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How to work up the nerve to propose

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell
Published: Sep 9 2013

How to work up the nerve to propose

So the time has finally arrived—the moment you decide to take the big plunge also known as marriage. Well slow it down a notch, Speed Racer. Before you can make it to the finish line, you’ve got another big hurdle to overcome—the proposal! That’s right: the dreaded P-word!

"P" doesn’t just stand for proposal. It means commitment…fidelity…forever! Ah! For a lot of guys, getting up the nerve to pop the question is the hardest part of the whole ordeal. It's completely natural to feel nervous, but just remember this encouraging fact: well over two million Americans get married every year—and they all survive to tell the tale. If that doesn't help assuage your nervousness, the following steps just may.

The Ring Master

The ring-it’s not very big and it’s not very heavy, but it’s oh so powerful. It puts the lock in wedlock, and with the right person, that can mean a lifetime of never-ending love and happiness. It can also be the most important part of getting over pre-proposal jitters. Take a deep breath and take a few moments to check out and click your way to the ring of her dreams. There! You did it! Now that the ring is purchased, there’s no turning back, right? Right!

The Man With The Plan

Close your eyes and visualize. Where will you be? What will you wear? You’ve got to have a plan. Not just any plan, though! It’s got to be perfectly timed down to the magic moment you ask her. Choose a beautiful gazebo, an elegant restaurant, or any venue she’ll remember for a lifetime.

Forget about winging it! "We'll go on a walk and I'll just ask her at some point along the way."—that is NOT a plan! Improvisation and jitters are a recipe for disaster! "I'm going to ask her right as we walk across the wooden bridge where we first met." Now that’s solid Plan-A. Plan-B is your contingency in case it rains.

Sweet Dreams

You can’t bring your A-game unless you’re well rested. Sleep deprivation can heighten the jitters. Doctors have proven that fatigue can increase nervousness, and no prospective bridegroom needs to do battle with sleep-deprived anxiety. Take a soothing bath, and then chill out for a while. Better yet, take a nap, and dream of her saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

This Magic Moment

Whether you’re in a swanky restaurant, or on a cruise ship, or even in the privacy of your apartment, remember that the magic of the moment is made of the love you have for each other. Concentrate less on your words and more on your feelings. Trust your instincts and her devotion to you, and go for it!

And don’t expect “No” for an answer. She is going to say "Yes!" Sure, some people say no, but not this significant other. There's too much love to be denied or held back. Honestly, think about it: has it gotten to this point because it's not right? No. This thing is going the distance!

Marriage is an amazing commitment that everyone should be lucky enough to share with the person they love one day. True love is forever, and no one should let a little nervousness get in the way of their eternal happiness. Might sound sappy, but it's okay to agree. No one is watching.

Incurable romantic, LaGeris Underwood Bell, bids a bon voyage to all happy couples sailing off into the sunset toward a lifetime of marital bliss. While en route she whole-heartedly recommends a visit to for some of the loveliest and most economical wedding rings this side of heaven.

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