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Tips to make long distance relationships thrive and survive

Author: Domonique Powell
Published: Mar 11 2014

Changes in the traditional workplace have left many workers finding jobs that require frequent long-distance traveling. Auditors, information technology specialists, mobile applications developers, construction workers and truck drivers now are traveling cross country and returning home for one weekend a month or every six weeks.

Tips to make long distance relationships thrive and survive

Not only do people have to adjust to being away from home, but if they are married or have a partner, they also must learn how to sustain a long-distance relationship.

A research team from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, released its findings in December 2013, which showed that long-distance relationships do work. The team from the Department of Psychology found that being far apart changes the way couples interact with each other and forces them to work on certain aspects of their relationship that geographically close couples overlook or take for granted.

Interacting through Technology

Technology helps many couples keep in touch during their time apart. For instance, a cross-country truck driver can communicate with his family and his partner through Google Plus 'Hangout', a free video chat service or Skype, a software application that allows people to see and talk to each other over the Internet. Whether the trucker is spending the night at a hotel or resting at a truck stop, catching up with family and friends is easy to do on the road. It makes the time pass faster and makes being away from home a bit more tolerable.

A trucker can also keep in touch with his partner or spouse by either calling or texting on a smart phone. While it's tempting to talk or text on the phone, especially during long trips, all motorists should avoid this distraction while driving. An article from Missouri's states, "According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 41 states ban texting while driving for all drivers. An additional six states, including Missouri, ban texting while driving for novice drivers." The article adds that three Missouri state representatives have introduced bills seeking to have all Missouri drivers be banned from texting while on the road. A truck accident lawyer in Independence, MO for example, would be aware of this and other legal rulings and be able to advise the trucker accordingly, if needed.

How to Stay Connected

While technology is important to help couples stay connected, there are other ways a couple can keep their relationship strong:

Set a time to talk. If you’re spending the night in New England and your partner is in Missouri, figure out the time difference in advance and schedule a time each day to talk. Communication is important whether you see your partner once a day or once a month.

Remain committed to each other. It’s tempting to cheat on your spouse when you’re away from home. After all, you have to interact socially with other people. But, if you’re serious about being together, make a commitment to resist temptation and stay faithful to each other.

Grow together, don’t grow apart. Set aside time when you are together to do the things that attracted you to each other in the first place. Expand your activities together. While individual growth is important, growing together as a couple is equally as important. Otherwise, you may start losing interest in each other.

Couples who set goals of either getting married or staying together for the long-term will overcome the challenges of being away from each other over an extended period of time. The hard work and making personal adjustments to your life are necessary steps to take, but it’s worth it if you want to keep your love for each other alive in a long-distance relationship.

While Domonique Powell is not a new driver, she knows there are others who have needed the services of a truck accident lawyer in Independence, Missouri. She is very familiar with the town and has a healthy respect for the big rigs that keeps her safe.

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