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10 mistakes people make after a car accident

Author: ShaRhanda Lawson
Published: May 20 2013

When you are involved in a car accident, your life can quickly become chaotic. Injuries, financial troubles, and loss of transportation are just a few of the issues that may arise. However, these are ten common mistakes people make when they are involved in a car accident that can make the matter much worse.

1. Failing to Seek Medical Attention

Many people believe that they are okay at the scene of the accident, only to discover the next morning that they are injured. Seek medical care at the time of the accident to avoid any problems with the insurance company for your claim.

2. Stating Responsibility for the Accident

Even if you believe that you are at fault for causing the accident, you should never admit fault to the police when filing out the report. Let the police determine who is at fault.

3. Arguing with the Other Accident Victim

Having an accident is serious enough. Getting into an argument with the other driver can lead to additional problems, including battery charges. Stay calm and try to only deal with the police.

4. Not Taking Pictures

If you are physically able to take pictures of the scene of the accident with your phone or camera, do so. If you are unable to do so because of injuries, try to come back to the area later to take pictures.

5. Not Documenting Weather Conditions

You should make notes about the accident as soon as possible after it occurs, so you do not forget relevant information. Note weather conditions, road conditions, and the time of day.

6. Not Following Medical Advice

If you had to have medical treatment for injuries sustained in the accident, make sure you comply with all of the conditions of your treatment plan. Insurance companies are quick to deny claims for non-compliance.

7. Posting Information On Social Sites

If you must share that you were in an accident, do so with minimum information. You do not want to state anything on these sites that can, and will, be used against you when you are making a compensation claim. Insurance companies thoroughly research social sites for information on people making claims.

8. Not Calling A Personal Injury Attorney

You should not delay seeking legal counsel when you have been injured in an accident. For instance, in South Carolina, a Charleston injury lawyer can guide you right from the start through the compensation process and help you avoid many of these problems.

9. Signing Waivers

Many insurance companies will automatically send out a waiver to injured parties hoping that they will sign off on their rights to seek compensation. Many people unknowingly sign and return these documents without seeking legal counsel.

10. Giving Written or Oral Statements

In an effort to curb payouts, many insurance companies are sending agents into the hospital rooms of the injured people, wanting to have statements issued about the accident.  Again, do not sign anything without the approval of your legal counsel.

Understanding what not to do after an accident can help any compensation claims that you may file. You must remember that the insurance company is going to try everything it can to pay out as little as possible, and everything you do can have an impact on their decisions.

ShaRhanda Lawson is a freelance writer who, unfortunately, has been in numerous car accidents.  If you or someone you know is involved in a car accident in South Carolina, a Charleston injury lawyer team like the one at Howell and Christmas, LLC, who does everything possible to protect their clients' rights, might be essential to avoiding some of these common mistakes.

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