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Affordable remodeling options for the financially strapped budget

Author: Lisa Coleman
Published: Jun 6 2013

Having a restricted budget does not mean that you cannot remodel or refurbish your home; it just simply means that you must be more creative. There are many ways that you can change the appearance of your interior without having to spend a lot of money or break your budget. The following suggestions are some creative ways that can help anyone create a new look for their home.

Change the Window Dressings

You will be amazed how easy it is to change the appearance of a room by changing the appearance of the windows. You can change from blinds to curtains, or add a valance, or the other way around. Changes to your window dressings can change the entire mood of the room. A visit to a local thrift shop will present you with many different window coverings at deeply discounted prices.

Affordable remodelling options for the financially strapped budget

Change the Paint

Change the color and you change the room. You can make a considerable difference when you paint. For additional flair, try using a decorator roller or old sponges to make designs in the paint.

Buy New Furniture

This will not break the bank if you know where to look. If the Internet has done anything for humankind, it has provided a way to find great deals on large items. You are not restricted to shopping the pricey stand-alone store in your area; you can find wonderful pieces of furniture at a fraction of the price by going online. With many websites, like, you can usually outfit an entire room with new furniture for half the price of a box store. You can choose from styles like traditional to classic with a huge variety of shapes, colors and designs with furniture like sectionals, sofas, and chaise chairs at discounted prices.

Invest in Area Rugs

You do not have to replace your entire floor to get a new look, just add an area carpet. You can match this rug to your new look, and most rugs cost less than $100.

Change Lighting

Lighting can make a large difference in a room. Move lamps around to get the perfect lighting for your new look. If you hate your old lamps, head back to the thrift store or a garage sale; these places always have great lamps available at good prices.


You can easily create a new appearance to your room by changing what you have hanging on your walls. If you have specific tastes in the types of art you like, as do most people, try shopping online for different pieces. Many artists now sell directly online at very good prices. You can also purchase reprints of original works from these artists for a further reduction in price.

Just because you are on a budget does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful new interior to your home. With a little research, a little bit of work, and some creativity, you can create an entire new look for your home with very little expense.

Lisa Coleman shares some affordable and stylish ideas for the person remodelling on a tight budget. Having done this herself, she found painting the room, along with new window sheers, made a huge difference. A new loveseat and sofa from online furniture store,, will really help give a new fresh look and comfortable atmosphere for anyone decorating on a budgeted income.

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