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6 helpful tips for the busy mom for entertaining a baby

Author: Lisa Coleman
Published: Jul 28 2013

New moms have a host of activities that can keep them busy throughout their day. Whether you’re trying to get chores done around the home, prepare a meal, take a precious moment for some me time, or work from home, keeping your infant entertained can be difficult. The following are six helpful tips for keeping your infant entertained.

keeping baby occupied

1) Baby Bouncer

A baby bouncer is an essential item for a busy mom. The calming motions elicit a feeling of peace and tranquility within your child. Because the movements mimic the rocking sensations of a parent, your infant will be appeased with a baby bouncer. Many of the bouncers for babies today also include vibrant lights, sounds, colors and music that can aid in your child’s development and entertain their senses.

2) Activity Gym

Another popular toy that helps keep your infant entertained is the activity gym. They come equipped with a soft mat that allows your child to play in a safe and clean environment. Attached to the mat are various items that will stimulate your baby’s visual senses such as a child-safe mirror, rattle and plush toys. The mobile hangs overhead and allows them to be entertained as they try to grasp and reach the various items.

3) Playard

A playard is a transportable object that allows your infant to enjoy independent play time. Similar to a playpen, the playard is the modernized version of this unique accessory. You can fill the playard with your child’s favorite items such as their blanket, rattles, balls and books. Because it’s easy to transport, you can bring in any room of your home, so you can keep an eye on your infant as they play.

4) Nursing Pillow

If you’re breast-feeding your infant and using a nursing pillow to help in the process, you can find other uses for the gadget that go beyond nursing. Used to prop your infant up into a sitting position, your infant can sit up and play on a blanket with the aid of the pillow. You can also surround them with their favorite toys and books to keep them entertained.

5) Discovery Kits

The discovery kits open the world of music, shapes, colors and instruments to your infant. The kits come equipped with DVDs, books and musical CD, so you can take your child on an educational adventure. The activity kits are different from plopping them in front of the T.V. because it sets them up for the learning process.

6) Activity Saucer

The musical activity saucer comes equipped with an assortment of toys and engaging activities for your infant. The neat part about this toy is that the seat safely rotates to allow them access to each of the eight educational toys.

It can be difficult to find the right activities that entertain, soothe and educate your infant. Busy moms know the importance of play time, but helping your infant develop their independent play skills can aid in a bit of free time to accomplish important tasks.

Lisa Coleman writes to share some baby equipment ideas to both entertain and sooth the baby, helping a mom focus on getting some responsibilities done around the home with the peace and quiet of a safe and happy baby. The ingenuity bouncers for babies are equipped to sooth and delight a baby through a gentle bounce and built-in music and toys.

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