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Personal injuries - infographic

Author: Linda Heyworth
Published: Nov 19 2013

Personal Injuries are unfortunately a fact of life. For some people they can be more detrimental than for others. For example, a surgeon who is in a serious road accident and loses his hand or a professional athlete who has to have his leg amputated after being in a serious fire. In legal terms, the cost of losing a limb is perhaps greater to them than say a retired pensioner.

There are general guidelines in place for lawyers and judges on expected compensation amounts for victims based on their injury, for example, you could receive up £7,700 for damage to your hair, if you lose your big toe you’re looking in the region of £22,550, compensation for a minor head injury could be anywhere between £1,540 and £8,910 and for a fracture to the forearm you could receive £4,785 - £13,860.

If you have been a recent victim of a personal injury, check out this infographic from and find out how much compensation you can expect to receive.

Personal injury infographic

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