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Stressed out over breastfeeding?

Author: Shelby Warden
Published: Apr 6 2013

The time you spend breast-feeding can be a wonderful bonding moment between mother and infant. Unfortunately, many moms experience feelings of stress and anxiety when first starting out, especially if they’re a first-time mom. Problems with latching, discomfort and determining when your baby is ready to eat are just a few concerns most new moms have. In order to achieve success while nursing, you’ll want to try the following tips.

Listen to Your Baby’s Needs

Many new moms worry whether their baby is getting enough nourishment each day and may try feeding them when they’re not hungry. Pay attention to their body language for signs that they're hungry. Infants who make motions with their mouth and try sucking on their hands are probably ready to eat. Crying is a late signal of hunger, so you’ll want to make sure to feed them before their passionate cries. The more time that you spend with your infant, the easier it will be to understand their wants and needs.

Your Body’s Signals

In addition to your infant’s cues, your body will also let you know when it’s time to nurse. As your breast milk comes in, you’ll want to feed your baby to avoid the breasts from becoming engorged and tender. Engorgement can also lead to painful nipple problems for a new mom, so you need to understand your body’s warning signs.

Find a Comfortable Position

Breast-feeding isn’t easy at first, and you may need to find a comfortable position and place for you and your baby to nest. A nursing pillow is a must-have accessory that can help position your baby correctly, so they can latch on to the nipple. Some of the best nursing pillows have multiple uses as a lounger or toy, and some even have vibration features that help soothe babies. Comfort is at the center of this c-shaped creation and moms and infants will find it beneficial in offering that extra bit of support they need to properly breast-feed.

Get Help

If you’re having problems getting the hang of nursing, you can ask for help. You’ll find a number of healthcare professionals, classes and online instructional videos offering assistance for moms who are having trouble getting started. First-time moms who seek assistance with nursing have a better success rate than those who don’t. After the delivery of your newborn, a lactation specialist can offer tips and instruction on how to nurse your infant. Your physician and healthcare provider can also offer assistance on nursing once you leave the hospital, so you have several outlets to seek reassurance on how to breast-feed your infant.


Engorged milk ducts and painful nipples are many of the discomforts felt by new moms. Some tips for relieving pain include taking a warm shower, avoiding soap and gels on the nipple area, creams and warm compresses to relieve the pressure.

Breast-feeding your infant takes time and patience at the beginning and if you don’t get the hang of it, you need to keep trying. You’ll soon become a pro and discover the many wonderful bonding moments through nursing.

Shelby Warden is a mother of two and offers this information to help new mothers. Some of the best nursing pillows will offer more support and comfort during nursing, providing more ways for your baby to lounge and feel soothed. Since most babies nurse for about twenty minutes on each breast, this support can lead to a more comfortable and relaxed time for both of you.

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