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Alcohol more dangerous to health than cocaine

Author: Catherinealice
Published: Jan 27 2013

Alcohol and Illegal drugs

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The widely depraved illegal drugs like cocaine, tobacco are considered less harmful than Alcohol. Alcohol is considered more dangerous to the society as well as the individual. The scientist through their research has proved this incontrovertibly. A medical journal has reported that the effect of the alcohol is 72% is more dangerous to health than cocaine. The cost of the alcohol is much more when you compare it with other drugs.

Regardless of alcohols ill effect it is still popular and considered to be prestigious in the society. The alcohol is assessed with addictiveness, damage caused to the environment, health related problems to the users and finally its economic cost and the impingement on families. There is adverse consequence for the users as well as others who accompany them. The human body looses its immune system. The vital organs get highly affected and there are chances of breakdown in the nervous system as well. The effect of alcohol influences both mentally and physically.

Alcohol, Cocaine, Heroin

The deadliest drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and crystal methamphetamine have terrific impact on the individual. There chances of claiming once life as well. But the research and deep study done by the British scientist have acclaimed that alcohol is more poisonous and harmful. Excess utilization of alcohol can even cause death. The side effects are worst. Tobacco is harmful and dangerous like cocaine. Compared to other illegal drugs alcohol is widely used and so are their ill effects. Alcohol is termed as social drink. This encourages it usage. The controllable use of alcohol affects your brain. It produces a chemical dopamine in the brain. As per the World Health Organization consumption of alcohol causes three million deaths in the world.

There are adverse effects when alcohol is mixed with energy drinks. The mixture tastes good but it is high in calorie. It leads to obesity. The most effected are the younger generation. They tend to this habit due to work pressure, life style. The restructuring in utilization of alcohol to the minimal does not aggregate more problems to ones health. The destructiveness caused by alcohol is high and devastating.

Care for Ones Health

It is mandatory that one is keen in taking care of their health through Ibogaine Treatment. Any material used beyond limit has adverse effect on ones body. Medical science can help or guide only to a certain level. Rest falls on the hands of the human. Self control has to be maintained in this regard. Alcohol is considered very harmful as it only causes harm to oneself but to the society as well. It evokes crime thoughts and actions. Alcohol has wider social effects when compared to other deadly drugs. A criterion for segregating drugs as illicit is not based on science. However noted alcohol has been evaluated as the drug with worst damages on human and society. The drug is addictive and harmful. The side effect of consuming alcohol outranks other drugs such as cocaine and heroine. They prone to environmental destruction.

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