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5 tips to help you cope with a failing marriage

Author: Lisa Coleman
Published: Nov 24 2013

Most people enter into marriage with every assurance that their unions will last for the rest of their live together. However, while they may be optimistic about their marital futures, many married people today fall victims to the statistics that show that over half of marriages today end in divorce. A couple who is facing a failed marriage may refuse to admit that their union is over until they have tried every last resource to save their relationship. Before they file for divorce, people may be encouraged to try these suggestions in a bid to save a failing marriage.

Failing marriage

1. Get Marriage Counseling

More people today are becoming aware that counseling indeed has its place in modern relationships. When couples find themselves in marriages that have become angry, abusive, or even indifferent, they may benefit by going to counseling together before they call it quits. In their counseling sessions, couples can be given coping techniques and assisted in seeing each other’s viewpoints in an objective manner. Counseling can be a great way to save a marriage that seems doomed to fail.

2. Make Time for Each Other

Many couples succumb to divorce simply because they are so busy with work and other commitments. When people focus too much on work, school, taking care of the kids, or other activities at the expense of their marriages, it is no wonder that they soon find themselves headed to divorce court. People who really want to make their marriages work must make time for each other during the week. Taking one day out of each week to spend time together can go a long way to save their marriage.

3. Get Financial Counseling

An overwhelming number of marriages today fail because people cannot agree on how to handle the money in the family. Money should never be the cause of a marital breakup. People who find themselves in financial dire straits can save their marriage by getting financial counseling and by learning to handle their money better.

4. Leave Extended Family Out

Many newly married couples make the mistake of bringing their extended family into their marriages. They may tell their parents and siblings every detail about their marriage instead of keeping sensitive information just between themselves. When extended family is brought into the relationship, the marriage suffers because the intimate bond between a husband and wife is now shared among several others. Husbands and wives must learn to rely on and share with each other rather than caring what their extended family thinks. If they want their marriage to succeed, people must learn to keep their extended family out of their union.

5. Hire an Experienced Attorney

Even with the best of advice and help, some people just cannot save their marriages. One divorce lawyer in Florida states "As unpleasant as divorce is, it happens and when it does you need to understand the process." When they have given it their best attempts, but still decide to file for divorce, people are encouraged to hire an experienced attorney immediately.

Having an attorney on retainer can help the divorce go faster and make sure that each party gets to what each person is entitled. An attorney can help ensure each person’s rights and privileges are protected in the divorce.

Most people want to stay married forever. However, when forever becomes an impossibility, people can learn to cope with their failing marriages by taking these suggestions into mind. When all else has failed, retaining a divorce lawyer to help resolve an already complicated situation is advised.

Lisa Coleman shares some tips on measures a person can take to cope with a marriage that is failing. She recently read online ways a divorce lawyer in Florida could help during the divorce process.

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