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Nutrition needed by men to increase testosterone

Author: France Aguilar
Published: Jun 6 2013

Our bodies are only as good as what we put in them. The food that we eat effects everything that goes on within our bodies, including the ever so delicate balance of our hormone levels. The unhealthy choices that we tend to make in our day to day eating habits attribute to the need for most men and women to supplement their diet with natural supplements and herbal remedies and vitamins. While low levels of testosterone can be the sign of an underlying problem, the lack of proper nutrition in your diet can be a significant reason for it.

One of the nutrients that men tend to forsake in their diet is zinc. Zinc is actually very vital to testosterone production because it stops testosterone from turning into estrogen, which is the female hormone. Additionally, zinc actually promotes the production of healthier sperm as well as higher sperm numbers. If you are not receiving enough zinc in your diet, your testosterone levels can decrease as a result. Some of the meats that you can add to increase zinc levels in your diet are steamed wild Eastern oysters, low fat roast beef, veal liver, and seafood such as Alaskan king crab. If you do not consume meat, alternative foods that include zinc are roasted squash or pumpkin seeds, coco powder, toasted wheat germ, dry roasted cashews, and fortified cereals.

In addition to zinc, you should also try eating monounsaturated fats and Omega-3 fats to help increase your testosterone. Almost all testosterone production research and studies have shown that men who consumed more healthy fats had the highest testosterone levels. There are a variety of foods that contain Omega-3 fats. Adding things like nuts and seeds or fatty fish to your meals are a great way to get the healthy fats you need in order to naturally increase your testosterone.

Sometimes, changing your diet and eating new foods is simply not an option. In that case, you may want to consider trying the natural supplement tongkat ali. Tongkat ali has been clinically proven to aide in boosting the levels of testosterone production in men. Regular users of tongkat ali often notice a dramatic increase in muscle mass, libido, and overall reproductive health. This unique natural supplement is a great way to save money on expensive food items that may help boost testosterone.

Ultimately, if you can ever change your diet to incorporate healthy food you should make the change to increase your overall health. Regardless of what you do, just be sure to never compromise your health.

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