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4 tips to obtain work-life balance for the health of your marriage

Author: Lisa Coleman
Published: Oct 7 2013

You probably entered into your entrepreneurial endeavor with the full knowledge that your small business would demand more of your time, energy, and devotion than you had to give any employer for which you worked in your life. Even as you anticipated the long hours and hectic days, however, you may not have been prepared for the negative impact your small business brought to your family life.

Work life balance

At the end of the day when you close your small business’s doors and head home, you are still the parent and spouse whom your family loves and needs to spend time with once in a while. When you want to rekindle your relationship with your family and learn how to balance your entrepreneurial pursuits with your family’s needs, you can accomplish this goal by remembering several important ideas.

Establish a Daily Routine

While your small business surely goes through any number of ups and downs during any given day, it is vital that you establish a daily routine by which you can adhere. When your business is doing well and you have a lot of customers coming through your doors, you may want to stay to enjoy the adrenalin rush these moments of success bring.

Likewise, when your business is suffering and you have unhappy customers ready to tear you apart, you may want to work extra hours to calm the storm. However, it is important that you try to work steady hours and avoid going past your normal routine more than a few hours each day. Trying to stay within a set work schedule can give you more time with your family and let you leave your business pursuits behind for the day.

Outsource Business Needs

Along with all of your other business tasks, you must also contend with building your brand and establishing an online presence. Even if you are very skilled in these areas, you may spend too much time trying to make your business as well-known as possible. Rather than lose time each day with advertising and online endeavors, you should outsource your advertising, website, and other online content needs to a professional SEO company, such as Everspark Interactive. This company can direct traffic to your website and help you grow your brand on the Internet. Their taking on these pursuits for you can give you more time with your family.

Delegate Authority

It is unrealistic for you to expect yourself to take on every task that comes your way each day. You can have more time with your loved ones and enjoy a successful business when you hire supervisors, managers, and other staff to work for you. After you hire these individuals, it is important for you to learn to designate authority. Trusting these individuals to act on your behalf can let you get away from the business, enjoy your loved ones, and grow the business of your dreams.

Support Your Family

Just as your family supports you as a business owner, it is important for you to support your spouse and kids in their endeavors. Becoming a fan of their sport, musical group, acting troupe, company, and whatever other activities they engage in can widen your interests and give you the outlook on life to succeed in both your business and family duties.

Learning to balance your work life with your family can be easy if you approach this goal in the right way. Taking these suggestions can give you every success and let your family know that you love and support them.

As a business owner, Lisa Coleman understands the difficulties and responsibilities that can come with running a business and how this can have a negative impact on relationships. She encourages a business owner to outsource some of their business needs, like website, marketing and online presence needs, with an experienced professional SEO company like Everspark Interactive to handle some of their business needs and free up time for their family needs.

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