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Change your mattress for back pain relief...

Author: Thomas Jay Wacker
Published: Jul 24 2005

Change your mattress for back pain relief...

Back pain can be a serious problem that can bring relief by choosing the proper kind of mattress. Normally, back pain comes from things like bad posture, improper lifting, injury, the wrong kind of mattress and especially gravity. A mattress that offers pain relief will always provide good firm back support, as well as offering a peaceful sleep. Gravity is the main reason people look for relief of back pain. Due to the weight of the individual, their posture, the way they lift, the mattress they sleep on or a combination of any or all of these, people tend to complain of back pain, and search desperately for relief, which perhaps can be achieved by choosing a properly balanced mattress designed to meet the needs of each individual sleeper.

No conclusive studies have actually been shown to prove what kind of mattress is best for pain relief, as it would be a study that involves too many variables. For example, a husband with twice the body mass as his petite wife is obviously going to use a different kind of mattress than her. In such a case, where the husband is the one who suffers from chronic back pains, maybe by choosing a mattress more suited to his needs, rather than hers, the problem could be resolved. However, in theory, if they were to choose a firmer mattress that is properly fitted to the husbands needs, the wife would then in turn begin to suffer from a bad nights sleep. This theory alone however not the case with foam mattresses, would be a whole thesis for time and money consuming research.

However inconclusive studies may be at present, both scientific researchers and the common layman will agree on the logic of gravity. Gravity surrounds us, binds us, is in everything, a tree, a rock, a cloud, even a bird are all subject to gravity's will. The human spine is no exception. Humans walk upright, but the human head weighs itself upon the spine, and back muscles. As do the internal organs, the body cavity and arms. Hence slouching over, and the tendency to pick things up slouched over. Slouching into injury and back pain that could potentially be relieved with a properly chosen mattress that fits the users needs.

Balance is the secret to choosing the proper mattress for relieving back pain. Balance between how firm and at the same time, comfortable, a mattress is. Foam mattresses are perfect for helping with back pain problems because due to the nature of their design. If a proper layer of foam is placed on top of a firm surface, such as wood, the mattress can be as firm or soft as desired. But what makes a foam mattress firm or soft depends on the load. By calculating the load (weight of the sleeper), the needed firmness, and comfort levels to be achieved, a foam mattress can be custom designed to balance perfectly between both the firmness to relieve back pain as well as a natural conformity, to curves and body joints (such as shoulders, elbows, knees, hips etc.), that offers relaxation to muscles.

Choosing a mattress that brings relief to back pain is a personal one that must be made by the sleeper. It is the sleeper's opinion that is most important in the choice of a mattress that will bring relief to back pain, both due to preference and the personal subjective experience that comes with gravity causing back pain. Balance is not just the key to the ideal amount of both relaxation bringing comfort and back pain relieving firmness when choosing a mattress, balance, is the key to perfection.

About the author: Thomas Jay Wacker is the General Manager and V.P. of Wacker has over 20 years experience in the home furnishing industry and leads the Wacker Management Team in Denver Colorado.

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