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6 best bonding buys for baby

Author: LaGeris Underwood Bell
Published: Dec 28 2013

Bonding with your baby--no attachment in your life will ever be as intense, as deep, or as rewarding. During your baby’s first year of life, you will be the sun, moon, and stars--his whole world. He's less likely to be as interested in a toy as he is in gazing into your eyes.

Bonding for babies

You can deepen the emotional and physical bond through your selection of educational and developmental toys. Brain development and sensory stimulation can be fun, entertaining, and mentally enriching. Knowing what to buy is the key.

Baby Care Products

Your touch speaks volumes. From nursing pillows and nursing bottles to everything you use to care for your baby tells her how you feel about her. They say "I love you. I'm glad you're here. You're special."


Puppets are tactile and intimate. By using your voice and your hands, you become one with the puppet, and it beckons baby to draw closer. You can make up stories and create a whole world for the two of you. Babies respond well to these bright, fuzzy, and colorful figures which are often designed specifically for youngsters in their age range.


Simple storybooks cannot be underestimated when it comes to their educational and bonding value. Storybooks also require that parents lean in close to their babies to read to them and hold up the books so that their babies can see the pictures. Baby's favorite story will be all the more endearing because she will associate it with your voice.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are an interactive educational tool. They build relationships and help developing brains thrive. As you sit on the floor or at the table with your little one configuring and reconfiguring these big bright toys, your baby's imagination will flourish. He will learn how to build towers and stack blocks by watching you. A simple, seemingly innocuous activity can be full of tender teachable moments.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals can be great toys for fostering bonding between parents and babies. These toys are soft and cuddly and can be easily given to your baby to hang onto while you're out and about or busy around the house. Your baby will learn to mimic the times when you cuddle him by cuddling his velveteen rabbit. He'll learn empathy, sympathy, and compassion through his care of a favorite cuddly bear.

Music Music Music

Even while in the womb, baby's respond to music. Movie musicals, melodious cartoons, and sing-along DVDs are great ways to teach speech, word recognition, music appreciation, and self-expression. Your baby's favorite songs will be the ones you croon together. Grab your smartphone or webcam and create a library of home videos of you and your baby making sweet music together.

Bonding with your baby is the first step on a life long journey of loving, caring, and sharing. The toys and tools you select can enhance that experience for each of you and create memories you'll both cherish forever.

Grandmother, God-mommy, and writer LaGeris Underwood Bell celebrates every moment she has to bond with her beloved little charges and is grateful for every product that helps those bonds grow stronger.

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