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4 most effective detoxification services and how they work

Author: Bradley Barks
Published: Dec 19 2012

Many Americans suffer from drug and alcohol abuse, and consequentially go through detox every day. There are many detox services, but which ones should you spend your money on? Which ones actually work? Which ones are appropriate for your specific condition?

Read on to find the four best detoxification services, and find one appropriate for your needs - for further research and information, please visit

A controversial, but effective, method of detox is called rapid detoxification. This method is generally reserved for people who are very heavily addicted to drugs and need fast relief. This process usually occurs when the addict is asleep, and it can be a short process - commonly about 2 hours.

Unfortunately, this generally causes extreme pain due to the withdrawal symptoms the addict will undergo - for this reason, the administrator of the detox will put the addict on a very heavy painkiller. This prevents the addict from feeling most of the symptoms of withdrawal. However, as is true about all methods of detox, some sickness and pain is going to occur, no matter what.

A very difficult, but basic and effective method for detoxification, is simply withdrawal from the substance. Some call this procedure going "cold turkey" from the drug you're addicted to. For this procedure, you will be checked into a rehab facility or hospital, and simply be taken off of the drug.

Then, you'll be placed in a secure environment as you recover. You will usually be administered a drug to help cope with the withdrawal symptoms you're going to feel. This treatment is very effective and natural, however, it has been described as very painful, due to the suffering addicts feel when the withdrawal symptoms set in.

Some detox programs are long-term, but based more on medication than others. This process is obviously more unhealthy than a simple withdrawal program, but a lot easier for the addicts. Instead of what medical professionals do when they are helping someone withdraw completely from the drug, which is administer a small dose of a medication to help with withdrawal symptoms, medication-based detox programs are almost entirely chemical.

They introduce very strong medications into your body that are similar, but nowhere near as painful and harmful, as the drug. This helps with coping with withdrawal symptoms. If your addiction wasn't severe, you are expected to eventually wean yourself off of the drug. However, if you were near-death and have severe addiction issues, you aren't expected to take yourself off the drug right away - doing so could cause a relapse.

This is a detox method for people with low to moderate alcohol abuse problems - try doing a home detox. To do this, you need to stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water, but don't consume more than 2 quarts of water an hour. Take long, hot baths. Eat a very healthy diet that consists of leafy greens and fruit.

These foods are potassium-enriched, and very helpful for replacing what was lost during your alcohol abuse. The last tip for a home detox is to exercise a lot. Not only will this distract you from your drinking, but it will raise your heart rate, flush the alcohol out of your symptom, and cure the depression that comes with drinking. Make sure to consistently check up with a doctor with this method.

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is necessary to try one of these detox methods. Don't let substance abuse hurt you or your family.

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