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Finding the connection between your wellness and your worth

Author: Akilah Richards
Published: May 29 2013

The correlation between poor performance at work and a disorganized personal life is amazing. Individuals who have chaos, clutter, and stress at home typically bring that unhealthy vibe into their workplace. It also can lead to a poor diet, illness and lack of motivation. Prioritizing your overall wellness can bring positivity and better production at home and in the workplace.

Design Your Life

Suffering Performance

An individual lacking in performance at work (whether that person works at home or outside the home) typically has a host of problems occurring at home. Getting the children to school on time, work, and finding time for personal enjoyments can be overwhelming for most people. However, finding ways to bring order can add to the problems and many individuals don’t have time to think about adding anything else into their already busy life. This chaos can spill over into your work life and make you scattered and just as disorganized at work as you were at home.

Diet and Inactivity

In addition to a hectic personal life, your physical and mental well-being can contribute to your poor work performance. Unable to find the time to put a meal on the dinner table, you may resort to picking up fast food and processed items for your family. In addition to noticeable weight gain, you may be lacking in energy due to your poor eating plan. A nutritious and balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and lean meats can boost your performance at home and work. Finding time to fit in a workout can also be a challenge, especially as you deal with work and children’s after-school activities. This can also bleed over into your career and cause you to miss deadlines. You may also find it difficult to focus on meetings in the workplace and important projects.

Professional Support

When you find it a challenge to deal with the rising problems at home, a therapist, mentor, or life coach can help you in bringing order to both your business and personal life. Finding a way to bring peace and harmony to everyday activities can be overwhelming and a coach can implement the right plan to get you on track. They’ll begin by asking a series of questions about what you wish to accomplish, your goals, hopes and dreams. They’ll also be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses through this discussion in hopes of finding ways to use the skills that you are good at to bring success both at home and at work.

Working Solutions

A coach is also with you every step of the way until you can find out how to find the right balance. If you find yourself unable to tackle the tasks that the coach has outlined for you, they can find ways to keep you accountable and motivated in your pursuits. They’ll also be able to promote a working schedule that allows you to meet your home and work obligations.

Easy Access

No matter where on the planet you live, you can access the professional support you need with either a phone or internet connection. When searching for a reputable life coach Tucson, Tampa, or Tacoma based, or in any other city, there are online resources easily available, thanks to today's expanded digital options.

In order to find success in the workplace, you need to find some semblance of harmony in your personal life. Also, adopting healthy habits such as exercise, eating right, a well-planned schedule, and happiness within your family can also bring about peace and harmony throughout your career.

Akilah Richards is a certified family life educator who shares articles about the importance of personal development as a medium for both personal and professional fulfilment. She believes that a holistic approach to wellness is a proven remedy for unnecessary stress at work and at home. Finding a reputable life coach can be as simple as logging on to Noomii(dot)com, where a variety of coaching options exist.

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