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4 ways to overcome your addictions!

Author: Jonny Webber
Published: Oct 16 2012


Drug abuse has grown into a social menace destroying our health care systems and depriving the society of important people. Researchers cite different reasons causing drug abuse among individuals. Whichever the case, there is a solution to curbing the addiction affected victims can undertake to help them stop. There is no specific period to the addiction problem. Individuals who use these tips are only assured of an improvement leading to stoppage but not quick healing from the problem. Understanding that drug abuse is subject-specific is the best way of determining the best means one can use to curb their addiction. Four important methods have won confidence of health professionals as being effective in making addicts shun drugs.


Psychotherapy is one way of stopping drug addiction. It focuses more on the maladaptive behaviours of an addict. Past memories and failures are reasons why people end up using drugs to fulfil their needs. The purpose of a psychotherapy program is to allow the addict adopt better strategies to fulfil their goals. Addiction therapists help in this program. They help the addicts set short-term goals which they can achieve. Later, the addicts are taught new skills which they can use to fight their previous bad experiences once they achieve sobriety from the drug. Several achieved short-term goals lead to setting a long-term goal. The addict is allowed to do this without the help of their therapist. Psychotherapy helps addicts a life they truly desired.


A rehab centre is a facility where drug addicts are put under tight surveillance for their addictions. Persons with serious addiction problems are the ones considered for rehabilitation. It is only in few instances that minor addicts go to rehabs. Most medically based rehabs are difficult to find. Programs offered in a rehab are also important. Inside a rehab facility, patients receive guidelines on how they can mould their lives and perform their daily life routines without using the drugs. In server cases, the addict is given the drug to which they are addicted in mild forms to prevent them from subsequent complications arising from sporadic stopping.

Group Therapy

A group therapy is the most efficient way in handling a large number of addicts. Here, the addicts interact with each other and their problems addressed upon inquiry. Just like in the psychotherapy, the addicts set short time goals and work together toward achieving them. It is usually a good practice for drug addict who develop antisocial problems. Group therapy can also apply when a long-term goal is set requiring contributions of different persons.

Will Power

An act of will power can also set an addict free from abusing drugs. With the required determination, they can channel their effort towards more constructive things other than drugs. Will power requires the addict to be ready from any situation might arise in the course of their recovery. Addicts should ask their close relatives or friends to help them overcome the addiction burden.

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