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Big savings for the big wedding day

Author: Lisa Coleman
Published: Jun 6 2013

Although your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, there is no reason to start a marriage with a lot of debt. After all, financial difficulties are one of the leading causes of divorce, so it makes absolutely no sense to spend so much money on your wedding that it causes the breakdown of your relationship. However, taking a frugal approach does not have to mean that you cannot have a dream wedding. By simply using some cost saving measures, you can still have a gorgeous ceremony and memorable reception without going into debt.

Affordable remodelling options for the financially strapped budget

Hold An Online Fundraiser

It is becoming increasingly popular for couples to ask their friends, co-workers and family members to help them with the cost of the wedding or honeymoon. This can be easily achieved by asking everyone to make a donation instead of giving you a gift. As an added bonus, this will enable you to skip the expenses that are involved with a bridal shower, and everyone will get to feel like they have made a real contribution to your wedding.

Buy Inexpensive Rings

Most women want to wear a classic diamond, but there is no reason to spend several thousand dollars on it. In fact, it is possible to get a diamond ring that is just as beautiful as its more expensive counterparts by utilizing an online discount jeweler. In some cases, the rings have been discounted because they were part of a previous year's line, and in other cases, they are less expensive because they do not contain as many diamonds. An online jeweler usually offers a wide variety and stylish line of cheap engagement rings for women and wedding bands. Either way, the ring will still be high quality and gorgeous.

Use Someone's Backyard

Getting married in a large backyard or field will save you a lot of money over more traditional wedding settings. You can also rent a portable floor and canopy to have the reception in the same place. Doing this is likely to cut your expenses in half, and you will be able to avoid dealing with all of the restrictions that are put in place by reception halls.

Ask For Creative Assistance

Most people have at least a few artistic friends, and you can ask them for assistance with some of the most crucial aspects of the wedding. For example, if you have any friends who are professional photographers, you can ask them if they would be willing to give you a discount as your wedding gift. Additionally, your friends or family members who are crafty can also help make all of the flower arrangements and tabletop decorations.

Food Preparation

There are a variety of ways to have food service. A great idea is to serve food buffet style. By doing this, you can utilize the services of a relatively inexpensive caterer, and you will not have to pay as much per person to eat.

As you can see, there are many ways to reduce the expenses of a wedding. After your wedding day is over with, you will still have wonderful memories and photographs, but you will not spend the next 10 years paying for everything. You can start your marriage a lot less strained financially.

Lisa Coleman shares her suggestions about wedding preparations in an effort to help the average couple start their lives off together right, in a lot less debt. With so many ways to save, from buying rings with an online jeweler that sells cheap engagement rings for women, to asking for assistance from friends who have the creative skills to help you, any marriage is sure to begin with the blessing of less debt.

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