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What to do after your significant other was denied disability

Author: Soriah Fleury
Published: Jan 21 2014

When your significant other is facing a disability, it will be an emotional hardship as well as a physical and financial one. The disability has already limited so many areas of their life, at least in their opinion, and it can take a hard toll on your relationship. They may feel they can no longer contribute to the relationship in the same manner, so they do not feel they belong.

Denied disability benefit

What they are really saying is that they are terrified that you will no longer love them

You know that this is not the truth. However, you are going to have to have the patience and compassion to prove this to them. It does not matter how long you have been together, this is going to happen. Disability brings about insecurity, and this will be the hardest part of the transition.

Things You Can Do to Make the Situation Better

- Work closely with them through the disability application process. Reassure them that you both will pull through the situation. Remind them that nearly every application is denied the first time and that they should hire a disability attorney to fight their appeal. Let them know that by doing so, it will eliminate this stress from both your lives and your time can be sent on other things.

- Talk about how you two can change your lifestyle to accommodate the disability. By being pen about this you are showing your partner that their disability is not going to stop you from enjoying life with them and you want them to feel the same way. Things like making vacation accommodations on first-floor hotel rooms, renting a wheel chair that could travel easier, or investing into a picnic basket so you can enjoy each other at the local park should all come into the conversation.

- Talk about finances. Yes, there will be changes to income due to your partner no longer being able to work, but that does not mean that it is going to be bad. Talk about reducing bills, restructuring debt, downsizing your home if necessary, or learning to cut out coupons. Make it a joint effort. Working together is what will make your new budget work out.

- Emotions. This is going to be an emotional time for you and your partner. There will be many us and downs many days where you work the patience of the other, and many days when everyone wants to cry. All transitions are hard, but they are not impossible. Address your emotions to your partner and make sure that they share theirs with you.

Everything will work out in the end. An attorney will be able to help you through the appeals process and when the case is settled, you will be able to get back on financial track. As for all the other relationship issues that arise, remember the old saying: “Love conquers all.”

Writer Soriah Fleury knows first hand about dealing with a situation that may seem out of your control, but any effort is always better than not attempting at all. She has found useful information from that can be beneficial to anyone looking for assistance to appeal their case.

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