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Cna certification: stepping stone to a great nursing career

Author: Aileen Hines
Published: Jul 29 2013

If you are the sort of individual who feels good by helping others and derives satisfaction in lessening the worries of other people, nursing can be a fulfilling and rewarding career for you. Medical world has lots of opportunities for those who want to enter the field as a nursing assistant. As a nursing assistant you can help sick people by feeding and dressing them. You can also give them a lot of emotional support by giving them a sympathetic ear. If you are compassionate and feel good by helping others, you can easily enter the medical world by becoming a CNA certified nurse.

CNA Certification, Nursing Career

To become a certified nurse, you need to pass the CAN exam and also undergo the CAN training. You can enroll for CNA certification and training in a nursing school that is approved and accredited by the state in which it is situated. While the schedules and the duration of training may be different in different schools, all these nursing schools provide the necessary knowledge and skills to a nursing aspirant so that he or she is able to handle the tasks given to him in a medical setting with ease. These skills include taking good care of the patient by bathing and dressing him up, taking and recording his vital stats such as blood pressure, temperature, heart beat etc, providing help in nutrition and infection control, administering drugs, bandage, and injections.

The eligibility criteria to become a CNA are very easy as you just need to be High School diploma holder to enroll in a nursing school proving training for CNA. You are eligible if you are above the age of 18. Apart from community colleges and nursing schools, there are also online institutions that are providing CNA certification and training these days. All you need to make sure is that the college is approved and accredited by the state in which you look forward to working as a CNA.

Whatever angle one may look at this program, it is not only necessary but also wonderful to help you make nursing a successful career option. The duration of courses and the content in different states may be different with some states emphasizing on hands on training more than the theory part of the course. But you need to be competent in not just practical but also the theoretical aspect of nursing to not only just pass the CNA certification but also be able and willing to handle different job responsibilities. In general, the number of training hours in CAN certification and training is 75, give or take a few. It is within these 75 hours that students are provided every piece of information that they will need to tackle jobs nurses as a CNA.

As a CNA (if and when you pass the CAN exam), you are a part of the medical fraternity as you are sure to get a job in a hospital or any other medical setting as an assistant to the nurses. Your job can be mundane such as bathing and dressing up sick and aged patients or you take it upon yourself as a challenge to be of as much help as possible for not just the patients but also to the nurses. If you are able to take good care of the patients and also help nurses in handling medical equipment, administering medications and taking vital stats of the patients, you are sure to go places in your career as a CNA.

There is a great demand for CNA’s in the hospitals and other medical settings as they provide invaluable help and assistance to Registered Nurses to lessen their workload. One can see CNA’s working as nursing staff in hospitals and medical centers. The starting salary for a certified nursing assistant these days is around 26,000 dollars. Whether you get a job as a CNA in a hospital, a nursing home, a doctor’s clinic, or a rehabilitation center, you will get ample opportunities to help and assist sick and elderly people in addition to helping the nurses do their job more efficiently.

Once you pass CNA and also gain some hands on experience in hospital or any other medical setting, you can opt for higher studies to become a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). All the knowledge and skills that have earned as a CNA come handy when going in for these certifications.

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