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Show Your Support With Our Wrist Band

www.peoplesproblems.org supporters wrist band

What Do They Look Like?

The outside of each green band is debossed with our website url 'www.peoplesproblems.org', and the inside reads 'We value your support!'

How To Order A Wristband

Simply place your wristband order via PayPal using the feature below. For UK delivery, select the 2nd option from the drop-down list.

Item: Adult Wristband (x1)

Why Wear A Wristband?

Bracelets are worn to demonstrate the wearer's support of a cause or charitable organization, similar to awareness ribbons. Such wristbands are sometimes called awareness bracelets to distinguish them from other types of wristbands. In early 2007 the 1" became an increasingly popular item being sold as merchandise at concerts & sporting events worldwide. The wristbands bearing official logos or trademarks enabled the seller to offer a low price point merchandise option to fans. Source: Wikipedia

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