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The 5 best winter sports for keeping you fit

Author: David Bloom
Published: Feb 6 2013

Winter is no reason to interrupt your fitness related activities. In fact, think of all that snow at your front-door, and you even get plenty more! Just kidding, your son’s probably taking care of that just now. While the exercise equipment and the proper weather conditions are not always accessible, they are usually worth it. Let’s take a look at the most popular winter sports, and what do they bring to the table.

1. Ice hockey

I started with this one because it is the only team sport to make it on the list. I find team-sports more fun, and to me, fun is really important when choosing a work-out. It not only works out your abs and back as well but also your lower body and upper body. It even is a very powerful cardio exercise too. Don’t miss this one, especially if you get the chance to play ice hockey with a bunch of good friends.

2. Snowboarding


While burning lots of calories, snowboarding works all of your lower body (including your ankles) and your abdominal muscles. In my experience, it is much harder than skiing due to the bigger effort of keeping yourself standing (you see, I was not exactly too good at it, but still loved it).

3. Cross-country skiing

This usually works intensely on your legs (calf muscles) and even your arms (biceps and triceps), but it is usually regarded as a full body work-out. Of course this varies greatly on your skiing style. Besides being, too, a fast-calories burner, it also works out your balance. The equipment plays a really big role in this, so make sure they fit well and make you feel comfortable.

4. Downhill skiing

Downhill Skiing

Much more intense and of shorter duration than the cross-country, this is considered a power-sport. It definitely works-out all your leg muscles and your core strength. This has to top as ‘the most fun while still intense work-out’ to commit to in the winter. Of course, just as in cross-country, you’ve got to be well-equipped, and unless you are really experienced I suggest steering clear of high altitudes for the start.

5. Ice-skating

While being comparatively much more relaxing and also of a lower-intensity, well, unless you really want to impress or are working for a contest preparation, skating is still a potent work-out. Developing your agility, balance and, if you’re a beginner, you’re going to burn a lot of calories just by trying to keep yourself from falling, but don’t worry, it’s a lot more fun this way.

They’re all fun, they’re all a great way to celebrate your winter holidays, no matter if you are spending it with your family, friends or spouse and you will definitely have something to show for it when the summer comes. Although it would take much more than a week to build that six-pack if you’re not exactly close right now.

Let us know your favorite pick down below.

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