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Top 5 healthiest work environments

Author: Chris Bennett
Published: Oct 22 2012

Whether it is a retail store, warehouse, creative studio or corporate office the workplace environment is understood to greatly affect quality of life. Also staff eagerness and demonstrated ability to perform is dependent upon work attitudes. Many factors influence the health of a workplace environment. Below are five of the top healthiest work environments.

1. Technology Development Firms

The many perks routinely reported in the media concerning the benefits of working for large tech companies are fairly well known. However the environments are also structured in a high tech fashion that is conducive to comfort and security for employees. For example the modern offices generally incorporate air purification and ergonomic designs that far exceed government mandated requirements. Jobs in these environments typically include all things technical from web and game developers and designers to analysts and other information technology specialists.

2. Data Centers

Along the same lines as the technology development firms, data centers have an advantage when it comes to physical comfort. Because they host highly sophisticated equipment they must be kept clean at all times and free of dust and other types of residue. According to our data center Atlanta team, this makes them ideal for anyone prone to allergies due to the meticulous attention these environments receive. In addition they must be maintained at temperatures suitable for avoiding the chance of hardware to overheat. Employees benefit from these requirements in addition to the common tendency of technology firms to adhere to common sense workplace comfort guidelines.

3. Higher Learning Institutions

Unlike the public school system higher education facilities tend to be kept in top physical shape. This is largely due to the fact that for the most part they rely upon private entities and citizens to satisfy budgetary needs. Because there are often laboratories for scientific studies they are usually kept pristine at all times by a competent cleaning staff. Also the students and educators are all respectful of the environment which keeps it a safe place to exist and operate.

4. Green Collar Environments

Green jobs are the new focus of the government which has resulted in many more green tech companies formed in the past few years. This has included businesses such as those relating to environmental conservation and the development and sustainability of wind and solar energy. These environments usually resemble the same qualities instituted by high tech firms. As such they are designed for comfort, safety and overall health. In addition because there is much scientific development occurring the lab environments must be diligently kept clear of debris and unsafe substances. This makes them an ideal workplace for any employee.

5. Corporate Work Environments

In general the office environment is much safer than many other workplaces such as warehouses and retail stores. There is less likelihood of anything falling on someone and little can occur in the way of a major disruption. Offices are typically kept at comfortable temperatures and cleaned regularly. The variety of office jobs involves virtually every industry from general business to management and legal and financial services.

The newer, healthier work environments feature more attention to safety than before. The most successful businesses have discarded the results-only work environments of the past instead favoring more attention to health, safety and flexibility which has had a positive performance and profit impact.

Chris Bennett is a network consultant and freelance writer for the data center Atlanta team of Quality Tech. QTS is the third largest data center provider in the US and provides core data center services for varied infrastructure requirements as well as excellent working environments for all employees.

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