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The green card game: two top tips

Author: Tina Webster
Published: Sep 30 2013

"Dear Tina, please stop hurting. If you think you had it bad, you need to visit Nigeria and see what NIGERIAN WOMEN go through with NIGERIAN MEN! At least you still have YOUR MOUTH TO TALK about your experiences!" - This is a comment quote from Kanwulia.

According to the U.S. Immigration office, by getting a Green Card the person becomes a lawful permanent resident. Citizenship is the ultimate goal and if the person has to enter into a fraudulent marriage to accomplish this task-then so be it!

They Propose Marriage Before You Can Say: Comfort

We met Labor Day Weekend, He proposed 30 September, and we married 24 October. It was a whirl wind love on my part. He said he loves me. I met a good looking God fearing man with zero children, financially stable, and a man of character. Moreover, he said he loves me. What more did I need to know? To hear the introduction to my memoir visit The Green Card Game: I Married an African Physician

They Change once you are Married

Although this may sound like most newlyweds there is a distinct difference. If a person becomes totally disconnected from you emotionally, then you have to ask, what happened between the night before and the ceremony?

On Day two of being married, he walked through the door bundled in winter gear. As he stood in the middle of the tiny living room floor, I leaned over expecting a romantic welcome home kiss. With the apartment clean, food on the stove, and dressed for a night of "hold on." All I received was a cold stare that could match his winter scarf, "I don’t like to kiss." When he pulled back and walked around me, I followed him to the bedroom door-SLAM right in my face. I dropped my head and stood silently thinking, "What had we been doing for the past two month’s-kissing?"

Now does this sound like the typical marital changes that most people experience when they become comfortable? This is not the typical change in spouse that comes home and simply wants to hold the remote control.

Marriage of Convenience

If you hear the words, "I married you for my convenience," do not take it lightly. Far to often we hear things, but do not stop to think about the magnitude of the words we are hearing. People generally say what they mean and mean what they say. They may be sorry for saying it, but that does not mean they did not mean the cruelty of their words.

Tina Webster, writes to share her story of The Green Card Game: I Married an African Physician in the hope of saving another U.S. Citizen from falling victim to marriage fraud.

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