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Lessons in good sportsmanship for your child: does the winter olympics qualify?

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell
Published: Feb 12 2014

The Winter Olympics are in full swing and what a spectacle! They showcase the power of the human spirit and the tenacity of the human will. They are the ultimate reflection of excellence and the hard work required to achieve it.

Good sportsmanship for your child - winter olympics

For most of us, participation is a spectator sport, but for some of us, the Winter Olympics is a wonderful series of teachable moments. What better way to teach children about sportsmanship?

Many events require teams to work together. They present a great opportunity to talk to children about unselfishness, focused commitment, and being a true team player. They can help young people identify and commit to goals, and set higher standards of achievement for themselves.

Another benefit to watching these sporting events is seeing how these elite athletes react when they are injured. An injury during one of these events is almost always devastating and can be life changing. After a life devoted to intense training, an accident can derail their dreams of a gold medal.

Some are forced to resign from the games and to retire from their beloved sport altogether. The way some of these injured athletes respond with grace while the eyes of the world are watching can teach a child a lot about dignity, integrity, and sportsmanship. However, children also need to understand that these athletes are going through a lot and that their lives may have been changed forever.

Negligence At A Sporting Event

What you will not hear on television or from any of the injured athletes is that many of these accidents occur from negligence. Faulty equipment, poorly prepared competition areas, even negligent actions of their teammates can all cause serious injuries. Some of these athletes may be victims of negligence, and they have rights under the law.

Children and adults should understand that many athletes watch their careers disappear at the moment an injury occurs, and that besides healing their bodies, they now have to transform their lives. Thankfully, if these injuries occur due to negligence of another person or entity, these athletes can contact an attorney and file a claim for compensation. And as one Syracuse personal injury lawyer advised, " is important that you speak with an attorney shortly after the injury occurs."

A personal injury attorney will be able to go through the events leading up to the accident and distinguish when and how negligence occurred which led to the injury. They can also determine the costs associated with their medical care and their loss of future earnings, creating a compensation request that is both complete and fair.

Learning To Handle Consequences

One of the things that should be taught about sportsmanship is that all actions have consequences. All-too-often, children are just taught that playing their best at the sport and training is all that matters. They are not taught to be responsible about their actions or to consider things that may be a danger to themselves or other players.

Their lessons are only geared toward winning. By teaching them that when someone acts in a negligent manner a lifelong dream can be destroyed, they are more likely to be more responsible, thoughtful, and careful.

The Wintery Olympics is more than a series of amazing games. It is an opportunity for families to come together share their dreams, and ambitions. It is a time when aspiring athletes can daydream about winning the gold. It is also the ideal occasion for parents to talk about the importance of total commitment, selfless teamwork, and the value of sportsmanship during a major competition.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell is an armchair jock, but she loves the spirit of the games. For those aspiring to be real athletes, she recommends caution. In the event of an accident, she suggests they contact a Syracuse personal injury lawyer or an attorney in their own community for legal advice.

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