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The many mishaps caused by fatigue

Author: Nickey Williams
Published: Jul 10 2013

Fatigue is a primary cause of many accidents in the United States, ranging from the highways to the airways. In addition, boating mishaps occur commonly in both recreational and commercial activities. Fatigue is a common factor in the many mishaps that are caused by these modes of transportation. Short distance vehicle travel also contributes to the accident rate, as many individuals work late nights and suffer from disrupted sleep patterns. One of the most crucial aspects of sleep importance is regularity of rest. This also includes individuals who work overnight shifts. Making arrangements for good sleeping conditions is a healthy decision.

Sleepy Driver

Commercial Truckers

Long-haul truckers are icons in the United States even though they have been involved in countless serious accidents resulting in wrongful death. It is certainly evident that they provide necessary input to the national economy. It is also known that they operate on short deadlines and often cheat on legal commercial driving time allowances. The United States Department of Transportation has limited the hours a commercial driver can work to 70 in 8 consecutive days. This is still a significant number of hours and no doubt contributes to the number of accidents that occur. 

Long Distance Drivers

Traffic on the interstate highway system is rarely local and is often dense. Much of the traffic congestion is largely comprised of motorists in transit to a final destination, and they regularly push the limit on not resting for a variety of reasons such as deadlines or even home sickness. Many studies have shown that an alarming number of mishaps occur close to home, but transient traffic is often involved. Commercial traffic also does not necessarily include semi-tractor trailers. Working commuters who must travel due to employment are common on the highways and are on tight deadlines similar to big-rig delivery personnel. 

Sleep Deprivation

There have been many comparisons between the similarities of sleep deprivation and drunk driving. Sleep is a necessary component for effective brain function, and is actually a necessity for the body as well. Fatigue is commonly a result of sleep deprivation, even if it is occurring on a long cycle. One night of short sleep may not be as physically problematic as long-term short sleeping cycles, but a single night can be troublesome. Fatigue occurs over a significant period of time and sends definite signals while it is manifesting. A proper amount of sleep is absolutely necessary to a healthy functional life. 

The number of accidents that happen due to the shortness of sleep are immense. Even an accident at home can be terrible. It is important to always get a proper amount of sleep and make a plan for additional rest if possible. How important is sleep? There are many doctors who recommend it as the best health practice an individual can implement. The heart only beats so many times. Wouldn't you like to live a good long life? If so, don't over exert  yourself, and be sure to take plenty of naps.

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