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Making a house move easy on kids

Author: Evelyn Kelly
Published: Sep 30 2013

House moves are complex in more than one ways. You have a thousand things to take care of at the same time and the time is always running faster than your liking. There is endless paperwork, calling up the removals companies, intimating people about the new address, fighting your boss to give you a day off, the packing up of an entire household, and much more involved. In addition to this if you have kids, the move might turn out to be an outright nightmare.

Children tend to get emotionally attached to their rooms, their possessions, their house, and their favourite corners in the house. They may not see the move from a practical point of view. They mostly see a move just a way to separate them from their friends and other things that they love. Nevertheless, with a bit of effort and time, you can make the move easy for your kids. Here are a few tips-

Talk to them- Tell the kids why the move is important. Tell them how the new place they would go to would be positively better than the current one. Make them understand your reasons in a simple manner. You need not go into the complexities of finances and all, just explain them why you as a family need to change the house now.

Throw a party for old friends- For children, the most distressing part about the move is that that it means severing ties with old friends. Don’t make them feel this way. Throw a party for all the neighbourhood kids so that your children can say a proper goodbye. Let them share phone numbers and emails, and promise that you’ll help them stay in touch.

Promise them you’ll help them retain friendships- Promise the kids that moving the house doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to end their friendships with the old friends. Follow this up by making sure that you arrange a get together for your kids’ old friends a few weeks after you move in the new house.

Take them to the new house- Familiarise the kids with the new house well before the move. Take them to the new house at least a couple of times and let them have the feel of it being their home. Don’t be hesitant in introducing yourself to the new neighbours. Let the kids spend some time with the new kids. This way they will have new friends before the move and look forward to the move more positively.

Let them do the interiors for their new room- Let your children decide for the interiors of their new rooms. Take their suggestions and consider them seriously. Of course, until and unless it is something too impractical, try making the interiors of the new room according to the kids’ choice as far as possible. This will greatly encourage them to be an active member of the house move project.

Make them a part of the move- Let the kids actively participate in the house move. Give them small but important jobs and help them getting through these tasks. Even if you are using comprehensive self storage services from Epsom, Bristol, Kent or anywhere that is local to you, find small odd jobs with which you can trust the kids. Don’t be too harsh if they make a mistake, it’s as difficult for them as it is for you. This way at least they’d be more enthusiastic about the move.

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