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Mens shaving and acne prevention tips

Author: Tate Handy
Published: Jan 28 2015

For something that has been a practice since the Ancient Egyptians were around and that the average man spends four months of his life doing, shaving can still be a tricky endeavor. The average man has 15-20,000 hairs growing on his face and needs around 150 strokes of the razor to fully shave, but with a few tips and tricks, you can make every razor stroke count.

First, make sure that you’re stocked up on the best shaving products. Use an exfoliator twice a week to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs, and keep a styptic pencil or alum block on hand to treat nicks (lip balm works too). Shop for aftershaves that don’t have too much alcohol in them; alcohol can dry your skin and increase skin irritation. Look for a shaving cream with a high concentration of lubricants and moisturizers that will protect your skin, but if you’re out of shaving cream, reach for olive oil or hair conditioner instead of bar soap and body wash. Growing out your beard? Invest in a good, stiff-bristled boar’s hair brush to avoid itchiness.

Next, get your razor in tip-top condition. Clean your razor using a small brush or a faucet with high water pressure; after shaving, hang or store your razor where it will completely dry, using a few drops of an anti-corrosive agent for razors to keep the blade sharp. Sharpen your dull razor blade by swiping it upward along the leg of an old pair of jeans (50-100 swipes will get an old razor in “like new” condition). If you want to save money on razors while getting a clean shave, try using safety razors or subscribing to a mail-order razor service.

Finally, shave smartly. Shave after showering so that the hot water and steam can open follicles and soften hair. Go with the grain of your facial hair, and shave your neck evenly by leaning forward and tilting your head back slightly to flatten the area. Afterwards, douse your face with cold (not hot) water to avoid skin irritation.

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