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When filing an auto accident claim is difficult: understanding all of your options

Author: Lisa Coleman
Published: Aug 6 2013

Insurance agents and adjustors are loyal first and foremost to their companies. Their primary duty is to help their insurance company save money and force clients to pay for as many accident-related costs as possible. Thus, it should come as no surprise to anyone that these insurance employees often turn down claims or refuse to receive claims altogether.

When you have no success in submitting a claim to an insurance company, you may be tempted to pay for the accident expenses yourself just to avoid having any further contact with the adjustor and agent. However, before you admit defeat, you should take advantage of the legal remedies available to you.

Gather All of Your Accident Information Together

As you prepare to resubmit a claim to an insurance company, make sure you have all of your paperwork in order. Every single document that you have been given by the police, first responders, mechanics, doctors, and even other insurance adjustors should be gathered and organized. These documents will bolster your case and give you a strong standing with the insurance company with whom you plan to make a claim. Further, you should make copies of these documents before you submit the originals to the adjustor or agent.

Filing An Auto Accident Claim

Get Witness Statements, Pictures, and Videos

Insurance adjustors may try to downplay the seriousness of your accident. You can remind them of the circumstances by getting testimony from eyewitnesses, pictures, videos, and other proof. Adjustors will have a difficult time refuting documented proof, especially pictures and videos of the accident and its aftermath. Having these documented submissions of proof available to you can help you get your claim submitted.

Ask Your Insurance Agent for Help

If you are making a claim against another insurance company, you should ask your own insurance agent for help with this matter. Your agent should actually be doing most of the work himself or herself rather than leaving you to your own devices. Nonetheless, if you need help getting another insurance company to accept your claim, you can ask your agent for advice and guidance.

Retain a Local Attorney

Your insurance agent can be helpful. However, an experienced local car crash attorney will be a better advocate for you during your insurance claim battle. You can find a skilled accident lawyer in your area easily when you do an online search for local attorneys.

You can do an online search inquiry by your geographic area and the kind of attorney you are seeking, like Detroit Michigan car crash attorney if you are seeking a Detroit accident lawyer. This is a good way to search exactly what they do practice but also look for online reviews. Another way to find an attorney is by calling your state’s bar association for a referral. The bar association is a great resource when it comes to finding attorneys who are ready to handle your case.

When you have an attorney working with you, you can allow him or her to take over negotiating with the insurance company and submitting all of the paperwork that the company needs to consider your claim. Once the insurance adjustors and agents know that they are up against a lawyer, they will be more inclined to back down from their rhetoric and approach your claim in a more objective manner.

They also know that your attorney will remain on your case for as long as it takes to ensure your rights. Rather than rack up legal expenses that their insurance company will not want to pay, they may be more inclined to settle your case promptly.

You should not have to worry about doing battle with an insurance company after you have been in an accident. Rather than allow adjustors and agents to strong arm you, you can gather your paperwork and call an attorney to help you resolve your case successfully.

Lisa Coleman offers tips on how to overcome the frustrations of dealing with filing a claim, and encourages retaining an experienced legal attorney. She recently saw a video on how a Michigan car crash attorney firm, the Stroble Law Firm, was equipped and legally dedicated to representing clients who have had difficulties when filing 1st and 3rd party claims, and handled all the legalities for such a case.

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