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5 effective ways to reduce your medical bills

Author: Lisa Coleman
Published: Mar 22 2014

Having financial problems is one of the top five reasons that couples end up getting a divorce. Medical research has also indicated that dealing with the stress of debt can have a noticeably negative impact on a person's health. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why it is so important to take steps to reduce your overall debt and financial responsibilities, including those that are related to medical expenses.

5 Effective Ways To Reduce Your Medical Bills

Unfortunately, there are some situations that cannot be avoided, but you do have the ability to take steps to better manage everything that is within your control to keep your finances from spiralling out of control. Failure to do this will put a lot of strain on your relationship, and it is likely that it will lead to a breakup. The following are some ways a person can reduce their medical expenses to help prevent these marital strains.

1. Ask for Assistance

Many people believe that the exorbitant cost of hospital bills are set in stone, but this is not always the case. In fact, if you reach out to the billing department and discuss your situation with them, they are very likely to work out a reduced payment plan with you. Even if this only removes a small portion of your debt, it will leave you in a better position to take care of everything without exposing your relationship to the stress of high medical bills.

2. Hire Legal Representation

If you become injured as the result of another person's negligence, you should definitely work with a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. After all, you will be left dealing with all of the associated medical bills unless you take legal action, and there is no reason for you to absorb the stress that this type of financial strain will place on your household. Instead, it makes sense to exercise your legal right to seek restitution from the person who caused your injury.

3. Eliminate Your Risk Factors

Although it is common for people to blame their medical problems on bad luck, the reality is that most people participate in risky behaviors that will increase their odds of developing a potentially deadly disease such as lung cancer. For example, if you smoke, drink regularly, utilize narcotics or even simply eat too much junk food, you are putting yourself at a much higher risk to become seriously ill. Eliminating these risk factors will make you feel much better, and it can also help you keep your medical expenses in line.

4. Exercise Regularly

Another technique that you can use to reduce the financial strain on your relationship is to exercise at least three times a week. This will help you stay healthier, and it will also enable you to burn off any other stress that you are dealing with so that you do not end up taking it out on your significant other. In other words, exercising is a win-win.

5. Go for an Annual Checkup

The majority of people who are diagnosed with a serious medical condition do not find out about their illness until it has progressed to a more difficult to treat state. You can help avoid this problem by going for an annual checkup, regardless of whether or not you feel sick. After all, the cost of an annual office visit will be much easier to pay for than the expenses that are associated with battling conditions such as stage IV cancer.

Utilizing these proven methods for keeping your medical expenses as low as possible will help you avoid damaging your relationship due to financial stress. Additionally, it is imperative for everyone to seek out an affordable health insurance plan so that they do not end up needing to file for bankruptcy if they become seriously ill.

With a family of 6, Lisa Coleman understands how debt from medical expenses can quickly add up, and the strains it can put on relationships. She recently read at how an injury attorney can help when the cost of medical bills is related to accidental injuries.

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