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Yes, you deserve to heal your drug addiction!

Author: Bernard Naylor
Published: Feb 13 2014

Falling prey to drug addiction might create an illusion of pleasure and harmony initially. However, you cannot deny the devastating effects this addiction causes in your life. Feeling hopelessly entrapped in the shackles of drugs is a terrible feeling which is experienced by almost all drug addicts at some point in their lives. And the worst part is that they lose faith in themselves completely and develop self-apathy which is all the more detrimental for their self-esteem. It is not that people willingly take this step of sabotaging their lives. After all, who has plans to see themselves landing up in a rehab centre in a miserable state? Most of the times, people don’t even realize that they are getting hooked on to an addiction, and before they know it, they have got too much drugs in their blood to get rid of the same.

Different Types Of Addictions

- Drug Addiction;
- Smoking Addiction;
- Alcohol Addiction;
- Caffeine Addiction;
- Sugar Addiction;
- Comfort Food Addiction;
- Fear Addiction (yes, which makes you procrastinate in taking action steps which are crucial to achieve a goal. Fear makes us stay in our comfort zone and we become addicted to that!)

When To Know That You Have Got Addicted To Something

Addiction is the feeling of unconditional and willing enslavement to a particular thing, person or situation. If you wish to identify whether you are being trapped by a certain kind of addiction, look out for the following signs which would help you know that you have got chained to a particular addictive.

- You crave to have, feel or see something so intensely that it interferes in your normal day to day functioning;
- You have given power to something to make you feel happy or miserable;
- You feel ready to trade ANYTHING, just to come in contact with your addictive;
- The world suddenly seems to be beautiful and rosy and your spirits are uplifted after coming in contact with a particular addictive.

Why Drug Addicts Feel They Do Not Deserve To Be Healed

- A constant feeling of failure nags them, making them feel like a loser;
- They feel unsafe to possess their own power so they seldom exercise the same;
- Drug addicts feel fearful of living without their addiction;
- Previous failed attempts to quit drugs have bruised their faith in themselves;
- A constant sense of self-pity or self-hatred;
- Receiving negative and toxic behaviors from their friends and family have ruined their self-esteem

How To Heal Your Drug Addiction

The desire to combat drug addiction might get evoked within you every now and then, but chances are that you are suppressing this feeling as you feel you are not strong enough to curb this weakness of yours. Here are some tips which would prove to be quite useful for you to get rid of drugs.

Admit It

Yes! The first and foremost step is to be honest with yourself and face the fact that an addiction to drugs does exist within you. To put it simply, if you want to give away something you must know that you have it, in order to give it away. Similarly, accept that due to whatever reason, you did get addicted to drugs, and now wish to recover from the same.

You’ve Got The Power

Feeling weak and defenseless is a common feature that could be observed in all drug addicts. The constant mood swings you go through after becoming habitual of drugs snatch self-power from you leading to failed attempts to recover. Tell yourself each day that your current state arose because you chose to give yourself to drugs at one time. So now, it is you again who has the power to regain your original self.

Consult A Therapist

Do not wait for a personal catastrophe to occur as many of us actively follow the rule “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”. There is certainly no harm in consulting and taking professional and medical help to cure your drug addiction. Remember, you have already won half the battle if you have realized that you need help and have asked for it. Follow through the treatment rigorously for quicker and better results.

Be Patient

Drugs cause major hormonal imbalances and impact the pituitary gland in an adverse manner leading to hyper-anxiety and imbalanced moods. So, it is quite possible that you lose hope too soon while undergoing a course of healing or any medical treatment which might make you quit the same. Do not lose patience. Give your mind and body time to recuperate. Time usually heals all wounds and fixes imperfections.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Pick your company and do not constantly stay around the naysayers. Also, keep those at bay who tempt to have that last puff/sniff/drink. True and genuine friends always motivate you to get rid of an unhealthy lifestyle and support your health and happiness.

Support Groups Help

By giving in to drugs, you have ignored your inner voice and trampled your soul for too long. So if you need to feel motivated and connected with your inner source of power, join a church or any motivational group which would supply you with much inspiration and spiritual healing, which in turn would prove beneficial for your physical and mental health. For Instance – Churches and Ministries running courses like 10 steps to recover from drugs and alcohol as part of the baptist mission.

Watch Your Diet

It is time to pay attention to what you put inside your body, and food is no exception to that. Load up on enough amounts of fruits rich in vitamin C which are juicy like oranges, strawberries, blueberries and grapes. These wondrous fruits would make you feel full for longer periods of time and supply you with vitality. Green vegetables and herbal tea are another food items which must be included in your daily eating.

Work It Out

Engaging in regular exercise for at least 30 minutes would make your body fitter and increase your self-confidence. Plus, the endorphins released after you exercise would leave you on an emotional high, making you feel happy and on top of the world. Pick whatever suits you – swimming, walking, running, Pilates, yoga or dancing.

Mother Nature Heals

When you are in the midst of nature, your soul feels the calming effect which is almost magical. Walking barefoot on the grass or at the sea shore would give you inner joy which any dose of drugs would not be able to substitute. So, spend more time in the lap of nature either in the morning or evening.

Divert Your Mind

How about spending time gardening every day for one hour or cooking dishes which you watch so eagerly on a cookery show? No? Okay, perhaps you would enjoy volunteering for a cause like keeping your society clean or simply feeding the hungry animals every day for some time. You could also sign up for a class to learn a skill like sewing, playing guitar, water meditation and others. Just get busy and keep yourself distracted from drugs.

Affirm Everyday

Affirmations have time and again proved to be successful in creating the realties desired by people. Simply say the following affirmations with power every morning when you wake up:

- I am powerful;
- I am strong enough to recover form addiction;
- I am now healthy;
- I am loved ;
- I am peaceful;
- I have a healthy lifestyle

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