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Healthy and highly effective infertility treatments for women

Author: Julian Hooks
Published: Jun 29 2014

With the influx of unhealthy food, a busy lifestyle and practically no time to eat right and exercise properly, infertility is an issue that most successful women have to deal with. A lot of factors can influence the inability to conceive. Emotional problems and even the food you eat contribute to women’s incapability of getting pregnant. In this article, explore the natural, healthy ways you can do to combat infertility.


Avoid Toxins and Harmful Chemicals

Unbeknownst to most people, they’re in the food you eat and in practically everything you have right now. They might not affect you in minimal doses but when you’re exposed to these toxins for a long time, you’ll eventually feel the effects. For example, most women, in the hopes of saving money, would buy cheap utensils or plastic containers. Some may not be completely aware of such harmful compounds as well. The chemicals believed to have a huge, negative impact on women’s fertility include:

- Pesticides – non-organic farmers use pesticides to aid the growth of their products;
- Bisphenols – are usually found in plastic containers. Think of food, water or juice keepers and imagine how often you use them to store your meals;
- Formaldehyde – commonly found in household cleaners and air fresheners

In addition, you should know and avoid trans fat. You’re often busy and don’t have time to make a healthy meal. Although it’s something that most career women cannot avoid, you should not rely on fast food. Even biscuits, cookies and candies should be eliminated from your diet. To increase shelf life, trans fat is usually added to the food you most likely consume every day.

Realize the Power of Herbal Supplements, Natural and Alternative Treatments

Herbal supplements are safe and cost effective. You may not be getting all the nutrients you need to keep you healthy and baby-ready. Or you might have a problem with your menstrual cycle and your overall reproductive health. Certain supplements aid in the proper distribution of nutrients.

Some of these are:

- Red Clover – rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamins: essential nutrients needed in women’s fertility;
- Stinging Nettle – rich in chlorophyll and minerals;
- Herbal supplements that have omega 3;
- Raspberry Leaf – high in calcium, restores hormonal balance. It’s best taken with red clover.

Aside from taking these natural supplements, you can also seek alternative treatment like acupuncture. In recent studies, it has been observed that women who received acupuncture treatments were twice as likely to conceive. It’s probably because the treatment increases blood flow to the uterus and ovaries.

Another viable option is to ask a medical professional about injetions that can help in stimulating ovaries to produce healthy eggs. You can buy Repronex injection from your pharmacist. Be sure to read the instruction leaflets provided.

Find a Suitable and Healthy Exercise

Personal trainers may push you to lift weights but that does not mean that strenuous activities like weight lifting is good for your reproductive health. To combat stress, most women find Yoga classes effective. The ancient Indian method of keeping fit and healthy has already been making the rounds in the western culture for a long time. Many people, especially women, discovered that Yoga restores their balance, and even regulates menstrual cycles and improves their ovulation.

Another point you have to remember is to maintain a healthy weight. You shouldn’t be too thin or too fat. Obesity and being underweight are also factors that contribute to infertility.

In Conclusion

Factors that contribute to women’s infertility can be addressed with just a change of lifestyle, especially modifying your diet and exercise regimen. Don’t be afraid to try these alternative and natural treatments and maximize your success at conceiving.

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