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Circumstances that put strains on relationships

Author: Nickey Williams
Published: Aug 21 2013

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Unexpected circumstances can place a strain on even the most solid of relationships. Financial difficulties, injuries and illnesses can take a toll on a couple’s physical and mental wellness, making it challenging to retain that close bond. The following are causes and tips to alleviate the burden of these hardships.

Disability and Injuries at Work

Most people take for granted simple tasks such as coming to work and doing a good job. In the blink of an eye, your life could be forever changed with an accident, illness or injury. Imagine the severe repercussions and how this could affect the lives of your spouse and family if you could no longer be the breadwinner. It could also be debilitating to a couple if you need round the clock care for your injuries.

If you have always experienced a happy, loving and physical relationship, you may find it permanently changed forever in an instant. In another instance, caring for an injured child is life altering as well. Those who go through such drastic changes will need a support system.

Traffic Collisions

The streets of busy cities are often inhabited by vehicles, trucks and pedestrians. Unfortunately, with the large amount of traffic, you’ll find that unexpected accidents can occur without notice. An example of this includes a case in Manhattan where a driver of a car was rear ended by another vehicle. The impact of the crash was so severe that it forced the rear-ended car to go out of control and hit a pedestrian walking down the sidewalk. The innocent victim later died as a result of her injuries.

The husband that was left behind had his life changed forever in a matter of moments. Families that go through traumatic accidents such as these should most urgently seek counseling. The stress can cause not only mental heath problems but physical as well.

Financial Duress

Car accidents, injuries and illnesses can cause financial duress to a couple and those around them. With a lack of income, mounting bills and mental and physical anguish related to the pain and suffering of your hardship, you may find your relationship in disrepair. It can even cause the breakdown of families as depression and other mental factors come into play. If you were at fault for the accident, you may find yourself facing a rough road ahead with legal bills and other financial obligations.

Plan Ahead

To alleviate some of these fears that a couple or a family could face throughout their lifetime, you may want to plan ahead accordingly. Having the proper insurance can aid a couple in unexpected complications that may arise throughout their lifetime such as vehicle accidents and work related injuries or illnesses.

Unexpected accidents or illnesses do happen, but you can practice caution on your end by being safe. This includes crossing at all crosswalks as a pedestrian, obeying traffic signals and rules of the road and following work related safety instructions. If you or a loved one is in an accident or gets injured at work, an accident attorney is a knowledgeable and experienced individual who can provide assistance in retaining compensation for any misfortune.

Car accidents and other unexpected happenings can arise and cause mental strain on a couple’s relationship. Putting the pieces together can be challenging, but it can be made all the more easy with the help of a counselor, support group, proper insurance and attorney assistance.

Researcher Nickey Williams knows what a strained relationship feels like, and would not wish the feeling on anyone. Although accidents are bound to happen, being prepared is sometimes overlooked. The lawyers listed on the following webpage,, will not only deal with your insurance company on your behalf, but will recommend financial aid and even help with related stress.

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