to change their life for the better. It’s great to set personal goals, but many people end up getting frustrated and discouraged when they start slipping and sliding on the promises that they were so eager to keep. Losing weight is the most common resolution made every year, but it can also be the most disheartening one. Focusing on the positive will help make your weight loss journey an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Be Kind to Yourself

Be proud of yourself for recognizing that you would be a happier, healthier version of yourself if you shed some pounds. Some people never even think to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The fact that the thought even crossed your mind is something to pat yourself on the back about. It won’t help you lose weight or feel better (which are the two main points of any weight loss decision) if you’re constantly focusing on what you don’t like about yourself. Make sure you are changing because you love yourself, not because you don’t. No external change will fix that problem.

Keep an Open Mind

When it comes to weight loss, there are so many different options available. Between diet and exercise programs, liposuction, and diet pills it can be hard to know where to start. Don’t rule anything out, and don’t set anything in stone. As you start to change, your process might start to transform, too. Talk to a health professional about what options work best for your specific age, gender, or weight level, and never take anything that you haven’t cleared with your doctor first.

Keep Motivated

Think about what is truly motivating you to lose weight. It could be reducing your health risks, being able to engage in more physical activity with ease, or just looking and feeling better. Whatever it is, find ways to pound that motivation in your mind at all times. Hang up pictures of bodies you’d like yours to resemble on your fridge and mirrors. Download inspirational audio to put on your iPod. Buy an outfit in the size you hope to become, and hang it up in your closet knowing each day you’re getting closer to wearing it in public. Remember to always associate your weight loss with positive feelings, never negative ones.

Surround Yourself with Positive Support

Surround yourself with people who take you for exactly how you are. Don’t have your mind set on losing weight to please anyone else but yourself. Find people who encourage you to follow through with your goal because they know that it will ultimately make you the happiest version of yourself, and cut out the people who make you feel unworthy. Remember, this a brand new year. Try to only fill it with people and experiences that bring out the best in you.

Develop a Positive Relationship with Food

This is a key factor for anyone deciding to slim down. Think about the reasons why you eat, and think about what the food you’re consuming is actually doing for your body. Remember that hunger is a physical trigger, not an emotional one. Before you eat anything, ask yourself these questions:

- Is my body really trying to tell me that I’m hungry right now?
- Am I eating because I’m stressed, bored, or depressed?
- Am I eating this for the sole purpose of how it tastes?
- What effects will this food have on my body? Positive? Negative?
- Will I regret eating this later?

Losing weight can be a frustrating issue, but it’s always a rewarding achievement if done in a healthy manner. Don’t lose sight of the end prize, and above all else, make sure that you’re treating yourself right in the process. Never beat yourself up about the progress you aren’t making, and instead, re-shift your focus until you feel good about why you’re determined to reach your goal.

Benji Grayson is a freelance health and fitness writer with the Sammamish Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. He often writes about rhinoplasties, facial peels, and Botox in Seattle, Washington. His personal interests include researching ways to help people achieve their personal wellness goals as well as finding ways to have better overall health.

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