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Business Directory Terms Of Use

We permit any user of this site to submit information to the resource directory, and as such, will not be held liable for the accuracy of any content made available to you through this service.

Furthermore, we are unable to verify the accuracy or legitimacy of ANY information submitted, therefore it is imperative that users of the directory take the appropriate measures to protect their interests and security, in the same way that they would if the information had not been sourced from the Peoples Problems site.

For example, if someone entered their details into our directory as a physiotherapist, do not assume that they have the necessary qualifications, experience or legal standing to provide this service to you. We would recommend that you make some general enquiries by asking to see current certificates they hold in relation to their profession, and/or carry out research on-line to see whether they are registered with a professional body.

If you are concerned about the accuracy or legitimacy of any individual entries in the directory, please contact us and we will do what we can to resolve the issue (which could well result in the removal of an entry).