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10 natural remedies that can help you beat stress

Author: Charlotte Bermond
Published: Dec 19 2014

If you feel like you’re living in a world that’s always spinning and your worries are giving you constant anxiety, it’s time to take back control. Here are ten great ways to beat stress naturally.

1. Drink water

Everything in our body needs water to function properly, so taking a moment to enjoy a glass will automatically calm you down. Use filtered water for an even better stress reliever, because you’ll know that what you’re putting into your body is clean and pure.

2. Calming teas

There is a wide range of natural, herbal teas that can help you relax and that relieve tension. The most popular choices include peppermint, chamomile, tarragon and catnip. Drink one of these at night before bed and you’ll likely sleep a lot easier and wake up refreshed.

3. Valerian root

This herb is regularly used in low doses to treat anxiety and sleep disorders. Try it for a few weeks to get your sleep patterns back to normal and to de-stress.

4. Celery

This vegetable is full of minerals that act as a natural sedative, which can calm the body and mind. Eat the stalks on their own or chop them up into a salad – the raw vegetable will do wonders.

5. Use ginger and baking soda in the bath

A relaxing soak in the tub has even more effect on your stress levels if you add baking soda and ginger to the water. Use a 1/3 cup of each in a hot, steaming bath to soak away your tension.

6. Breathe deeply

It might seem silly to say this, but breathing consciously for a few minutes every day is one of the best stress relievers there is. You don’t have to go to yoga to do it either. Just take a moment to focus on breathing deeply and you’ll feel your anxiety slip away.

7. Lemon balm

This has been used for centuries as a natural way to de-stress. You can get a low-dose supplement from health shops and take it twice a day. This will help those knots in your stomach to disappear.

8. Spritz lavender on your pillow

You can get pillow mists from any pharmacy or health shop. Use just a couple of sprays every now and then over your sheets to help you sleep easy. Alternatively, you can get an essential oil diffuser and burn that in your room.

9. Get your heart rate up

It might seem counter-intuitive to raise your heart rate when you want to de-stress, but a quick walk or jog will do wonders. Take at least 20 minutes to do a bit of cardio-vascular exercise every day and you’ll see instant improvements in your mood and stress levels.

10. Passionflower

Studies have shown that this herb can help to reduce anxiety and insomnia. You can take it in several different ways – from tea to liquid extract supplements.

Article written and contributed by Sussex Acupuncture

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