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Hi there, I'm Richard Brooks from Manchester (England) - the founder, developer and administrator of

To capture the essence of our site, I created this promotional video featuring an exclusive music track composed by my brother Jon Brooks:

I'm passionate about problem solving, and running this site has helped me stay up to date with various web based technologies. Having dabbled with PHP, HTML & MySQL over a decade ago, I came up with the idea of trying to help people solve their problems via an online forum - it's the cornerstone of what you see here today.

From the outset, my experiences of running the site have been mixed - trolling and spamming present an ongoing threat. The achievements made over the years however have been significant. For example, I've received praise from subjects who were feeling suicidal, and gained the support they needed, in time, right here on this site. A degree of satisfaction also arises when those who have received help go on to support new visitors and often maintain contact with other established community members.

I am keen to hear about your experiences and interactions with this platform, so feel free to contact me with any feedback you may have! (