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Relationship advice forum category advice forum category Does My Bro Fren Likes Me?

CREATED: Mar 26 2017 at 21:21 by Jenny02

Hi all.I have a cousin brother and I'm his favourite sister.we both are very close.I visited him last year.He showed his friend picture and said he wants us to get married.When he say this he was messaging his friend.He will show his fren pic quite oftently.His fren knows me well.Both of the will always talk about me.His fren had seen me in pics with my bro.after I reach home,my bro send his fren pic and said he is coming in a Tv show.I saw it and he was so cute.The year before I presented my bro a watch.His fren commented on the watch and joked if I bought anything for him.i noe its common to...

Health advice forum category advice forum category Is Wristband A Good Idea To Aware People?

CREATED: Mar 20 2017 at 06:51 by James

Hello I am James and I am associated with NGO Who support cancer patient and our motto is spread awareness in public by through wristband....

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