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Home remedies for sinus infection

Author: John Kevin
Published: Feb 27 2013

If you have a bad case of sinusitis, you shouldn't feel lonely. Every year, there are over 25 million adults who suffer from sinus infections, and the numbers keep increasing. If you think that number is huge, keep in mind that it doesn't count children suffering from sinusitis. There are no two ways about it, sinus infections pose a serious health problem. Unfortunately, as much of a hassle sinusitis is, the cure might be worse than the disease. Too many physicians prescribe antibiotics for sinus infections. While this wipes out the problem for most people, it can produce more problems down the road. As people get more and more exposed to antibiotics, thanks to its use as livestock feed additive, the amount of organisms that became immune to antibiotics is increasing. This can cause serious health risks in the future. Moreover, antibiotics can be quite harsh on your system. If you want a mellower way to deal with your sinusitis other than antibiotics, try the following home remedies for sinus infection.

Apple cider vinegar cures

The use of apple cider vinegar is one of the oldest home remedies for sinus infection. It is a traditional home remedy that involves either ingesting apple cider vinegar mixed with honey or using apple cider vinegar as a vapor treatment. Considering the fact that this treatment has been used for hundreds of years, its long track record of use does indicate that it is effective. After all, if it didn't get the job done parents from one generation to the next won't prescribe it for their kids. Whether it is the vinegar smell or a compound in acetic acid, there's just something to cider vinegar's ability to open clogged sinuses.

Unleash the ancient power of turmeric

Turmeric is an herb used primarily in South Asian cuisine. While it does have an interesting flavor, it also packs quite a bit of a punch when it comes to traditional cures since it has an active ingredient called curcumin. Curcumin is an ancient pharmacy. Not only can it treat arthritis, it can also take on sinusitis and sinus infections. Turmeric's sinus clearing powers make it one of the most powerful home remedies for sinus infection.

Keep your head raised while sleeping

Finally, the last but not in any way the least effective of home remedies for sinus infection, raising your head while you're sleeping can do a great job keeping your sinuses clear while you sleep. This is a very easy method to sleep and breathe better at night. Just prop up your pillow the right way so you can keep your head raised comfortably while you're sleeping.

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