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Is your injury wreaking havoc in your home?

Author: Monica Mason
Published: Jun 6 2013

When a serious injury occurs, most couples realize that there will be difficulties to face in the near future. There will be medical treatments to undergo, financial issues due to a loss of income, and there will probably be legal proceedings. Many people do not, however, realize that a serious injury can also put a lot of strain on the emotional side of the relationship.

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Healing And Hurting Often Do Not Coincide With Kindness

It is not unusual for someone who has undergone a serious injury to become very angry and resentful. They question why it had to happen to them. They question the fate of their future. They often question their very own being. During this part of the healing process, the injured person can become quite mean to the other person in their relationship. While this is never easy, it must be anticipated and met with compassion.

Additionally, if the injured person was the main wage earner, the injured party may feel guilt and worry about family finances. Again, it will not be unusual for him/her to lash out. The uninjured partner may find this very emotional and had to understand. Sadly, many break-ups occur during this phase of healing because the uninjured partner simply cannot take the emotional pain. This can be avoided.

Four Things That Can Help A Couple Survive A Serious Injury

Call A Personal Injury Attorney If you have been injured through someone else's fault, you have specific rights to financial compensation. By hiring an attorney to claim these rights on your behalf, you will eliminate a lot of the financial burdens that you may be worried about.

According to Charlotte personal injury lawyer Herb Auger, "the actions that you take immediately after an accident and the people you put your trust in can drastically change your life forever." An attorney will make sure your medical care is covered and that you receive any other compensation due to you.

Bring In A Life Coach This is especially helpful if you have children and there is much to manage around the home. A life coach can help you get organized during this rough period. They can also help you set new goals if necessary and create a strategy for dealing with your new realities.

Get Counseling Both partners will benefit from having someone to talk to, other than each other, about the accident, injury, and subsequent emotional strain. Sometimes an uninvolved third-party can help either partner make more sense out of what is happening than by trying to deal with everything all alone.

Remember That You Are In Love While this sounds a little “mushy,” it is a very important thing for both people to remember. You were crazy about each other before the injury occurred, and nothing has changed. Just because things are a little intense does not mean that the relationship is no longer good.

These are all very simple tricks and tips that can help a couple overcome the problems that happen when an injury occurs. It does not matter if the injury is temporary or permanent, it just matters that you know you are facing this problem together.

Monica Mason currently uses a life coach to help her in her personal relationships and encourages anyone in pain from an injury to get help with financial and emotional burdens they may be feeling. Herb Auger, a Charlotte personal injury lawyer, works exclusively helping injured clients with worker's compensation, automobile accidents, wrongful death, drunk driving accidents, and more, and with over 20 years experience, believes in getting his clients the highest awards possible.

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